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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e - P a u l o A l e xa n d r e L o p e s P e d r o

Paulo Alexandre Lopes Pedro

Nationality: Portuguese Address: 2670-692 Fanhes, Portugal Mobile and email: +351 96 170 1450, Versatile and highly accomplished Senior Executive offering more than 15 years of international and diversified industry and project experience, with a solid background in Strategy, Business Development, Business Transformation and Corporate Finance. Specialist in increasing shareholder value through the implementation of revenue growth and cost reduction programmes in Portugal, Africa, Latam, Middle East and Asia & Pacific.

16 years of experience in Strategy, Top Management and Corporate Finance Consulting, in leading companies, such as Capgemini, Roland Berger and Ernst & Young, both in Portugal and Angola, conciliating excelent results in Business Development and Project Delivery: o Full Business Development - covering consulting offering design & go to market (new & repeated business) focused in Portugal and Angola during 7 years (of which 6 with sales bookings budget surpass) o Leadership in designing and implementing complex project/ transformation programs (strategy, restructuring/ turnaround, organization and business transformation, projects) during 16 years Currently at TIMwe (Portuguese telco value added services multinational group present in 75 countries), as Head of Sales Strategy, responsible for the design and implementation of a new Sales model Solid academic background, composed by a Degree in Economics by Nova School of Business and Economics (1992-96) and a Post-Graduation in Corporate Finance by CEMAF/ISCTE Business School (1997), complemented by several training executive courses (e.g. Private Equity, Managing tools for Consultants by Universidade Catlica) To resume, a solid background conciliating i) Diversified areas of expertise - Private Equity, Valuation, M&A, Post-Merger Integration, Strategic Planning, Organizational Transformation, Restructuring/ turnarounds, New Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Top Management Performance Management, Control Systems & Business Intelligence, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technologies, Sourcing, Procurement and Logistics, and ii) Diversified industry experience: Banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Distribution, Energy & Utilities, Media, Telco, Services, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Tourism and Transportation, iii) in multi geographies environment, such as Portugal, Africa, Latam, Middle East and Asia & Pacific

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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e - P a u l o A l e xa n d r e L o p e s P e d r o


Business Development, Business Transformation, Business Model Redesign Corporate finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private equity, Strategy, Investment banking, advisory, project finance Restructuring, Cost reduction and process redesign Management consulting, Strategy, Organization Performance management, Value based management, Planning & controlling Sales management, Sales strategy, Sales effectiveness Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Logistics, Invoicing & Collections, Shared Services, BPO (business process outsourcing)
1) Actually Head of Sales Strategy department at TIMWE, SGPS Headquarters (Portuguese multinational company of Mobile Value added services since January 2012 sales growth of 30% 2) Previously, Consulting Principal at Capgemini Consulting, with Sales responsibilities with aggressive bookings objectives, leadership in offerings design and teams management, and delivery highly complex consulting projects, in Portugal and Angola from 2002 to 2011 annual bookings of 1,5m and above 9 in customer satisfaction (scale of 10) 3) Strategy consultant at Roland Berger (1999 a 2002) 4) Corporate Finance Consultant at Ernst & Young (1996 a 1999)


1) Head of Sales Strategy department at TIMWE, SGPS Headquarters (Portuguese multinational company of Mobile Value added services industry), with direct report to CEO and Vice President, since beginning 2012

Annual turnover around 200m, distributed through 3 business units (mobile marketing, entertainment and payments for telco & media companies) in 12 regions and 75 countries

Responsible for redesigning and implementing a new Sales Management & Controlling model, for around 60 people (Regional General Managers and Account Managers) sales growth of 30%, which included: o New Global Account Management model, following a top down approach to complement the current bottom up Local business development, in order to enter in new geographies and capture bigger & multi country deals (including new countries), as its main customers are also multinational groups o Product portfolio redesign, structured by market segments in order to increase cross/ up selling in Telco operators and target new segments (e.g. Media companies, Government) o New Perfomance Management and Incentives System (extended to Pre Sales stages of Sales pipeline, anchored in New and Repeated business)

