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We have looked at what it means to be a Judge or a leader

and we will look at leadership from a different angle to see
what it is to be without leaders. YHVH has designed
everything to be governed in a structure. Even the secular
legal and government systems are based upon what YHVH
had put in place from the beginning.

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It is YHVH’s Will that man is governed by a structure of authority, right from the family
unit through to the Government of a land, people need guidance and YHVH new that
and that is why He intend it to be this way. If you do not agree with any authority, you
are rebelling against YHVH and needs to repent to avoid judgment.

There are different characters in the Scripture that gives us a lot on insight into this
topic and how rebellion can keep in on you, in your family and in the Assembly. Here
are the examples of people that rebelled against YHVH: Cain, Nimrod, Korah,
Balaam, Saul, Jezebel, Judas and the Whore of Babylon (rebellious system). We are
going to look into four main characters to help us to understand what rebellion is all
about. We will look at Korah, because his name means rebellion. We will also look at
the King and Queen of rebellion, Saul and Jezebel, which are typical examples of
male and female rebels and then we will look at Lucifer, the Father of Rebellion.

1. Qorach – No Covering

“Qorach” is the word that means; ‘something not covered’, or ‘no covering’,

and it comes from the root word , “kore” that means ‘cold’. It is sometimes
translated as ‘bold’ implying someone with no hair or covering over them. “Kore” also
means ‘to shave’ which is the verbal part of Korah’s name. This implies that
someone who is not covered is someone who is ‘cold’ and is true of someone who
refuses to stand under YHVH’s covering and they are people who normally do not
have a warm personality that attracts people, and will give you a ’cold’ shoulder.
They tend to drive people away from them and is not part of the warm family
environment found in an Assembly that is in Unity.

The Rebellion of Korah

The word Qorach is also the name of the person (Korah) who rebelled against Moses
and Aaron and his name depicted his life and we can learn a lot from it.

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Korah was the leader who led 250 men against Moses and Aaron and actually
against YHVH as we see here in Numbers 26:9. If you stand up against YHVH’s
authority, you are standing up against YHVH; this is the principle. These men were
famous or renowned in the Congregation and I think they were either popular in the
eyes of the people or they were self appointed arrogant ‘leaders’ like Abimelech, as
seen in the previous study.

Moses and Aaron were chosen by YHVH to lead the people and He set them apart
for that purpose. Korah complained and said that they are also Holy and so are the
people and they argued why Moses and Aaron were the leaders.

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He accused Moses and Aaron of pride and that they exalted themselves above the
congregation. This is a lie and a false perception from their side and they actually
saw in Moses and Aaron is that what was wrong in them. A wise man once said:
“…you do not see things as they are, you see them as you are…”. Korah was
arrogant and he lifted himself up because of pride and this was what he saw when he
looked at Moses and Aaron. YHVH chooses leaders from His people and separates
them for leadership and administration, although we are all on equal status based
upon our holiness, our righteousness, and our citizenship in the Kingdom. A Kingdom
has leadership and there will be people who will lead and there will be people who
will need to listen and follow. Korah is a picture of those who rebel against the
leadership of YHVH, which He has ordained. YHVH has ordained people to be
‘coverings’ over other people and they reject this ‘covering’, they are not covered and
move out under the shadow of YHVH’s protection and guidance.

When Moses heard this he fell on his face and sought YHVH’s wisdom and direction.
YHVH answered him and instructed them to bring fire pans with incense in it before
YHVH as an offering. This will prove who were the chosen and who will lead YHVH’s
people. The interesting thing is that Korah and his merry men were from the tribe of
Levi but it was not good enough to serve as normal Levites, they wanted to do the
work of the High Priest and the Prophet and be in a position of authority. YHVH told
Moses to separate themselves from these men so that He could judge them.

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Moses and Aaron pleaded for the people who were
deceived by Korah and his men and pleaded not to judge
them as well. YHVH instructed them to tell the people to
separate themselves from Korah and his men for them not
to receive the same judgment.

