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Ministry Report p 2013 ort

2013 Ministry Report

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Uneasy situations. Impossible problems. This is what causes some people to give up.

This is what inspires US to simply give.

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On the Cover This eight-year-old boy received his first Bible when the Ruth Bell Riverboat brought the Gospel and quality medical care to villagers along the River in the Mamore Bolivian Amazon.
Photo: Samaritans Purse

At the National Christian Foundation (NCF), it is our mission to help those who are inspired to give ... for these are the givers who will change the game ... the ones who give against all odds with the faith that things can and will be made better. When others turn away, they turn up the volume. And were here to serve them through every tear and every triumph along the way.

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This is NCF.
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From South Florida to Southern California, we are privileged to serve some of the most generous givers
on the planet. Far beyond just writing checks, generosity is a way of life for so many in the NCF family. Thats why when we decided to tell the story of our ministry this year, it only seemed fitting to ask some of our givers if theyd be willing to share what inspires them to be generous. The responses were overwhelming. And as the inspiration grew, even our staff and other ministry friends began to join the conversation.

So thats what youll hear in the following pages the voices of givers, advisors, ministry leaders, and NCF team members from across the country ...

Photo: Samaritans Purse


sharing their hearts in the hope that well all be

to live a little bit more beyond ourselves.

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2013 Ministry Report

2013 Ministry Ministry Report Report 2013

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Whats amazing about the Good News is that its just too good to keep to yourself. Thats why givers at NCF are inspired to spread the Gospel. From opening their hearts to the neighbor next door to opening their pocketbooks to the unreached in faraway places, our givers are working to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment at every turn. It has been estimated that it is possible to reach all the unreached in our lifetime. What could possibly be more inspiring than that?

God inspired us to provide resources for the Bible to be translated into an audio drama format. In just a few months, over three million people have gone online to listen.
Ed and Wanda Thomas, Business Owners, Houston, TX

Evangelism includes activities that advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the far corners of the world:
Sharing the Gospel Scripture translation Church planting Orality

My wife and I are hosting an event in our home to raise funds for the digitization of the Gospel so it can be shared via cell phones to the corners of the Earth.
Ed McCahill, Financial Advisor, Woodinville, WA


to help every person access the Bible in their heart language because I cant imagine not being able to read about the transforming love and power of the Gospel.
Mike Moye, Sports Attorney, Suwanee, GA

charities received $148.9 million in Evangelism grants last year
2013 Ministry Report 5

2013 Ministry Report

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Somewhere amid the din of Facebook and phone time, we often But we neednt look that far. It has been said that every story is in some way a story of redemption. So our givers are affecting culture by supporting efforts that tell the story of the ultimate Redeemer in modern terms. We are all looking for a hero, and we can promote the One who is worthy of following.
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Wayne Ericksen, Retiree, Portland, OR

Culture activities include those that accentuate the socially connected aspects of life:
Arts Media Publishing History Public policy

charities received $36.3 million in Culture grants last year

Im inspired by Mother Teresa, who said, It is the joy of loving. To make a difference in my world, to be Jesus with boots on.
Laura B. Pearson, Financial Advisor, Delafield, WI

Photo: Carolynn Seibert Photography

Every gift inspires me, and Im inspired to give to the ministry I lead, because I know that each gift increases our impact. Whether a widows mite or large donation, each contributes to our ability to help a marriage, encourage parents, or bring someone into a relationship with Christ.
Jim Daly, President, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, CO


Gifts made to arts, culture, and humanities organizations account for only about 4 percent of all U.S. charitable giving.
Internal Revenue Service

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to support artists whose works offer evocative thought while valuing beauty, truth, and a Biblical understanding of humanness.

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2013 Ministry Report

2013 Ministry Ministry Report Report 2013


struggle to find the face of faith as it looks in our post-modern world.

