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Curriculum Vitae

Arati Vishnu Boraste

Add: Flat no. 3 ,Suman Apt,
9850908087 Nashik.-422013 Email: Savarkar Nagar Gangapur Road Phone : +91 2532342828 Mobile: +91

Seeking position as SAP TECHNICAL CONSULTANT Software SAP ABAP / 4 ERP


Employment History: Thinking Minds.Com (I) Pvt. Ltd. Title: ABAP Programmer. Undergone training in SAP ABAP / 4 in company Thinking minds. Currently Working in SAP ABAP / 4 Projects for company Thinking minds


Skill set in SAP ABAP / 4:- ABAP / 4 editor internal tables screen painter menu painter LSMW BDC(transaction ,session & Direct) Back ground schedules Logical database ABAP queryes Function modules subroutines ( pass by value / pass by reference ) Sapscript Smartform Messages Joins Very Strong in module pool programming and reports.
Projects/Work Experience:

Project Name Team Size Role Module

567 Material Process 8 Team Member MM [Material Managment]

Reports: Description: Providing Material data information. Tables Used :- MARA , MAKT , MARD ,MAKG ,MARC. Working in Selection screens for various information providing the concepts of reports

Working in various events in reports. Working with screen modification using loop at screen. Working in on block, on field etc concepts. Working with various select-options, pushbuttons, check box, radio buttons. Various joins, select for all entries.

Working with interactive reports by the below concepts.

Interactive events. Various system defined fields used in interactive reports. Working on various secondary windows .

BDC (BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION): Production Planning Concepts like:

Bill of Material, Work Center, Routing, Activity type, Short Term and Long Term Planning, Capacity Overview, Costing run.

Material management concepts like:

Materials (finished, semi-finished, raw), Purchase order, Purchase requisition, Request for quotation , Price comparison etc

While working on the above projects, internal table concepts used:

Creation of simple internal tables. Types of internal tables. Control break statements in internal tables. Insert, delete, modify, sort, and read of internal tables. Various select queries and joins in internal tables.
Project Name Team Size Role Module 1393 US Work process 8 Team Member MM [Material Managment]

Various concepts worked on project 1393 US Work process . DATA DICTIONARY:

Tables, Views, search helps.


Developing Sapscripts and smartforms where different page settings, box, frames, context colors, paragraphs, LOGOS etc done for purchase order, routings, plan orders, materials, customers etc. Calculations defining variables. Designing various sections, loops, tables, boxes graphics etc for reporting purchase orders and materials. Designing various smart form styles.


Developing ABAP query reports wherever some selected field values are required in some other formats like EXCEL, WORD etc. Using LSMW recording method for uploading data from text file to SAP.


Developing ALE configuration & Known various concepts of IDOC.


Adding several screens to standard information like materials, customers, purchase orders, goods requisition note etc using enhancements.

Technical skills:

Programming Languages: C++, C, Java,SQL, ABAP/4. Databases : Oracle 8i, Microsoft Access. Operating system : Windows 9X/ 2000/ XP. Tools and Package : Unified Modeling Language, 3D max. ERP : SAP 4.7 EE

Academic Background:

Academic Qualification S.S.C H.S.C B.E. (Computer Science)

BOARD/university Nashik Board Nashik Board

Percentage 88.00% 82.17%

Grade/Class First Class with Distinction First Class with Distinction First Class

Pune University



Thinking minds
Technical Consultant (June 06 till date) Working on projects for SAP ABAP / 4