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Dominique Cain Carter English 2 December 2012

Fall 2012 Midterm Essay

Communication is a natural process for humans, in which we communicate messages through verbal and non-verbal action. Without communication, our lives would be very different because communication is vital to a developing society, as well as maintaining everything around us. Communication, directly and indirectly, plays an important role in the society of today, 1984, Julius Caesar, and the times of slavery by how the limitation, and or encouragement of it could shape a society forever. Freedom is slavery (Orwell pg.4) the party constantly engraves these words onto every statue, prompt and screen throughout Airstrip One jamming the verses into their citizens minds; in which they treat them like sheep and manipulate them to do what they want. Orwells point pertains to the old Soviet concepts that when state abuses the power of communication by controlling your decisions or deciding them for you, you are free to enjoy the benefits of not having to choose. The state tells you when to wake up, when to go to sleep, where to work and for how long, what to eat, and son on people like sheep, can therefore thrive and retain their minds for really tough decisions in life, like what team will win the super bowl, and if they should wash their hands or brush their teeth first. In 1984, the thought of real communication is thrown out the window by the suggestion that if you let big brother and the party control your free will, you gain the freedom of not having to worry about anything. Communication is completely forgotten because you dont have to tell or let anyone know anything and when you are free to do what people do best, which is eat, breathe, work, and sleep, whats the need for communication?

All this, however was too late. The first step had been taken. Mistress, in teaching me the alphabet, had given the inch, and no precaution could prevent me from taking the ell. (Fredrick Douglass pg. 101). In Douglasss essay he portrays that communication can hold truth and that understanding writing shows someones identity, and how the way they communicate could hint to their character. For example, when Douglasss mistress teaches him the alphabet, it revels to him and the reader that she somewhat cares, not about him, but the fact that he understands. Writing holds truth by how nothing can touch it. Real truth and writing cant be degraded by bias, false beliefs, or wishful thinking, power struggles, and lies. The way we communicate always shows who we truly are inside. Douglass constantly tries to find freedom through learning how to read and write, and wanting to express some form of communication, while the people of the 1984 society willingly accept that its going away. The form of wanting to take communication away was what the party big brother and slave owners had in

common; they both knew the power of communication and how symbolic language is. Both the party and the slave owners also knew that the citizens or slaves could use verbal and nonverbal expressions to make sense of their surroundings and even start a revolt or over throw the government.

Constantly in 1984 the party tried to dress up the truth, but after every subjective layer imposed on it had been removed the truth still remained. Those who saw the real truth, Winster and Julia, knew the real power of language. Much like the party, Brutus in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, tried to dress up the truth in his speech at Caesars funeral. Brutus tried to hid his wrong doing of killing Caesar by calling Caesar ambitious. Throughout his speak, Brutus tries to hide the truth from the citizens and tries to make it seen as if he loved Rome more, when really he was looking out for the good of himself and the conspirators.