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Chapter 5 Nova scrubbed the table harder.

. The gum that was stuck under the table wasnt coming out. He wanted to break the table. Hell, he wanted to break Mr. Greys face. The dick face had caused all this. He really wanted to smash something at that moment. There was one thing Nova couldnt control and that was anger. He remembered once he had a fight. He was angry alright. Everything had blanked out in his mind except hitting the person in front of him. If Cole hadnt been there, the other kid would have been dead. Good thing it happened out of school. What Nova didnt understand that what was Mr. Greys problem with him? The guy had hated Nova since he first came to school. Maybe because Nova had messed up his chances with Ms. Marie. The hottest teacher in the school. She was tall and slender, more like a swimsuit model. All the single male teachers were after her even the students drooled for her. Nova loved flirting with her and she flirted back but she kept her limits. She thought of him as a cute young student which sometimes irked Nova. He was young ok, but not cute. Nova didnt mean to cut Mr. Greys chances-Ok maybe he did- a little. He had been fifteen then and was jealous that his favorite hot teacher was starting to like an idiot like Mr. Grey. So Nova and Cole made a plan. They had pushed Mr. Grey right over Ms. Marie. The funny part was his face landed right in between her breasts-Which Nova had not intended to do. Ms. Marie had punched Mr. Grey in the face in front of the whole cafeteria. Nova and Cole had been rolling around on the floor, laughing their asses off. He looked up from the table and landed his gaze on Abby who was scrubbing another table. He hadnt talked to her since they entered the dinning hall. He tried to make small talk but it was obvious she didnt want to talk. She had become his friend but it seemed like they were strangers. Every time he said something, she would reply with small answers which-incredulously- frustrated Nova. No girl has ever avoided him but this little minx did. A lot of emotions toiled inside him. Anger, frustration, hurt. Yes his ego has been hurt. Ever since he mentioned her hair, she avoided him like a plague. Nova wondered if he had said anything offending. He had only complimented her beautiful hair. And it was an honest compliment-which he rarely ever gives. A normal girl would die for a compliment but then Abby wasnt a normal girl. She was different. A girl with her own little world. Maybe she avoided him because hes a player? But then why would she become his friend if that was the case? What was it about her that Nova cant seem to stop thinking about her? What kind of power is this that makes him feel stuff he never felt? He threw the scrubber on the table and slumped down in one of the chairs. He was tired and hungry. Mr. Grey had the permission to make them work even in the other teachers period. The class had been cleaning for hours, minutes, Nova had no fucking idea but he knew it was close to lunchtime.

Aww you tired after scrubbing? Nova instantly knew who it was. He was the last person on earth Nova wanted to see right now. He was hungry and angry and it would be the wrong time to piss him off. Fuck Off, Tanner. Im not in the mood. Nova said blankly without turning around to look at him. Good thing he wasnt in view. Nova was not in mood to see his ugly face. He had enough problems on his plate. And then Tanner came in view. Fucking great! He just had to bring his sick face in front of him. It was enough to ruin his day-which was already ruined. Nova narrowed his eyes as he slid down his finger on the table and rubbed his fingers as if checking the dirt. The table needs a bit more cleaning. Maybe another round of scrubbing would do. He said smirking at Nova. Nova stood up calmly, not showing any anger. His anger will only make Tanner happy and nova knew it. They have done this so many times and still Tanner doesnt understand that Nova is better than him. It was funny how one guy wouldnt get it through his head. Could his day get any worse? First he sees this asshole with Abby. Selling drugs. Then vice principle eats his brain cells, then Mr. Grey makes the whole class clean, and now this asshole. Nova crossed his arms on his chest and narrowed his eyes at him. He gave the intimidating look. The look that scared every badass in the school. You have five seconds to get your shit face out of my sight Nova said calmly. Very calmly. This means bad. For a moment Tanner looked hesitant. Scared. Then the he smirked as if trying to hide his fear. Nova knew he was scared. No one messed with the Casanova. Nova was surprised when Tanner crossed his arms and took a step towards Nova, their faces a few inches away. Fuck you He said smirking at Nova. Five Nova smirked back You see that? That attitude there? That's why I always got the extra cookie. Four Tanner chuckled without any humor. Why dont you shove that extra cookie up your ass? He said pointing a finger at Novas chest. The whole class had stopped cleaning and they watched Nova and Tanner instead. Those people just needed entertainment. Well Nova would give them an entertainment. In a few seconds they would all be cheering.

