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Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association

Be a Partner in Your City INCLUDED HEREIN:
MVNA Annual Meeting May 15 to discuss Conference Center renovation and its effect on Monterey residents - Page 2 Homeless in Paradise symposium to be held May 18 at MPC - Page 3 Montereys search for a new City Manager: prospects and pitfalls - Page 1 Neighborhood Improvement Program projects approved and funded - Page 1 This years Genista Pull attracts a record number of participants - Page 1

May 2013 Newsletter

Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP)

Established in 1985, Montereys Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP) directs tourist-generated dollars directly back into the Citys residential neighborhoods. Under a Charter Amendment, at least 16 percent of the money collected through hotel taxes (Transient Occupancy Tax) must be spent on neighborhood and community improvements. This year the NIP neighborhood representatives approved and funded four of the eleven proposed projects within our neighbohood: Quarry Park Revitalization ($15,000), Monte Vista School Playground ($57,000), Soledad Drainage ($38,000), and Pacific Street Curb and Gutter ($150,000 - 1st cutoff project). Learn more about NIP and how to make your own project proposal by visiting

Montereys next City Manager

City Manager Fred Meurer is retiring after over 20 years of service to Monterey. We will not find a new city manager that matches his credentials, but much has changed in those years. Cities face new challenges that require new methods. The City Council as Board of Directors is tasked with the hiring process. The community must pay attention. The recent debacle at the MPUSD is a fine example of how not to hire an executive. First the story broke that there is some unsavory litigation. Next the President of the School Board resigned amid the controversy and public outrage. Today many municipalities are adopting management methods from the business world to create modern organizations that are more team driven. The City Manager becomes the manager of the managers, so to speak. Let us select a manager for these changing times. One that has the tenacity to challenge mindsets and the vision and experience in executing a downtown plan. Regardless of what qualities you believe the the next City Manager should have, pay close attention to the process. This maybe the most important decision our City Council is making this year.

The Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association would like to thank the record number of participants who turned out for the fifth annual 2013 Genista Pull on Sunday, April 7 in Montereys Quarry Park. Immense quantities of the noxious invasive weed were pulled by our intrepid crew members, and were later picked up and disposed of by our Citys valiant Department of Urban Forestry.

Why does the proposed Monterey Conference Center renovation matter to you? In order to pay for the extensive work

We strongly encourage all residents to attend this event to learn the facts and ask questions about this very important decision before it is finalized.

involved in this public business venture your city will need to borrow an anticipated $40 million. The Monterey Conference Center currently operates at a loss, estimated by some to be as much as a half-million dollars per year. If projected revenue growth as a result of this costly renovation fails to materialize, the City of Monterey will still be obligated to pay back the funds it has borrowed. This could result in budget cutbacks for city expenditures that affect you directly: street and infrastructure repairs, parks and recreation, law enforcement, and other services vital to our quality of life. The expected nine month closure of the Conference Center and the construction involved will bring further strain to our already struggling downtown.

Stay informed! Be involved! Join the Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association! Yearly dues are only $10 per household. Fill out the form below. Make your check payable to MVNA & mail to: MVNA PO Box 2096 Monterey, CA 93942 Name _______________________________________ new member returning member Address______________________________________ Phone_______________________________________ Email address_________________________________ Please include Yearly Dues: $10.00 per household. Dues may also be paid at the MVNA annual BBQ Sptember 21, 2013.
If you have any questions, please call Chris Goelitz @ 375-3280

Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association board meetings are held monthly, usually the first Monday of each month (except for July and December unless needed), at the Monterey Library solarium meeting room (next to the back doors & photocopiers) from 6:30 to 8pm. You are welcome to attend, or to suggest agenda items to share your concerns. Please contact a board member for more information. This years remaining meeting dates are June 3, July 1 (if needed), August 5, September 4 (Wednesday), October 7, November 4, and December 2 (if needed). Other upcoming MVNA events are the Annual Meeting on May 15 (more information in this newsletter), and the annual BBQ September 21 at Paraiso Park.

MVNA Board of Directors

Hans Jannasch (Pres.).......................... 373-0872 Becky DAddea-Jones (Vice. Pres.)........ 601-0237 Chris Goelitz (Secy/Treas.).................. 375-3280

Homeless in Paradise
Montereys mild climate, friendly attitude, and reputation for hospitality brings us vistors from across the globe. Not all of those visiting our city are conventional tourists however; the most recent census of the homeless in the City of Monterey (2011) counted over 400 individuals. In advance of a community symposium Hungry and Homeless in Paradise: A whole community approach to issues of poverty to be held May 18 at Monterey Peninsula College, the City Council has had prepared a report stressing that homelessness, unlawful behavior and activities affecting health and safety are not one in the same and cannot be addressed with the same tools and strategies. A public study session held by the Monterey City Council on April 24 was notable for its hours of public comment from residents, downtown business people, and members of the homeless community. Those who spoke were generally supportive of a community-based coordinated effort to cope with the large homeless populations effect on our downtown district and wider region. A proposal to house a limited number of homeless individuals for a temporary period in the Veterans Park campground has been withdrawn due to the objections of neighborhood residents and officials involved in the process. The City recognizes that not all of the homeless have arrived at this circumstance for the same reason; there are the newly homeless as the result of job loss or an uninsured medical event, the long-term homeless who deal with substance abuse and/or mental health issues, and the younger travelers who choose to spend their time moving from place to place unencumbered by social and economic responsibilities and obligations. More information about the May 18 symposium can be found online at

MVNA Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association PO Box 2096 Monterey, CA 93942

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The proposed Monterey Conference Center renovation & upgrade: How will Monterey residents be affected? Wednesday, May 15 Monterey Conference Center Tour 6:30-7:00pm Discussion 7:15-9:00pm Or Current Resident

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The Monterey Vista Neighborhood Association (MVNA) is one of fifteen City of Monterey neighborhood associations that represent the residents of Monterey. MVNA Boundaries include Monte Vista, Monte Regio, Peters Gate, Toyon Heights and Woodbridge Acres. Our goal is to preserve the quality and character of our neighborhood areas. Our services include review and comment on selected city programs, proposed ordinances, and building designs. We publish several newsletters each year and provide assistance to members in resolving neighborhood concerns.