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Application Development / Data Warehousing / Legacy Transitions / Software Engineering / Open VMS X12-EDI / Systems Integration / Business Application Software / IS & IT / Database & Network Design
As a skilled software professional, I utilize sophisticated technical design skills and business acumen to deliver pragmatic, high-value solutions for critical systems in health plan and medical data processing. I have demonstrated success in implementing projects across complex customer / user groups in demanding fields. My experience includes adapting innovative technologies to create competitive advantages and improve processes. An effective team player and practical, hands-on leader, I help companies support growth and achieve total customer satisfaction. My skills include: Delivering 100% interoperability and data fidelity for critical systems Providing vision and end-to-end technical leadership Evolving crucial systems to meet updated needs Synthesizing new technology, concepts and methods Integrating multiple systems to convert data into standardized formats

I am an Oracle Certified Application Developer and have completed numerous programming and professional development courses. My BA is from California State University, Northridge. Coworkers respect me for my versatility, precise thinking and ability to communicate with people at all levels. Skills: COBOL, DCL, DEC Forms, SQL, Oracle/Developer, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, HTML, Perl, Datatrieve. SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS Extended scope of program. TransUnion Programmer who built the companys Encounter Management System (EMS) died suddenly. Familiar with program as a developer, mastered system to extend compatibility to five new health plans. Maintained timeline and met specific HMO, hospital and medical practice needs. Cut on-boarding time. Conversion programs to DDDs EMS had to be re-written / revised for new data files from each new healthcare provider. Recognized and leveraged data patterns to devise standard conversion programs, each handling several variations. Cut start-up time for new submitters by reducing custom conversion programs. Reduced processing time with custom A/R system. Maxicares antiquated Accounts Receivable system was a combination of two older technologies and required substantial manual processing. Rewrote the entire A/R system automating multiple processing tasks. Cut three full time positions as a result of time saved by new program. Facilitated faster data processing. TransUnions operations department data processors needed to scroll through hundreds of batches of data to find current files, increasing time and potential for errors. Migrated system to a new interface listing current files first. Saved dozens of keystrokes per file, improved ease of use and accuracy. Customized search programs. To respond to specific regulatory / board requests, health plans often requested additional information and data from DDDs EMS that was not included in their original scope of service. Facilitated good client relations by creating ad hoc programs to fetch specific medical system data to support research. CAREER HISTORY Lead Programmer / Software Developer III, TransUnion Healthcare, 2007 to 2013. Retained in acquisition by healthcare reporting division of industry-leading credit reporting agency. Wholly responsible for maintaining and expanding Encounter Management System (EMS) during period of rapid growth and major business transitions. Senior Programmer / Analyst, Diversified Data Design (DDD), 2004 to 2007. Hired by market leader in healthcare encounter processing to support lead programmer by developing conversion programs to process data from healthcare institutions and doctors into a format usable by the company EMS. Ensured 100% data fidelity. Senior Programmer / Analyst, Care 1 Health Plan, 2002 to 2004. Aggressively recruited by medium-sized health plan to act as technical expert for operation of state-sponsored Access for Infants and Mothers (AIM) program. Supported and developed AIM systems and generated reports to support funding and compliance issues. Sr. Software Engineer, Maxicare Health Plans (one of the largest original HMOs in CA), 2000 to 2002. Assigned to oversee ongoing technical upgrades by TriZetto Group consultants. Helped to account for and convert functions during evolution to QMACS and MS/SQL. Maintained interoperability with legacy system until completion. Earlier: Software Technical Specialist, Maxicare Health Plans. Sr. Systems Analyst, HealthNet.