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Single choice questions 1. Hardness of water is commonly expressed in terms of (a) mg. of CaCl2 per mL (c) mg.

of CaCl2 per Kg of water. 1. D 2. H2O2 is manufactured by the electrolysis of (a) 10% of dil H2SO4 (b) 1:1 vol aqueous solution of H2SO4 (b) mg. of CaCO3 per mL (d) mg. of CaCO3 per Kg of water.

(c)1:1 mixture of H2SO4 and HNO3 (d) 20% H2SO4 B 3. When an equimolar solution of (NH4)2SO4 and H2SO4 is electrolyzed, the product formed at the anode is (a) H2S2O6 C 4. The commercial name of perdisulphuric acid is (a) Oleum acid C 5. which of the following gives H2O2 on reaction with water. (a) H2S2O8 A 6. the hardness of water containing 10-3 moles of MgSO4 per litre is (a) 0.01 ppm (b) 0.001 ppm (c) 0.1 ppm (d) 1 ppm (b) H2S2O6 (c) H2S2O7 (d) Conc. H2SO4 (b) caros acid (c) Marshalls acid (d) Chamber (b) NH4HSO4 (c) H2S2O8 (d) O2

7. when a solution of TiO2 in Conc. H2SO4 is added to H2O2 solution, then_______ colour is developed. (a) blue (b) orange (c) brown (d) no change

B 8. H2O2 is not (a) oxidizing agent C X + Y ; X and Y are representing 9. In the reaction NaOH + D2O (a) NaOD &HOD (d) NaOD and H2O A 10. the dielectric constant of H2O and D2O are 82.0 and 80.5 respectively. Therefore the solubility of NaCl in D2O is_______ than water. (a) equal B 11. H2O2 is prepared in the laboratory by (a) adding MnO2 to dil. H2SO4 (b) passing CO2 into BaO2 paste in cold H2O (c) adding PbO2 in acidified KMnO4 (d) adding Na2O to cold water B 12. volume of O2 gas liberated at STP by the decomposition of 15mL of 20 Vol H2O2 solution is (a) 150 mL B 13. An acidified solution of H2O2 turns starch + KI paper (a) brown due to the liberation of I2 (b) blue due to liberated I2 (b) 300mL (c) 200mL (d) 250mL (b) slightly lower (c) slightly higher (d) very high (b) NaOD & H2 (c) NaOD & H2 (b) reducing agent (d) bleaching agent (c) dehydrating agent

(c) blue due to the oxidation of starch (d) yellow due to absorption of I2 B 14. Auto catalytic method for the preparation of H2O2, uses the chemical (a) 2-ethyl anthra quinol (c) 2- ethyl naphthalene A 15. Hyperol is an adduct of H2O2 with (a) urea (c) ethanol A Alkali and alkaline earth metals 1. By which of the reactions, sodium is produced. (a) Electrolysis of fused Na2CO3 (b) The reaction of fused NaCl with Mg in a closed vessel (c) Fusion of salt cake with limestone (d) Reaction of coke with fused NaOH 2. In which of the following process, fused NaOH is used as electrolyte (a) Downs process (b) castner process Causticising process B 3. In Downs process, pure NaCl is not the electrolyte because (a) NaCl has a high melting point (b) Na metal is partly lost (d) any of the above (c) Castner-Kellner process (d) (b) sodium hydrogen phosphate (d) sodium hydroxide (b) 2-ethyl anthracene (d) 2- ethyl anthrax dione

(c). Na metal forms a fog with fused NaCl D

4. The gaseous products in Castner-Kellner process are (a) Cl2 & H2 A 5. Castner Solvay process is used for the manufacture of (a) Caustic soda A 6. which is incorrect statement? (a) the heats of hydration of dipositive alkaline earth metal ions decrease with an increase in their ionic size. (b) NaNO3 forms Na2O on heating (c) Hydration of alkali metal ions is less than that of second group (d) Alkaline earth metal ions, because of their much larger charge to size ratio, exert a much stronger electro static attraction on the oxygen of water molecule surrounding them. B
HCl 2 A B Whitefumes; Metal M can be 7. Metal M + air H O

(b) O2 & H2

(c) Cl2

(d) Cl2, O2 & H2

(b) washing soda

(c) baking soda

(d) caustic potash

a. Li, Mg Or Al

b. Li, Al Or K