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18g - PRODUCT#: 32018 NSN#: 6515-CF-002-7748 22g - PRODUCT#: 32022 NSN#: 6515-CF-002-7747


IMPORTANT: Follow your Medical Directors approved protocols and procedures. Do not use this kit if not trained or authorized to perform intravenous access. Reading these instructions does not constitute proper training in this kit. These instructions are not comprehensive nor a replacement for adequate training.

SUGGESTED INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Identify the requirement for IV access as per your approved protocol. 2. Use aseptic technique for the entire procedure. 3. Open the kit and utilize the wrapping paper as a clean field. 4. Don gloves. See Figure: 1.

Figure: 1

5. Empty contents of plastic bag onto wrapping paper and verify kit contents. See Figure: 2 and 3.

Figure: 2

Figure: 3

6. Attach the red end blunt needle to the syringe and withdraw 10cc of Normal Saline from the IV bag (not included ). Recap the blunt needle and place it on the clean paper. See Figure: 4.

Figure: 4 7. Select an appropriate site on your casualty for IV access. Antecubital fossa is recommended and pictured. 8. Apply the IV tourniquet above the site and clean the skin around the access site with the SkinPrep swab. See Figure: 5.

Figure: 5

9. Insert the IV catheter into the patients vein using the appropriate technique. Lock the sharp into the self-contained sharps protection. Occlude the vein and remove the protected sharp from the hub. See Figure: 6 and 7.

Figure: 6

Figure: 7

10. Screw the PRN Adapter onto the catheter hub and release manual pressure on the vein. See Figure: 8.

Figure: 8 11. Release the IV tourniquet. See Figure: 9.

Figure: 9

12. Apply the IV3000 over the entire PRN Adapter with the textured edge strip over the hub of the PRN Adapter. See Figure: 10

Figure: 10 13. Insert the blunt needle on the syringe through the IV3000 into the PRN Adapter and slowly flush the saline lock with the Normal Saline in the syringe. See Figure: 11.

Figure: 11

14. Remove the needle and syringe from the PRN Adapter. And place on the clean paper. 15. Save the red and green capped blunt needles and the LineBacker IV restraint for administering fluid. 16. Document all procedures. TO INFUSE FLUID: 17. Spike the IV fluid bag with the Administration Set (not included) and prime the line. 18. Attach the end of the Administration Set to the Green Capped Blunt Tip Cannula from the TVAK. See Figure: 12 and 13.

Figure: 12

Figure: 13

19. Insert the Blunt Tip Cannula into the PRN Adapter hub through the hole that the Red End Blunt Needle created. See Figure: 14. If the cannula fails to enter the PRN Adapter, make additional attempts. The cannula will only successfully enter the original hole made by the Blunt Needle. An additional hole may be made with the blunt needle, or the Blunt Needle may be used in place of the Blunt Tip Cannula as a last resort.

Figure: 14 20. Secure the IV Tubing with the LineBacker IV tubing securing device: It is best secured around a bone. If the AC (preferred) site was used, it should be secured around the wrist. Peel off the adhesive back. Lay the IV line along the patients arm and loop it around the thumb. At the level of the wrist, lay the IV line on the adhesive and fold the adhesive over on itself. Secure the Velcro strap snuggly around the wrist so that if the IV line is pulled it will not dislodge IV access. See Figure: 15, 16, 17, and 18.

Figure: 15

Figure: 16

Figure: 17

Figure: 18


21. If the IV line is pulled (accidentally, or on purpose) between the LineBacker and the access site, the saline lock should remain patent and clean. See Figure: 19 and 20. 22. Document all care provided.

Figure: 19


Figure: 20