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MAURICE JOHNSON-Environment Artist 619-370-3678 SUMMARY: Four plus years, of creating 3D Environments and game-ready assets.

Experienced on a professional pipeline in an industry environment. Experienced with prop creation, setting up scenes and using lighting to set a mood or theme while ensuring that the results produced high quality compositions that match an Art Directors artistic vision. Proven ability to complete projects within deadlines while producing low and high poly models and environments with strong attention to detail. SOFTWARE/TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: Maya Photoshop Hand Painted Texturing Marmoset Toolbag High/Low Poly Modeling Normal Map/AO Bake

UDK/UE3 Zbrush UV Unwrapping

Conceptual Artist Photo-Realistic Textures Modular Modeling

GAME CREDITS: Planetside 2, Sony Online Entertainment Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Father Joes Villages -Facebook Game/ Transaction Site Achron, Hazardous Software EDUCATION: The Art Institute of California San Diego, Bachelor of Science, Game Art & Design Sr. Project II Critique, Roberto Zavala Namco Bandai Sr. Project I Critique, Shawn Stone Trion Studios, Erik Beckman Insomniac Games Game Asset Pipeline Workshop, Will Kowach Day 1 Studios Environmental Workshop, Alvin Chung Namco Bandai Concept Artist Workshop High Moon Studios WORK EXPERIENCE:

2012 2011 2011

October 2010 - March 2013 March 2013 December 2012 September 2012 April 2012 March 2012

Sony Online Entertainment Environment Artist Planetside 2 2012 Worked closely with the Art Team to create astatically pleasing environments using such techniques as Terrain Sculpting and Vertex Painting Populated environments with high poly props while importing and exporting assets to the games engine as well as checking for errors and trouble-shooting CREATIVE EXPERIENCE: Millennium Space Combat Arena Senior Project Developed hand-painted concepts for a 3D environment of my own design Worked within UDKs parameters to develop high quality lighting and materials Created game ready models and props using high/low modeling techniques SOE Mentorship Program Internship Assisted SOE Art Director in the creation of continents Indar and Amerish while working on Planetside 2. Credited in their credits screen Coordinated and worked with the design team and the art team to polish up high poly passes of environments through digital painting, hand painted texturing, and terrain creation Improved SOEs in-house terrain editor and assisted with the development of new tools through quality assurance and testing Created aesthetically pleasing and function environments with the use of SOEs Terrain Editor as well populated maps Experienced with Collision creation for numerous props for and in-game assets as well as exporting and importing to the game engine Video Game Creators Club San Diego President Consulted and worked with independent developer, Hazardous Software in meeting the deadline for their Real Time Strategy title, Achron for the PC where I was credited in their credits screen, the game was release on August 29,2011 for the PC Coordinated with Father Joes Village in creation of a Facebook game that allowed users and donors to play and spread the word of Neighbors Helping Neighbors while helping the San Diego Community Implemented a game-studio pipeline with Carlos Dominguez High Moon Studios for asset and prop creation for independent projects for the club Producer, in charge of our independent project called Feint developed with the Unreal Engine PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE United States Marine Corps Camp Pendleton, CA (Honorable Discharge) June 2009 June 2012