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4 Thursday, May 23, 2013

Springboro Sun
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. - The First Amendment to the United States Constitution

OPINION The times, Memorial Day parade they are is at 2 p.m. Monday a changing
So we had a crisis at home the other day, well at least a crisis to my teenage daughters. Dad, the remote for the TV wont work, they holler in unison. Well, not sure what you have in your homes, but we have satellite TV with a receiver box. I holler back. Did you know, you can change the channel by pushing the up or down arrow on the box? We do our fair share of hollering in our house, a tradition handed down to me by my dad. They looked at me like I said All the make-up companies went out of business, yep no more eye liner. Wow, we didnt know that, they say this time, though, no hollering. But that would mean we have to get off the couch to change the channel. I looked at them like You mean the Just for Men, Touch of Grey company also went out of business? Then I began the generational comments that my dad had with me. Do you know guys when I was growing up we had only three TV stations to choose from with no remote for the TV, I say. So we had to get up and change the channel. Again, I get the no make-up in the world ever again look. Thats OK dad, well go watch videos on our phones. Guys sit down a minute, let me tell you how it was, so youll appreciate what you have, I continue. When I was 16, my mom and dad let me visit a friend in Southfield, Michigan outside of Detroit. But, me and my two buddies had to check in by using a pay phone at the rest area. Yes, no cell phones. Can you believe it? And we survived. And when I was in middle school yes, we had schools back then we walked to school every day. Then I got nostalgic, remembering the push mower we had. I cut the neighbor ladys grass for $3. Later I bought her house and ended up cutting it for free. I tell them how a power mower was a luxury, plus gas was so expensive back then 68 cents a gallon was cutting into my hourly rate working a summer at Old River making $1.75 an hour. And before CDs we had vinyl records, listened on a stereo with a needle. Then the technology was taking off. Remember 8-tracks? If a song went too long, the track would change right in the middle of it, continuing after a long pause and a horrible grumbling sound. How about this, before GPS we had to use road maps. Could anyone actually fold the darn thing up correctly when finished? I continue on my diatribe. And not too long ago, we had big, bulky answering machines that used tape, yes tape to record messages. Or for that matter, before the DVR, we recorded TV shows on VHS tapes. I observed new ones being sold at a local discount store. Not sure who is using them, but they have em. Before the Wii and Play Station we played video games in an arcade. Made ice cubes by filling ice trays with water, placing them in the freezer then waiting for 32 degrees to do its thing. Wow, Im on a roll. Anyone have a PDA or remember flipping through a telephone book or using a phone with a cord. Fax machines? Where did they go? We have an older, non-flat screen monitor for one of our computers. My kids want to know, whats all that in the back of it Dial phones and dial tones. Remember when someone would hang up and youd get a dial tone? Now you continue talking for two minutes before you realize, no one is there. Speaking of, can you still dial 411 and get some information please? Do you recall after searching for the local access numbers, then signing on to your dial up AOL account hearing Youve got mail? What about getting film developed or film in general? Remember Foto Mats, Foto Fairs, whatever they were called? The little booths in the parking lots where you drop off your film? GONE! Or do you recall actually talking to a bank teller? How about neighborhood groceries and drug stores? Yes, we have convenience stores, but not at a very convenient price. By the way, where are the floppy discs and CDs? Newspapers shrinking, magazines vanishing, book stores closing, hand written letters, Penneys and Sears catalogs and Wikipedia wiped out Britannica. All things of the past, we couldnt do without and now its where did all that go? I think Im making my point now, time to knock it out of the park and head for home So guys, my point is, I say. Appreciate what you have in the times we live in, just like I did and your grandfather before you. Guys guys? I ask, no hollering, Did you get all that? What dad? The oldest asks. Sorry, had my headsets on. Oh well, I think Ill go find some batteries for the remote. Cheers! Buch

