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In flight wings are subjected to high torsion and bending forces, so wing construction should be consist of a. strongest matrix material b. reinforced fibres run lengthwise c. reinforced fibres run in all direction d. must have high tensile strength

2. The speed at which wing momentum and tail momentum get equal, is called a. stall speed b. trim point 3. A switch operate by landing gear shock strut a. down lock switch b. up lock switch c. ground safety switch 4. Fuel tank leaks are classified as a. seep, running leak strain, seep, heavy seep, running leak b.

c. strain, running leak seep, heavy seep, strain


5. in a VCM system in-adequate supply of cooling is found, trouble in a. expansion valve b. compressor air supply c. temperature control valve d. all 6. Dip in magnetic compass is caused by a. horizontal component of earth vertical component(Z) of earth c. max at equator and zero at poles all b. d.

7. In two phase induction motor type servo motor of an auto pilot the reference phase supplied by a. 28V, 115 Hz b. 115V, 400Hz c. 220V, 50 Hz d. all 8. Purpose of Expansion slot in rotary disk brake assembly a. prevent warpage of disk due to heat b. provide greater braking c. dissipate heat readily 9. Landing gear extended, but not retracting, due to problem in a. down lock switch b. up lock switch c. both 10. for attachment the landing gear to wing a. close tolerance bolt b. interference fit and close tolerance bolt c. interference fit 11. In pressurization system mode selector, selected for GROUND MODE a. for ground operation of air conditioning system b. for ground pressurization operation 12. MTCS a. skydrol is high corrosive at high temperature b. neoprene is used for petroleum base fluid c. vegetable base deteriorate with natural rubber 13. CP depends on

a. camber in (a) varies with AOA AOA

b. coefficient of lift c. as d. as in (a)and (b) varies with

14. ATA zone a. 400-powerplant and pylon b. 200-doors c. 800- lower portion of fuselage up to rear pressure bulkhead d. 500- landing gear 15. in modern A/C to ensure continued airworthiness inspection prograe for all structural to detect damage a. damage tolerance rating maintenance programme documents c. environmental damage protection corrosion detection programme 16. Fire extinguisher used for aircraft fire detection a. rate of temperature rise, radiation type, over heat detector b. optical type, radiation type c. overheat and radiation type d. all 17. during Cable tension measurement a. by using manufacture chart within up limit by using manufacture chart within up limit and down c. load is normally taken in Kg d. all b.

b. c.

18. A rivet is having high shear strength, causing the hole damage a. shearing failure b. bearing failure c. both 19. When carbon graphite is used in lower surface, manufacture suggest fibre glass for repair, due to a. moisture absorbent properties 20. A/C turning toward north a. easterly head 21. Pitching moment of aerodynamic center a. constant and independent of CP 22. Spoiler mixed control is

a. combine the lateral input 23. Windshield ice control is done by a. glass & vinyl are bonded with transparent cement 24. Parking brake applied by a. depressing the paddles & pulling the lever 25. Inboard skin is tapered roll to provide a. max skin thickness in the area of heavy loading b. thicker skin in root area thicker skin in tip area 26. Extensive use of metal bonding provides a. corrosion resistance & fatigue strength b. corrosion resistance 27. Right & Left wing spar boxes are connected to centre spar box by a. plates & beams b. plate & spline c. T-section & beam d. plate & flange 28. in hydraulic system pressure is normal when engine is running, but no pressure in the system after engine shutdown a. no air charge in accumulator 29. If pressure is low in oxygen cylinder, it can causes a. moisture inside the cylinder b. damage to regulator 30. Introducing stresses in material by mechanical or thermal method to detect metal defects is called a. Acoustic emission b. thermal treatment


31. in the rigging of ailerons a. cable tension reading should be taken in-situ condition b. reading should be taken after removal of tensiometer

32. if a pulley is worn out both side a. pulley misalignment cable misalignment c. low cable tension high cable tension

b. d.

33. Operation of an Angle of Attach indicating system is based on detection of a. air not parallel to the true angle of attach of aircraft b. air parallel to the true angle of attach of aircraft 34. MTCS regarding Anti-skid system a. Normal mode- prevent braking when wheel rotation is slowed b. Touchdown mode- release the brake during touchdown c. locked wheel protection- prevent braking in the case of wheel slippage on ice d. Fail safe mode- provide monitoring and indication for the system 35. Modern A/C fitted with capacitor type fuel quantity indicator, provide a. measure weight instead of volume 36. When aircraft fly through turbulence, following areas should be inspected a. wing to fuselage joints b. tail to fuselage joints c. engine mountings d. as in (a), (b), and (c) and areas where greatest bending moment take place 37. Aircraft structural nickel steel is used for making bolt, turn buckle, fork ends a. SAE 2330 b. SAE 1095 38. Smoke clearance switch is associated with a. air conditioning system b. fire detector system c. smoke detector system d. fire extinguishment system 39. Purpose of Vent in fuel tank a. equalize the pressure b. as in (a) and prevent bursting of tank