Nova knew he would get in trouble but he really didnt give a shit anymore. He was tired of everything at the moment. Theres only so much a person could handle. And pissing of Nova is something he cant handle. If Cole was here, the matter would have been different. He would have handled the problem but Nova was glad Cole wasnt here. He was glad hes getting the chance to do this. Maybe Ill shove it up yours Nova said tranquilly. He really wanted to punch him then. The guy was testing his patience. Tanner knew how Novas anger was. He knew pushing him too far wouldnt end well. It was one thing Tanner was scared of yet he still annoyed Nova. Three Shut up! Tanner snapped finally loosing his cool. Nova loved making him angry. It was one thing Nova had promised Tanner since childhood. He would always piss him off. It was funny when Tanner gets angry. The last time Nova had pissed him off was when Tanner had tried to get better marks in maths. While Lee and Leo had distracted him, Nova had switched their test sheets. Poor idiot didnt even check his paper before handling it to Ms. Smith. He got an F the other day while Nova and the boys got A+. Tanner had been fuming after he found out what Nova did and now hes trying to piss Nova off. Aww, is Tanner the pussy licker getting angry? Is that a twitch I see in your eye? Poor lad. Nova said sardonically. Yeah thats it. Keep him pissed. Tanner glared. Bite my nuts Im not sure thats a good idea. Your nuts are probably hairy and smell like shit. Nova made a gagging noise. Two Your so going down Nova smirked You have one second to get your shit-face out of my sight. Or what? Tanner said taking a step closer. One Or this! Before Tanner could react, Nova kicked Tanner in the balls and punched him in the face. Tanner moaned holding both his crotch and nose. The whole class gathered around them and laughed at Tanner. Everyone including Abby was looking at him. He didnt want to

show her this side of him but he had no choice. She wasnt looking at Tanner. She was looking straight at him. Seeing through him. Nova couldnt seem to remove his eyes away from those lovely green pools. The time had stopped by and he couldnt sense any body except Abby. She was the only thing that had captured his attention. It wasnt possible for Nova to be entranced by one girl, was it? He had never let his feelings come in the way. Every thing was sex for him but what is it about this beauty that makes Nova forget everything, even himself. He snapped out when a loud BASH! landed on his face. He flexed his jaw and looked up to see Tanner standing there and glaring at Nova. He did not punch him in the face!! Nova had one rule and one rule only and that was to never let his face get ruined. Wo would wanna mess up with his pretty face. Tanner made a mistake by punching him in the face. That was a mistake He told Tanner while rubbing his jaw. Ooh Im scared Tanner said Oh you will be Nova said before kicking Tanner in the face. As they fought each other, no one said anything and then a hand landed on Novas shoulder when he had pushed Tanner away. It was Abby. She stepped in between when Tanner moved forward. Stop it both of you She snapped. Shut up! Tanner said before pushing her aside. She gasped as she fell on her hip. Thats it. Nova saw red. He yanked Tanner down and straddled him. He kept landing punches on Tanners face. The anger that burned inside him couldnt be stopped. He could hear someone shouting behind him but he paid no heed. All his attention was fixed on the guy who pushed Abby. Abby the sweet girl. He struggled when someone grabbed him from behind. He yelled for them to let them go but the person held tighter. Royce!! Nova snapped out of his trance and blinked. What the hell? His eyes landed on the source of voice. Mr. Grey stood there glaring at Nova. His face was red with anger as he pushed him aside and helped Tanner up. Great another asshole to make his day worse. It was just like Lee had predicted. Lee had been playing gypsy with everyone that day and told Nova he would find trouble with trouble. At that time, Nova told him to suck it but now he seems to believe it.

