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Section A

[35 M]

1) Personal information stored in MyKad can be read using a biometric device kno
wn as fingerprint reader.
(a) Explain how the fingerprint reader works in the above example. [3M]
(b) Discuss 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of using biometric devices as an al
ternative method to that of username and password. [8M]
2) State 2 examples of each of the following communications media, and arrange
all the given examples in ascending order of their transmission distances.
(i) Wired communication media
(ii) Wireless communication media


3) Describe 3 areas of multimedia application usage , and stage 1 example of eac
h of the application. [6M]
4) Sound waves can be converted into digital audio through a sampling process.
(a) Explain what is meant by digital audio sampling process.


(b) State 2 factors that affect the quality of digital audio. [2M]
(c) Digital audio can be saved as .mp3 file format. Explain why .mp3 is often us
ed as an audio file format. [4M]
5) Digital versatile disc (DVD) is one of the major advences in storing multimed
ia content. Briefly descrice 4 characteristics of DVD. [4M]