The World According to

Dont miss the big Memorial Day parade, service and free picnic next Monday. Heres how and where it happens. The parade starts at 2 p.m., going south on Main St. (State Route 741) at Central Avenue (State Route 73). As it passes by, you fall in at the end and follow it to Wade Field behind the intermediate school, where a short service honoring our soldiers takes place. After the service, a free picnic featuring four different kinds of pizza from Carmelos Pizzeria, soft drinks, water, chips, cake and more takes place inside the cafeteria next to the field. If for any reason it rains, the service will be held in the gymnasium next to the cafeteria. Its a celebration of life for those that served to keep our country free. Please come join us for this one-hour celebration in memory of those that served. Its Sunday and were in Raleigh, N.C. visiting our son, Jonathan his wife, Mary Beth, the twins, six, Catherine and Emma, and four-year-old son, Franklin. Lucy and I just came up from breakfast at the hotel, which is filled with people from New Jersey. Must have been a wedding last night. All talking about the long ride home that well endure tomorrow. Coming down was uneventful other than close to four hours of fog in the early morning, causing an eighthour trip that Google promised to be 11. This whole area is extremely built up.The mall traffic near where we are staying is like the Austin Boulevard interchange multiplied five times. Some of the waits at lights are close to five minutes.Another hiccup is that North Carolina doesnt have smoking laws like we do, so


By Don Wright
Times Columnist
smokers have the right away. Our hotel was unable to promise a smoke-free room that we requested, but we were pleased when one was available at arrival.Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and has a population of over 400,000, so its not as easy to get around as Springboro. Weve been lost several times, but have found our way within minutes. Thank you, Google. If we had time, wed run east for a couple of hours and hit Wrightsville Beach for the day. I luv being in a state where when you give them your last name they dont say is that spelled with an R or a W.Two states where they never ask is Ohio and North Carolina. Michigan and Florida acted like they never heard it spelled with a W. Thats a new one on me, theyd say. Church with son was very exciting. He goes to Catch the Fire very up tempo, today, hip and exciting. We loved the music and the people of all nationalities. Todays preacher was a gentleman from Puerto Rico that spoke perfect English, and I mean perfect, you would never guess he came from the Islands. Blacks, whites, people from Great

Britain, Africa and many other parts of the globe. It was a joyous 90 minutes. Headlines you might have missed. These are actual headlines from newspapers across the United States. Bridges help people cross rivers (unless they have a boat, canoe, paddle or are a good swimmer) Hospitals resort to hiring doctors (no way, what can they add, lets fight this one, people.) Miracle cure kills 5th patient (dont ask for miracle cures, regular cures work best and cost less.) Total lunar eclipse to be broadcast on NPR (I cant wait to hear it, wow, it will be so cool to listen to.) Man with 8 DUIs blames drinking problem (they all say the same thing, hogwash.) Man accused of killing attorney receives new attorney (how many attorneys will he be allowed?) City unsure why the sewer smells (this calls for a state investigation and major money.) Federal Agents raid gun, shop find weapons (no way, really, are you sure?) Marijuana issue sent to a joint committee (really, a joint committee? This could go up in smoke.) Bugs flying around with wings are flying bugs (who thought this one up?) These brilliant headlines make you wonder if anything ever gets edited nowadays. Archived streaming video 24/7 at and watch whatever Springboro show youd like to see when youd would to see it. Also available on Channel 6 in the Dayton south viewing area 30 times during May and June by consulting and clicking on channel 6 and looking for Springboro programs.

Put them out, for life!

REFORMED SMOKER ALERT: Im sure many of you didnt get past that warning. Thats too bad. The numbers I see say smoking for young people in America is down. Then I read that usage is up. Nobody really knows. All I do know is it seems, to my untrained eye, that at least every other teen and 20-something I see walking around has a coffin nail hanging from their lips or in their hand. Its insane! Im not too shy to open my shirt and show the scars from my open heart surgery 25 years ago. I attribute that in great part to smoking. I started in the service and smoked for about 12 years before I had my life-saving (and eyeopening) bypass surgery. The smoking was by far the biggest causative factor. There was no family history and my numbers were good. Diet was contributory too, but I blame cigarettes more than anything else. That was all it took to stop me. But I sure wish something could have snapped me out of that craving before that very painful and costly surgery was needed. By Mike

