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Autopsy: Life and Death

Lesson 3: Poison
1. What was the cause of the donors death?

2. What does it mean that the body is fixed?

3. Describe the function and location of the kidneys.

Kidney Internal Anatomy

4. Label and describe the function of the glomerulus and tubules. What types of tissue are present in this slide?

5. What substance(s) are excreted by a nephron?

6. What is reabsorbed back into the blood?

7. What anatomical changes occur inside the kidney during renal failure?

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Name: _____________________________________ Class: ________________ Date: ____________ 8. How can renal failure be detected? What diagnostic tools do doctors use?

9. Label the kidney, abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, renal artery, renal vein, ureter, and urinary bladder on this diagram.

10. What specifically lead to the renal failure in the patient that caused her death?

11. What is septic shock? How were the doctors able to detect that it occurred within the cadaver?

12. Dr. von Hagens discovered a stone in the ureter. What effect would this stone have on a living person?

13. What functions does a dialysis machine take the place of?

14. The patient has a shunt in her left arm. Describe what a shunt is, and why it would have been placed in this patient.

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Name: _____________________________________ Class: ________________ Date: ____________ 15. When a kidney is transplanted, where is it placed in relation to the old kidney?

a. Which artery is it connected to?

16. The liver has multiple vessels connecting it to the rest of the body. Explain the purpose of each. a. Hepatic Vein b. Hepatic Artery c. Bile Ducts

17. What effect can a bowel obstruction have on the bacteria living there?

18. What happened to the intestine that had volvulus?

19. What advice does the pathologist give for avoiding disease of the kidneys and liver?

Warning and Consent Form The Autopsy: Life and Death series examines the harmful effects that poisons, cancer, and aging can have on the human body. In order to accomplish this, uncensored, unclothed human specimens are used. This program will show the dissection of a human cadaver, in addition to using live human models to demonstrate the location of vital organs. Please sign below if you consent to your student watching this documentary in class. If your consent is not given, or your student is not able to watch the video, an alternate assignment will be given.

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