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The church your spiritual family the place your heart calls home. Its no wonder that so many of our givers are committed to their church home as much as any other ministry they support. And thats why they feel right at home in the NCF family, too. NCF is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ as brothers and sisters from all walks of life and across denominations come together to give in community. This is the kind of unity that Jesus promised ... the kind our souls crave. Im inspired to give to my church because when Im with the needy in my community, I often hear how my church has been making a difference in their lives.
Jeff Johns, NCF Staff, Albuquerque, NM

I was

to give my time to help the youth in my church.

Mark Jacob, Attorney, Houston, TX

Church activities include those that allow the local and international Church to effectively minister to its members and broader community:
Gifts Tithes Special offerings

As a pastor, one of the most inspiring gifts Ive ever received was $121.13 from a 12-year-old who sold his baseball card collection in order to support a capital campaign for our church.
Andy Stanley, North Point Ministries, Alpharetta, GA


Today, Christianity is more global than ever 74 percent of Christians are spread across the Americas, sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and the Pacific.
The Pew Forum

2013 Ministry Report

2013 Ministry Ministry Report Report 2013

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Photo: Mary Anne Morgan


churches received $84.9 million in Church grants last year

By its very nature, generosity is contagious. So giving to support more giving is not uncommon at NCF. This is one of the ways we play a major role in the modern-day generosity movement that is sweeping throughout the nation and around the world. In some ways, we are leading a revival one that starts not in our heads, but in our hearts and our pocketbooks.

Although he died at the young age of 34, I am most inspired by my fathers example of being both successful in business and extremely generous. He was perhaps one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.
Luis Palau, Evangelist, Portland, OR

I was inspired to give away the book, Your Money Counts, by Howard Dayton. So far, Ive given away several hundred copies.
Steady Cash, Businessman, Charlotte, NC

Support activities include those that inform, facilitate, and accelerate Kingdom-building endeavors:
Prayer Generosity Infrastructure Mapping Research


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Photo: Mia Baker

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to provide the funds for a young ministry leader to take his wife and four young children to Disney Land. It should not be limited to the MVP of the Super Bowl!
Anonymous, Businessman, Seattle, WA

charities received $25.1 million in Support grants last year

2013 Ministry Report 11

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2013 Ministry Report

When it comes to our financials, its obvious that God is at work in the hearts of our givers. And the result is immeasurably more more joy for those we are privileged to serve, more resources for churches and ministries, and more provision for those who are blessed in their time of need. Inspired generosity ... it makes all the difference in the world.

2012 grants by category

Growth Evangelism

# of checks

6,407 1,871 3,056 996

grant dollars

$ 230,216,902 27,425 $ 148,952,365 24,499 $ 84,945,704 18,547 $ 64,921,796 7,139

by the numbers Our most recent

full year of results


$605.2 million in grants to charities $870.6 million in contributions from givers 13,897 charities that received grants 86,066 checks sent to charities

Church Poverty

Culture 1,009 $ 36,290,254 5,599 Support 381 $ 25,167,513 1,577 1,280 Justice 177 $ 14,662,302


13,897 $ 605,156,835 86,066

2009 2010 2011 2012* $377 million $608 million $657 million $871 million * Unaudited

2009 2010 2011 2012* $328 million $395 million $493 million $605 million

Photos: Austin Mann

Hundreds of children in Chinas Sichuan province were

Trending up

to weather rainy conditions for a concert by Steven Curtis Chapman, who was in China to celebrate the opening of a Show Hope Special Care Center for orphans.

2 or 4 years growth It took 24 yearsof for us to grant our billionth We could show bar graph of the last fourthe years of dollar to charity. It a took four years to grant $3 billion grants and contributions, or we could just compare second billion and just two years to grant the 2012 to 2011 (like we did in last were years Ministry third. At the time of this printing, nearing Report). our four billion dollar grant milestone. $2 billion Amounts in millions of $s 1982 2009 2010 2011 2012
$1 billion

2013 Ministry Report 13


2013 Ministry Report

Modern-day slaves human trafficking forced labor. Society has developed a host of new terms that help us wrap our minds around the unspeakable. Into this dangerous world, many NCF givers are fearlessly leading the charge of justice. It is a movement that speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. And its cry for freedom moves us all.

