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Chartreux Cat Facts For Kids Posted on February 14, 2013 by Michael

The Chartreux is a breed of cat that is probably best know for three things: 1 2 3 A long history going back many hundreds of years; Being almost unchanged over these years (this is what breeders want) and. Being French.

Chartreux Cat Facts For Kids. Map: Wikmedia Commons. Cats pictures copyright Helmi Flick. Monastery picture by Wikimedia Commons. Collage by Michael.

Background and History The Chartreux is Frances only purebred pedigree cat and it is a part of French history and culture. The famous president of France, Charles de Gaulle, and the well known author Collette, both made the Chartreux their companion. Collete showed the world her patriotism in having two Chartreux during the second world war (1939-1945). At a quick glance, it is possible to mistake the Chartreux for a blue British Shorthair. However, they look different if you look carefully. Also the Chartreux has to be blue (blue means grey in the language of cat breeders) whereas the British Shorthair can be many colors and patterns. However, there are some British Shorthair genes in the Chartreux because after the second world war there were almost no Chartreux left. Cat breeders had to rebuild the breed. They did this by mating remaining and carefully selected Chartreux with blue British Shorthairs. This confirms how close these two breeds are in they way they look. The precise history of this solid looking cat is not known. However, it is believed that the first Chartreux were brought to France from Syria by ship up to 900 years ago. At that time they were not known as Chartreux but as moggies (random bred cats). The Chartreux is mentioned in a very old book Histoire naturelle, gnrale et particulire (17491788) written by Buffon a Frenchman who was an expert on nature at the time. He wrote about the Cat of France. The reason why there is a picture of a monastery in the collage above is because there is a legend that this cat was bred by monks at the Grand Chartreuse monastery which is near a town called Grenoble. The legend also says that these monks brought this cat to France. The connection with these monks is said to be the source of this cats name. (Note: a legend is an old story handed down over time that may not be true). The Chartreux was brought to the United States in the 1970s but they are still rare. The Way The Chartreux Looks Cat breeders today sometimes call this cat primitive looking. This is probably referring to the fact that it has not changed that much over hundreds of years whereas most often cat breeds change in shape, slightly, because of changing ideas and selective breeding (selective breeding means choosing certain cats and mating them to create a certain look and doing this over and over again). This cat is known for its permanent smile. This is because of the anatomy of the face. This is not a real smile. The eyes are the color of copper or gold. The ears are on the top of the head and quite close together. As mentioned, it is grey in color and the coat is dense and short. This cat looks solid and quite large (called quite substantial by breeders). The male cats have a jowly

appearance (they have wide cheeks making the head shape wider). Although the body is chunky the legs are skinny. Some breeders think this looks odd. Naming Chartreux Cats I have to mention this. Chartreux cats are named using a strict method. You cant choose a name without following the method. The first letter of the name depends on the year the cat was born. We are told that cats born in 1997 must have a name that begins with N (for example: Nico). Then the next year, 1998, the name must begin with the next letter of the alphabet, O, and so on. You can ignore the letters K.Q,W,X,Y and Z. This is probably because it is difficult to find a good name beginning with these letters. It is an interesting tradition. I wonder what would happen if you ignored this rule! Behavior and Character For a biggish cat the voice is very small. This reminds me of the British Shorthair (Brit SH). Did the Chartreux get this voice from the Brit SH when they were mated after the second world war? Some Chartreux are silent. This is the same as the Brit SH. This is a calm, independent cat with excellent hunting and climbing skills. Many versions exist about Chartreux's origin.Than for exemple, that want that this cat had been taken in Cape of Good Hope by religious from Chartreux's order. From witch expression "Chartreux's Cat". In sixteenth century, the italian botanist Aldrovandi says in his book the Chartreux comes from Syria. "...Stiped with a diversity of ash grey, pale grey and dark grey. He comes from Syria of witch he got his name. He as a rounded muzzle, muscular chest, strong paws...". This book, illustrated with drawings, shows a cat catching a mouse. He is stiped as a zebra, and not as an European cat; his head is chubby, his nose long, and he his robust. These stripes exist on the Chartreux's pussy cat and disappear when he become adult.

After have named him Syria's cat, Cyprus's cat, he will named Malta's cat. This cat has then followed Christian's troops retreat and we expect the one of warriors monks witch come with them. From Mediterranean Islands to France, the Chartreux comes by the store rooms of the ships, proving his ability to hunt rats, sails and ropes ennemis. Merchants, and especially furriers are skin ! interrested by Chartreux for his thick

It's a long way to find a shelter in a Chartreux's monks monastery ... It was not for that matter his trial shot. Drapper tells that towards 1688 when he will visit Cyprus 's Island, the Calyoyers's monks were trained cats wiyh blue coat (Chartreux ?) to hunt venenous snakes with the place were infested. Like for numerous cats, the Chartreux's origin is losen in legends.

