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Angela Hansel English 1102 Walden 02/11/13 Assignment One The figured world my group decided to observe was

the Atkins Library at UNCC. We picked the library because it is usually full of people throughout the day almost any day of the week. We thought it would be a good place to observe since there is a wide variety of people from an array of countries who attend UNCC and go to the library multiple times a week. We would be able to see what kinds of actors are contained in the figured world of the Atkins library. There are many activities that go on the in the library, such as renting books for classes, studying right before exams, working on homework and projects for every type of class, or just lounging around on social media websites between classes or just to relax. Actors in the library can range anywhere from the jocks and nerds to the procrastinators and goof offs. There are many kinds of discourse communities present in the library at all times of the day, so you never really see just one specific group. Appropriate behavior accepted in the library would be to stay quiet for those who are working or reading throughout the day. You should talk with inside voices and not be loud or distracting to others who are around you. Things like talking and listening to music too loud, or having your phone volume high enough so everyone can hear when someone calls you is greatly frowned upon in all floors of the library, but especially in quiet zones where there is minimal noise accepted. The bottom two floors are those where people can talk a little louder and socialize with group members but the floors above them are always quiet for those working on computers or at tables. These floors are used mostly for studying or doing homework, while the bottom floors are mostly used for group work and projects. Our group agreed on the times in which we were to meet for our observations in the library to be throughout the week the fit in all of our schedules. We chose two different days at three different times of the day to observe, which were Wednesday February, 6th from 11 A.M to 12 P.M. for the morning observance and Wednesday February, 6th from 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. for the afternoon observance. We conducted our evening observance from 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. on Monday February 11th. During our first observation, we decided to stay at the lower level next to Peet's coffee shop. There wasnt many people there when we first started. It started filling out as the time passed by. Most of the activity we saw was students either studying or doing homework. Some were working in groups but the majority were separated in their own space. We noticed that people were easily distracted by loud noises or people. An example of this was when two girls were sitting at a table studying and they started talking, then one fell out of her chair and everyone looked at them because they were laughing really loud. Most of the guys sitting around the floor were listening to music while they did their work. Aside from all the studying, there were a few people playing with their phones or the electronic white

board. In the morning, people in the library were dressed comfortably, probably because they had an early class. As we observed the library in the afternoon, we noticed that there was definitely more people during that time than the morning. The noise level was a bit louder, but those working did not seem to mind it. At this time was when we saw some people not really doing anything the most, like just playing on their phones or computer. Even though the sound of the floor was a bit louder, people still kept quiet and tried not to be too loud. We saw that there were a lot more group interactions than the morning, and in each group was a different type of person. The groups consisted of different discourse communities in one. In this observance time was when we interviewed someone about the library. Her name is Lindsey and she was by herself at the time of the interview. We asked her a series of questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What are you here for (Why are you in the library)? I am doing homework for a night class. (Her) How long do you plan on being here (in the library)? About an hour and a half. How many times do you come to library a week? Not very often, this was the first time this semester. What do you do when you come to the library on average? Find a table to do work at. Where is your favorite place to study and why? On the bottom floor, because the glass rooms and the cool box chairs. It's comfortable and quiet. 6. What do you think the norms of being in the library are? Stay quiet and study, get your work done, "loud" people are not too bad on the bottom floor but if you go up you should stay quiet, especially in quiet zones. 7. Have you ever pulled an all nighter studying? No, the latest I've been here was 3 A.M. She had the same idea about the library that we did. Our views on "norms" were basically the same, showing that others have knowledge of how you're suppose to act in the library. In the evening, we saw that the amount of people in the library was about the same as the amount in the afternoon, but a lot more than the morning. The noise level was pretty high compared to the other times we observed. This was probably because there were lots of groups working together at this time. There were those who sat by themselves to work on assignments but they didn't seem to mind the noise unless someone was being obnoxiously loud. There seemed to be more interactions with everyone during this time because more people were talking and helping each other. All the study rooms were full at night because groups would meet up after class and stay in the library late to get work done. Overall, the "rules" that people should follow in the library are about the same for all floors. Everyone seems to have a sense of what these norms are because we all have grown up with some kind

of experience with libraries. Since this is a college library, there are many things that you can witness while you are there, such as someone cramming for an exam or someone sleeping to relax the day away. The library was a great place to observe how different discourse communities interacted with each other. Some groups looked odd to be together just because of the types of people in them, but they all worked together and put their differences behind them to get their assignments done.

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