Im inspired to fight human trafficking because Im grateful for the freedom Christ offered me, and I desire to share that freedom and restoring love to those trapped in slavery.
Dimitri Iliadis, Ministry Relationship Manager, Dunwoody, GA

Im inspired to give when I see widows, orphans, people who are hungry, oppressed, who havent heard the gospel ... I want to change statistics and causes into personal relationships.
Kristin Copher, NCF Staff, Bentonville, AR

Justice activities include those that advocate and work for the freedom of individuals:
Human trafficking Slavery Martyrdom Persecution
Photo: Mia Baker

I am
ll R : Bi Photo

charities received $14.6 million in Justice grants last year

to seek justice and rescue the oppressed. In 7th grade, I launched a campaign to end the slave trade, and I wont give up until all are free.
Zach Hunter, Modern-Day Abolitionist, Colorado Springs, CO


2013 Ministry Report

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2013 Ministry Report


Photo: Mia Baker

2013 Ministry Report


I was

In the familiar parable of the Good Samaritan, some were compelled to move away from the suffering they encountered in their paths. But one man was moved by compassion to come in closer to help. At NCF, we serve many modern-day Good Samaritans who are inspired to meet the
Photo: Rachel Iliadis

to provide basic necessities for a young man who is the head of his household in Africa.
Anonymous, Business Owner, Bellevue, WA

physical needs of those they encounter next door and around the world. Just like Jesus, they welcome the poor and offer comfort in His name.

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Poverty activities include those that help alleviate physical suffering of the worlds destitute:
Humanitarian aid Development Clean water Food Clothing Shelter Health needs

charities received $64.9 million in Poverty grants last year

We were inspired to open up a part of our home for a family that needed a place to stay for awhile.
Anonymous, President, Non-Profit Organization, Atlanta, GA

I was inspired to give a tank of gas to a stranger on a long road trip.

Anonymous, Homemaker, Houston, TX

I was inspired to help give a well to a poor village, instead of having a wedding registry.
Tiffany Berkowitz, Student, Atlanta, GA


An estimated 1.28 billion people worldwide live on less than $1.25 a day.
16 2013 Ministry Report
World Bank

2013 Ministry Ministry Report Report 2013

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Whether young or old, rich or poor, powerful or sick, Jesus took the time to invest in the people around Him. He just wasnt content to leave them as He found them. Jesus attitude toward the value of people is the inspiration for our efforts to promote spiritual growth and personal development in those around us. I was inspired to make a gift toward the completion of a college education for a Christian person in a poor country.
Sam Bradshaw, Businessman, Houston, TX

I was
Photo: Atlanta Mission

to give my buddy a hug, because he needed it.

Scott Whitlock, Businessman, Fishers, IN

Growth activities include those that affirm individuals to grow in the depth of their character, personal abilities, and spiritual focus:
Spiritual growth Education Medical Youth Marriage Family Workplace

I was inspired to give my time to counsel a person going through the heartache of divorce.
Don Hong, Retired and Volunteer Church Administrator, Raleigh, NC


charities received $230.2 million in Growth grants last year


More than 796 million adults worldwide are unable to read or write.
UNESCO Institute for Statistics


2013 Ministry Report

2013 Ministry Ministry Report Report 2013

21 19




We are blessed to have a National Board of Directors comprised of people who lead with inspired generosity. An inner-city friend told me he liked my tie, so I was inspired to take it off and give it to him. The gift went far beyond the tie in terms of our relationship.
Jay Bennett, Vice Chairman of the Board; CEO, NCF Twin Cities

