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Aries 9th - Reflective; perceives things objectively. Works well with the public and with groups.

Interested in symbolism, meditation, and the inner needs of others. The native will be blessed with an inborn righteousness as well, and with a mind open to truth. Should he be gifted for mental work, natural sciences would be his branch; should he be particularly sensitive to spiritual forces, he would have the gift of clairvoyance, perhaps of prophecy. Initiation is not excluded. The other aspects of the horoscope will show. A great fondness for hunting is to be expected. Policemen; great generals; courage; triumph and immortality; eye balls. Influenced by quick, dexterous Gemini and responsible Capricorn - ambitious, courageous, persevering, strategic. Unusual career; honors and distinction. Righteous and truthful - has no reason to lie - attracted to science, transportation, and trade involving metals and had-skills-disciplined, inquisitive. Politics and police work. Independence may make marriage difficult or superficial; male children likely.
Courage, nay daring; here too, as in the foregoing degree, the borders of recklessness are skirted.

Led by a successful ambition, barring signs to the contrary, the native is likely to beat his foes, to reach the highest standing, to attain peerless distinction. His career will be at any rate exceptional or uncommon. It denotes a person who will occupy some singular position in life; one whose career will be remarkable, if not unique, and noted for Its daring and hazardous exploits. It gives success In undertakings and much prestige. It is a degree of VICTORY. Can rise to great heights. This degree has the power to attract friends through a winning, spiritual nature. The person here denoted will possess a mind open to receive truth and will reflect the truth in his or her daily life. Such will be scrupulously just and honorable. He, or she, may prove to be a great seer, or naturalist. Should this person be of humble origin, he will rise far above his birth. Denotes spiritual and material advancement. The native will in some way be a pioneer whose labors will be hailed and recognized. He will be favored by the people, and will easily attract influence. To obtain the best promises of this degree he may have to move about as indicated in his horoscope. It is a symbol of Influence. Quiet, courageous, and generous character. Success is achieved in a very unusual and prestigious occupation requiring boldness, such as in the military, big game hunting, politics, etc. Should the natal chart concur, one can have a quite remarkable career in chemistry, mechanics, or metalwork such as the manufacture of weapons. One wins many a victory, including in the romantic field, which is fraught with hurdles and hurt self-esteem. This degree indicates that success is, somehow, linked to deaths or destruction.

Aries 12th - INTUITION The native has good sense of intuition. If aspects are unfavorable he may start many things he will never finish. This degree is found in charts of lawyers and doctors along with Leo, Aquarius in 23-24 degree. It is also a degree of movement, often found in the

charts of athletes, sportsmen and wrestlers. (The fixed signs are usually prominent in charts of strong men). Benefits from sports and a health regimen, often becomes adept at coordinating mind and body. Inborn feeling of superiority is a powerful drive. Impetuous; desires the best mate, pleasant confidants and positions of responsibility - and successfully finds them. A degree of movement; medical fields - doctors (along with 23-24 deg Leo, Aquarius); sportsmen or athletes (with fixed signs); electricians; wrestlers (with fixed signs); lawyers (along with 23-24 Leo, Aquarius); hair, spiritual intuition; if afflicted - may start many things he will never finish; corpus callosum (band of nerve fibers). The natives character will be subjected to exceptional tests; his or her youth will be such a furnace of grief as to blast anyone not made of the sterner stuff. Should there be any real gold in the crucible, the furnace might purify and purge it of any dross. Ripe age would then reward the native for his youthful ordeals and would lead his inborn superiority to universal recognition. When the rest of the horoscope shows other signs in support of this, the highest steps of the social ladder can be reached. It denotes one who through suffering, pain and hard work, will at the close of life rise to much dignity and receive many honors. This degree is capable, of lifting, the native from obscurity to prominence as the reward of enduring effort. It is a degree of REWARD. This is a most significant degree. It denotes great native powers or abilities which, by some occult power, bring about a host of heart-rending trials for the native during his earlier days. This may be noted in a number of instances, where there is a born genius; and it has proved a puzzle to the philosopher. The qestion has been asked again and again, Why should such persons be the subjects of such trials? The answer I give Is that by virtue of pre-natal conditions, combined with the natal, the psychic nature of that person being more open to outside influence than the ordinary, there is a rush of the unfavourable and malignant powers to that sphere, with the object of extinguishing that luminary, or otherwise bringing on a total eclipse. Energetic, impulsive, individualistic, not easily swayed by others. His initiative can lead the way to new horizons. Denotes bravery, love, and sincerity. Honor will come to this native, his thoughts and ambitions lead him upwards. By Loves guidance he passes over obstacles and pursues an honorable course. His nature is somewhat proud, but he is generous and noble-minded. Influence and favor come to him. It is a symbol of Light. After a host of sufferings, sorrows, and hard work, one reaches a prestigious position and receives many honors towards the end of one's life. One may also accede to a prominent government office. The sunset heralds a belated success, the fulfilment of which has been the

secret drive prompting to relentlessly pursue, a whole life through, the route towards recognition, love, wealth, and fame. April is usually the most auspicious month.

