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Nut Free Foods and Foods in a Nut Free Facility 5/21/2013

Nut Free Blog: Agave a. O Organic Raw Agave was made in a nut free facility. Apple Sauce a. Santa Cruz Organics apple sauce is made in a nut-free facility. Bakery a. From: "Cravey, Joyce" <>
To: "" <> Sent: Friday, April 12, 2013 2:17 PM Subject: French Meadow Bakery GF Brownies, Reference 000101656A

Thank you for contacting French Meadow Bakery. We use no nuts or tree nuts in our gluten free facility. We do not purchase ingredients containing nuts or tree nuts for the brownies; however; we do not test the incoming raw materials. Thank you. Joyce b. Baking Powder: a. Rumford Baking Powder Baking Soda: a. Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Balsamic a. Colavita Balsamic is processed in a nut free facility. Basil a. O Organic Brand is made in a nut free facility. Black Beans: a. SAFE i. Eden Organic- sold at Whole Foods in a can. Nut free facility. ii. 365 Black Beans canned and in bag both sold at Whole foods. Both are from a nut free facility. Bread a. SAFE i. Alvarado St. Bakery sprouted multigrain from Whole Foods. Completely nut free facility. Also makes bagels and hot dog buns. b. UNSAFE i. Brownberry- Jean called and there are nuts in the facility but not on the label. ii. Bimbo Bread- has nuts in facility.
Bread Crumbs a. Ians Brand Pank Bread Crumbs are completely safe. No nut products at all in company or facility. 1

Broth a. 365 broths. Butter: a. Earth Balance Brand butter substitute Cacao Powder: a. SAFE i. Dagoba cacao powder is made in a nut free facility. ii. Valrhona cacao powder is made in a nut free facility. Cake Mix a. Pepperidge Farm 3 layer cakes were made in a facility with nuts, but they state if there was a chance of cross contamination, that it would be labeled. Cereal: a. SAFE i. Raisin Bran: Raisin Bran Crunch is also made like Raisin Bran, in a facility that may
also produce nuts but they go through rigorous cleaning and testing and this representative also told me the ingredients are kept in a different storage area hooked up to different ventilation. They take allergens very seriously. ii. Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal- verified via email with Jean. iii. Erewhon Brown Rise Crispie- safe

Cheese a. Sargento sliced and shredded cheeses are safe.

Chili Powder:

a. UNSAFE i. 365 Chili Powder Processes walnuts in the facility. Chocolate Chips a. 365 Vegan Chocolate Chips are made in a nut free facility. Chocolate Syrup a. Santa Cruz Organic Chocolate Syrup is made in a nut free facility.

a. SAFE i. McCormick brand isolates each allergen to its own room in the facility. No chance
of cross contamination. ii. Safeway brand is also made in a nut free facility. Coconut Milk:

a. Thai Kitchens coconut milk is made in its own, nut free facility. Cookies a. SAFE i. Elenis ii. Fancy Pants iii. OMy Goodness 1. Labeled nut-free but may contain cross contamination from Fox and Obel 2

iv. K-Toos found at Whole Foods Corn Muffins a. SAFE i. Jiffy brand is a completely nut-free brand. ii. Quaker corn mix is made in a facility that processes nuts, but will label may contain statement if there is any chance of cross contamination.
Corn Starch: a. Rapunzel Organic Corn Starch - nut free facility

Cous cous a. Lundberg Company is completely nut free. Crackers: a. Chicago Flats Gourmet Flatbread is made in a nut free facility. 2/6/13 Cream of Wheat Instant Packages a. Made in a nut free facility. Ellie verified 2/21/13 We appreciate your interest in our
Cream of Wheat Instant Original flavor cereal. This product is produced in a nut free facility. Thanks for writing. B&G Foods, Inc. Corporate Consumer Affairs/4


