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Role of PMC:

General: A. Role of Project Manager: To monitor and manage the project to completion within assigned timeline of contract and budget and also maintain quality of project all time. All recommendation, advice, instruction, notification, approvals and others related to project to be provided. To enforce teamwork and collaborative relations with client, Architect and other team members To prepare the Project Master Program/Schedule identifying all parts of project, detailing design and construction milestone. And also thereafter update the schedule at regular intervals To organize regular meetings and conference to review progress and resolve outstanding issues. Also to conduct meeting with contractors, Architecture and client to discuss procedure, progress, problem, schedule and any other matters that may rise during the execution of project. To publish Weekly/monthly progress report wrt site progress, design progress, quality and cost management. Also address the critical issues affecting the project and provide recommendation. B. Contracts Manager: To Prepare pre construction Budget, cash flow projections To prepare bills of quantities, project specification To issue tender documentation, meeting/negotiation/finalization of contractors. To estimate the cost of variations and valuation of claim To maintain cash in/out flow sheet To process and approval of invoice payment for contractors, subcontractors and consultant and shall maintain record of payments. C. Design Co-ordinator: To review, monitor and make recommendation on the design consultant/Architect proposed overall design process to achieve the completion milestone to avoid any delay in tendering, procurement and/or construction work. To conduct the coordination meeting for relevant design team to get/resolve any issues. And also implement corrective measure action. Review, negotiate and recommend for approval/disapproval on design change orders.

Construction Management: A. Project/Site Engineer: To monitor/supervise all site related activities, coordinate and maintain effective communication with all internal team (QC, safety, MEP, etc) members to evaluate all construction activities. To perform all quality assurance tests and evaluate all contractor change orders. Check and ensure availability of all relevant drawings/document with the contractors, also manage RFIs and follow up on issues till closure. Check and ensure that work is being carried out as per specifications and drawings and also keep a record of all changes required in drawings/specifications during construction B. Quality Control & Safety To monitor the laboratory at site for various test, perform all necessary quality assurance tests and also decide about remedial measures, if required in case the test fails. Ensure that materials used at site is as per the approved makes/brands Develop and conduct Safety Training Programs for all employees, site workers and visitors Implement safety standards at site to ensure a safe and risk free and also give motivate/ support all workers in daily execution works. To suggest/take necessary action to minimize or eliminate any accident and health hazards. Keep/maintain first Aid box at site and displaying contact information of safety departments. Also conduct regular helath check up programme for all workers

C. MEP Engineer To coordinate/monitor with contractor for all MEP activities (Mechanical, Electrical, water, plumbing, drainage, Fire fighting, HVAC etc) with their program for work on site. To review/suggest on MEP dwg and coordination the information with MEP contractors. To check the installation of all MEP work within discipline in accordance with the plans, specifications, and quality standards. D. Finishing Engineer/Architect Execute all finishing site works e.g. Painting, Gypsum Boards, ceilings, Tiling, Doors, Windows, Furniture, Carpentry and Masonry Works, Plaster, MEP works as planned/scheduled in accordance with the plans, specifications, and quality standards.