Aries 27th - OPPOSITION Professional fighters and opponents in other contests, as well as armies and navies are under considerable influence from this degree. Also you may find it in the charts of contrary or pugnacious people. Often it denotes those who oppose in sports, and it may be found in the horoscopes of lawyers and other opponents. This is also called a degree of understanding and misunderstanding. Overly ambitious, impersonal Capricorn creates a desire for perfection and status, often annoyingly so and with sacrifice and exclusion of others. Good for hunting, writing and technical pursuits, but too self-protective and trouble making of common, cooperative group efforts. Often a status seeker, concerned with appearance, pleasant and well-mannered. Seemingly bright, serious, trusting but careful. Faultfinding - looks for perfect lover - perfect matches are seldom attained. Tenacity of purpose; Mars here - red hair; military; professional fighters; armies and navies; the lungs; opponents - lawyers and other opponents or those who oppose in sports; occult; contrary and pugnacious people. A spontaneously vain and showy nature, whose body will brim over with vitality; an unruffled temper coupled with a sound and fruitful sensuousness; a character high in optimism and heartiness, bountiful and free-handed. There is a gift of serious ponderation an unruffled and bright mood, and a pinch of stubbornness. The native will win peoples hearts through her own goodness and will get plenty of useful advice and precious support from good friends. Especially one (seldom more) female friend will supply most of the material help needed. The symbol may be taken literally when the horoscope as a whole leads to the picture of a wet nurse. Should the native be a male, industry and trade of milk products could be expected. It denotes one of a rich and beneficent nature, who will, by his goodness of heart, attract many friends and gain great attention. It indicates success through a woman. The nature is not free from love of luxury and approbation, but it is generous and gifted, and will, by friendly counsel, meet with opportunity for expression and due reward. It is a degree of FAVOUR. A recluse whom many seek for solace. Caring little for wealth but possessing much mental and moral strength. A dairyman, or woman, a milk seller, or a dealer in such articles as milk, cheese, or butter.

A progressive attitude towards religion, the family unit, and social structures in general. Humanitarian and compassionate, but not sentimental. Loves the family of mankind. Often denotes aptitude for social work or clinical psychology. Denote one gifted with mental and moral strength, power, and forcefulness, who brings hope to many a sad or fearful heart. He is magnetic and iconoclastic, and by his faith and will he gains many adherents. it is a symbol of Fascination. Exuberant, gifted, and benevolent character. One is generous and has numerous talents, which attracts many friends who reciprocate one's kindness and provide wise pieces of advice. A female figure plays an instrumental role in one's career. She may be a powerful protector or a wealthy spouse. Success can be achieved in all occupations dealing with wool and woollen goods.

Taurus 1st - MAGNANIMOUS This degree promises a pleasing personality. A person above petty things. Loyal and serious minded, with some interest in Occultism. Delicate Pisces and brave, fiery, dominating Leo do not mix particularly well here. Love nature is exaggerated, over-dependent or attached to family or religious beliefs, and physically slow. Leo squares Taurus creating family and career dilemmas, but is often well-born and bred. Must avoid idleness. Attracted to history genealogy, dramatics, although not overly social melancholy and inclined to passive vocations and romances. One who counts no sacrifices vain if there by be many obtain a fuller knowledge of life a inner mysteries. Inner strength and intensity, yet a warm and kind way of expressing himself. Deeply loving and magnetic. Denotes one capable of immense sacrifices who surrenders self, expecting no reward. The life will be often lonely, but ever threatened by storms. In the end wisdom and worth will triumph and the second half of life brings good promise. It is a symbol of Devotion. Taurus 7th - STUBBORNNESS Said by some to be a degree of will power, but this is not always true in charts I have used. One who becomes influential through his perseverance, or notorious through his folly. Quick, adaptable Gemini here could be led astray, breaking the laws of nature and man - if not careful. Gemini certainly helps speed up the materially - oriented Taurus mind and incites new, opportunistic ideas. Disarming conversationalist: quick and to-the-point. Likely to shun work for socializing. Finds the paths of least resistance, but often surprised by opposition and trouble even in romance, its natural occupation.

Celibacy, such as priests, monks, or nuns, or those having no inclination to marry; some connection with drowning; determined and resourceful; degree of will power; stubbornness; said to be a degree ruling the Irish. He ought to be taught the story of the dog that left its real prey to pursue its reflected image, in order to harden him against lifes treacherous mirages and the ambushes of his fretful lust, apt to deliver him into the hands of scheming harlots. A person of peace, one who confides in the higher power. Patient, kind, loving, and strongwilled. Enjoys being home and is devoted to family. Denotes one who meets with opposition, obstacles, and trouble who will be compelled to battle against adversity. Such a one should never take risks in anything, no matter how promising, but be content to work on in the very teeth of the enemy, remembering always that the strong are chosen to fight the battles of the weak. It is a symbol of Impediment.