James C. Blankemeyer
Chairman of the Board; Founder, MetoKote Corporation

Jay Bennett
Vice Chairman of the Board; CEO, NCF Twin Cities

Lloyd M. Bentsen III

Chairman of the Board, NCF Houston

Jesse T. Correll
Founder and Chairman of the Board, First Southern Bancorp

Phil Drake
Chairman of the Board, Drake Software

Sandra T. Johnson
The Sandra and William B. Johnson Foundation

Im inspired to give to fight child pornography. These attacks against children strike at the heart of Jesus. We must help.
James C. Blankemeyer, Chairman of the Board; Founder, MetoKote Corporation

To mobilize an unprecedented abundance of Kingdom resources to accomplish every good work

James B. Buck McCabe

Senior Vice President of Finance and CFO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Terry A. Parker
Co-Founder, NCF; Retired: Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

Larry A. Burkett
Co-Founder, NCF (19392003)

My wife, Paula, and I are inspired to give more when we see the families we work with in India giving out of their poverty to the new churches theyve planted. They have so little to start with, but still give.
Terry A. Parker, Co-Founder, NCF; Retired: Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

To enable followers of Christ to give wisely to advance His Kingdom
And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficiency in everything, you may have an abundance for every good deed. 2 Corinthians 9:8 (NASB)

Ronald W. Blue
Co-Founder, NCF; Member Emeritus; Founding Director, Kingdom Advisors

Anthony Wauterlek
Member Emeritus


2013 Ministry Report

2013 Ministry Ministry Report Report 2013

23 21

NCFs Nationwide Network of Affiliate Offices

From Seattle to South Florida, our nationwide network of offices inspires greater generosity in givers, advisors, ministries, and churches every day.
Alabama Tom Bradford, President | 205.380.6338 Arizona Paul Forbes, National RM | 800.681.6223 Houston Peter Forbes, President | 832.255.2022 Indiana Jim Cotterill, President | 317.570.5850 Kentucky Mark MacDonald, President | 859.288.7671 Middle Tennessee Bill Lee, Board Chair | 615.468.6220 New Mexico Virgil Dugan, Board Chair | 505.314.3400 North Texas Joel Smyer, President | 817.355.8030 Northwest Arkansas Josh Copher, Board Chair | 866.508.7083 Ohio Bruce Neurohr, National RM | 800.681.6223 Orlando Tim Seneff, President | 407.401.9414 Piedmont John Putnam, President | 704.716.2900 Portland Forrest Reinhardt, President | 919.438.0350 Raleigh Alanna Linden, President | 919.438.0350 Seattle Kendra VanderMeulen, President 206.577.3603 South Florida Stephan Tchividjian, President 954.771.0110 Tampa Bay Bob Collins, President | 813.567.1499 Twin Cities Jay Bennett, CEO | 612.288.2299 West Michigan Jamie Kuiper, President Randy Veltkamp, CEO | 616.957.4372 Wisconsin Linda Maris, President | 262.796.9910


generosity across the country

California Bob Fry, Investment Advisor | 949.263.0820 Colorado Bryan Chrisman, President | 720.489.0607 East Tennessee David Ragland, President | 865.523.5610 Eastern Michigan Jeff Hewson, President | 248.761.9137 Greater Chicago Tom Rowland, President | 847.205.5275 Hawaii Tom Rulon, President | 808.524.5678 Heartland Aimee Minnich, President Bill High, CEO | 913.310.0279

Are you
KEY: Affiliate Office Generosity Council


to bring generosity to your community?

We are always looking for those who are excited about generosity to help us bring NCF to new cities. If you feel God is calling you, or if youd like to connect with your nearest local office, please contact Stefany Sargent in our Atlanta office at


2013 Ministry Report

2013 Ministry Ministry Report Report 2013

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We hope that these inspiring thoughts have lifted your heart. In contrast to the uncertainty that oftentimes surrounds us, inspired giving offers hope for a better world.

A world free from poverty. A world proclaiming the Gospel. A world full of justice. A generous world.


Follow us
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at to hear more inspiring thoughts and add your voice to the generosity conversation. @NCFnationwide


2013 Ministry Report

2013 Ministry Report


... you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8 (NIV) | 800.681.6223