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Article I: Name The name of this organization shall be Indian Student AssociationMarquette University hereafter referred to as the Organization.

Article II: Purpose The purpose of this Organization shall be to represent ethnic diversity in the Campus, promote goodwill and understanding between South Asians and other nationalities, to provide a sense of community among all South Asian students and encourage cultural exchange. Article III: Membership Section 1: Regular membership shall be open to any full time Marquette University undergraduate student. Section 2: Associate membership shall be open to any part time student, graduate student, professional student, faculty member, staff member, or administrator at Marquette University. Section 3: Non-discrimination Clause. Consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and University policies, this Organization and its subordinate bodies and officers shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sexual orientation, religion, Veterans status, sex, national origin, or disability in its selection of members, educational programs, or activities. Section 4: Dues In order to participate in Organization funded events, members must pay dues. Dues will be subject to approval by majority vote of Executive Board quorum (2/3 of Executive Board members). Article IV: Officers Section 1: Officers of the Organization shall be as follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Public Relations Director Events Coordinator Historian Freshman Representative

Section 2: Election of Officers of the organization shall be elected during the month of April by a majority vote of quorum (40%). All officers will be elected by a majority vote from existing officers and dues paying members. Officers must be full time, undergraduate students. Section 3: Officers shall take office at the end of the spring semester and shall serve for a period of one academic year. Section 4: Officers shall not be on academic or university probation at the time of their elections and throughout their terms of office. Section 5: Duties of Officers. 1. 2. 3. 4. The President is responsible for conducting organization business. Checks must be co-signed by the Treasurer and by either the President or Vice-President. The officer responsible for conducting meetings is President. President:

Shall be the chief executive officer of the Organization and shall take responsibility to supervise all activities of the Organization and preside over meetings Shall call and provide structure to all executive and general meetings

Shall be the official representative of the Organization and shall call the executive council meeting as and when necessary Shall delegate various assignments or other business to other officers for the benefit of the organization Shall be a liaison between the Organization and the Marquette University administration and community


Vice President: Shall assume responsibilities of the President when in absence Shall succeed the president if he/she were unable to complete the term

Shall be the overall head of Committees and report all ideas and actions of these committees to the Executive Board Shall work with the Historian in creating the Organizations monthly newsletter



Shall keep accurate and readily available records of all Executive Board and general body meetings in writing Shall forward a copy of the general body minuets to the Public Relations Director for circulation among the members by email Shall be responsible for reserving space for all general body meetings

Shall maintain a membership list and shall be responsible for keeping it up to date, and oversee verifications regarding memberships and payment of dues


Treasurer: Shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of all financial matters and transactions Shall work with Secretary in regards to payment of membership dues Shall handle all deposits and withdrawals in the Organizations bank account Shall maintain copies of all receipts to justify expenditures of organizational funds

Shall be responsible for ensuring sufficient funds (as determined by the Executive Board) for the following years administration Shall also develop creative strategies to generate revenue for the organization Public Relations Director Shall serve as the main communication between the Executive Board and the general members

Shall be responsible for the publicity of all activities, including events and general body meetings, of the Organization Shall be responsible for creating and obtaining approval of publicity materials, including but not limited to: posters, fliers, chalking messages etc. Shall assist in developing strategies to create or generate awareness of the Organization and its events


Events Coordinator:

Shall work in conjunction with the President, Vice President and general body to come up with events for the Organization Shall be responsible for working with the Vice President as Committee Chair for events Shall be responsible for reserving space for all events, excluding general body meetings.

Shall be responsible for working with Marquette University Administration to obtain approval of all Organizations events



Shall chronicle all of the Organizations events through various mediums, including but not limited to pictures and member testimony Shall maintain and regularly update the Organizations website Shall work with the Vice President to create and publish the Organizations monthly newsletter


Freshman Representative: Shall serve as the main communication between the Executive Board and the Freshman class Shall work to actively engage Freshman Class in Organization events

Article V: Removal of Officers Section 1: Officers failing to fulfill the given responsibilities and duties may be removed by the regular members of the Organization. Section 2: The removal of an officer requires a 2/3 vote of a quorum following the notification of the officer in question. Such notification shall be provided in writing no less than seven working days prior to the vote. Article VI: Replacement of Officers Section 1: In the case where the Presidential Office is vacant, the Vice-President will immediately fill the position. Section 2: [All other executive board positions found to be vacant shall be filled by election by the majority

vote of quorum (40%) of dues paying members. Elections will be conducted at discretion of the executive board. Article VII: Meetings Section 1: A regularly scheduled general meeting shall be held at least once a month. The time, date and location of these meetings shall be determined by the officers, as needed. The Organization will not meet during recess periods. The officers may call additional meetings when the need arises. Section 2: A quorum shall consist of 40%the regular dues paying members.

Section 3: A quorum shall be present in order for any official business to be conducted. Official business shall include elections of officers, setting of dues and any other major decisions affecting the Organization. Section 4: Parliamentary Authority The rules contained in Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the Organization in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are inconsistent with this Constitution and any special rules of order the Organization may adopt. Article VIII: Committees Section 1: The officers of the Organization shall have the authority to create any committees, standing or special, that will further the purpose of the organization. Article X: Amendments Section 1: upon. Section 2: All amendments to this constitution require notice of one week prior to being discussed and voted

All amendments require a 2/3 vote of a quorum for adoption.

Section 3: Amendments become effective only after approval by both the Office of Student Development and the Student Senate of the Marquette University Student Government (MUSG).