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GUIDE TO WRITING A RESEARCH PROPOSAL Title Page The title page is the first page and should include:

Research title the statement ... submitted to the Mater of Nursing Sciences, Department of Nursing Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya as a partial fulfilment of the requirement for course MTGW60: Nursing Research Project 1 date of submission

Abstract Generally written after the completion of the text of the research dissertation. It should briefly describe, respectively, the problem being addressed in the study, how the study will be performed and the expected results Should consist of a least four paragraphs: Background/Objective, Methods (Design/setting/sample/data collection, data analysis, and conclusion: implications). Should be written in the same language as that used in the text Should not contain more than 150 words Should be placed on the page immediately after the title page

Acknowledgements Not compulsory Only mention contributions of people who will be involved in the study Includes people who provide technical, financial or material support.

Table of contents Should list the chapters, topic and sub-topics together with their page numbers. Topics and subtopics should be labelled according to the chapter. Titles of the table should be at the top of the table The use of letters in parenthesis for example 1.3.7(a) is acceptable as a means to differentiate subtopics of the same topic from each other. Please use TOC using Microsoft programme.

PS 2012/ 1

a. Chapter 1 : Introduction This chapter contains the introduction to the issues with which the research is concerned: problem statement., significance of the study to nursing, patient/student and to the organisation aims, objectives and /or hypothesis statement, research questions any operational definitions b. Chapter 2 : Literature Review Introduce your theoretical /conceptual framework Use the theory or the concept to guide your literature review. Critically review previous literature and studies relevant to the field and related topics. Review studies like the one you plan to conduct. Critically analyse previous studies; what has been done? How will your study add to this body of knowledge? Signpost all your subheading clearly Synthesize the current literature compare and synthesize into an overall statement Support why your study is needed explain how your study will address problems addressed in earlier studies or use same procedures and variables that earlier did but do so in a new population. c. Chapter 3 : Methodology This chapter describe and explains the research methodology used in the study. The sub topics should include: o Study design o Research procedures : sampling methods, research instruments, data collection procedures and data management /process o Provide a step by step description of the research procedure o Reliability and validity of the study o Pilot Study o Ethical approval d. Chapter 4 : Results Results and data analysis are presented in the form of text. Figures, tables etc e. Chapter 5 : Conclusion and discussion o This chapter contains the interpretation of the results and analysis of the data. Findings should be compared and contrasted with those of previous studies presented in the literature review. Implications and limitation should be discussed. f. References All works or studies referred in the dissertation in the form of quotations or citations must be included. It should be written in the APA format (Look at IPS theses guidelines).For referencing ,must use Endnote program. g. Appendices Include any questionnaires/research instruments used, letters of consent, any relevant correspondence

For general formatting please refer to Um theses guidelines. Requirement for submission: PS 2012/ 2

1. Soft Binding o o o Two preliminary copies of the manuscript should be soft bound The title, author, name of the university and year of submission must be printed on the front cover. The letters for the Front Cover should be in Font Size 15 and in Upper Case letters.

2. Length The maximum length (excluding abstract, content page, appendices, tables and references) for a research proposal submission is: 8000-1000 3. Paper and duplicating Use one side of high quality A4 paper (80gm) only. A high quality laser or ink jet printer should be used for the printing Font 12 Times New Roman Double spacing. Single spacing is only permitted in tables, long quotations, and in reference/bibliography Margins : Top: 2.0 cm Right: 2.0 cm Left: 4.0 cm Bottom: 2.0 cm All page numbers should be printed 1.0cm from the bottom margin and placed at the right hand side without any punctuation. 8 pitches is recommended for numbers. Roman numerals (i, ii, iii etc) should be used in the acknowledgement page, table of contents, list of tables, list of figures. However no number is printed on the title page. Numbering begins on the second page with (ii) Arabic numbers (1,2,3) are used on the pages of the text and appendices Spellings, grammatical and typological should be checked (must be proofread)

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