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SHOPTORSHI SUPER SHOP, a chain shop is located at 68/2 Siddeswari Road, Dhaka- 1217. The owners of this super shop are Mr. Rashed Sarker and Mr. Atikur Rahman Rana. The super shop is started its nice journey from 2003-2004. The total space of SHOPTORSHI SUPER SHOP is 1500 square feet with a large premise. The rent of this space is all about 35,000 tk. and they think about the expansion of their space. SHOPTORSHI SUPER SHOP is selling about 18000-20000 items. Their product categories areGrocery, Food item, Household goods, Electronics, Cosmetics, Toys & Stationary, Gift items, Medicine etc. In this product category they try to keep different brands and different class of products for their various customers preferences. The shops starting to ending time is 9.00 am to 10.00 pm. The number of total sales person and staffs are 7 and 1 manager as well as cashier in SHOPTORSHI super shop that are well qualified as well as experienced. They have modern security system and two cash counters which will help them to maintain their customers more comfortably.

Mission: Providing a highly personalized service, and development of innovative and

competitive facilities, enable the creation of true experiences for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of even the most demanding customers and positioning itself among the leading competitors.

Vision: After 10 years SHOPTORSHI SUPER SHOP wants to be the Market Leader in
Siddeswari Area and improve their Promotional Mix to attract customers. They offer some extra benefits to their customers like free home delivery services, database management etc. Their main target customers are housewives, students and corporate people.


Upper, Middle and Lower class people are their target customers and at present they dont follow any specific promotional mix for promoting their shop to their customers.



Imports high quality food product, cosmetics, and toys gift items etc Modernized security system Diversified Product lines with 15,000 different types of products The highly qualified and experienced sales people Home delivery service available


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Total space of the shop and interior design is not so much attractive No specific promotional strategies. Number of sales person is less than the necessity. Financial capital crisis Only one outlet in our location.

Location- SHOPTORSHI is located in Siddeswari road, which is commercial and residential area and which has Hospital, coaching center, School etc are near to SHOPTORSHI super shop. Car parking area is near to the shop Beauty Saloon, Fast food shop (CP) is close to the shop. Good relationship with the suppliers and retailers

SAPTORSHI faces major competition with some local grocery and super stores. Competitors aggressive promotional strategy can take attention of their customers Political incidents such as strikes, riots and possession, might occur. SHOPTORSHI super shop will pay a large number of Taxes on imported products


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Situational analysis
PEST ANALYSIS Political Factors:
Political parties huge influence. Spending power of consumers. Political situation is quite stable. Political incidents such as strikes, riots and possession, might occur. Governments intervene

Economical factors:
Issues refers to the purchase power, exchange rates etc. Economic conditions are influenced by political and government policy. Ability to afford the wants depends a lot on the government decisions Natural disaster in the economical market makes market unstable and unpredictable. Imported goods increase sales.

Socio- cultural factors:

Our Super shops are very social. Culturally acceptable. Shops are located in very illustrious area. People who comes to our shop, mostly they are educated person Fast moving customers demand


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Technological factors:
Widely recognized Creative competitive advantage. Implementation of technology is every aspect Strong connections and communication with our regular customers. Use website for communicate with the consumers affectively. Customer Membership Program

Internal analysis/macro environmental analysis:

Types of product we are carrying: Our shop is a super shop so we are carrying a various categories of product. They are:

1. Grocery Product 2. Vegetables & fruits 3. Raw meat and fish 4. Imported well-known brands product 5. Electronics product 6. Gift items 7. Frozen foods 8. Drinks and juice 9. Fast food items 10.Cosmetics 11.Medicine


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Types of employees we have:

Our employees are divided into two major parts. They are: 1. Administration part 2. Service sector In Administration parts we hire people who completed their graduation from prestigious University with a good result. Their duty is to maintain all the administration part of the shop, maintain the accounts, and take all the important decisions. In service part the employees are H.S.C passed but they are skillful and helpful at their work. After hiring then they got a proper training from our administration about their behavior and duties in this organization. It will help them to be well mannered and kind hearted to our customer. SHOPTORSHI always prefer to recruited experienced sales people for their super shop

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is the process where we get the data from real experience about who are our customer. Customer profiling is very helpful for future decision making because if we can know to whom we have to design and focus our services, the output will be much better. SHOPTORSHI use 3 segmentation strategies for selecting their target customers. The target market segmentation is geographic, demographic & psychographic.