This is an important lesson to us not to allow rebellion in

the Assembly and if there are rebellious people, to
separate yourself from them so that you and your family
will not get the same judgment as them. YHVH does not
want to destroy the people, He wants to destroy the sin
and if you do not separate yourself from the sin, you will be
consumed with it. We see here that rebellious people are
to be treated in the same way as sin and you need to
separate yourself from them.

Korah mentioned in the Brit Chadasha (NT)

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People who went in the way of Cain are people who worship YHVH (bring
an offering of Gift) they think YHVH will accept, but YHVH has definite
instructions on how He wants to be worshipped. You should not do it the
Frank Sentara way (I’ll do it MY WAY), no, you need to do it Yah-WAY.
As we all know Cain’s offering was not accepted and that lead to him kill
his brother. This is also evident in the family of faith today where people
who do things THEIR WAY tend to “kill” (slander, reject) those who try to
please YHVH and serve Him according to what He prescribed in His
Word. Cain represents a SELFISH rebellion where you want to serve and
worship YHVH your way.

We also see Balaam mentioned here and that has to do with mixing
paganism or man made traditions, in with YHVH’s things to corrupt
them. The end result of this as seen from the story of Balak and
Balaam was that Israel opened them up to receive curses because of
this. A curse is the absence of a blessing and when you mix YHVH’s
Word with other things, you move out under the ‘Covering’ of YHVH
and you are exposed to the ‘void’ where curses will hit you. Balaam
represents a CORPORATE rebellion where you submit under the
doctrines of a rebellious group, sometimes unknowingly, there you will
serve and worship YHVH man’s way (traditions of man – the truth
intermingled with paganism).

Lastly we see Korah’s name mentioned here where all of these are a result of
rebellion. Rebellion is the basis from which false doctrines and mixing comes in and
where you decide to worship YHVH the way YOU like it and you do not care about
what YHVH wants. Woe to the people who rebel for they will get the same reward
Korah and his followers received; namely death!

2. Saul – The King of Rebellion - Careless

Saul was the first king of Israel whom they appointed and it was
not the will of YHVH. The reason is that YHVH is our King and
we live in His Kingdom and He then appoints Prophets and
Priests and judges to govern His people. This err caused Saul
to become one of the rebellious leaders of Israel. Saul means:
sheol, underworld, grave, hell, pit and that is the destiny for
rebellious leaders. Saul was hungry for success and this drove
him to become a bloodthirsty king who did things to elevate
himself and be seen by people. Saul also had a careless
attitude regarding YHVH’s Commandments and took YHVH’s
Instructions lightly. Saul’ first rebellious act was when he was
inpatient and did not wait for Samuel the Priest to perform a
burnt offering unto YHVH and he did it himself.

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Saul did what was good in his own eyes and thought that YHVH would not mind. His
impatience caused him his kingdom. It might seem like a little mistake but YHVH
ordained certain people as His leaders and they have to fear and respect YHVH and
do exactly as He instructs. Saul just didn’t care.

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This was the second rebellious sin Saul committed; he did not follow YHVH’s
Instructions to its fullest and did not take YHVH’s Word seriously and he spared the
king of Amalek and all the best of their flock. This means that he have not learned
from his first mistake and had a habit of not taking YHVH’s Instructions serious.
When he was caught out, he wanted to offer the animals as a gift unto YHVH to ‘fix’
the problem. You cannot bribe YHVH into accepting your offerings of disobedience; it
is an Abomination unto YHVH.

People like this are very slippery in their ways and they have a mask on and the rest
of the people would not see what they really do but YHVH sees everything. If you
have a habit of not taking YHVH’s Word serious and you hide behind your scheming
smokescreens, you are practicing witchcraft and YHVH’s wrath will be upon you. You
may trick the people but you will not fool YHVH. The third great sin he committed was
to consult a medium to call upon the dead soul of Samuel for guidance. YHVH left
Saul and became his enemy and this last sin caused him his life. This type of
rebellion is normally found in males who do not stand their ground being a humble
obedient leader of YHVH in their families. They hide behind their ‘gifts’ they offer to
YHVH and give Him lip service but they do not fear Him and compromise on doing
YHVH’s Commandments as He instructed. They do it halfhearted and half way only
to look as if they have done it so that men would not see their real fruits. If you follow
YHVH, follow Him with everything and do all of His Commandments with a sincere
heart and with respect and fear.