40. In modern transport aircraft hydraulic system, a feather is provided to assist or supplement the pump in case of higher power demands, a. accumulator b. Reservoir c. Valve d. Boost pump 41. In Fluorescent Particle Inspection, sound and defective parts are identified by, respectively a. blue violet, yellow green 42. Circular magnetization cannot detect a. lateral cracks longitudinal cracks c. both 43. Function of Variable restrictor a. varies the amounts of fluid b. as in (a) and slows the operation c. also called metering check valve d. all the above 44. Landing gear is laterally supported by a. drag strut b. side strut c. trunion 45. Ground pressurization is prevented by a. ground safety switch 46. RAM mode selection a. air from the secondary heat exchanger air inlet duct to be routed into the cabin supply duct for cabin cooling and ventilation 47. Secondary aircraft structures are made of a. al & hony comb b. steel mg c. b.

48. Split bus system a. uses two alternator b. they provide supply to independent bus bar c. they are interconnected in the case of APU or APU supply d. all the above 49. MTCS regarding fuel tank

a. fuel tank purging is done by nitrogen 50. In modern aircraft fuel tank system a. it should withstand 3 psi without failure or leakage and at least 125% pressure developed due to ram effect b. if tank is located in fuselage, it must withstand 4.5g forward and 9g downward force c. both 51. Output of a Pump is regulated and unloaded by a. pressure regulator relief valve c. pressure reducer pressure switch 52. Pneumatic system is used for emergency system a. emergency back-up for subsystems 53. Vents in tire a. prevent air between plies b. as in (a) and positioned at 3 points c. as in (b) and colored green d. all the above 54. Replacement of tire is done when a. visible threads on tire b. thermal fuse rupture c. adjacent tire overheated d. all the above 55. a hose compatible with MIL-H-5606, having a Yellow strip along its lengh, indicates a. hose is not twisted in installation 56. In colour coding of O rings, a. red for hydraulic fluid b. blue is only for hydraulic c. a White dot along with other dots indicates non standard seal d. all 57. Skydrol 500B a. fire resistant (a) and highly corrosive at high temperature c. as in (a) and butyl and Teflon hose is used above b. as in d. all the b. d.

58. in multi disk brake system a. even numbers of rotor b. as in (a) and rotor is connected to bearing carrier c. as in (b) and stator is connected to wheel d. all the above 59. Rapid extension of landing gear is prevented by a. various valve & metering pins are used b. amount of fluid flow entering in lower chamber decreases as it extended, by metering pin c. amount of fluid flow entering in lower chamber increases as it extended, by metering pin d. all 60. Bleeding of shock strut is done by a. rise and lower the strut by adjusting the jack until bubble is eliminate 61. Balancing of rudder a. span should be parallel to longitudinal axis b. right side movement causes heavy nose c. left side movement causes nose down d. all 62. Control wheel moves to clock wise a. right ailerons move up & aircraft move to right b. right ailerons move up & aircraft move to left c. right ailerons move down & aircraft move to right d. right ailerons move down & aircraft move to left 63. MTCS a. yaw damper provides co-ordinated turn for aircraft b. control the aircraft about direction axis c. both 64. Yaw damper a. in modern transport aircraft two yaw dampers are installed in fin b. they are work independily c. all 65. mach trim system a. position the horizontal stabilizer for trimming, when auto pilot not engaged

b. position the horizontal stabilizer for trimming, when auto pilot engaged c. none 66. MTCS a. gear pump is mostly used for fluid transfer purpose b. vane type pump is used in high pressure demand c. piston type pump is mostly used for fluid transfer purpose d. piston type pump can be positive displacement or variable displacement type 67. Purpose of orifice check valve in wheel brake system a. prevent chattering in the brake system 68. MTCS regarding orifice check valve a. provide unrestricted flow in one direction b. as in (a) and restricted flow in other direction c. provide unrestricted flow in both direction d. provide restricted flow in both direction 69. Anti-icing system switch to ON, in the condition a. first indication of ice or in case expected to ice formation b. after formation of ice 70. in hydraulic system pressure is fluctuating when any sub system is operated, probable caused is a. low air charge in accumulator b. low pressure setting in relief valve c. high pressure setting in relief valve 71. MTCS a. the cabin pressure regulator is design to control cabin pressure by regulating the position of outflow valve b. as in (a) and the regulator usually provides either fully automatic or manual control of pressure within the aircraft c. as in (B) and the cabin pressure regulator may be constructed integral with the outflow valve d. as in (c) and may be mounted remote from the outflow valve and connected it by external plumbing 72. ram mode selection in pressurization system a. a separate switch is used b. common switch is used

