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Washington Center R23 Transcript

Tape provided by FAA on Sep 25, 2003

Transcribed by Miles Kara Sep 25-26 2003

Quit 25 flight:

Positions: ZDC, R23 and Rl 1

Washington Center R23 1325-1346 UTC

100 HUNTRESS: Washington, Cape Charles, Huntress on a flight 25

Cape Charles: Cape Charles

HUNTRESS: Yes sir, in regard to an active air defense scramble do you have a
mode 3 on a Quit 25, flight of two

Cape Charles: What's the call sign


Cape Charles: Quit 25, flight non-stored, what's the phonetics. . . Q U I C K


Cape Charles: Oh, Quit, Q U I T

HUNTRESS: Sorry about that

Cape Charles: That's OK, sounded like Quick, Beacon Code 4650 out of Langley

HUNTRESS: 4650 out of Langley, thank you Papa Tango

Cape Charles: Yeah he's about 20 north of Norfolk right now out of 3 thousand 2

HUNTRESS: OK, he's going to maintain under your control, we're just going to
have him monitor

Cape Charles: (breaking in) He's under Norfolk Approach right now he's not
even under my control

HUNTRESS: Alright, copy that sir

Committee Sensitive
Committee Sensitive

Cape Charles: Alrighty

HUNTRESS: Thank You, Pappa Tango

182 GIANT KILLER: Cape Charles GIANT KILLER on the 44 line

Cape Charles: Cape Charles

GIANT KILLER: Yeah, Cape Charles, we've got a pretty substantial

question, we've got a Quit 25 handed off to us by Norfolk Approach, he's an F-15
out of Langley, active air scramble, he's about 5 miles South of Dart at this time,
Huntress just called they want him to go direct Baltimore now and switch him to
their frequency

Cape Charles: That ain't going to happen going to Baltimore on their


GIANT KILLER: I guess when he gets to.. .1 don't understand what's going
on here either, that's what they just passed to us so we're supposed to turn him
over to Baltimore

Cape Charles: Okay, uh, what's he going to do over Baltimore

GIANT KILLER: What's that sir

Cape Charles: What's his plan over Baltimore

GIANT KILLER: Uh, that's beyond me at this time, all I'm supposed to do is
coordinate a flight plan with you to Baltimore on these guys

Cape Charles: Okay, so the guy's not landing Baltimore he's just wants to
overfly Baltimore

GIANT KILLER: Exactly, it's a scramble, they are setting up an air perimeter

Cape Charles: Okay, uh, that's him heading eastbound right now, put him
on a 360 heading and I'll take control of him if you want, Quit 25 right.

GIANT KILLER: Quit 25, yes sir

Cape Charles: Who' s behind him

GIANT KILLER: That would be his wingman sir

Cape Charles: Okay, are they going to join up or stay that far apart

Committee Sensitive
Committee Sensitive

GIANT KILLER: Uh, I haven't even talked to the aircraft yet, I'm assuming
they will stay that far apart, let me find out what he wants to do

Cape Charles: Okay, roger that

203 Giant Killer: (female voice) Center, Giant Killer 44 line

Cape Charles: Salisbury, Cape Charles [Note: 23K and below is Cape
Charles, 24K and above is Salisbury]

Giant Killer: Okay, Cape Charles, reference that Quit 25, okay, what is
happening is, it is an active scramble, the Quit 25 will probably be holding over
Baltimore and Huntress wants you to have frequency and radar on him and want him on
the other frequency to be talking to Huntress

Cape Charles: That's fine, Quit 25 at flight level 230

Giant Killer: Okay, what kind of heading would you like him on

Cape Charles: 360

Giant Killer: 360

223 Cape Charles: Quit 25, Washington Center

250 Quit 25: Washington Center, Quit 25

Cape Charles: Good morning, squawk 4650

Quit 25: 50 we're an active air scramble and we have higher

headquarters authorization to be squawking quad 7

Cape Charles: Roger sir, squawk quad 7 then, thank you

257 Quit 25: Washington, priority scramble, we're on assigned vector of

330, altitude 230, max speed

Cape Charles: Okay, Quit 25, and your delay is over Baltimore, correct

Quit 25: That's what we've been cleared to, that's all I know sir

Cape Charles: Okay

273 Cape Charles: Patuxent Advisory, Cape Charles 7631

Advisory: Go ahead

Committee Sensitive
Committee Sensitive

Cape Charles: Advisory, I've got an air defense scramble, south east of Snow Hill
squawking 7 7 7 7 , wingman squawking 7014, direct Baltimore, flight level 230, under
direction from Huntress

Advisory: Okay, ?we released authority? [not clear]

297 Wash 23: Quit 25, contact Washington Center on 133.9

Quit 25: (ui)

311 Break and convert to Rl 1 position 1344-1350 UCT

317 R23: Sector 11, the world's gone mad, Quit 25's direct Baltimore, he's
got a two-hour delay Baltimore, he is an active air defense scramble

Rl 1: Active air defense scramble?

R23: Yeah, he's taking direction from Huntress, he won't take control
instructions from you, currently he is direct Baltimore, 230

Rl 1: We'll work it out and uh Patuxent watching him or anything

R23: Patuxent went cold (?)

328 Quit 25: Washington, Quit 25

Rl 1: Quit 25, Washington Center, roger

Rl 1: to ?, Quit 25,1 don't know if he'll clip your corner, he's NE of

Patuxent, not taking directions from us

UNK: Yeah, that's fine

342 Rll: Quit 25, understand, will you be descending, sir

Quit 25: We're unsure at this time, we're just following higher headquarters
orders, direct Baltimore at 230

Rll: Quit 25, Roger, are you a flight of one

Quit 25: Negative ma'am we're a flight of three, active air scramble out of

Rll: Thank you sir, I see that now

Committee Sensitive
Committee Sensitive

Rl 1: Quite 25 contact Washington Center 134.5

Quit 25: Do you have a Uniform [UHF] freq for Quit

Rl 1: Uniform backup frequency is 360.7

Quit 25: ui

Rl 1: Quit 25 contact Washington Center on 360.7

Committee Sensitive