3. Jezebel – The Queen of Rebellion - Confronting

Jezebel is the female example of the Queen who rebelled

against YHVH and taught others to do so. Jezebel was
married to king Ahab, the king of Israel. Jezebel killed a
Naboth to acquire his land and she was even willing to kill
for it (1 Kings 21). She also ‘kill’ the prophets because she
hates the work of YHVH. Those controlled by this spirit, man
or woman likewise, see the gifts and fruit of others and want
it for themselves. This spirit is driven by Covetousness. To
obtain these gifts of fruits, like Jezebel, they spread lies in
order ‘kill’, or destroy the rightful owner of the gifts or fruit.
Within an assembly of believers, some may be envious of how YHVH is using others
and this sin will open them up for the spirit of Jezebel to work through them and this
will bring division within the assembly. Do not allow this to happen and guard your
hearts not to envy or covet other people’s gifts or fruit.

Jezebel wanted the field of “Naboth the Jezreelite”. His name means “Fruitful
Returning One”. Naboth is a plural for fruit and Jesreel refers to Ephraim’s scattering
and return back to sonship [Hosea 1:4 – 5, 2:22]. The Father calls His re-gathering of
all the tribes of Israel, “the great day of Jezreel” [Hosea 1:11]

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Jezebel will try to destroy this prophecy to become true in any assembly where Jews
and Gentiles will serve the Master Y’shua together in unity. People with the spirit of
Jezebel will not accept this prophesy and will speak against the reuniting of the
scattered nations of Israel and the Gentiles back into Israel. We are moving into a
great day, but beware, because Jezebel sought to steal and control the fruit of the
Jezreelite. And this same controlling, prophet hating, destructive spirit is remarkably
active in these last days, especially over festive days.

The spirit of Jezebel rebels against everything of YHVH and wants to make it
perverse of water it down so that people would not fear YHVH and compromise. She
taught her husband, the king, to worship Baal and she introduced acts of fornication
and spiritual adultly into the Assembly so that people will follow watered down
doctrines and mix in pagan traditions and do not take YHVH’s Commandments
serious. People then say:”..Jesus does not mind about me eating anything, He looks
at our herts…”, and “…it does not matter if I do Christmas because I celebrate it and
Jesus is my focus…” As stated in Revelation, Jezebels reward is a bed of sickness,
and plagues, and also them who commit adultery with her, those who encourage
thievery of God-given gifting of others, trough slander, will experience great
tribulation – unless they repent. [Rev. 2:20 – 22]

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In Hebrew such slander is called lashan harah – the evil tongue. Slander, which is to
ruin (kill) the reputation of another trough falsehoods, is related to the sin of murder.
Let us not be people who look for opportunity to steal the God-given fruit of others.
Instead let us be a people who look for the fruit of repentance within ourselves. Let
this also be a comfort to those who are persecuted and rejected because of the spirit
of Elijah upon them. [Mat 5:10]

This spirit also evident in normal everyday friendships; a person with a Jezebel Spirit
wants to be the centre of everything and everybody, when there is competition, she
will ‘kill’ them with slander to keep the control of her group of friends. Watch out for
her, she is very dangerous and difficult to discern if she entraps you.

Ladies under the Covering of their husbands.

We have learned in the previous section where we learned

about leadership, how important it is for the family unit to
be in order because this is the building block and “training”
ground for the leaders of tomorrow. Men should learn to be
real men and lead their wives and children. Wives must
support that by submitting under their husbands and help
them to become great leaders. We also saw in the study in
the Book of Ester that women must submit under their
husbands, and in order to do that effectively, the men must
sit in the Gates of the King. The gates of a City represent a place where the wise
men gathered and learned and discussed Torah.

