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New Vistas in Food Processing with Quality Assurance for Augmenting Rural Prosperity

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Organized by:

Department of Processing and Food Engineering College of Technology and Engineering, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology
Udaipur-313001 (Rajasthan)


India is largest producer of pulses, tea and milk, second largest producer of wheat, rice, groundnut, fruits and vegetables in the world. The processing of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants, milk etc. has abundant potential to mitigate the food needs of the ever increasing population of our country. Further, for food security appropriate processing technology, value addition, enhanced economic returns and employment generation in rural areas have become prominent. The food processing sector of our country is a highly fragmented industry and still in the initial stages of growth phase, but may emerge as highest yielding sector and leading food supplier in the world. Changing lifestyles, food habits, organized food retail and urbanization are the key factors responsible for the growth of the processed foods sector. Food Processing involve a combination of unit operations to achieve the intended changes to the raw materials. The combination and sequence of operations determines the nature of the final product. An efficient food processing technologies can reduce post-harvest losses, promote food safety practices, induce demand-driven production, enable high value addition and facilitate exports. Marketing reforms are also needed, as they are critical for the development of the potential urban food demand. India has a very strong base of traditional food products, which have been developed under varied agro-climatic, geographical and socio-cultural situations over the centuries. There is dire need to upgrade the conventional and traditional foods technology so that the industrial manufacturing of products can be promoted through scientific application of minimum-packaging principles and then integrated with other functions such as marketing and advertising. The quality issue for the processed food industry is so paramount that no processor can afford to undermine this. Food quality management, which assures the health and safety of food, has become increasingly important during the last decade. This is primarily due to changing consumer requirements, increased competition, environmental issues and governmental interests. The quality assurance during on farm processing and off farm processing at industrial level can be achieved by proper application of control procedures in cultivation practices, harvesting, processing operation, packaging and storage. The manufacturer needs to consider these aspects to put checks at critical points to supply high quality products to the consumer. Therefore, continuous improvement in food quality management methods is required. The rural economy has so far been unable to absorb the increasing rural labour force in production activities and this has been a big constraint for reducing the incidence of rural poverty. Agro-food processing industries have the potential to generate directly significant employment in production activities and also indirect employment through its forward and backward linkages. This employment will be in rural areas where these industries have to be located near the source of raw materials, especially perishable agricultural products. The combined opportunities of export and domestic markets offer a strategic opportunity for the integration of agricultural into dynamic agro industrial supply systems with strong regional and employment impacts. Food processing includes wide range of activities and issues relating to different food industries. This seminar has chosen to concentrate on a few sectors where in the introduction of modern technologies has the potential of creating a substantial impact on the rural economy and improving the income of the rural population. Keeping these points in view, it is proposed to organize a national seminar on the theme "New Vistas in Food Processing with Quality Assurance for Augmenting Rural Prosperity" to understand the special problems of food processing, quality and safety as well as their impact on food security and presents ways and means of dealing with these problems.

The seminar will primarily cover the following thematic areas: " Global Status and Recent Advances in Food Processing and Value Addition " Emerging Processing Technologies for Quality Assurance of: Herbs and Spices Cereals, Pulses and Oil Seeds Horticultural and Medicinal Produces Dairy Products " Energy Management Opportunities in Food Processing Sector " Agro-Processing Based Entrepreneurship Development for Augmenting Rural Prosperity


The extended abstracts based on original research may be submitted through e-mail or CD formatted on MS Word, in 1.5 line spacing, font size 12, with 4 cm left and 2.5 cm right, top and bottom margins along with the Registration Form to the Organizing Secretary, National Seminar up to May 20, 2013. The abstract not exceeding 300 words should have the title (capital and bold font size 14) followed by the name of the author (s) and address. The text of full length paper should contain a brief introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, data tables/figures/photographs, if absolutely necessary, and relevant references. All accepted abstracts will be published in the souvenir. There will be three types of presentations. Lead Paper : Eminent researchers will be invited to deliver key note address on topics related to various aspect of the seminar. Oral Paper : Among the submitted extended abstracts a few will be selected for oral presentation in technical sessions of thematic area. Poster Presentation : The other contributed papers will be allowed as posters in the poster session concurrent to the concerned sessions on the given time. For each presentation 3' x 2' space will be provided. Three best poster presentations will be awarded.

