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INTRODUCTION This work has 3 parts.

In the first part we will talk about the history of the company; in the second part we will give you an update on the company and finally we will present the projects and awards. AA is an international airline of the United States of America. The location of the parent company is in Fort Worth, Texas. It is the largest airline in the word in kilometers, the fifth in number of the aircrafts operated and the largest in terms of total operating revenues. The slogan of this company is The new American is arriving

HISTORY Initially American Airways was formed as a set of 82 small airlines. In 1934, the company was bought by Erret Lobban Cord, who changed its name to American Air Lines and hived Cyrus Rowlett Smith to administer it. Now the president is Tom Horton.

COMPANY STRENGTHS Size of fleet (608 aircrafts) Number of routes Partnerships Infrastructure Government relations Number of passengers (8.9 million customers monthly)

COMPANYS CURRENT Main activity The main activity of the company is providing flight services to the customers. This company offers other services like booking hotels, cars and more troughs his website. Employees

American Airlines have 81.303 employees only in the USA. The company gives importance to the diversity of their employees, because they want to give equal opportunities to everybody. Profitability The company has $ 262 million profit per quarter.


17/01/2013. The U.S. airline American Airlines, the fourth largest in the world, unveiled its new image, a new logo, and the outside painting of their planes. The airline showed its new face on a video posted on its website and also distributed a statement to make it known. 11/02/2013. American Airlines and U.S. Airways announced their merger, which would create the largest airline in the United States, after negotiations between the two companies have made progress in recent days, as reported by The New York Times.


2013. The last award by American airlines American Airlines wins award again airfreight for the fourth consecutive year, American Airlines Cargo (AAC) has been selected as the best cargo airline in the Americas by the readers of the publication of the London Air Cargo News based in London. 2012. The global leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM) Enterprise announced that American Airlines has received the 2012 Mobilizer Award for Mobile Enterprise Magazine magazine in the category 'Implementation of Mobile Device Management' (Mobile Device Management Implementation). American Airlines is supported by SOTI solution with industry leading MDM, MobiControl, to manage, support, monitor and secure their mobile devices to improve operational efficiency, safety, cost reduction and time reduction inactivity of the device.

2011 American Airlines is honored at the Awards for the 2011 World airlines (World Airline Awards 2011) American Eagle was named Best Regional Airline in North America in the annual survey of the world's airlines by Skytrax, a London-based research organization that performs this survey every year. The Awards for the world's airlines, whose votes are made by airline customers,