Nova panted as he stared at Tanner. His face was bloodied and he could barely stand. He wanted to punch him again when a soft hand wrapped around his arm. He stopped as the electric tingles went up his arm. He snapped his gaze on the hand and followed it up to the face. Are you ok? Abby asked softly. Damn! Her voice is angelic. Nova managed a nod. A sudden pain grew at his side. His eyes widened when he saw a lot of blood on his shirt. He pulled it up to see a gash. The long cut was bleeding. He mustve got the cut when Tanner dragged him from the table, the corner must have slashed his side. It wasnt big enough to be treated in a hospital. The nurse could take care of it. He hoped she would. He didnt wanna end up in a hospital. He had seen blood before but looking at his own made him nauseous. Maybe he was feeling it of lack of blood but at the moment he didnt care. His wound was not much big but he knew he would get stitches on those. Just thinking about the needles made him dizzy. He hated hospitals or needles. He hated doctors poking in his skin. If it werent for his wounds, he would never go to a hospital. He remembered on time he had cried in so loud, the whole hospital had heard his screams. He was five then. Even then his cold father had told him to suck it up and be a man. He asked a five year old to be a man. That was his father for you. A cold mean hearted person who wouldnt give a shit if his son was on the death bed. A gasp made him look up. Abby was starring at the wound with a look of horror. Every eye landed on Nova. He hated being center of attention in situations like these. Mr. Greys eyes widened. We need to get both of you to the nurse. He said Ill take him. Abby said when Mr. Grey made a move towards Nova. He didnt know why but Abby helping him relieved him. He didnt want Mr. Grey at his ass at the moment. He nodded and helped Tanner. Abby intertwined her hand with his hand and pulled him along. Nova foolishly followed. He couldnt get his head straight. He just stared at their hands. The electricity that flowed through his hand couldnt get his head straight. He found itenticing. Damn it! He needed to get a grip of himself. He couldnt just imagine things. He pulled his hand out of her grip when they reached the nurse. He didnt want these kinds of things happening to him. Life had given him enough lemons. He didnt need more. He was curious about what was happening between them but he feared about finding out. He wouldnt let this stupid things happen. That was the soft side of him, he knew; the side of him that always got him into trouble.

He lay down on the bed as the nurse worked on his wound. Abby stayed by his side. It felt good to have her by him. It made him more comfortable. He jerked up when his eyes landed on an injection in the nurses hand. There was no way he would let her poke that thing in him. N-no keep that thing away from me Nova snapped. He was pissed, hungry and hurt. The last thing he needs is an injection. No one except Cole knew of this fear and now he was embarrassed to show it in front of Abby. He didnt want her to think of him as a coward. The nurse frowned I need to anesthetize that wound so when I stitch it, it wont hurt. She said coming near. Nova backed away on the bed. No Id rather die then let you poke me with that thing e shuddered even looking at it. The nurse looked at Abby helplessly. Abby place her hand on his arm. Nova, she needs to numb your wound. It wont hurt, I promise. She said softly. Nova huffed Of course itll hurt. How can you promise that. She sighed and sat at the edge of the bed, beside him. It wont hurt. Not even a little. She smiled and held out her hand. Here grab my hand Novas eyes landed on her beautiful red smiling lips and then her hand. He placed his hand in hers and she slowly wrapped her fingers around it. She looked at their hands as if she could feel the tingles too. She looked up and smiled. So tell me, whats your favorite color? She asked as she indicated the nurse to keep going. Nova didnt notice the nurse working on him. His eyes were on the angel in front of him. Green He answered looking at her enchanting green eyes. She raised her eyebrows in surprise Wow, mine too! She grinned which caused Nova to grin. He had never seen a girl grin and look beautiful the way Abby does. Was he being stupid? Yup definitely. She tapped her chin as if thinking. So we have one thing in common. Hmmwhats you favorite place to be? She said and looked at him expectantly. The beach He said. He really loved the beach. He loved to watch the waves and sunset. Nova and the boys went there time to time, to play football. In the summers, they went there every day.

