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1 Pernyataan Sebelum PBS Menyatakan fokus aktiviti yang hendak dilaksanakan dengan jelas (Apakah aktiviti yang anda hendak, ingin laksanakan serta tujuannya?) - My focus activities are doing the observation and interview on the schools administration, child development, effectiveness of curriculum and co curriculum on optimizing students learning also culture of the students and school staff at the school. The main purpose of these activities is to gain experiences and knowledge in school to prepare myself as a teacher in the future.


Laporan pelaksanaan aktiviti yang difokus ( Laporkan apa sebenarnya anda telah laksanakan dalam bentuk jadual)

Date/ Day/Time 18/03/2013 Monday 0700 0710 - Arrived at school



- Meeting with headmaster, Mr. Wan Busrah -Joined the schools assembly



-Headmaster introduced my fellow trainee teachers and I to the schools staff and students


-Meeting the headmaster

-Explaining the schools rules -Explaining schools activity for that week.


- Teachers and students moved to Dewan Sri Krian for Cultural Night rehearsal.

- Observing students performances -Taking pictures

1020 1100

-Break -Observation on students performances -Taking pictures -13 performances


-School session ends

Date/ Day/Time 19/ 03/ 2013

Activity -Arrived at Dewan Sri Krian for


Tuesday 0720 0800

Cultural Night rehearsal -Observation on students performances

-Another 14 performances

1020 1100

-Break -Continue to watch the performances -Mr. Umar assigned my friends and I to be the judges for the best performance during the Cultural Night.


-School session end

Date/ Day/Time 20/ 03/ 2013 Wednesday 0720 0850-0950

Activity -Observation of Year 3 D class

Notes -Fellow friend was doing his microteaching. -Taking pictures.

-Teaching English for Year 2C students.

- Teaching language art in Year 2D.

1020 1040

-Break -Observation of Year 3 C class. -Fellow friend was doing his microteaching. -Taking pictures

1140 1240 Date/ Day/Time 21/ 03/ 2013 Thursday 0720

-Sit in Year 5 D -School session end Activity -Observation on Year 1D class -Interview Notes - Teacher: Madam Norlida Subject: English -Taking pictures -Topic: Classroom management Teaching aids


-Observing the school compound.

-Environment -Facilities -Pre-School -Garden


-Interview with student, Helmie bin Safiee

-Topic: Reward and punishment - Topic: Discipline cases in the school. - Topic: Classroom Management


-Interview with senior assistant, Madam Hajjah Razenah


-Interview with Mr. Dickson (teacher)


-Interview with the headmaster, Mr. Wan Busrah

-Topic: -Discipline

-Schools achievement -Schools data 1150 -Interview with staff Topic: Classroom management

Date/ Day/Time 09/ 03/ 2012 Friday 0720 0830

Activity -Sit in for Physical Education class -Year 5 A


-Playing football and skipping -Observing the schools compound -Computer lab -Library -Taking pictures -Play hangman game -Topic: Noun


-Sit in Year 5 D class


-Farewell party

- Two staffs are transferred to other places.


-The end of SBE Phase 3.

2. Persekitaran dan Iklim Bilik Darjah ( Gunakan helaian tambahan jika perlu) 2.1 Lukiskan pelan bilik darjah yang anda bersama membantu mentor melaksanakan pengajaran pembelajaran.

Time table


D o

Teachers table

o r

2 students

R a c k Table


12 students

12 students


2 students


R Table a c 12 students k

D o o

Information board




bahan dan

sumber pengajaran


dipamerkan di bilik darjah tersebut secara berkesan. - From the class that I had observed, I can see that teaching and learning materials are well shown in the class. A lot of reading materials are pasted on board and wall for the students. Each subject has its own reading corner. The students with the help of their teacher had decorated the board with their creativity. For example, the materials were colored with various colors and there are some reading materials that are hung on the ceiling. Besides, the class also has a rack where they place their books. Thus, the teaching and learning materials become more interesting to be read as they had decorated them creative and attractively.

2.3 Catatkan bahan dan sumber pengajaran pembelajaran yang mudah digunakan oleh murid? - It is important to have different materials for each teaching and learning session. The students find it will be more interesting if the teachers provide the materials that are easy yet fascinating to be used. Different grades have different teaching and learning sources. For example, in first grade classes, the materials are like reading cards, storybooks and some pictures that are related to their syllabus such as animals, plants, body parts, shapes, and multiplication table. Not to forget, technology- based resource like LCD is being used in the class. Nowadays, even the small children know how to use the computer or laptop. Therefore, it would not be hard for them to learn by using computer or laptop with LCD in the class. For preschool class, they have more teaching and learning sources in the class compare to the first and second grade classes. As example, in the preschool, they are provided with television, computer, radio, music equipment, and other reading materials such as storybooks, reading cards and pictures that suit their age level.

2.4 Adakah murid diberi peluang menggunakan sumber pembelajaran yang berasaskan ICT? - From my observation, the students are given the opportunities to learn through ICT sources. At school, they have a computer lab and access centre to access the information. The teachers will allow the students to use the computer lab or access centre if there is a necessity. Besides, they also have LCD in their classes. Sometimes, the teachers use the LCD in a lesson so that the teaching and learning process becomes better. Meaning to say that, this school has provided essential facilities for the students to learn effectively.


Sejauh manakah murid digalakkan melibatkan diri secara aktif dalam setiap

aktiviti pembelajaran? - As I had seen, the students are encouraged to participate actively in each learning activities. In a class, after the lesson, the teachers would conduct a question and answer session. The students are allowed to ask any questions if they have any doubt on the topics that have been discussed. Besides, the teachers would ensure that each student has their own roles and fully take part in the group activity. This would help the students to develop their social skills as they are interacting with other friends.

2.6 Kenal pasti cara murid- murid dibahagikan dalam kumpulan- kumpulan tertentu. - Based on my observation, the students were divided into group equally. The number of male and female students in each group is the same. If the number of male and female students were unequal, the teachers would try to make it balance and fair. Furthermore, they are also divided equally based on their cognitive level. Both high and low performance students are grouped together so that the high performance students could help the other low performance students. This would help them in increasing their team spirit.