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Ingls II Unidad 1, Making invisible ink

Actividad: Activity 3/4. Taking notes 1 Asesor: Sandra Hinojosa

Making Invisible Ink

-This simple experiment is great for young kids, but must be conducted with adult supervision because it involves using the kitchen stove. Invisible ink has fascinated kids for generations. -You might think that it would be difficult to make, but its not. -All youll need for this experiment is some milk; some white paper; a clean cotton swab or small, clean paintbrush; the kitchen stove; and helps from an adult. -All you need to do is, using the brush or cotton swab, write your message with milk on the paper. Dont use a lot of milk and soak the paper. Use just enough to make a thin coating. -Once youve finished writing, ask the adult whos helping you to turn on the kitchen stove to a low heat. Very carefully, using kitchen mitts , hold the paper about a foot above the warm burner. If you dont see results, you may have to make the burner a little hotter. -Do not, however, hold the paper low over the burner. As the paper heats up, your message will-become brown and youll be able to see what was written.

Ingls II Unidad 1, Making invisible ink

-You want to know why? Its because chemical compounds in the milk have a low burning point. When the paper gets warm, those compounds will heat up and turn brown, while the paper will be unaffected. -You also can try this experiment with other liquids, such as orange juice, lemon juice, vinegar, and apple juice. Just be sure to follow all safety rules and have an adult around to help you.