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Q.3 Figure shows the link mechaiem of a quick return mechanism of the slotted arm lever type, the various dimensions of which are as follows: OA = 400mm, OP = 200mm., AR = 700mm, RS = 300mm. For the configuration diagram, determine the velocity of cutting tool s and the angular velocity of link RS. The crank rotates OP rotates at 210 rpm.

B. Tech I SEM (Set-C) END TERM EXAMINATION January- 2013 KINEMATICS & DYNAMICS OF MACHINES Time: 1:30 Hrs. Maximum Marks: 30 Instructions:
a) Use of simple calculator only is allowed. Use of scientific calculator is not permitted. b) Working Notes should form part of answer copy. c) Use of pencil or pen other than blue or black is not permitted. SECTION - A (05 Marks) Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks
Q.1. In a reciprocating steam engine, which of the following form a kinematic pair A) Cylinder & Pistion B) Piston rod & connecting rod C) Crank shaft & D) Flywheel & engine flywheel frame Q.2. Lead screw of a lathe with nut forms A) Sliding pair B) Rolling pair C) Screw pair D) Turning pair Q.3. The relation between the number of pairs p forming a kinematic chain and the number of links l is A) l = 2p - 2 B) l = 2p 3 C) l = 2p - 4 D) l = 2p - 5 Q.4. The relation between the number of links l and the number of binary joints j for a kinematic chain having constrained motion is given by j = . If the left hand side of this equation is greater than right hand side, then the chain is

A) Locked chain C) Three binary chain

B) Completely constrained chain D) Incompletely constrained chain

Q.4 Find out the degree of freedom of the given mechanism

Q.5 In a kinematic chain, a quaternary joint is equivalent to A) One binary joint B) Two binary joint C) Three binary joint D) Four binary joint Q.6. Kinematic chain is known as mechanism when A) None of the links B) One of the link is is fixed fixed C) Two of the links D) All the links are fixed are fixed

Q.7 Which of the following is an inversion of single slider crank chain A) Beam engine B) Watts indicator mechanism C) Elliptical Trammels D) Withworth quick return motion mechanism Q.8 In a four bar quadratic cycle chain A) Each bar chain is a B) One is a turning pair turning pair and three are sliding pair C) Three are turning pair D) Each of the four pair & one is sliding is a sliding pair Q.9 A point on a rigid link AB moves with respect to A with regular velocity rad./s, the radial component of the acceleration of B with respect to A will be A) VAB X AB B) VBA X AB C) VAB / AB D) V2AB X AB Q.10The two links OA and OB are connected by a pin joint at O. If OA urns with angular velocity 1 rad./s in the clockwise direction and link OB turns with angular velocity 2 rad./s in the anticlockwise direction, then the rubbing velocity at the pin joint O is A) 12.r B) (1 2 ). r C) (1 + 2 ). R D) (1 2 ). 2r SECTION B (15 Marks) (All questions carry equal marks Q.1 Enumerate the various ways of classifying the kinematic pairs. Give one example of each. Q.2 What is degree of freedom of a mechanism? How is it determined? Q.3 What do you mean by inversion of mechanism? Explain any one inversion of single slider crank mechanism.

Q.5 Diffretiate between following Lower Pair & Higher pair Completely constrained Pair & Successfully constrained motion SECTION C (10 Marks) (Attempt any two questions out of three)

Q. 1 Figure shows the configuration diagram of a four link mechanism along with the lengths of the link in mm, The link AB has an instantaneous angular velocity of 10.5rad/s. and a retardation of 26rad/s. in the counter clockwise direction. Find The angular acceleration of the link BC and CD The linear acceleration of the point E, F, & G

Q.2 Dimension of the link are shown in fig. Find the velocities of the point B & C and the angular velocities of the point B & C aand the angular velocities of link AB, BQ abd BC The crank rotates att 50 rpm in the clockwise direction. ( Use Instantaneous Centre Method to find the velocity of slider C & Point B)