It's necessary to note that his thick coat with double hair level, seams to indicate that he has came from cold regions and certainly mountainous regions.

Jasmine de la Ferme Saint Jean, daughter from Dundee de la Ferme Saint Jean and Ebb'sie des Charmilles, is born on november 26, 1994. She came in our family on February 4, 1995, and she were immediatly at home.

2 months old, just arrived, yet comfortable.

Game, very important at this age. Later so ...

After break, get ready to take a nap.

After game, a break.

Several months later. But always ready to take a nap... What is better than a clean clothes basket to sleep.

Or a good game pillow.

In the morning, after waking, boys lap are so good !

One boy's bed ?

An old good cardboard box ?

Beaver or marmot ? No, Chartreux ! A sudden, it's all the same to me ! My double hair protects me !

Holidays, with Maxou, my buddy. Outside, on the trees. Inside, on the sofa !

Is she eatable, this mouse

playing with paper ! At once, I must recognize it, in the beginning I was not a cat lover. When I was a child, there was cats at home, but outside! They were there only to prevent rats and mice to eat grain ! For this reason, they were not very sociables, because they were living in complete freedom and of course with a lack of caress. Later my father and mother got a dog, a Cocker and later, when I was independent, with my wife we got a her dog Yorkshire. Charming dog, easy to carry, but with a stinker character like the greatest part of small terriers. When she died, at twelve years old, we would't get another pet. But some time later, desire came again. Me, I wanted another dog, a big one; in fact, a Bearded Collie. But I could'nt have this dog all the day with me, he will not be happy. I hope than soon, with a new job, it will be possible. If you want to discover this fabulous dog, go to look at Enzo 's Page (a site from Fabrice Robbe), a Bearded Collie which gone with his masters, from France to go to live in Florida. Boys wanted a pet, my wife a cat, Bearded Collie wasn't possible, I began to look at cats. Very quickly, I discovered Chartreux, and I must acknowledge it, I fell in love with that breed. I knew very quickly why, with the first contact with a Chartreux's breeder. Indeed, some of them nick-name the Chartreux "cat-dog", due to his character, and some of his postures. Choice was made, he was the pet than we need and who gone to satisfy all the family. Few weeks later, Jade was coming home. Unfortunately, she died at height months old due to a hepatitis. Hard were theshock, but decision came quickly to take again the same cat. And few months later, Jasmine came home, and she is now after nearly three years the master of the place !

Why a Chartreux's cat ?

The grey-blue skin with under- hair of the Chartreux, make him indifferent to cold and wet climates (look at Jasmine's album). Body is very built. The round cheeks make his head stand out, they are more marked for the male. The nose is straight, the ears not very hairy and eyes gold color (Chartreux is often nicknammed "cat with gold eyes"). All these elements make difference with other cats claiming to look like him. You can look at Bleus Russes (a site from Ariane Legrand) a site showing the difference between these two breeds. Description For further informations , I advise you Odette Eylat's book, "Vous et votre Chartreux" (in French) or bibliography may be found at The Chartreux Cat, and so ask to your veterinary. Health for Jasmine, it is : valid vaccines, planned vermifuges and anti-fleas treatment (I use a produce that I put between the shoulder blades (single point where cat can't lick) and for the moment, it works fine). Of course there are so little accidents. Especially if as Jasmine your Chartreux go outside. For Jasmine, she made an intestinal jamming due to absoption of her hunting, and an eye wound due to a limb encounter. All is now in order and have'nt let any after effects. For this, be always careful to your Chartreux. If you have doubt, don't hesitate to contact your veterinary. Here too, for further informations , I advise you Odette Eylat's book, "Vous et votre Chartreux" (in French) or bibliography may be found at The Chartreux Cat, and so ask to your veterinary. Food, for Jasmine, it's box food (better than small cooked dishes home made). She has of course her preferences. Terrines, balls with sauce or with jelly, she don't love all. But don't fall in excess buying luxurious boxes (it's not because it's a Chartreux which is doing pulicity for a cat food markingvery expensive, that this food is the better one for the Chartreux). Your cat will be hard to please, but with a little of education you will win. To complement, few croquettes, these one cleaning teeth. Sometime it's possible to make an extra special meal. In place of traditional mess-kettle, oiled sardines or minced meat mixed with the yellow of an uncooked egg without white will be appraised. Remark : Jasmine who never begs food when we are eating,