a. Safeway brand Cumin is made in a nut free facility. Cupcakes a. SAFE i. Lizzies Bake Shoppe: Cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, bars all nut free facility! ii. Nutphree Cupcakes: Completely nut free facility. Yummy cupcakes. Nina likes vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. iii. Mini cupcakes sold by the dozen at Jewel.(CAUTION: Jewel is being sold so check again after sale goes through to make sure those remain nut free 1/10/13) 1. Nut-Free Cupcakes at the Supermarket (No, Really!) Life got very crazy last week so I did not have my usual output of blog posts, but now I'm back with some darn good news about the increasing availability of nutfree baked goods at the supermarket. Here's the deal: a few weeks ago a Nut-Free Mom reader contacted me about mini cupcakes she'd found at a local Chicagosupermarket chain, Jewel. (This chain is now owned by the Minnesota company, SuperValu). The cupcakes in question arrive in packs of 12 and a sticker on either the front or back of the the packaging reads "Made in a Nut-Free Facility." Of course, my question was, huh? They were still "Jewel Bakery Brand" so how could they be baked in a nut-free facility? I e-mailed Jewel with some questions and I received a phone call from from a wonderfully nice and knowledgeable woman in the corporate office. She explained that the cupcakes are produced in an outside bakery that is nut-free and that uses only safe, "nut-free" ingredients.

She did have a few cautions for me, however. The "nut-free facility" mini cupcakes currently available at Jewel stores only come in a 12-count pack. There is a tray of 30 mini-cupcakes that is not safe--it is repackaged at the store in the regular bakery, and so there is a risk of cross-contact. The regular sized cupcakes are also not safe--just the mini ones. I was so impressed with the Jewel corporate office and their grasp of cross-contact and nut allergies in general. They provided me with complete product details and also let me know that because of the demand for nut-free bakery items they will probably be offering more selection in the future. By the way, the cupcakes are delicious! My kids are in heaven--my allergic daughter is now able to eat bakery cupcakes for the first time in 6 years. Frankly, we all got a little emotional about it. After I posted a short note about this on Twitter last week, I got a response from a follower who said that Walmart also offers baked items from a nut-free facility. Anyone else know of nut-free supermarket items baked off-site? One word of caution--please always verify that an item is safe before buying it. For example, in the case of the Jewel cupcakes, the 12-count were safe but the 30count were not. Also, a label that says "nut-free" is not necessarily safe and baked in a nut-free facility. Jewel sells brownies that are labeled "nut-free," but that only means that the brownies don't contain nuts. The Jewel rep said there is still cross-contact risk for their baked goods--unless the label says "baked in a nut-free facility."

Currants a. Sun-Maid Zante Currants are packaged and processed in a nut free facility. Curry Paste a. UNSAFE: i. Thai Kitchen- Made in a facility that processes nuts. Dried Fruit a. SAFE i. Natures All sold at whole foods is made in a nut free facility. ii. Sunsweet Prunes made in a nut free facility. iii. Made in Nature sun dried fruits are made in a nut free facility. English Muffins a. SAFE i. Rudis English Muffins are safe **not all products made from them are nut-free Flour: a. SAFE i. O Organic All Purpose Flour ii. Gold Medal Whole Wheat Flour iii. Safeway brand all purpose flour 3/14/13 Flat Bread: a. Chicago Flats Gourmet Flatbread is made in a nut free facility. Ground Ginger: a. O Organics brand is made in a nut free facility. Honey: a. SAFE 4

i. 365 Amber Honey is made in a nut free facility. (will be changing product name to Rainforest Honey but will also be nut free.) ii. Airborne Honey is all safe Hot Dog Buns a. SAFE i. Alvarado St. Bakery- order hot dog buns online. b. UNSAFE i. Whole Foods Brand: Does not say, in a facility produced with nuts however, Whole Foods Assistant Team Leader- Amy said, anything in the store that does not explicitly say nut free facility, has a risk of cross contamination with nuts. Ice Cream Cones a. Lets do Organic sugar cones are made in a facility that processes tree nuts, but not on any of the same equipment and there are strict ventilation and cleaning guidelines. Ice Cream Products a. SAFE b. UNSAFE i. Lactaid Ice creams ii. Tofutti Cuties- manufactures peanut cuties on the same equipment and cookies. They use safe practices, but there is a chance of cross contamination. Icing a. SAFE i. Wilton 4.25 OZ Decorating Icing is made in a nut-free facility. ii. Better Crocker Cookie Icing shares a facility with nuts, but they are on opposite sides of the facility, do not share equipment and the nut room has special ventilation and employees must wear protective suits so they do not obtain contaminates. Jams/Jellies a. O Organics Fruit Preserves (Raspberry/apricot/cherry etc) Juice a. SAFE i. Honest Kids- Goodness Grape is processed in a nut free facility. b. UNSAFE i. RW Knudsen sensible sippers are made in a facility that also processes nuts. Lentils a. La Preferida Lentils are processed in a nut-free facility. Dear Elizabeth, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. In reply to your question, the dry packaged Lentils are processed in a nut-free facility. Sincerely, Dave
David Brand Director of Quality Assurance