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GEOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION: SHOPTORSHI is located in Siddeswari area of Dhaka city, so their target consumers are people living in Siddeswari area as its nearby area like Baily Road, Shantinagar, Kakrail, Chamelibag, Malibag, Mouchak. These areas are highly commercial and residential area. People from different parts of Dhaka come to these area for various purposes because many schools, coaching centers, beauty salons, offices etc.

DEMOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION: Interest: Our customers have various interests. Thats why we have various kinds of brads in category of product. Age group: The age group of our customers starts from 10 to 50. Some of them are direct customer and some of them are indirect customer who convinces other the purchase anything. Gender: Both male and female are our customers.

Occupation: Most of the regular or frequent customers on the occupation basis are: Service Holder Housewives Student Corporate Professionals & semi-professionals

PSYCHOGRAPHIC SEGMENTATION: Lifestyle: Mainly all classes people are their target customers like upper class, middle class and lower class people. Frequently most of the daily commodities goods and products are available in this shop and all classes needs are fulfilled.


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Positioning Strategy means to create a distinct positive image and build strong brand image in customers mind. When our customers hear our shops name what will come in their mind and what kind of image stuck in their mind. The name of our shop is SHOPTORSHI and the tagline of our shop is Now when people heard this tagline in their mind a positive image is created. People think that they are sincere and responsible to provide better services to their customers. SHOPTORSHIs positioning strategy-

Speak with honesty Think with sincerity Act with integrity


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Marketing objectives and communicative objective

Marketing Objectives of SHOPTORSHI:

In the marketing objectives SHOPTORSHI thinks about their marketing mix. In the marketing mix they need to be creative and their 7Ps should be unique rather than their competitors. Their Product, Price. Promotion, Place, People, Process & Physical appearance should be creative and unique. . We need to make sure our communication methods are affective enough to actually generate interests among people about our store and the products we have to offer.

When the marketing mix will be unique and catch more and more customers it will definitely increase in sales volume of our products. The advertisements and sales promotion should increase sales and generate more customers. The promotional mix which will adopt by customer and evaluate is also increase the sales volume.

When the sales volume will increase and our turnover rate is high then gradually they generate profit. SHOPTORSHI store should have a substantial profit from its business. Unless the store is lucrative there is no point to do business. We need to make sure our costs do not exceed our revenue. Professional accountants will do our financial auditing to ensure that.


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Communication Objectives of SHOPTORSHI:

Create strong public relation and a good brand image. This could be done by maintaining high quality of the products and doing public relation activities as well as publicities. Hold public events to associate with the customers and create a closer relationship with them. This will help to increase the consumer loyalty.

Aware more customers about the store, what products and services are offered by them? Advertising in newspapers, billboards, distributing leaflets, and the internet will ensure that consumers know our store location, products offered and prices of the general products.

Tell the customers what makes SHOPTORSHI different from the other stores. We can differentiate ourselves by innovative promotional activities, such and discounts, premiums, coupons and contests, as well as good customer service.

Ensure gratifying customer service. SHOPTORSHIs managers will make sure that all the sales representatives are both fluent in Bengali, English, and have adequate knowledge about all the products offered in the store. They should be friendly and efficient when dealing with consumers and address all consumer complaints and inquiries.

Make all the customers feel valued and special. This could be done by offering gift bags to loyal customers and developing a personal relationship with them.


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Types of Appeal used by used SHOPTORSHI: Types ofAdvertising Advertising Appeal by SHOPTORSHI:

INFORMATION/RATIONAL APPEALS This will focus on consumers actual demand and inform them about the products and services offered in our store. We will inform the consumers about what products we offer, the price range, and why should they buy from SHOPTORSHI. Here, the advertisements will inform the customers also about the features of our shop such as vast range of products, good customer service, membership offers and other services.