Chidren and game


is made about French fried potatoes (French cat is'nt!). She mews until she got two or three ! Jasmine is a fabulous hunter, she complete herself her meals by her hunt produces. Unhappily, gnawing absorption, if it makes her good fortune, gives so fleas and tapeworms. In opposition to this cartoon, my children (two boys) don't martyrise Jasmine. A great complicity exists between them, for coaxing, or for game. Of course a Chartreux don't play as a dog do it, but he has all the same his time to liberate. Chartreux by his patience and his prettiness is the ideal fellow for children. Never I have seen Jasmine giving a knock with her paw. If it's too for her, she go. The "cat-dog" behaviour of Chartreux that I was talking, is noticeable by these kinds of games of hide-and-seek, where Jasmine go to titillate someone, and rush after to hide at the other side of the room, to return after to charge. The games that impassion Chartreux are these that remind him the hunting. For example, he will adore to jump on a small object fastened to a string, that you pull slowly. He has at this moment a position of cat that lie in wait, bounding just when you pull the string. The funny example with Jasmine, is the garden hose that I pull slowly in the garden. At each moving, she jump on it as it was a field mouse. In spite of her "a little heavy appearance", the Chartreux is an excellent hunter. Jasmine is able to stay many hours lying in wait under a thuya to catch ashrew or a field mouse. Very optimist, from the beginning, I have put to Jasmine a small bel very resounding that (normally) informs birds that a cat is here. Serious mistake, in spite of the small bel, regularly a bird or a blackbird is devoured. In summer, during holidays near Montpellier (in the south of France), she take a part of the night to hunt mothes long about 6 cm. Once caught, she put it into the house for later and go to hunt another. It 's often very difficult to put them outside of the house. But, don't depend on she to hunt flies that are in the house. The game must be too small, and then not interesting! The cat is clean naturally. You can see time he uses to wash himself. That don't prevent a minimum of care. Just a little is necessary. A regular brushing. Look after eyes (so easy during a coaxing). Clean inside ears with a moist cotton.


Chartreux and Arts

Version Franaise Joachim du Bellay (1522 ? -1560) : French Poet. Original french text : En 1558, du Bellay crivit les "Vers franais sur la mort d'un petit chat" "Doncques Belaud, premirement Ne fut pas gris entirement Ni tel qu'en France on les voit natre Mais tel qu' Rome on les voit tre. Couvert d'un poil argentin, Ras et poli comme le satin, ........................ Au demeurant tu ne vis oncques Chat plus adroit, ni mieux appris A combattre rats et souris. Belaud savait mille manires De les surprendre en leur tanire ........................ It 's very difficult and dangerous to translate poetry. But I try it, only to give you an idea of the text of this poet. In 1558, du Bellay wrote the "French poetry on a little cat death" "Then Belaud, firstly Were not grey entirely Nor such in France we have know them from birth But such in Rome we see them to be. Covered with silvery hair, Close-cropped and sleek like satin, ........................ After all you never seen Cat more dexterous, nor better learned To fight rats and mice. Belaud knew thousand manners To surprise them in their lair ........................

Colette (1873 - 1954) : French writer

Original french text : Dans son clbre roman "La Chatte", Colette a fait de Saha la Chartreuse l'hrone. "(Saha) courut quand il courut, le prcda longues foules [...] Le jabot gonfl, les oreilles basses, elle le regardait accourir en le provoquant de ses yeux jaunes, profondment enchsss, souponneux, fiers, matres d'eux-mmes [...]" "Mon petit ours grosses joues [...] Fine-Fine chatte [...] mon pigeon bleu [...] Dmon couleur de perle [...]" "[...] son pelage de chatte des Chartreux mauve bleutre, comme la gorge des ramiers [...]" "[elle] ramenait [...] dans ses yeux d'or pur une expression familire." In her famous novel "The she cat"(i don't know the exacte English translation for this title), Colette has done from Saha the Chartreuse her heroin. "(Saha) ran when he ran, had precedence of him with long strides [...] The crop swollen, the ears low, she were looking in him running up provoking him with her yellow eyes, profoundly setting, suspicious, proud, masters of themselves [...]" "My little bear with large cheeks [...] Fine-Fine she cat [...] my blue pigeon [...] Pearl color Daemon [...]" "[...] her mauve bluish Chartreux's cat coat, like the throat of the ring doves [...]" "[she] was bringing [...] in her pure gold eyes a familiar expression."

The photography, the publicity

The Chartreux has been since photography coming out , and is always photografied a lot. We see to appear on posters the Chartreux with imposing stature of home guardian. The publicity since some time use a lot the grace and the peaceful side of Chartreux (in fact, often of Chartreuse). Any product wathever sold (not only cat food), we see him to appear in lead or supporting part.

Jasmine (18 monthes), as a guardian.