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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e - P a u l o A l e xa n d r e L o p e s P e d r o

Implementation of new features in Sales (which took only 3 months) to support the production of relevant sales results information, declined by sales people, product, account/ customer, project/ opportunity

Implementation of a new Commercial Planning model, with alarmistic features (reminders and status of proposal delivery, closed wons and going Live projects) in order to increase pressure on Sales people and alert Top Management of high impact negative deviations


Principal at Capgemini in Strategy & Transformation Consulting Business Unit, from 2002 to 2011 (started as Consultant), being responsible for coordination and development of Strategy, Organization, M&A and Valuation, Transformation and Optimization projects, design of new Sales consulting offerings, prospecting sales opportunities and deliverying proposals, in several industries: Telco, Consumer goods, Auto, Media, Banking, Airports, Ports and Transportation, Distribution, Utilities and Healthcare, both in Portugal and Angola (Africa):

Strategy: Market entry in new markets, strategic audits, design and valuation of new business models, launching of new business areas, including e-commerce, etc.

Organization: Design and implementation of new governance models, group and corporate structures, redesign of functions (eg.: Sales and Marketing, Sourcing, Procurement & Logistics, Information technology and Planning & controlling), Shared Services and Corporate Services

Valuation and performance management: design and implementation of value based management models, management control systems and performance evaluation

Merger & Acquisitions, Post Merger Integration and Corporate Finance: Pre merger (synergy identification and valuation, evaluation of strategic partnerships and business models, business and equity valuation based on DCF and market multiples, and Post Merger Integration

Optimization/ cost reduction: redesign of operating models and processes, in several areas (IT, sourcing & procurement, logistics, human resources, finance), restructuring/ cost reduction projects

Development of new Sales offerings, namely, governance model, marketing & Sales effectiveness, cost reduction, business model redesign, restructuring, Strategic sourcing, IT development & optimization, Real Time business Intelligence, Balanced Scorecard evolution


Consultant at Roland Berger & Partner, from 1999 to 2002, participating in several projects in Telco, Banking & Insurance, Healthcare, Tourism and Transportation, with the following scope:

Business & market strategies evaluation Redesign of claims model for insurance companies in Auto & Health areas Design, evaluation, prospect analysis and launch a new managed care area Design market entry strategies in new markets Implementation of turnaround programs for a tourism group, including revenue enhancement, cost reduction, project & investment portfolio analysis and reorganisation

Strategy and implementation of a branding strategy transition for a mobile company

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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e - P a u l o A l e xa n d r e L o p e s P e d r o


Financial Consultant in Corporate Finance at

Ernst & Young, from December 1996 to 1999,

participating in company valuation, investment analysis, Project Finance, restructuring, Mergers & Acquisitions, macro economic and industry specific studies 5) 6) Teacher of Economics and Finance modules at Novacademia, since January 1997 to April 1999 Writer of monthly articles about Corporate Finance and M&A in emerging markets for a research center in London, for Emerging Markets Worldwide Web website in 1998 7) Worker in Accounting department in Cafeeira, Lda (Consumer Products) and GTOC (Accounting Services), responsible for the classification and registration of accounting records (banking and treasury, Sales & receivables, assets, loans, fiscal), accounts closing, between 1991 and 1995 (part time job)

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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e - P a u l o A l e xa n d r e L o p e s P e d r o