Times Columnist Im not even sure why Im wasting column space on this; except that I care. The kids who are smoking think they know better than any scientist or reformed smoker, and the adults who do it; well they should know better. I have a question for the young parents pushing the stroller down the street with a toddler and another youngster walking with them and both parents are smoking or riding in a car and lighting up with the kids. Are you nuts? I want to go grab them by the scruff of the neck and shake them. These kids are learning what to do from them. I suppose my hope is that of all the readers wholl see these words in hard copy in the paper, in the online edition, later on when I post it on my Facebook or blog pages, that at least one

person will say maybe it doesnt make sense to smoke and put them down. The last time I lit one up they cost about 50 cents per pack. Theyre over ten times that now. Where do kids get that kind of money anyway? Its funny how words or song lyrics at just the right time make you think. There was a TV commercial on the other evening with Debby Boone and her hit Y ou Light Up My Life playing in the background. The movie that broke for that commercial had a kid smoking in the last scene. I thought to mys absolutely no connection between self that there lighting up and life in that scenario. Promise me youll at least consider what I said. Thank you. Oh, and your family and friends thank you too. Mike Scinto is a 37 year veteran talk show host serving locally, statewide and nationally behind the microphone. For the past dozen years he has authored this award-winning column. You may have also seen him offering his unique insights of Fox News Channel. Friend Mike at or visit

A slight political adjustment and Benghazi is Watergate

Some of us are old enough to vividly remember the Watergate scandal which cost Richard Nixon the presidency. Younger folks should read up on it and then compare that election year dirty trick to the current debate about the Benghazi tragedy during last falls presidential campaign. Watergate was a bungled burglary of the Democratic headquarters in Washington. It netted nothing useful for Republicans. No one was killed, injured or even frightened by the event. But the ensuing cover-up by the Nixon administration in its second and supposedly triumphant term created bipartisan shock and outrage. As the sordid little details emerged, angry Republicans refused to circle the wagons and Nixon was toast. Our ambassador to Libya and three other brave Americans were killed last Sept. 11 by an attack on our diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Its possible that diplomacy was really a cover for a CIA outpost that wouldnt embarrass the new Libyan government. It was a terBy William

Times Columnist rorist attack, and a well-planned one, pure and simple. But it was an awkward situation for President Obama who constantly touted the assassination of Osama bin Laden as evidence of his defeat of Al Qaida. Almost immediately U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was sent to the Sunday news shows to say it was just a protest of an obscure anti-Islamic internet posting. We now know beyond any doubt that the State Department, the CIA, the intelligence establishment, and the military all knew immediately it was an organized terrorist attack by previously identified elements of Al Qaida. We have testimony by non-political career diplomatic officers that they watched the dishonest statements by the administration in shock and dis-

gust. They were threatened with punishment if they went public, and even were punished when suspected of trying to go public. Perhaps you saw our Congressman, Mike Turner, questioning the witnesses during the recent congressional hearings. Maybe you also saw some (not all) of the Democrats say it was all political and the witnesses were just being used by those nasty Republicans. Friends, there are obvious political repercussions in this (just as in Watergate), but the evidence of Democratic political interests trumping the truth should thoroughly alarm any thoughtful citizen. Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission at the embassy in Tripoli, told how he tried to get rescuers to Benghazi and was thwarted by his superiors. He briefed then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton immediately. Obviously she lied about this in her testimony to Congress but she will www .Spr

lenge anyone who says so because she is a very important person and her accuser is just an insignificant cipher, maybe even a Republican tool. Of course the second big factor in the cover-up is protecting Mrs. Clinton for a presidential run in 2016. She bears the ultimate responsibility for leaving the Libyan diplomats, as the record shows, with far less protection than they repeatedly said they needed. She bears the responsibility for going along with the administration lies and not insisting on rapid steps to catch the attackers. It was weeks before the FBI was on the scene and the trail was cold. No one has been caught yet. The loss of Ambassador Chris Stevens, an expert on Middle East diplomacy, was tragic enough, as well as the three brave men who tried to protect him. Their memory is deeply dishonored by the subsequent deception about the circumstances of their sacrifice.

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