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OHS Modern Concept

OHS are human service organizations in modern society, which have been designed to manage & promote the safety, health & welfare of citizens at work. Occupational Health Professionals:Occupational Health Physicians & Nurses Physiotherapists Ergonomists Occupational Hygienists Safety Engineers Occupational Psychologists Managers of OHS Unite or Organizations Functions of OHS:1) Survey of factors which affects Occupational Health 2) Job Analysis 3) Medical Examination of workers 4) Supervision of the welfare of the workers 5) Supervision of PPE 6) Adaptation of job for the workers 7) Rehabilitation of disabled workers 8) Recommendations for the placement of workers in suitable job. 9) Notification of the Notifiable Occupational Diseases 10) Maintenance of confidential Personal Medical Files 11) Training 12) Health Education 13) To conduct Medical Board 14) Referral of the cases to referral centre 15) Maintain relations with external & internal services, dealing with health, safety, hygiene, training, rehabilitation & welfare of workers. 16) Early diagnosis & treatment 17) Counseling 18) To provide ergonomic intervention technique 19) Compilation of periodic review of statistics 20) Research

Principles & Implementation of OHS (Modern Concept)

To maintain product quality is the job of managers; while to maintain quality of workers health is occupational Physicians job.

Workers Health

Occupational Health Hazards

Minimization Of Hazards Coverage

Input:- Money Man Power Facilities Technology

Productivity Effectiveness


Output:- Supply:- Amount Type Quality Demand:- Workplace Workers

Outcome Effect Efficiency / Output = Effectiveness X 100


Input Structure:- Money Staff Process:- Activities Output:- Advice

Occupational Health Services:- Noise Measurements - Audiometry - Health Education - Company Advice - Workers Education

Outcome:Work related health Hazards

Outcome:- Occupational Work related disorders

e.g. Noise > 80 dB (A) = Threshold shift = Noise induced hearing loss Some Occupational Health Departments have adopted the ISO 9000 / BS5750 approved & have incorporated the elements of Medical Audit into quality System. BIS 14489 has incorporated the occupational Health Audit into Occupational Health Safety Audit & renamed as Occupational Safety & Health Audit.

New Concept of Good OHS Practice (The Finland Case)

The aims of GOHS as providing:A Healthy & Safe Environment A Well Functioning Work Environment Prevention of work related diseases Maintenance & Promotion of Work Ability Continuous quality improvement & evaluation of effectiveness of OHS. Workplace Survey Provision of information Counseling Health Examination Risk Assessment Maintenance of First Aid Skills Activities maintaining work ability Curative Care -

Main Activities of GOSH:-