b. 5

Mashups a. SAFE: i. Plum brand fruit mashups are all made in a nut-free facility. ii. Go Go SqueeZ brand 1. Does your product contain any of the eight major allergens? All GoGo squeeZ products are free of the top eight common allergens, including milk, egg, wheat, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, fish and shellfish. GoGo squeeZ products are made in a facility that is also free of these noted allergens. Milk: a. SAFE i. Horizon Milk b. Lactaid- all facilities safe except a few. Codes will be on container. i. UNSAFE: 06-01, 51-4109 ii. Questionable: 06-08 c. UNSAFE i. Organic Valley milk produces products with nuts in the same facility. They do

sanitize between products, but no testing is done. Phone call by Ellie late March.

Molasses a. Wholesome Sweeteners process all allergens in their own separate facility. Oatmeal: a. SAFE i. Hodgson Mills Brand is completely nut-free. ii. Quaker Oatmeal is processed in a facility with nuts, but they take allergens very seriously and sterilize and test lines in between products. b. UNSAFE i. McCanns Oatmeal is all processed in a facility with walnuts, pine nuts, and pecans. They do use allergen wash, but no testing is done. Oils: a. SAFE i. Whole Foods 365 Olive Oil ii. Safeway Brand Vegetable Oil b. UNSAFE i. La Tourangelle Grapeseed Oil Contains trace amount of tree nuts and peanuts. Pasta a. SAFE i. Italpasta sold at Fox & Obel verified by phone 1/18/13 that it is in nut free facility. ii. Whole Foods 365 elbow macaroni, shells, spaghetti iii. Bella Terra whole wheat spaghetti is processed in a nut free facility. Pasta Sauce a. SAFE i. Newmans pasta sauces safe

Pancake Mix: a. SAFE i. Hogson Mills Brand is completely nut free 6

ii. Betty Crocker Bisquick- does thorough testing on all products to assure no cross contamination has occurred with allergens. They even test if they feel there might have been an airborne allergen. They also label may contain if any test comes up positive. b. UNSAFE i. Arrowhead Mills has nuts in facility. Peanut Butter Substitutes: a. SAFE i. Sunbutter ii. Soynut butter- Treasure Island carries it Peppercorn: a. UNSAFE i. Frontier Pepper corn- peanut free but facility processes tree nuts. Popcorn a. Skinny Pop popcorn. Verified by Jean 1/17/13 it is a nut free facility. b. All Jolly Time popcorn is nut free Poppy Seeds: a. Spice Island poppy seeds were processed in a nut free facility. Prunes a. All Sunsweet Products are made in nut free facilities. Nothing the company makes has any type of tree nut or peanut. Pumpkin Pie Mix a. Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin Pie Mix is made in a nut free facility. Quinoa a. Alter Eco Quinoa. Sold at Whole Foods. Phone verification of a nut free environment done by Ellie 1/18/13. Raisins a. O Organic Seedless Raisins found at Dominicks verified nut free facility 2/11/13. Rice a. SAFE i. Lundberg Brand is a dedicated nut free facility. ii. Nashiki Brown Rice with JFC is nut free. iii. 365 Brown short grain rice is safe. Rice Syrup a. Lundberg Brand is nut free. Rice Vinegar a. All Marukan USA band products are made in nut-free facilities. Salt: a. Mortons Brand Salts are safe. Sesame Seed Oil a. On Apr 22, 2012, at 7:13 PM, "info.intl -- KADOYA SESAME MILLS INC." wrote: Dear Ms. Young: Thank you very much for your message and we appreciate you are interested in our products. We would like to inform that our facility do not handle tree nuts/its derivatives and 7

we have no risk of cross contamination. We are looking forward to your selection for our product. Best regards, KADOYA SESAME MILLS INC. SALES EXECUTION DEPARTMENT Tel +81-3-3492-5501 Fax +81-3-3492-4575 Soba Noodles a. SAFE i. HIME brand Japanese Buckwheat Noodles verified 2/27/13. ii. Annie Chuns brand is made in a nut free facility, but not the yummiest. Soup: a. Pacific Natural Foods: Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We are aware
that many of our consumers have special dietary needs, so we take food safety seriously. Our products are made in a peanut free facility, however, we do have products that contain tree nuts. As part of our overall Quality Assurance Program, we have a Food Allergy Safety Procedure designed to prevent the cross contamination.