PRODUCT POPULARITY APPEALS There are some products exclusively sold in SHOPTORSHI. For example, Nestle Baby food items, J&J toiletries products, Richs ready food etc. They know that these types of products are popular among the customers. Besides, various pharmaceuticals products are available in the store because in front of the store MONOWARA HOSPITAL is situated.

PSYCHOLOGICAL/EMOTIONAL APPEALS: In this hyper competitive market only rational or product popularity appeals are not enough for attracting the customers. Our store needs to create emotional appeals among the customers. They can go with social campaign, social awareness creating banners, and special days cultural program which will attract customers emotionally.


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Types of Media used by SHOPTORSHI:

For advertising our store will be using below the line (BTL) advertising media. Print media, Digital Banners and internet will be the forms of media used to advertise SHOPTORSHI Store.

Advertising is very important for our store because the market is extreamely competitive. Informing people and creating awareness of our store will generate a huge base of consumers. The advertisements will be informative so it can give the consumers all information they need related to our store products and services. For advertising our shop will use theo Print media o Digital Banners and o Internet

Print Media
In print media our SHOPTORSHI super shop will use the Handbill & Pre-printed inserts for advertising. We use leaflets inserting in the newspaper. In the morning we give our leaflets inside the daily newspapers and distributed in our targeted area. This method is cost effective because if we want to place our advertising in the daily newspaper its just the wastage of money because our target market is very niche so we dont need to go for mass marketing. So when we use these methods are applied people can easily see our advertising and build an image in their mind which helps them to buy more goods of our store.


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Digital- Banners:
Our SHOPTORSHI super shop will use the digital banners advertising. In digital banner we use SOCIAL statement which will help us to create more attention and emotionally attach our customers with our store. Our digital banners as like as-


Follow your Own Culture & Tradition






Shoptorshi will have its own website on the internet where consumers can check out everything the store has to offer. Our target is to make the website as interesting and imformative as possible. This will help to create awareness, generate interest and create an image of the store. We will also open a facebook fan page as well as facebook banner ad so our consumers can stay ubdated in facebook. Facebook is very efficient when it comes to advertising because of its popularity. Consumers can check our items available in the store from the website. Customer with membership cards can log in and get information about the special benefits they will get and how many points they collected. There will also be a message board where the members can give their discussions, ask questions and post their comments. Through internet we can directly communicate with our customers and increase our brand value and image. And moreover this method is cost effective.

We can directly communicate with our target customers through e-mail and telephone. Our special offers and events can be informed to our customers rapidly through these sources. It will help us to contact with our customers very effectively and the feedback will come immidiately and this method is also cost effective for our super shop.

Promotional activities are incentive to increase short term sales. This effictievely generates sales and create a buzz with the customers. 1. Samples When introducing a new product giving in-store trial samples help the consumers to generate interest and liking for the product. By testing the sample

consumers get to realize wether they like the product or not. If they like the product consumers might immediately purchase the item from the store.

2. Premiums- Members of our store will get some kind of premium everytime they purchase. Stationaries with SHOPTORSHIs label will be given to the consumers as premiums.

3. Loyalty program- To reward our loyal base of customers we will add points in their accounts with every purchase, with the added points customers can purchase from the shop anytime they wish. Our regular customers who do their monthly shopping from our store will get incentives such as branded shampoos and soaps every month. This will let the customers know how much we value their loyalty to our store. 4. Event Sponsoring We will sponsor in local cultural programs and give free tickets to our loyal customers. We try to make our image distinct in our consumers mind.


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Message Execution style

FACTUAL MESSAGE Advertisements which will be given in the handbills and leaflets will have basic information of offers, products, and services. In our digital banner we also send messages to our customers. Here, they actually using the rational appeals for execution our shops message.

IMAGERY In our leaflet or handbills or in the digital banner we use sometimes only picture rather than information and this will help us to visual our products to the customer and also create an image in our customers mind which will play an important role in their purchase time.







This kind of comparative ad help us to sustain in this competitive market and also cost effective.

Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

SHOPTORSHIs planning:

Through Database Management, SHOPTORSHI will be able to create its own database containing all the detailed information of its customers. The Database would contain: Customers names Contact information History of purchases Customers preferences of products

The database would just not be a list of information; this would give SHOPTORSHI a new edge of marketing, increasing market share and other promotional activities. By the Database the shop would be able to make a better customer relationship, as by the database would provide a list of goods which are purchased more frequently by the customers through the history of purchases and those products would be stocked more, this will reduce the customers disappointment which is formed when they come and cannot find the products and brands of their choice. This would be possible as customers names and contact information would be available in the database. It will helpful for SHOPTORSHI to continue its customer membership program.


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By the Membership Program, SHOPTORSHI will make a personal relationship with the customers; it wont be just a membership but a very potential one. Customers who will sign up for the membership program would enjoy benefits while shopping from SHOPTORSHI. They are:

Discounts points: When our premium customers, who have their membership card going to purchase from our store, they can use this card and in every purchase some discount points will be added in their membership card. After a specific period of time our customers can use these points for future purchasing.

Free home delivery: Our membership card owner customers would be able to enjoy free home delivery as they would just need the PIN Number to make orders from home.

Internet Based Shopping: Sign up members would be able to see the shops shelves as a virtual shop through our internet website from anywhere around the city. This will let the customers to check the SHOPTORSHIs shelves before coming to the shop and see whether the products and brands are available at that very moment.


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Different Types Of Promotional Tactics That SHOPTORSHI Can Follow:

In front total shop map Product category wise board Creative Shopping bag Interior lighting Kids Zone Art competition for kids Frequency program Sample food/drink/chocolate Raffle draw Own generator service Free Wifi zone Small food corner


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An Overview of KIDS ZONE


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For creating a flawless customer-seller relationship SHOPTORSHIs plan will they will arrange an ANNUAL PICNIC where they invite their potential customers and it will help them to come closure of their customers. Their CRM software and Database management will help to sort out any problem about the customers information. They can arrange PRODUCT FAIR where different branded companies set up their booth and customers will get a variety of new tastes and more new options to purchase. Here, the new companies try to help the customers about the benefit of their products and also give some free advice for their skin or scalp problems.


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SHOPTORSHI can follow some creative pricing strategy to attract their customers. Like

Penetration pricing: We will give low price than our potential competitors
and it will be our competitive advantage. But sometimes someone think that it can be a drawback for our shop. But actually we give least pricing in the raw meat, vegetable, grocery items etc because our new plan is to break the channels and relate with main producer. It will reduce half of the cost and we can offer least price for our products.

Seasonal pricing: Seasonally we offer some discounts or big sale (up to 50%) on
different items. The traditional occasion like EID, PUJA, and PAHELA BAISHAK is our targeted time.

Psychology pricing: The other name of psychological pricing is odd pricing. We

offer prices for our products like 99 tk. 299 tk. Etc and psychologically it will attract more customers.


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SHOPTORSHI should not follow Market Based Pricing and Everyday Low Pricing because it will not beneficial for our shop and we will not survive in the competitive market. As usual it will appeal the customers but at last this kind of pricing is no longer beneficial for the customers. We do not do market based pricing! We are not going to take the advantages of increases in market prices and charge that amount for our products. Unlike other shops and stores as most stores follow market based pricing and sells their products at a higher price even when their actual costs are much less than their selling price.


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Leaflets & preprinted inserts


Kids zone


Digital banner


Internet advertising (Official website)


Interior decoration



1,05,000 (approximately)


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After carefully analyzing the promotional mix of SHOPTORSHI SUPER SHOP we have come to this conclusion that the promotional tactics and all types of promotional mix practices at this company is exemplary and it should change their promotional activity to attract more customers. All of the report we try to show some creative advertising and promotional tactics that can follow by SHOPTORSHI SUPER SHOP and these will at last help them.


SHOPTORSHI SUPER SHOP will be more customers oriented and they need to think about their customers benefit rather than their own benefits.

They should work on their Weakness determine from the SWOT analysis and try to recover it and make their strengths.

They should concern about their Threats and it will helpful to survive in the hyper competitive market.

They should need to be creative in their promotional mix and give more attention in this area.

They need to pay attention on their dealers and suppliers and channel break can be beneficial for them.


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