c. as in (b) and causing the regulator to dump cabin air to the atmosphere d. all the above 73. MTCS regarding PRESSURIZATION CONTROL SYSTEM 74. Aileron balance panel a. air loads on the balance panels depend on the aileron position b. as in (a) and when the ailerons are moved during flight to either side of the streamline position, differential pressure is created across the panels c. as in (b) and this differential pressure assists ailerons movement d. all the above 75. MTCS regarding the ACM a. a valve located upstream of turbine control the cooling b. ACM is powered by turbine power c. air is cooled in only primary heat exchanger d. Freon is used as coolant 76. In modern transport aircraft hydraulic system, a feather is provided to assist or supplement the pump in case of higher power demands, a. accumulator b. Reservoir c. Valve d. Boost pump 77. After hard landing which area should be inspected a. wing center line 78. Some time a triangular shaped metal strip is located on the leading edge of the wing toward rooot side, is called a. fixed spoiler and vortex generator b. vortex generator and winglet c. winglet and slat 79. When making a structural repair, rivet spacing should be a. edge distance 2D and pitch 3D b. edge distance 3D and pitch 2D 80. A piece of metal is having the greatest strength in which direction

a. length wise b. Width wise d. Same in all direction

c. Diagonally

81. In modern transport aircraft, fail-safe design of window glass is obtain by a. by using a inner glass layer between two outer plastic layers b. by using a inner plastic layer between two outer glass layers 82. Quick disconnect coupling in fluid system a. used only in pressure line b. Used only in scavenge line c. used in both pressure and scavenge line 83. Identification of flexible hose is done by a. colour codes, words, and geometric symbols are used b. These marks indicate function, content and primary hazard c. also shows hose size, manufacturer, date of manufacture and temperature and pressure limit d. All 84. MTCS a. in swept back wing outer tank is defuel first b. Jettison can be done by gravity method c. in cross feed system both tanks are situated one side d. In pressure fuelling min pressure should be 50 psi 85. in semi-monocoque fuselage construction a. only one bulkhead is used at front b. only one bulkhead is used at rear c. Two bulkheads are used one at front and one at rear all 86. Function of shear bolt a. bold breaks in heavy loading in (a) prevent damage to the structure 87. Over temperature in fire extinguisher system is indicated by b. As d.

a. missing red plastic disc Missing green plastic disc c. missing yellow plastic disc 88. in air conditioning system a. ducts are made of only CRS b. never made aluminium


c. plastic ducts, both rigid and flexible are used as outlet ducts to distribute the conditioned air d. all 89. Improper heat treatment of Al & mg alloy result in a. intergranular corrosion c. stress corrosion b. surface corrosion

90. In the measurement of the station number, reference is taken from a. nose of the aircraft c. centre of the aircraft 91. Sheorodizing means a. heating the metal in zinc powdery atmosphere Heating the metal in carbon powdery atmosphere 92. Flap asymmetry system a. stop the operation of trailing edge flap if they are in different position 93. MTCS a. high aspect ratio, low turbulence b. low aspect ratio, high turbulence c. high aspect ratio, greater skin friction drag d. all of the above 93. MTCS a. QFE- setting the pressure scale to make the altimeter read airfield height above sea-level on landing and take-off b. b. zero reference datum

b. QNH- setting the pressure prevailing at an airfield to make the altimeter read zero on landing and take-off c. QNE- setting the standard sea-level pressure of 1013.25 mbar(29.92 in hg) to make the altimeter read the airfield elevation. d. all the above 94. While balancing the aileron, a mass of 10 lb is added at the distance of 75 cm from the hinge at the trailing edge, calculate the value the mass which should be added to leading edge for balancing, if chord is 1 m.
a. b. c. d.

10 lb 20 lb 30lb none

95. in a cruise flight, if engage the autopilot and release the control wheel a. aircraft will continue in same attitude b. aircraft will continue in new establish attitude c. no effect on flight 96. during the calibration of the magnetic compass a. engines should be in running condition b. windshield wiper should be in operating condition c. navigation and communication system should be ON d. all 97. MTCS regarding pressurization control system a. a small orifice in the manual controller pressurization valve provide a high pressure reference for manual controller. b. a line from isobaric control valve port to throat of a cabin-to-ambient venture provides the low pressure reference for automatic controller. c. a small orifice in the manual controller pressurization valve provide a low pressure reference for automatic controller. d. a line from isobaric control valve port to throat of a cabin-to-ambient venture provides the high pressure reference for automatic controller.

98. MTCS regarding landing position indicator lights a. green indicates down and locked, red indicate intermediate position, no light for UP and locked b. green indicates UP and locked, red indicates down and locked c. amber indicates down and locked, green indicates intermediate position d. all of the above 99. The stall warning system a. remains activated in all phases of flight b. activated only in cruise flight c. activated only at the time of landing and take- off d. all 100. Climb angle is determine by a. drag lift weight c. thrust weight - drag b. lift d. thrust