They assembled there and anybody with a problem could go there and receive
counsel. You must mix with the ‘wise men’ and discuss the wisdom of YHVH and
learn His Torah, because you become like the people you mix with.

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Wisdom is calling you to the gates of the City so that you may receive her counsel. If
you gain wisdom you will be able to teach your wife and children. This is the right
order of how things should be and you as the husband are preparing yourself to be
chosen by YHVH as one of His next leaders.

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Women should be like the women described in Prov 31, she must submit under her
husband (who sits in the gates) and stand her ground in fulfilling what YHVH made
her to be.

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There is an interesting link between this passage and the name Korah as we have
already seen to be the picture of rebellion. Paul instructed the woman to wear head
coverings because it is a symbol of submitting under authority. If she does not submit
under authority, she opens herself up to be used by the spirit of Jezebel.

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It states in 1 Cor 11:6 that if she does not do this, she is dishonouring
her head or husband. In the previous verse you will see if a man do
wear a head covering, he dishonours his Head, which is Y’shua. If she
is without a covering she is the same as one who’s hear is shorn and
that causes shame. The word shorn has the same meaning as the word
“corach” that means ‘to shave’ and it is the root word for Korah’s name
who represents rebellion. Wearing a head covering while she prays or
discuss YHVH’s Word, is a symbol of her submitting under her husband
and she will not say anything that is in contrast with what he has taught her. In other
words, she then speaks ‘in the name of’ her husband similar to husbands speaking
‘in the Name of’ Messiah Y’shua. If you are under authority of Y’shua, you will only
say the things He said and teach the things He taught – then you are a true disciple
of Him. The husband is a picture of Messiah and husbands should teach and disciple
their wives and children so that they can speak the words he teach them.

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To show that you are under authority and covering of your husband, the
woman should wear head coverings during the discussions and
fellowship meetings where YHVH’s Word is discussed. This is an
outward sign of her submitting under YHVH’s authority. If a wife does
not submit under her husband, she will open her self up for rebellion and
cause strife in the Assembly. This is the task of the husbands; to see to
it that they sit at the Gates and disciple their wives not to be rebellious
and to support them in their walk with YHVH. In other words; he should be a Psalm 1
man and she should be a Prov 31 woman.

If a woman does not submit under their husbands, she will be the
‘stronger’ personality and will rule the house with their ‘coldness’
(uncovered/shorn) and emotional blackmail and their constant moaning
and groaning. She will wear the pants in the house and he must do as
she says to make her happy – a happy wife is a happy life. The man will
become ‘softer’ and the woman will become ‘stronger’ until the roles have
completely changed over. This order is wrong and will end up in conflicts
and disaster.

A woman can make or break a man and bring out the best or worst in her husband. A
man has the responsibility to rule his house and the woman has the ability to help
him to achieve that if he teaches her the wisdom he learned at the Gates. This will
either be an upward or downward cycle, depending on BOTH parties to fulfil their
roles within the relationship. The man and the woman must know their
responsibilities to bring out the best in the other. If the order is wrong, both parties
must introspection to find out what needs to be done to fix their lives so that they can
experience YHVH’s peace in their home. This is very important because the family
unit is the fundamental building block of the Assemble and Body of Messiah.

Lucifer – The Father of Rebellion

Pride and Rebellion is the sin that caused Lucifer to be cast

out from YHVH’s Kingdom.

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Those who follow Lucifer, rebelling against the authority YHVH instituted, will get the
same reward namely destruction in the day of judgement. YHVH told Moses and the
Israelites to separate themselves from Korah and his followers because they will
receive judgement and anybody in their midst will be devoured with them. This is the
same thing that will happen at the end of time where YHVH instructs His people to
separate themselves from the people in the System of Babylon (rooted in rebellion),
so that they will not receive of the plagues prepared for Her (System).