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Plant Engineering

As the world shifts towards renewable energy generation, Conventional Steam Plant operators are being faced with a new challenge: Flexibility. Whether in Regulated or De-regulated markets, the increase of volatile generation sources such as Wind and Solar creates the need for fast, stable load changes in existing fossil plants. STEP|F takes a whole-of-plant approach to determine safe, economic & technically viable solutions to help a Plant meet future operation requirements.

STEP|F has been developed to identify improvement potentials in plants facing altered operating conditions which demand greater plant Flexibility. Including (but not limited to) Stable Min. Load, Primary & Secondary Frequency Response, Load Ramp Rates and Startup Speed STEP|F follows a structured assessment method, drawing on the experience gained during previous ECO|RAM and STEP|x projects. It is a co-operative assessment, actively involving station staff Comprehensive technical and operational benchmark data as well as a catalogue of potential improvement measures support the systematic analysis of a plant

In Phase 1 the current condition and performance of the plant is determined by a site assessment. Analysis of documentation and discussions with station staff contribute to the generation of new improvement ideas. These are reviewed, grouped & selected as Potentials. Each Potential is investigated to determine technical feasibility and expected benefit. Based on the results of Phase 1 the customer decides which potentials shall be further investigated in the second phase. Phase 1 is typically executed within 6-8 weeks In Phase 2, each selected potential is analyzed in greater detail. A comprehensive technical review is undertaken. Costs and benefits including initial investment, ongoing operating costs, projected payback and technical benefits are quantified. The customer receives all the information he needs to select potentials for implementation. The time frame of Phase 2 strongly depends on the findings of Phase 1, but will usually take 12-16 weeks.

Our Experience
STEP|F offers access to the substantial know-how and experience of ALSTOM:

Worldwide network of experience in assessing power plants covering all technologies Experience in operation and maintenance of plants worldwide covering all technologies Access to historical as well as up-to-date plant equipment costs and benchmark data Experienced engineering staff with proven track record of developing solutions for existing equipment.

Scope Extensions
STEP|F does not cover Fuel Flexibility issues eg Gas/ Biomass conversions or coal quality changes. It also does not cover Blackstart capabilities. Subject to customer requirements, these areas may be addressed as an extension of the typical STEP|F scope

Customer Benefits
Identify specific equipment limitations Fast generation of Potential Solutions Analysis of Costs, Benefits and other impacts Targeted investigation of Viable solutions

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