The conference will be open to registered delegates only. Registration Form attached with this circular or a photocopy of the same should be filled in and mailed along with registration fee to the Office of the Organizing Secretary. Registration Fee (in Rs.) Before 11.06.2013 On the spot Registration Teachers/Scientists/Officers 1,500 1,800 Students 500 600 Private Organizations 2,500 3,000 Accompanying Person 500 600 Payment should be made by Demand Draft in favour of Dean, College of Technology and Engineering payable at Udaipur, Rajasthan.

The accommodation will be arranged for delegates in the University Guest Houses, Scientist hostel and private hotels at Udaipur. The tariff ranges from Rs. 800 to 5000 per day according to room categories in hotels. Tariff for at least one day be sent in advance for making reservation in hotel in the form of DD drawn in favour of Dean, College of Technology and Engineering payable at Udaipur.

Prof. O P Gill, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, MPUAT, Udaipur s


Dr. S Ayyappan, DG, ICAR, New Delhi s Dr. M M Pandey, DDG (Engineering), ICAR, New Delhi s Dr. K N Nag, former VC, RAU, Bikaner s Dr. B S Bisht, ADG (EQR) ICAR, New Delhi & former VC, GBPUAT, Pantnagar s Dr. Pitam Chandra, Director, CIAE, Bhopal s Dr. U S Shivhare, Director CIPHET, Ludhiana s Dr. A K Srivastava, Director, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal s Dr. H S Gupta, Director, IARI, New Delhi s Dr. K K Singh, ADG (Processing), ICAR, New Delhi s Dr. M Tamil Selvan, Director, DASD, Calicut, Kerala s Dr. K Alagusundaram, Director, IICPT, Thanjavur (TN) s Dr. S D Kulkarni, Project Director, CIAE, Bhopal s Dr. Harpal Singh, Director, BIT, BGI Campus, Distt. Muzaffarnagar s Dr. S K Nanda, PC (PHT), CIPHET, Ludhiana s Dr. Balraj Singh, Director, National Research Centre on Seed Spices, Ajmer s Dr. G R More, Director of Research, Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani s Dr. H G More, Director Extension, MPKV, Rahori, Maharastra s Dr. R K Jain, Principal, ADIT, Anand s Dr. D C Joshi, Dean, Faculty of Food Processing and Bio energy, AAU, Anand s Dr. Khalid Khan, Dean, CAET, OUAT, Bhubneswar s Dr. S P Agrawala, Retired Principal Scientist, NDRI, Karnal s Dr. V K Sehgal, Retired Professor, PAU, Ludhiana s Dr. R Viswanathan, Prof. and Head, Food and Agril. Process Engg. TNAU, Coimbatore s

Dr. P L Maliwal, Dir. Res., MPUAT, Udaipur Dr. B P Nandwana, Head, Mech. Engg. CTAE Dr. S S Rathore, Head, Mining Engg., CTAE Dr. S R Bhakhar, Head, SWE, CTAE Dr. B S M Singhvi, Head, Civil Engg., CTAE Dr. Sunil Joshi, Head, ECE, CTAE Dr. P K Singh, Chief Warden, CTAE Dr. A K Mehta, President, ISAE, Raj. Chapter Dr. Dharm Singh, Chairman, CSI, Udaipur Dr. K C Sharma, PFE, CTAE Dr. I J Mathur, Dir., Ext., MPUAT, Udaipur Dr. G S Tiwari, Head, FMP, CTAE Dr. Surendra Kothari, Head, REE, CTAE Dr. R R Joshi, Head, Electrical Engg., CTAE Dr. Naveen Chaudhary, Head, CSE, CTAE Dr. Deepak Sharma, Adm. Officer, CTAE Dr. Y C Bhatt, Chairman, IE(I), Udaipur Dr. S M Mathur, Coordinator, TCF & PRISM Dr. R C Verma, PFE, CTAE Dr. N L Meena, PFE, CTAE

New Vistas in Food Processing with Quality Assurance for Augmenting Rural Prosperity
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Accommodation required (Yes/No) Single bed room : AC / non-AC Double bed room : AC / non-AC

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Prof. Narendra S Rathore

Chairman Dean, College of Technology and Engineering MPUAT, Udaipur (Rajasthan)- 313 001 Ph.: 0294- 2470837(O); Cell: 09414166961 Fax: 0294-2471056, E-mail:

Prof. V D Mudgal
Convener & Organizing Secretary Head, Department of Processing and Food Engineering College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur (Rajasthan)-313 001 Ph.: 0294-2470809 (O); Cell: 09414160210 E-mail:

Prof. G P Sharma and Dr. N K Jain


Prof. S K Jain and Dr. P S Champawat

Co-organizing Secretaries Department of Processing and Food Engineering College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur (Rajasthan)
Venue :