Market entry strategy design and implementation in new markets and business (including market segmentation, value proposition development, partner selection, business model design, business planning, management and organization model) in banking, insurance, telco, transportation, glass, manufacturing, services, media and utilities Pre deal valuation of a spin off of one Sales region of a brewer company, and consequent merger with a beverages distributor M&A - Synergy quantification of the integration of 2 pharmaceutical logistic companies Strategy design for the launch of e-commerce strategy for a publishing and bookstore group Unbundling of natural gas distribution companies in Portugal Evaluation of new sources of financing for a conglomerate present in services industry to finance an aggressive investment plan, and support for the IPO, including the preparation of the prospect, roadshow and support as listing sponsor Prospection of potential candidates for the sale of companies in consumer goods and healthcare companies Market entry in a new market segment, including a valuation of potential targets, shortlist selection and negotiation Design, valuation and implementation of a strategic alliance between a consumer goods market leader and a distributor Business and financial restructuring of a retail chain of supermarkets Strategy and process redesign (commercial, logistic and back office processes) for two retail fashion companies Design of a project finance and PPP to develop a new airport Design of a business partnership between a telco company and an airport in order to exploit synergies in airport areas Launching and implementation of a new managed care area for insurance leader, including organisation definition, valuation, acquisition and integration of a business partner, contract renegotiation, healthcare process redesign, etc. Launch and implementation/optimization of Shared Services for several functions (human resources, IT, Sourcing & Procurement), including the implementation of BPO (business process outsourcing) in several industries (e.g. Financial Services, Insurance, Service companies, Industrial/ consumer goods, Oil & Gas, ) Financial valuation and business planning of several companies in healthcare, oil distribution, consumer products and Media Merger of 2 financial institutions, since diagnosis and synergy valuation until post merger integration, in Sales effectiveness, organization, process design and IT implementation Development of the annual World Wealth report for Capgemini Business model redesign through introduction of new technologies (eg.: RFID, e-business) and outsourcing, in consumer goods and transportation

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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e - P a u l o A l e xa n d r e L o p e s P e d r o

Brand transition of a mobile company after acquisition by a mulitnational company, in which it was redefined business and brand values, product portfolio and pricing, distribution channels (own stores and dealers), communication and advertising strategy, after a minucious consumer profiling in terms of economic and comportamental characteristics New claims process model for automotive and healthcare areas for an insurance company, through high level of automation and new concepts regarding customer satisfaction Design and implementation of a multichannel Sales model for an insurance, a leasing and an automotive multi brand dealer, for several Sales channels including for external partners (bank assurance, brokers, agents, ...) and internal structure (geographical expansion of agencies and development of contact centre with telephone and internet access) Reorganization of sourcing organization and optimization of sourcing groups for Telco, airports, banking, mail distribution and media Telco logistic model redesign (direct, post sale, reverse logistics) for a telco leader, present in mobile, fixed and cable business Redesign of a new model for the IT function in airports, manufacturing, logistic service provider Design and implementation of Planning and Control Systems and KPIs (key performance indicators) for several companies namely in Media, Automotive distribution, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Construction and Real Estate, Airports, Banking and Insurance, including solutions of Real time Business Intelligence, based in alarmistic Design and implementation of a value based management system for an automotive group and oil company Design and implementation of a new strategy and governance model for an automotive distribution group, logistic company and public institutes both in Portugal and Angola Diagnose and definition of a new Sales model for several companies in banking, insurance, telco, oil distribution, investment banking Design and implementation of a new/ upgraded service model for service areas in banking, airports Realization of several market studies, namely to measure the impact of liberalization in automotive distribution business, understand equipment utilization of construction companies, forecast of new IPO for listed companies at Euronext Lisbon, world wealth report Redesign of corporate functions and management/ operating model (eg.: Sales and Marketing, Sourcing, Procurement & Logistics, Information technology and Planning & controlling) Design and implementation of the Innovation function for an infrastructure transport management company

1) Post-Graduation in Corporate Finance by Centro de Investigao de Mercados e Activos Financeiros of INDEG/ ISCTE, average of 15 (1997) 2) 3) Degree in Economics by Nova School of Business and Economics, average of 14 (1992-1996) Foreign languages: High Proficiency in English (First Certificate in English British Council) and Proficiency in Spanish 4) 5) Private Equity Seminars in Lisbon and Madrid Tools and Methodologies to increase Sales Effectiveness at Les Fontaines, France
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C u r r i c u l u m V i t a e - P a u l o A l e xa n d r e L o p e s P e d r o

6) 7)

Lean management at Les Fontaines, France Managing Tools for Consultants at Programa de Formao para Executivos of Universidade Catlica Portuguesa

8) 9)

Emerging Market Leaders at Les Fontaines, France Training courses: Communication, Negotiation, Project Management, Leadership, Lean management

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