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Opportunity Management System

Track your sales, accelerate your success

Opportunity Management System

What is OMS?
OMS is the new business tracking system for small and medium enterprises, B2B service providers. Using the opportunity as the main concept, OMS is a tool that gives you an accurate image of your sales` lifecycle, keeping track of your sales and helping you improve your business strategy. Easy to learn and operate, OMS is geared toward helping you in your quest for a more lucrative sales cycle.

Who will use it?

OMS will be used by the management team, sales teams and business development departments. The application is tracking the sales activity starting with the first contact with a prospect up to the contract`s implementation.

Opportunity Identified Project Elements Clarified

Commercial Offer Contract Signed Project Implementation Closed

Opportunity Management System

What does OMS do for you?
OMS is structuring and recording all the new-business sales activity. By using it you will be able to have real time access to aggregated information of new business sales and to forecasts for the whole team. OMS is suited for multi-team/multi-region businesses. Each sales role is invested with custom rights of access to information and functionality. For example: Company description Company C is selling IT&C services. There are 2 main service categories: IT and Communication. A sales team represents each category. The company is selling services nationwide, and it has 3 main regions: Bucharest, Iasi and Timisoara. The Account Managers are reporting to Team Leaders and all the Team Leaders from a certain region are reporting to the Regional Sales Manager.

Company Board Sales VP Sales Manager Bucuresti

Team Leader IT Team Leader C

Sales Manager Timisoara

Team Leader IT Team Leader C

Sales Manager Iasi

Team Leader IT Team Leader C

Opportunity Management System

Before OMS
The company is using standard excel sheets in order to have weekly reports. Every Account Manager updates the excel file each Friday, the Team Leader centralizes the information from all the AMs in his team and sends his .xls file to the Regional Sales Manager. The Regional Sales Managers fill out their reporting sheet and send it to the Sales VP. After that, the Sales VP transmits his feedback to the team.

After OMS
When youre not manually managing things, youre able to be more prepared, proactive, and strategic. Every Account Manager is using OMS to record the Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. The Account Manager is able to see all the information from his Accounts in this easy to use centralized system. Team Leaders, Regional Sales Managers and the Sales VP have real-time access, with no effort or time invested in centralizing the information regarding his subordinated team. When salespeople use a software to help manage their day, they increase their chances of success while reducing chances that important opportunities will be missed.

Opportunity Management System

Why should you use OMS?
The sales team is not investing any extra time in updating weekly reports, the reports are real-time one click away.



By having more accuracy in tracking and managing opportunities.


Avoiding the unpleasant situation when a prospect is approached by two or more members of your team.


By having all the data regarding the contract`s implementation centralized in each opportunity.


Possibility of uploading documents associated with the opportunities (presentations, offers) all the information is centralized and easy to access online, even on the go. All the information is available in a centralized system and remains in the company even when a team member changes, and it can be easily re-used by the his replacement.


Opportunity Management System

Why should you use OMS?

A better and a more accurate global view of the sales team`s activity/pipeline that allows you to forecast future trends and company profits.


Management teams can access, in real time, reports regarding their subordinates.


Contact persons can be placed hierarchically in the OMS; the users are able to specify the decision role of the specific contact inside the targeted company. Know exactly who to call in order to complete your task. You can customize various types of reports via our powerful multicriterial Report Generation Tool and save them for later use.



Easy to use and learn.


OMS is a web based tool - it can be securely accessed from the office, home, or from a mobile device. The access to centralized information will help you better manage your time and better serve customers. This will help you be prepared and organized regardless of where you are working.

Opportunity Management System

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