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TO: MR. DATE: MAY 31, 2010

This contract confirms your employment at the above-designed Project/Phase of Project/Plant effective JUNE 1, 2010 subject to the following terms and conditions. PARTICULARS: Classification Rate : Division/Department : Location : :


1. Your status with the company is that of a contract employee/ worker and your employment is limited to the duration of the above-mentioned Project/Phase of Project/Plant for which you are specifically hired unless sooner terminated due to retrenchment, lack of work, unworkable conditions, completion of phase of work to which you are assigned, or caused beyond the control of the Company. Due to the nature of the Project/Phase of Project/Plant, your services under this employment contract may be discontinued for certain periods of time, for such causes as but not limited to lack of materials, lack of works, inclement weather and causes beyond the control of the Company. You are subject to all Company rules and regulation and any violation thereof shall be cause for disciplinary action including dismissal. Absent of three (3) consecutive working days without prior authorization or justifiable reason is sufficient cause for termination of this contract of employment. Upon completion of the Project/Phase of Project or closure of the Plant herein above specified, this employment contract, unless sooner terminated or extend, shall automatically become null and void and have no further legal effect.


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I hereby certify that I have read, or have had someone read and explain to me the foregoing agreement and that I fully understand its terms and conditions, that such terms and conditions constitute my entire agreement with the Company that no promises or understanding have been made other that those stated herein.

Signature of Employee

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I, name by execute and sign this Waiver freely and voluntarily in connection with my employment with JC Rodriguez Construction Corporation that I am physically able to perform the work applied for and I am not suffering from any illness nor have I suffered one in the past that can disqualify me from working of being employed as such; that this certification is being executed in lieu of medical clearance which JCRCC require me to submit before employment; and that I absolve and hold JCRCC free and harmless from any liability of whatever nature that may arise out or in connection with my employment as a result of my misrepresentation.

Signature of Employee