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1.1 X2AP Handover After initial UE attach procedure completion, the hoState of UE is set to HO_NORMAL.

The event HO_DECISION is the triggering point for the entire HO functionality. This event is generated by Source RRM upon reception of Measurement report featuring neighboring Strongest cells. The Source RRM shall perform the following actions to enable UE report measurements. A measurement control request with the following configuration is formed at src EnodeB and sent to UE. The measurement control request shall include directives for UE to perform intra and optionally(based on the actual setup) inter-frequency Measurements. It is mandatory to include serving frequency as one of the measurement objects; hence intra frequency measurement object configuration is by default. UE is directed to quantify measurements in to RSRQ and apply the indicated RSRQ filter coefficients for Layer 3 filtering. UE is expected to measure and report the strongest(stronger than serving cell as per Event A5/A3) neighboring cells.
1. Source EnodeB to configure measurement control request for IntraFrequency measurement. If inter frequency measurements are enabled, then configure one more measurement object corresponding to the serving frequency. 2. Measurement control request to include 2 measurement objects configured for intra(measObjId=1) and inter(measObjId=2) frequency measurements, One reporting configuration(rptCfgId=1), two measurement Id configurations (for intra measId=1, measObjId=1, rptCfg=1 and for inter measId=2, measObjId=2, rptCfg=1). 3. Measurement Gap(MeasGapPatternId=0) to be configured if inter frequency measurement object is configured. 4. Reporting configuration with reporting type as reportStrongestCells, Trigger and report Quantity as RSRQ, MaxReportCells as 1, if UE is capable to support events A4 and A5 then Trigger type as A5 else A3 and report amount as 1. Hysteresis and timeToTrigger set to 0, meaning immediate triggering of meas report upon a event and triggering is only based on quantity thresholds. 5. Quantity configuration to have macro defined layer3 filter coefficient value for RSRQ. UE is expected to include PhyCellIds of strongest neighboring cells in descending order of the signal strength. Source EnodeB maintains a mapping of PhyCellId to CGI, IP address and port. Note: There is a separate measurement configuration for triggering UE to report a CGI for a given neighboring PhyCellId. MME is expected to have a CGI to IP address mapping, which the src EnodeB, shall retrieve from MME using the available CGI in the measurement report. But here we are assuming

the information to be already available at the src EnodeB. Source EnodeB does peer configuration in X2AP for all the available neighboring cells. Upon reception of a measurement report Source EnodeB shall X2AP setup towards the peers corresponding to the reported strongest neighboring cells. A HO PREP REQUEST is initiated towards all the neighboring EnodeBs and HO REQUEST ACK from the preferred EnodeB is only considered for further communication. The other EnodeBs which are also prepared, a HO CANCEL is initiated from the SRC EnodeB.