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Decade New entries 1770 191 1780 270 1790 260 1800 330 1810 346 1820 545

1830 972 1840 1144 1850 1184 1860 1016 1870 1022 1880 1618 1890 1358 1900 1228 1910 1123 1920 1503 1930 1517 1940 1401 1950 1123 1960 1405 1970 1232 1980 809 1990 222 Total 21628

Examples 1770s fraternity (student society), mockingbird, pesky, Santa Claus 1780s darn (exclamation), powwow (to discuss), renege (to go back on a promise), squatter 1790s battleship, cavort, coleslaw, politically correct, seep (to trickle), washboard 1800s cahoot (in cahoots with), campaign (n, politics), cocktail, graduate (v), great (like splendid), hike, peanut, political correctness, proofreader, spat (argument), squat(v), stump (v), stomp (to stamp) 1810s feel bad (about a situation, etc), bureau (chest of drawers), boost, cuss (to curse), gerrymander, keno (lotto game), strike (protest), suspender (brace), swell (adj), to do the trick, walkway, yank (sudden pull) 1820s bakery (shop/kitchen), cup cake, enthuse, flurry (snow), grocery (shop), keel over, lummox, mail (v), mosey, pucker up, resize, run (as a candidate), sniffles, splurge, tenderloin

1830s amigo, antsy, aplenty, baby (slang, girlfriend), back up (reverse), bartender, bat (v, bat an eyelid), big mouth, bobsleigh, bright and early, busted (adj), cafeteria, chipper, creative writing, cute (attractive), daily (newspaper), discombobulate, downtown, Jack-o-lantern, know-how, lynch (v), memorize, middle name, OK, pants (trousers), poker, popcorn, pretzel, rip-roaring 1840s bedspread, bonanza, caboodle, fess (later fess up 1930), flunk (v, fail), goatee, guy (a fellow), mean (unkind), next thing one knows/remembers, park (v, a car), scallywag, shoo, shyster, smidgen, wallet (purse), watch out (v), 1850s baking powder, bandwagon, billboard, blizzard, booze, buddy, cherry tomato, employee, get hitched (married), lager, mixologist, poppycock, railroad (v), shenanigan, show-business, stag-party, thesaurus, vigilante 1860s ass (buttocks), bouncer, pass the buck, bum (tramp), classified (advert), commuter, concourse, double-decker, hunky-dory, merry-go-round, noughts and crosses, playschool, rapist, big-shot, tycoon 1870s boom (finance, etc), burglarize, cash register, dump, hogwash (nonsense), hot under the collar, mull (v, consider), national park, pushy, sleuth (detective), vacation (holiday) 1880s bank on (v, rely on), commute (v, travel), delicatessen, flashlight, hamburger, highbrow (adj), hobo, hog (monopolize), milkshake, nauseous, nifty (adj, clever), respondent

(survey), sidetrack, size-up, slate (v, plan), slump, spike (v, a drink), sugar (exclamation), swear word, terminal (transport), tuxedo, underdog, winery 1890s battleaxe (domineering woman), billfold, buggy (pram), cereal (breakfast), cold feet, feisty, freak (n, odd person), fudge (sweet), gangster, hell-bent, hooligan, hot dog, jumbo, lifeguard, phoney, pipe dream, ready to wear, rubberneck, ruckus, schmooze, seed (v, tennis, etc), in shape (good condition), cheapskate, skyrocket (v), sneaker, subway (railway), summer camp, sundae, volleyball, woozy 1900s beef (n, grievance), butt in, Easter Bunny, eatery, escalator, franchise, hangover, hip (adj), jigsaw puzzle, joyride, landfill, mutt (dog), newsflash, optometrist, outage, phoney, pooch, preppy (adj, n), short-change, socialite, tip-off, underpass 1910s blurb, cash and carry, chain store, cool, faggot (slang, gay male), fender, free range, hometown, jazz, jinx, joy-ride, kitchenette, klaxon, merchandising (v, promotion), moron, payphone, psycho (n, psychopath), queer (homosexual), radio, realtor, stooge, washcloth, whizz (n, skilful person), wino 1920s AWOL, band-aid, belly-up, bimbo, cilantro, cotton candy, fanny (backside), golddigger, greasy spoon, headcount, hijack, hitch-hike, indie (adj), junkie (drug user), macho (adj), malarkey, mixer (drink), motel, plus-size, popsicle, pound sign (#), pre-teen, rotisserie, runway (aviation), slapstick, T-shirt 1930s babysitter, burger, burp, carport, dumpster, groovy (good), nookie, parking meter, pizzazz, sleepover, smooch, soap opera, straw poll, supermarket, teaser, tie-in, torch (v, to set fire too), czar (n, government adviser), wacky (odd) 1940s acronym, bad mouth (v), boxer shorts, bug (v, annoy), cheesy (adj), dairy (n, milkbased food), disc-jockey, fanzine, gay (homosexual), hipster, honcho, jalapeo, Laundromat, nacho, passive-aggressive, pissed (angry), radar, retrofit, slumber party, teenager, update, zillion 1950s aerospace, ballsy, boho, brainwashing, fast food, funk, funky, gimmick, hippie, moonlighting, nerd, nitpick (v, to criticize), showboat, shower stall, spandex, stir-fry, stoned (adj, intoxicated), submarine sandwich, sweat pants, teleprompter, test-drive, think tank (research institute), travelator, UFO, upcoming (adj, forthcoming), wheels (n, car) 1960s advertorial, barf, blowjob, boner, breakout (adj, unexpectedly successful), designer (made by a famous designer), diet (low-sugar), downplay (v), drop-dead (adj, gorgeous, etc.), fine-tune (v), garage sale, human resources, hunk, klutz, knock-off (n/adj, imitation goods), rehab, repo man, rip-off, shitload, sitcom, theme park, trivia (n, knowledge), urban legend, victimless (crime), whiz-kid 1970s automatic teller machine/atm, awesome (adj, excellent), brain-dead, channel hop, chill (v, relax), closure, couch potato, detox, dork, downside, dude (familiar form of address), feel-good, food court, gift wrap, gnarly, grunge (music), hardcore, junk food, no-brainer, PIN (personal identification number), pump iron (v, to lift weights), retail park, romcom, smoothie (drink), spoiler (plot revelation), streak (v, run naked), wuss (n) 1980s air guitar, bad hair day, beer goggles, chill (v, to hang out), Ecstasy (drug), hate crime, high five, infomercial, lap dance, get a life, meltdown (n, disaster), mono-brow, mosh,

motormouth, nimby, onesie, paintball, party animal, perp (perpetrator), poindexter, power walking, no problemo, retail therapy, snail mail, studmuffin, tag (n/v graffiti), thirtysomething, trash television, trash talk, upgrade (n, improvement), wannabe, zapper (remote control), 247 1990s arm candy, bi-curious, bootylicious, bridezilla, carjacking, crunk, emo, fist bump, freestyle (rap), grunger, get jiggy, joint (song, recording, etc), McMansion, microlending, polyamory, props (respect), thats how [one] rolls, smackdown (defeat, humiliation), subprime, tighty-whities, walk of shame, webinar, wife-beater (vest)

Phrases under orig. US lemmas are counted erroneously.

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