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To: Mrs. Knowitall, CEO of F.F.E.

(Funky Fashion Enterprises)

From: Sybil Priebe, Manager of the Fargo t&p outlet
Date: November 7, 2006
Subject: Report on Survey of Students’ Fashion Likes & Dislikes

{Why was the survey done? How will it help the company? Why is it important?}
This survey report shows the results of an in-depth fashion survey completed
on campus. The reason for the survey was to get an idea of what types of
fashions students like or dislike, fashions that students gravitate toward or
detest, and fashions that students would consider in the future. These results
will help our company in deciding what to stock at our store.

>Dates: {When was the survey done? Where? And when was the report written
up?} This survey was completed November 3-5 on the {geographical area}
campus of North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, ND; this town is
located 48 miles to the south of Fargo, ND. From November 6-7, the survey’s
charts and results were written up by Sybil Priebe.

>Definition of the population: Fifty students were surveyed for this report. The
approximate age surveyed was 21.5, while the span of ages ranged from 18 to
25 (Question 2). Forty percent of those surveyed were males; the rest were
females (this was actually the first question asked; I chose to use the report to
magnify the results of Questions 3-5). All students surveyed were full-time
students; only 5 of the 50 surveyed were students who did not live on campus.

>Exclusions from the sample: Older-than-average students and single-parents

happen to not be a part of this survey’s sampling. {How the sample was
selected.} The sample of students was selected randomly on campus over the

Through this survey, I hope to identify what types of students are traveling to
Fargo to shop for clothing, where they go for their clothing, and what kinds of
prices they are looking for. I suspect that the typical shopper will be female.
She will be a big shopper of West Acres, and I suspect that this particular
shopper will have a budget of less than $50 per trip to Fargo.

Question 1:
Findings are listed above. The question asked participants to identify their

Question 2:
Findings are listed above. The question asked participants to identify their age.
Question 3: {Cover each question asked in the survey.}
{What type of responses was gathered?
This means the format of the response type (if not obvious from the results). In
other words, were respondents asked to choose from a list of possible answers
("multiple choice"), or was the question open-ended (letting respondents give an
answer in their own words, or supply their own numbers. How many answers
were respondents allowed to give: only one, as many as they wanted, or some in-
between number?}
How often do you go to Fargo to shop specifically for clothing?
_____ a. 0-3 times a year.
_____ b. 3-10 times a year.
_____ c. More than once a month.
_____ d. Once a week.
Participants were asked to choose just one response per question on all of the
multiple-choice questions.

Summary of Findings for Question 3:

Time Spent Shopping In Fargo,
As shown in the chart to the right, our Percentages
survey proved part of our hypothesis -
that hypothesis being that many students
drive up to Fargo more than once a month 0-3 Tim es
to shop particularly for clothing. Of those 3-10 Tim es
surveyed, the male participants took up 1+ Per Mo.
the smallest population of those who only Once A Week
went to Fargo to shop for clothes less than
10 times a year. Also, as part of our
hypothesis, it was concluded that many
female participants checked off C and D becoming the largest population in the
once per week or more category.

Question 4:
Where do you primarily shop for your clothing in Fargo?
_____ a. West Acres.
_____ b. Downtown Fargo (t&p, etc).
_____ c. Savers and other thrift stores.
_____ d. Old Navy, Gordman’s, other large dept stores not found at West Acres.
_____ e. Other stores not listed.

Summary of Findings for Question 3:

Stores Shopped at in Fargo,
Once again, as seen in the chart to the Percentages
right, my hypothesis was correct. Many
students are using West Acres as their
place to attain clothing, not Downtown West Acres

Fargo where t&p is located. This finding Dow ntow n

Old Navy
can aid us in advertising downtown more as well as considering a small branch
in West Acres at some point in time.

Question 5:
When you shop in Fargo, what is your budget per trip?
_____ a. Less than $50
_____ b. $50-100
_____ c. $100+

Summary of Findings for Question 5:

Budget Per Trip To Fargo,
Unlike my hypothesis predicted, this Percentages
survey determined that the majority of
students actually spend more than $50
per trip to Fargo. Sadly, that is income we
are missing out on since they are Less than $50

spending a majority of that (50%) at West $50-100

Acres, as Question 4 showed. 100+


Essentially, female students are the
population we need to focus on, as is typical with a clothing store like ours. We
also need to focus on those who are going to West Acres to shop.

Based on my findings in this survey, I would recommend:

• Our company may want to consider expanding to a small part of West
Acres. With that expansion, we may be able to attract students to the
downtown store.
• If expansion is not possible, we should advertise better. We could utilize
those restroom stall advertisement spaces since females are more likely
to use the restrooms and use the restrooms with friends.
• Have a fashion show at the downtown store and advertise it at West
Acres with flyers handed out by employees wearing some of our fashions.