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Republic of the Philippines DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION


Meralco Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila

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First time Loan w/ Previous Loan

Fill-up 3 copies Application Form Attach Duplicate copy of Payslip or Photocopy duly authenticated by AO/PSDS/SSP At least P5,000 net take home pay Letter Request addressed to SDS indicating purpose w/ supporting papers if necessary. AO/PSDS/SSP recommends the SDS approval (for

Checklist of REQUIREMENTS:

BORROWER ______________________________________________

Special Loan more than P8,000)

(Last Name)

(First Name)

(Middle Name)


(Last Name)

(First Name)

(Middle Name)

Present Address Home Address Date of Birth Position Office Div./Station No. Employee No

:________________________________ :________________________________ :_________________ Age: _________ :________________________________ :________________________________ :________________________________ :________________________________

Present Address Home Address Date of Birth Position Office Div./Station No. Employee No

:________________________________ :________________________________ :_________________ Age: _________ :________________________________ :________________________________ :________________________________ :________________________________


(Signature over Borrowers Printed Name)


(Signature over Co-makers Printed Name)

I hereby apply for a PROVIDENT FUND LOAN in the amount and at the amortization schedule stated below. In consideration of the grant thereof, I promise to pay all installments due and bind myself to the terms and conditions of the loan. Accordingly, I hereby authorize the deduction of the monthly amortization from my salary when due. Should I be separated from the service, I hereby authorize the deduction in full of any unpaid balance from my retirement or separation benefits. AMOUNT OF LOAN P 5,000.00 (Regular) P 8,000.00 (Regular) P _______ (Special) _________________________ AMORTIZATION SCHEDULE

Should the principal borrower be separated from the service, and there are no retirement nor separation benefits due him/her, I hereby agree to assume all his/her outstanding obligations for the grant of the loan upon proper notification by the Provident Fund Secretariat. Accordingly, I hereby authorize the monthly deduction from my salary the amortization for the outstanding obligation of the principal borrower until his/her loan has been fully paid.

P 441.67/mo. (12 mos.) P 373.34/mo. (24 mos.) P _____ /mo. ( _ mos.)



(Signature of Co-maker)

(Signature of Borrower)



CERTIFICATION OF EMERGENCY LOAN I HEREBY CERTIFY that the proceeds of the above loan shall be used as follows:
Emergency Loan Education Loan Loan due to Sudden Loss of Income of Spouse ___________________________ _______________________________________________________

Please state the specific reason: _____________________________________

(Signature of Borrower)



Payroll Services Division Department of Education Sir/Madam: I HEREBY AUTHORIZE the deduction from my salary the amount of:
FOUR HUNDRED FORTY ONE & 67/100 PESOS (P 441.67) every month for TWELVE (12) months THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY THREE & 34/100 PESOS (P 373.34) every month for TWENTY-FOUR (24) months _____________________________________________________________________

starting on __________________, or until my Total Loan amount stated above has been paid. Amount deducted shall be credited to the account of DepEd Provident Fund as amortization on said loan. Employee No. Position : _____________ : _____________ Appointment Status : _____________

Regular Loan (P5,000) _____________ Regular Loan (P8,000) _____________ Special Loan (P__,000) _____________

(Signature over Borrowers Printed Name) Division No. 033 (Misamis Oriental)
Current Station No.: _________ District/Office: _________________ Date granted: ________________


Office: DepEd-Division of Misamis Oriental

Date: _______________

THIS OFFICE CERTIFIES that: (1) the above applicant is a permanent employee of this office and is not on leave of absence without pay; (2) there is no pending administrative and/or criminal charge against him/her; (3) the net pay of the borrower indicated is sufficient to cover the monthly installments of this loan; and (4) the information reported by said applicant is true and correct.

Administrative Officer V

ACTION TAKEN: [ ] [ ] [ ] APPROVED DISAPPROVED OTHERS _________________________ _________________________ _____________________________ Head Secretariat