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Promotional video script for BCSM,KALWAR

Heloo everyone. I welcome u all to Biyani college of science and management, Place of kingmaker. I know many of you students have just recently passed your 12th or your graduation and are on the crucial stage of your life where choosing the right college can either make your career,life or could ruin it.And let me tell u time never comes back. Here At Biyani we do not crate just degree holders but leaders. The biggest shortcoming in the education system is that it has been shown only from the theoretical point of view. The practical side of it is still neglected and its value is yet out of sight. Therefore we need to inculcate practical and courageous attitudes in our youth. U know Swami Vivekananda Said, We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on ones own feet Here at BCSM we want to transform the hidden unlimited potentialities of students into creativity, empowerment and prosperity of the nation with humanity. It is the institute where actually YOU CAN TRUST. The Globe in logo indicates that Institute has a global thinking and the two hands are showing that institute care for all students and they are in safe hands. Also we have got fastest growing educational portal in India that is GURU helps in creation of Virtual classrooms, Virtual teachers. Also it provides Expert knowledge. On this educational portal u can get free study notes, study guides, think tanks and video lectures on all subjects..i mean what not??? Along with all the regular courses we have special add on courses as well MOS, PEP, and TALLY.

dd on Crses OUR college was listed IN s best colleges of India by Indias leading magazine INDIA TODAY.Considered AS emerging brands b of rajasthan by Dainik bhaskar 2012.Our director Sir was selected as youth icon of rajsthan by DNA newspaper..Oh my god

this List is so long.Its not gonna end soon.. As i already told u that we do not only build degree holders but also we believe in Creating CONFIDENT Personnels ..For CONFIDENCE BUILDING in students we inculcate: Positive Thinking Self Discipline/Self Confidence And encourage them to follow Ethical Behaviour Alao we have regular meditation sessions for students to increase their concentration level and develop spirituality in them.. Biyani has their own fortnightly newspaper Biyani times which keeps the students updated about Whats happening in Biyani..:) Mock Practices, Presentations, Guest More Certification Courses Lectures, Management Games. * Co-curricular Activities : Song Competition, Dance Competition, Debate Competition , Just a Minute Session (JAM), Skit, Mimicry,Visits by Bollywood actors and actress.,International symposiums and road shows etc.

Oh my god I am exhausted .u know there is so much good in biyani that u can not get any where else so what are you waiting for..Come here and experience the