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Arogya Shibir

What is this program all about? 1) 2) 3) 4) Treatment Physically Mentally Food Habits Reversal technique is used as the treatment to cure the chronic diseases with the understanding and the implementation in ones life with joyous and healthy way. How are the chronic diseases created? Thinking pattern of the people.. People think the chronic diseases are because of Virus Heredity Bad time Ageing People think the chronic diseases have come to them But the fact is . The chronic diseases are created by . SELF It is not Heredity Do you know how many days it takes to change RNA? Just 48 days Repetition of the same habit or thing everyday for 48 days makes this happen, traditionally called as Vratha Chronic diseases are created due to MENTAL STATUS Stress / Strain FOOD-HABITS LIFE-STYLE An education and the treatment on health Who gets what kind of diseases How to cure the chronic diseases How to be more healthy

Let us understand stress & strain.. Stress / Strain

Stress and strain happens because you work hard You get exhausted, you become mentally weak E.g Some dear person die, your body becomes weak Someone cheats you Someone scolds you Loss in business Family or Love tragedy Some failure in life Stress / Strain Failure of ambitions Depression Ego is not protected (Somebody) Stubborn desires Trying to dominate on others (husband/wife/boss/politicians) Selfish person Trying for power & position Earning more Money

What is Wealth for you? Money is wealth? Health is wealth? You are sitting here and you suddenly see a snake What happens? You start sweating When do you usually sweat? When you do more exercise/run But here when you see a snake and you sweat, you have not done any physical activities. What is happening here is when you see a snake, your mind is running almost with a high speed. When the mind is running, correspondingly the body is also running with the same speed. This shows that MIND & BODY ARE RELATED WHATEVER HAPPENS IN THE MIND IMPACTS THE BODY AND VICE-VERSA In Olden Days A tiger is behind a person, what that person will do? Fight Flight (Run) When he fights/flights he gets tremendous energy.

Say I ask you to run, will you run? If I force you, you will run little If I force you more, you will run more More I force, more you will run But after one point you will stop listening to my instructions But . If a tiger is put behind you.. You will run beyond your capacity. You get tremendous energy. My question is Where was this energy? It was within you.

System of Body When a person is in danger or emergency, the body releases an enzyme called as Adrenaline. This Adrenaline gets converted into glucose which increases energy in the body, increases stamina, which makes you to run faster, beyond capacity. So in olden days Adrenaline was mainly utilized for fight or flight. Now in day to day life Husband is a tiger Wife is a tiger Mother-in-law is a tiger Boss is a tiger Traffic is a tiger Colleagues are tigers You find tigers all around you What do you do? Can you fight? Not possible Can you fight? Not possible What do you do? You will keep quiet Now the mind is running fast, correspondingly the body is also running fast. Lot of Adrenaline is being created in the body. It is not being utilized. Hence it starts moving into the body and gets stuck in between the bones. Liquid between the bones becomes solid like a candle. This leads to severe pains in the joints when a person bends the bones - hands, legs etc.

Hence he cannot move/bend fully.

Restriction of the movements of the joints is called as ARTHRITIS How to cure Arthritis? Increase Prana in the body by doing Pranayam Pranayama is Prana which is there in the atmosphere Yama You taking in this prana and sending it to any parts of the body There are 3 types of food Positive raw food, vegetables, fruits, sprouts

Negative fried items, chillis, masala, alcohol, cigarettes, gutaka, coffee/tea etc. Neutral Potatoes, Tomatoes EAT LESS, WALK LESS, EAT PRANIC FOOD To clear Adrenaline more Prana is required Somebodiness Identity Caught-up in identity E.g. Bhima IAS officer, Doctor, Engineer, Manager Hindu, Muslim, Christine House-wife SSY ArogyaShibir Program Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY) Advanced Meditation Course (AMC) SILENCE Bhav Samadhi Training I (BST I) TRUTH Bhav Samadhi Training II (BST II) - DHARMA Similarly heart problem, B.P, diabetes & any other chronic diseases can be cured.