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The patient has a good prognosis of recuperating from her current ailment as evidenced by being allowed to be on HAMA since there are improvements seen on her during hospitalization, her GCS from 9 becomes 13 since the last time we saw her(eyes 4, verbal 3, motor 6). The last time we saw her, she can already response to us thru smile and nodding. We can also say that she have a good prognosis since her family is very compliant with the proposed medication and treatment, increasing the chance of her recovery from her current ailment. The current status of her condition is very manageable and there is a good chance that she can recover as long as she is determined enough to achieve optimum well being. Therefore, the patient has a very good chance of recovering from her ailment.

At the end of 2 days of giving nursing care to patient C the group has attained and met some of our objectives. The group identified possible problems that may rise from patients condition, determined the cause, predisposing factor, precipitating factors that constitute the health condition, provided appropriate nursing intervention for clients care. Furthermore the group imparted the important information as health teachings that would be useful to patients understanding of care regimen and nature of her health condition and enhanced skills & knowledge as health care provider in the clinical setting. The group also had enhanced their primary nursing skills in this rotation. Teamwork was established and camaraderie developed between peers. Also through working together with this CP the group built friendship that made our work easier and smoother. The group was convinced that the care provided was adequate since the patient had improved condition and was discharged for HAMA after 5 days from our care. The group was also convinced that the patients prognosis was good because the family members are very compliant with the suggested treatments and medication regimen. This compliance will contribute to her rehabilitation and fast recovery. Morever, the significant other and the patient had acquired priceless


information about the patients disease condition which is a plus factor in changing her negative lifestyle that could lead to a healthier living. Over-all the case study was enjoying and satisfying.

This case study about Cerebrovascular Accident gave the group more information and knowledge in making an actual management for this kind of problem. Thus, the members of the group have realized the need of promoting and maintaining optimal health to both the patient and her significant others. With these, the group would like to recommend the following to the client, the patients participation and willingness to be assessed and comply with the therapeutic regimen is needed for an effective management and prevention of complications. The patient is encouraged to always reach for wellness, and be cautious enough to know what her body needs and to recognize her limitations in complying therapeutic regimen. Also, the patient is encouraged to follow the discharge plan for the betterment of her condition while at home. She is also recommended to have her regular follow-up checkups to evaluate her condition. The patient is enlightened to be more open with her feelings regarding her current condition, family problems and concerns about her health to the clients family.