She gasped Me to She chuckled. The chuckle was a musical sound to his ears. It made him want to listen it more. He frowned. Did he seriously just think that? He sounded like a poet just then. What do you love most in your life? She asked Sex? No he wouldnt tell her that. She would slap him and run away. He didnt want Abby to think hes a pervert. She would think him a womanizer-which he is. He realized, for the first time in his life, he didnt want to disappoint a girl. He didnt want to disappoint Abby. I love mymother He said. It was true. No matter how much he hated her not spending time with her kids, he still loved her a lot. Even though Chloe was younger than him, he was the baby of the house. His mother adored him. And he loves her all the same. Abbys eyes turned misty. She looked away but Nova had already seen the tears in her eyes. Was she crying because of the love he had for his mother? He rolled his eyes. Thats insane. Shes crying for another reason. Did he say something wrong again? She looked back at him but no tears were there anymore. She smiled sadly Youre very lucky Nova. Im glad you love your mother Her voice nearly cracked. Nova frowned. He didnt mean to make her cry. In fact he hated the tears that welled up in those big green expressive eyes. Before he could say anything, the nurse interrupted. Stupid nurse. Ok all done Nova nearly gasped when he saw a bandage on his side, just above his hip. She had already stitched him up without him noticing it. How the hell did she do that with him knowing? The pain was still there but now bearable. If he hadnt been talking to Abby tha- Abby distracted him while the nurse did this and he didnt even feel any pain as Abby had promised. He didnt know whether thank her or kiss her. He smiled at Abby Thanks for distracting me He raised his hand and caressed her cheek. Her skin was soft like velvet. Your welcome She said The nurse had given a strict note to Nova for 2 days rest. She had told him to go home but he didnt want to. Not when he was with Abby at his side. He grinned. He had convinced Abby to have lunch with him. As they entered the dinner hall, all eyes snapped to them. All the girls and boys gathered around them and were questioning Nova like he was a celebrity. Girls cooed over him and boys slapped him on the back for beating up Tanner. While he enjoyed the attention,

Abby looked uncomfortable. He smiled at her and pulled her along to his usual table where all his friends were already sitting. Lee and Leo clasped him as soon as he neared them. Yeah man! Did Tanner ask for your forgiveness? Leave it to Lee to amuse Nova. Nova chuckled No but almost did if Mr. Grey hadnt interfered. He said as he sat down. He patted the seat beside him for Abby. Lee and Leo grinned at Abby Hey Abby! They both said simultaneously. Abby gave a small smile but it was clear she was uncomfortable. Nova frowned. Did she not remember them from last night? Looking at her now seem as if she was trying to recognize his friends. No wonder she doesnt remember them. She was obviously stoned. Abby, this is Lee and Leo. Do you remember from last night? Nova said. Everyone else were looking at her as well. We sang Lee said half way before they both started singing the song In the jungle She frowned at first then a look of recognition past her face. She grinned Yeah I remember She chuckled at Lee as he started shaking his butt. Nova rolled his eyes. Talk about embarrassing. You remember us too right? Im Cole. Thats Martin and Rick Cole said pointing at the others. They all gave her the nod. Abby nodded Yeah I remember. I um sorry about last night. I didnt mean anything I said She said blushing. Cole and the others chuckled. No hard feelings. She smiled. Just then Tanner came to them with her group of loosers. Nova stayed seated calmly, as did the others. His one eye was swollen and a bruise on his cheek and jaw. His nose was broken too. Nova held his anger. Just looking at Tanner made him want to break his face. Tanner sneered at Nova before looking down at Abby. Hey, you coming with us? he asked. Nova frowned. He didnt like Tanner talking to Abby so casually. He hated the fact that Tanner use to hang out with Abby. How could she hang out with this looser? He didnt deserve her friendship after how he pushed her today. No, Ill be hanging with Nova today. She replied vaguely Tanner narrowed his eyes. Youre making a bad decision.

She shrugged. I didnt ask for your opinion Tanner. A guy from behind Tanner stepped forward. Tall, blond hair and blues eyes, Nova recognized him. John was his name. He was just as sick as Tanner. He smirked at Abby You know, there should be a warning sign on my dick He said while the boys behind him chuckled. Nova made a move to stand up but Abby grabbed his hand. Excuse me? She said clearly surprised. Yeah it should say choking hazard. He laughed and high five a guy next to him. Shut up asshole Cole snapped. Abby held her hand up. She looked back at John Choking hazard huh? She asked sweetly. John grinned and nodded. Yea on my dick Abby gasped dramatically Isnt that a label they put on small objects? Johns smirk fell. Nova howled in laughter as did his friends. He had to say, Abby won this round. Damn! He never thought Abby would ever be like this. He had always seen her as shy and stoned. Never had he seen this feisty side of her which kind of turned him on. John glared and walked off with Tanner and his friends. Nova still couldnt control his laughter. It had been unexpectedly funny. He never expected her to give John an answer like that. He had never laughed like this. The way Abby made him laugh was nice. For once he felt good. I didnt see that coming. Cole said sobering up. Nice one Abby

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