Before any products are run in the plant, all allergens used are identified. Equipment is then cleaned thoroughly after allergenic products are produced. The cleaning process is a five step process that is very extensive. It starts with a prerinse, followed by a caustic cleaning and then a mid-rinse of sterile water. We then use an acidic rinse to neutralize the caustic and a final rinse of sterile water. After the cleaning process, we do a swab check of the equipment to verify there is no residue left on the machines. Further, all allergenic ingredients are kept in an allotted space and are kept separately from non-allergenic ingredients. Finished products are also kept separate from one another for this same reason.

At Pacific Natural Foods it is important to us that your food not only tastes great, but is also good for you. Our delicious recipes capture all the health, vitality and nutrition nature has to offer. We hope this information is helpful and if you should have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us again. Kind regards, Cyndee Olsen Marketing Coordinator

Soy Milk: a. SAFE: i. Earth Balance Soy Milk is made in a completely nut free facility. 8

b. UNSAFE i. Silk brand is made in a facility that processes nuts. ii. Soy dreams also processes nuts in their facility. Soy Yogurt a. SAFE i. Stonyfield Soy Yogurt safe 1. Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:53 AM
Subject: Stonyfield Farm

Hello Jean, Thanks for reaching out with your question about our O'Soy yogurts. We are happy to say they are made in a nut free facility. Our frozen yogurts and ice creams do not contain any peanuts or tree nuts. However, they are produced in the same facility and on the same equipment as other products containing peanuts and tree nuts. The manufacturing facility that makes these products for us follows safe manufacturing practices to ensure there is no cross contamination with these allergens, but as with any severe allergy, wed recommend that you consult with your physician if youre concerned about trying our organic frozen treats. Thanks again for your question and if you ever have another dont be afraid to give us a shout. Sincerely,

The folks at Stonyfield

Soy Sauce: a. SAFE i. Kikkoman Soy Sauce- safe b. UNSAFE i. San-J brand sauces are made in a facility that processes nuts. Spices: a. SAFE i. All McCormick brand spices are safe unless noted on the container. ii. Goya Adoba- all purpose seasoning is made in a nut free facility. b. UNSAFE 9

i. Morton and Bassett Spices cannot guarantee their products are nut free. No testing/ special precautions are taken. Sprinkles a. SAFE i. India Tree Gourmet Spices and Specialties Sprinkles/ baking sugar b. UNSAFE i. Wilton sprinkles are processed in the same facility as nuts Sugar: a. SAFE i. Safeway brand brown sugar ii. Wholesome Sweeteners Sugar found at Whole Foods iii. India Tree Gourmet Spices and Specialties- Powdered Sugar b. UNSAFE i. O Organics granulated sugar- now not made on a dedicated line Syrup: a. 365 Organic Maple Syrup is made in a nut free facility. Teriyaki Sauce: a. SAFE i. Kikomans Teriyaki is made in a nut free facility. b. UNSAFE i. 365 Is made in a facility that processed nuts. Tofu a. Morinaga is made in the same facility as almond milk, but they are processed in separate rooms, on different equipment and has a ventilation process to avoid air contamination. b. Nasoya is completely nut free. Tomatoes: a. Muir Glen Organic Brand- crushed tomatoes fire roasted. safe. All products from this
brand will say "May contain" if it is processed with nuts.

Tortillas a. SAFE i. 365 Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas checked nut free on 2/18/13 by Andy. ii. Azteca Brand tortillas iii. Maria and Ricardos Tortillas Ellie, thank you for your inquiry and for your support... YES ~ All of our products are made in a nut free facility.... Have a Great Day ! Tom Stacey
Thomas Stacey Vice President Sales Harbar LLC

10 Maria & Ricardo's Office: 781-828-0848 Cell: 617-293-0953

iv. Trail Mix: a. Enjoy Life Not Nuts Brand sold at Whole Foods Udon: a. KAME brand is made in a nut free facility. Vinegar a. STAR red wine vinegar is safe. Wonton Wrappers a. Nasoya is completely nut free.