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CHAPTER ONE (STEP BY WICKED STEP) Group Members Tan Jo Win Lim Shu Ni Aw Xiao Shi Maisarah Louissa

Liau *sound of thunder and wind* *lights flicker*

Pixie Robbo Pixie

: There!! : Where?? : Over there. See?? Up that overgrown driveway.

The driver swings the minibus into the looming hole between the wrought-iron gates.

Claudia Pixie Robbo Colin

: Old Harwick Hall. : Absolutely private. : No hawkers. No circulars. : Friendly! Dont even want you coming up their garden path to give them free Paper!


: Some garden path!


: After the terrible journey, I might have said Im glad were here, but Im not sure I am.


: I would have actually have had fewer misgivings if we actually got to travel with everyone else.

Claudia Robbo Colin

: But its just the five of us, picked out by Miss Odell for who knows why. : She just took a quick glance at her list. : Packed us off into the bus like leftovers shoved in the fridge.

*Lights flicker once*

Colin Ralph Claudia Pixie

: Is that it? : No, thatt the old chapel. : Its forbidden ground. : I heard Bob was sent home even though it was a school week for climbing on those slopes.


: I thought it was because he punched the teacher.




*Sound of brakes*

Everyone looks around panicked.

Colin Robbo

: There it is!! : Strick!!

They could make out a towering mansion with dunce-hatted turrets, standing black against storm clouds. Moonlight flickered eeriely against its dark windows.

Ralph Claudia

: Creepsville!! : Maybe its really haunted

*Driver swings round to face them*


: Well?? Are you getting out?

*Bus door opens* *Everyone gets out* *Driver leaves scene* Scene : Huge oak and iron door.

Claudia Ralph Claudia

: Ring the bell, Mr. Plumley. : What bell? : Try knocking, then.

*Plumley knocks softly* *Robbo shoves his hands forward and bangs on the door*


: Try the handle.

*Plumley opens the door* *someone tries to turn on the lights* *doesnt work*

Colin Ralph Plumley

: The lights arent working. : Storm damage. I expect. : *Horrified* You dont suppose they ll be off all night? Its not going to be easy settling you all in one of the dormitories in the pitch dark.

The five of them followed Mr. Plumley up a few staircases before they came upon a little tower with beds pointing neatly towards the centre from five of the six walls.


: But, Mr. Plumley

*Pixie nudges Claudia*


: *Hushes* Listen!! I know you dont want to break the rules, each bedroom for either girls or boys. But on a night like this, with just us, I prefer safety in numbers.

Plumley Claudia Plumley

: What is it, Claudia? : Nothing, Mr Plumley. : Alright then, you settle down. Ill go and see if I can find what the housekeeper has left for supper.

*Scene change: Chairs in a semi-circle. Claudias back facing the white board.

Robbo Ralph

: Should we unpack?? : Whats the point? We all have plans to share with other people. Well only have to pack up and move when Miss Odell and the others come.

Colin Claudia

: If they come : Whats the time??

*Ralph holds his watch up*

*Lights flicker*

Ralph Claudia Pixie

: Nine forty-five. : Lights out by ten-thirty. : Thats all right. They probably still will be.

*Lights flicker*


: Look!! *points behind Claudia*

There is a clamour.

Claudia Robbo Pixie Colin Ralph Colin Robbo

: What? : I cant see anything. : Whats the matter? : Look! : Theres nothing there, Colin. : Oh yes, there is. I saw it. : I cant see anything.

*Lights flicker*

*everyone approaches the hidden door* *Robbo moves Claudias chair away. A button is revealed* *Robbo opens the door by pressing the button*

Scene change: The hidden room.

*The children creep into the room* *Claudia pokes the nose of the wooden cow* *Robbo spins the globe*

Pixie Claudia

: Whats that? : Robbo!! Dont!

*Robbo stops the spinning globe*


: Whose room was this, I wonder. Whoever it was must come from money.

*Claudia looksat something on the desk*

Claudia Colin

: This was a boys room. : How can you tell?

*Claudia points at the big green book*

Claudia Robbo

: Richard Clayton Harwick My Story. Read and Weep. : Cripes!

*Sound of rumbling bus*

Colin Pixie Ralph Robbo

: Is that the bus? : *rushes to window* Theyre getting their stuff out. : QUICK!! Everyone try to looks fast asleep! *snutches the book up* : Why? If Miss Odell thinks were asleep. Shell leave us here and I wont get to share with my mates.


: Hes right. It was bad enough being taken off the bus. But this way I wont get to share with Shreela.


: Listen. Tonights the only time to read this without everyone else finding out or Miss Odell taking the album away. You know that. But we could pretend to be asleep and read it tonight. By tomorrow, well be back with out friends.

Robbo Ralph

: Why? : Why? Robbo, how often do you get a chance like this? Richard Clayton Harwick. Read and Weep. Robbo, how many chances do you get to peep into someone elses life?

*everyone leaves the scene* Scene change: Children are sleeping. Ms ODell and Mr. Plumley arrive. Plumley ODell : Fancey!! Id no idea they were as tired as that. Shouldnt we wake them ? : Havent we had enough problems? There might be a bit of fuss tomorrow. But after that frightful journey. Im not waking anyone. Anyway, there 5 must have something in common. Thats why I picked them. I just looked at my list and picked out the first 5 names with a tick in one of the columns. Plumley : Which column?

*Ms. ODell ignores him and makes her way to the exit*

Plumley O Dell

: What column? : How should I know? Maybe theyre all vegetarians. Or allergic to wasp stings. Or non-swimmers. I didnt bother to look. But, believe me, even if they dont know it yet, these 5 have something in common.

*Plumley and ODell leave*