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Setup guide for TTbot

VMware I take it you got this installed already, cause Im not going to go through VMware install itself. Only the VMware machine set up and bot set up. What we need is a image file of Windows XP Professional SP3 And of course a license key (if it is not pre-activated)

Now open up VMware Workstation and right click at the library(empty space marked) and choose New Virtual Machine

Choose Custom and click next.

Now, choose the highest Hardware Compatability in the list, for me that would be Workstation 9.0

Ok, Select Installer disc image file (ISO) and browse to the image file(windows XP pro SP3). Easy install is nice to have, cause you wont be needed to click all options probably only inserting the key. (if it doesnt say easy install, you probably have to fill in all the options when installing windows)

if the image file doesnt have a key automatically installed you could fill in one here together with the easy install it should go fully automatic (but I mostly fill it in manually)

Give a name to the machine (Its the main VM so I have Master in it) If you want to store the VMware on a different location (like for example a second harddisk or a SSD) Then click on browse Else just click on next

Just click next here, cause we dont want to assign more cores Cause that means we allow the machine to take more CPU power from the host than he actually needs.

Move the slider up or down (I am using 1,5 GB per VM cause of issues with LoL) (Recommended is 1 GB ~ 1.3 GB)

I use NAT but some people want to use bridged. Thats totally up to you, if you dont know what to do just choose NAT

It should be on BusLogic by default, so click next.

Click Create a new virtual Disk and click next.

SCSI and next

Minimum disk space is 15GB Recommended (15 ~ 20 GB) Warning: Make sure the Allocate All disk space is OFF. Click Store virtual disk as a single file and click next.

This should be correct by default, click next

If you want to install the machine after this set up thick on power the machine on after creation If not thick it off. Click Customize Hardware, cause there are some annoying things that have to be removed.

So what we want to customize is removing stuff we dont want or need. Click on Floppy and Remove Do the same things for the Sound Card and Printer, cause we dont want sound coming from our VMs nor do we want to Print stuff!

Ok, now that we removed the stuff that aint needed. Were going to config something Click on Display And make sure Accelerate 3D graphics is turned on. Click specify monitor settings And use 1 monitor with a resolution of 1024x768 After this is set you click Close

Congratulations youve set up the virtual machine, ready to be installed. Click on finish. (if the Power on this virtual machine after creation is thicked ON then it will begin to boot after clicking finish).

After the Machine is installed you have to install a few things Note: Download this within the virtual machine. First: Install .net framework 3.5 Second: install visual C++ redistributable 2008 x86 Third: install visual C++ redistributable 2010 x86 Fourth: Install WinRAR (this is a dutch site, but it has an English version of WinRAR) Fifth: Dowload and Extract the newest TTbot version to your desktop Sixth: Install League of Legends (choose the setup youre going to Bot on (EUwest or EUNE)

Now were going to check some settings: These settings are important for the bot to run Use Windows Classic

Then Screensaver set on NONE Click on Power.. -> and set the stuff on NEVER

Now set the screen resolution on 1024x768 Make sure the colour quality is on 32 bit. And click on Apply!

Cloning the VM
We dont want to do the whole process of installing all over again. So once youve installed everything were going to clone the VM Cloning the VM will take some diskspace, so keep in mind you must have enough diskspace Were going to use a linked clone cause it uses less diskspace than a full clone First of all: Power off the virtual machine(do this by shutting it down at START like you normally would) If you force it to poweroff it might not save settings that weve set previously!

Then right click the VM youve made The Master Go to snapshot -> take snapshot

Give it a name and take the snapshot

then right click the master again this time go to snapshot -> snapshot manager

Click on the snapshot youve made and click on Clone

first window is just clicking next then this window appears it should already be like this, if not then set it like this and click next

Click a linked clone and then click on next

Now give the slave a name optional to give him a different location just like the VM itself (to an other HDD or SSD) and click finish, itll create a new clone which you will use for botting

If you want 3v3TT, you will need 3 clones 1 for leader 2 for player If its just dominion You can create as many clones as your hardware can handle I only have 3

TTbot Settings
This is our folder

Now Ill define what everything does Account.txt This is where you store your accounts in for SOLO Dominion Make sure there arent any empty lines in this txt document The accounts are put in like this: Good Example: nameoftheaccount|passwordoftheaccount

NOT LIKE THIS: Wrong examples: Nameoftheaccount | passwordoftheaccount Nameoftheaccount:passwordoftheaccount

currAcc.txt this is the current account It is busy with. if youve previously used TTbot SOLO Dominion, then itll store the current account it is busy with there. When it is closed and booted up the next time itll start with currAcc to see if there is any account in there to continue with. Settings.txt Well this is pretty obvious what it does These are the settings for the TTbot buyXP=4 Invite=name1|name2 alwaysOnTop=4 Delay=8 Radio=3 stopLv=10 dir=C:\Riot Games\League of Legends autoLogin=1 region=eune

(if you want to buy EXP, this does not work properly atm) (if you use 3v3TT leader, this needs to be filled in) (1 = always on top, 4 = not on top) (Delay, put higher if the hardware is slow) (this is the game type, 3v3TT Leader, player or Solo dominion) (stopLv=5, stopLv=10 or stopLv=15 (15 means 15+) (ur directory where LoL is installed default) (1 = use autoLogin SOLO Dom only, 4 = disable) (region ur using, eune (Nordic East) or euw (Europe West)

TTmonitorSettings.txt It is already described what it does I set mine on 12 and 60 10 because 5 minutes was too low for me And ingame 60 cause it has a small chance of choosing the wrong map And itll choose 5v5 which takes 30 ~ 45 min to complete So I choose 60 just to be sure #Min bot is allowed to not be in a game before being restarted. OutOfGame=10 #Min bot is allowed being ingame before restart. InGame=60

Note: When setting the bot up with the graphical user interface Make sure that after youve clicked all settings you want to close TTbot And reopen it check all settings if they are correct. Cause it might be that the bot didnt save the settings

After everything is set up You have the bot open you can press F1 and itll start doing its work

Q: My bot doesnt do anything after pressing F1 A: Well, make sure you have everything installed that is needed. Make sure your screen resolution is 1024x768 Make sure your client is set on ENGLISH If you have all this just click within the bot window a few times and then press F1 There will be more QnAs later on but Im too lazy at the moment to search the whole thread for it. This guide should work if you follow all the steps.