Taurus 20th - Strategic, self-directed but perhaps egotistical Aries-Scorpio degree - certainly never content to sit, always having a plan, project or alternative waiting in the wings. Can build great accomplishments and find success if temper and lusts are kept under control, and if it can avoid yes men and opportunists. Desired to be admired. Sexual attractions often include great sacrifices. Infighter or revolutionary - anarchistic and opinionated. Must develop Libran traits. A frugal, cautious, watchful, silent and close character bearing the hallmark of individuality, a deep mind, a pitiless logic, a precise and methodic intelligence, more suited for analysis than synthesis. The native will rely but on himself. It indicates a silent, watchful disposition, inclined to caution, method, and thrift, but liable to assaults from unexpected sources, which will overthrow many carefully designed plans. It is a degree of ANTICIPATION. A very resourceful sportsman. One whose judgment can be relied upon in estimating values. Denotes one having an analytical mind. He may succeed as a chemist, or where application to minute analytical effects is called for; a very sound reasoner. Highly intelligent. Quick, analytical, objective mind. Clear thinking. Strives to understand the larger context, philosophical view, and underlying assumptions of any idea or concept. Interested in economics. Denotes one of sporting tendencies who delights in trials of skill and who is generally fortunate. To his nature there is a generous, sympathetic, and interesting side, which gains him many friends and much popularity. It is a symbol of Sportiveness.

Silent, methodical, and clear-sighted character. Sly enemies abound and conceal their real nature while waiting for the moment when they can successfully grab what does not belong to them, be it money or an already married person. Fortunately enough, one displays vigilance and providence, and therefore one is able to avoid the most dangerous traps. If in the natal chart, Saturn is powerful, prudence and concentration capacities are strengthened. With Mars, energy is increased, and with a Venus, kindness is enhanced. In some cases, this degree indicates gifts for occultism or, at least, above-average perceptiveness.

Taurus 28th - "KARMA" These natives are usually magnetic, proud and stoical. Have a strong will and good organizing ability. Commercial, Venusian, fashion and possession flaunting degree due to Libra here better for females - causes grief for males. Gifted with beauty, believed more than it should - can pick and choose partners and mate who are subjects and followers. Always right in its own world, and therefore an unconscious danger to others, apt to take them down paths best left for the foolish, Danger of addictions, Magnetic and proud; good organizer and able administrator. Intelligent, original, energetic, self-reliant. Honest and straightforward, sometimes tactless and blunt.

Gemini 8th - Honest and sincere at heart but not always easy to get along with. Refined tastes but nervous and sometimes critical. Apt to travel in foreign countries or to marry someone born in a foreign land. Better degree for females than males, as Pisces/Cancer on this degree makes a tease, a flirt, a socialite, or comedian - but respected for its ability to adapt and win over just about everyone. Can develop its own directions, receives a wide variety of gifts which brings a respectable position and status. Liked by the opposite sex, but likely to be unfaithful or cheated upon. Oddly enough, wins at games of romance, or is not particularly hurt by losing. It points to a nature conscious and confident of its power and harboring a dignified and exquisite kindness, together with a noble pride. A sharp intelligence, apt to catch at once the point of difficult problems, which it will then patiently unravel. The native is a ruler born, and fortune may help his lordly character to conquer power should this not have fallen to him by birthright, so that his position may consolidate in later years. A peculiar feature of this mind is its fondness for conundrums and riddles, chess and pastimes involving mental effort; should the native have a garden laid out, he will have a maze built in it. There is a great daintiness as to cleanliness and the choice of food.

It indicates wide knowledge and power; a position of importance; a mind fit for governing, and a position of security after middle life. There are indications of pride and self-love in this symbol, but dignity, conscientiousness, and self-reliance are prominent features in the character. It is a degree of DOMINION. Capable of receiving the favor of high official and of filling positions of high responsibilities. Denotes a peculiarly constituted mind. He, or she, will engage to do what the majority of mankind would have no patience to do. A talent for propounding and solving conundrums; f6r solving enigmatical problems, or any given theorem requiring solution. Sociable and courteous. Refined, cultured disposition. Dresses neatly and is capable in business affairs. Denotes a judge, magistrate, or one who attains dignity and rank, and who will be entrusted with work of delicacy and responsibility. He will enjoy much favor and many advantages during a life of more than average span. It is a symbol of Jurisdiction. Noble, ambitious, and proud character endowed with self-confidence, above average intelligence, and strong leadership abilities. There is also a deep concern over the honour and the protection of the family. Talents are numerous and cover various fields. Therefore, one can achieve success in a wide range of occupations, from politics and the military to education, the arts, law, etc. One becomes aware of one's calling quite early, but it is only around middle age that one reaches the peak of one's career. One must never be disheartened when facing hurdles, doubts, and uncertainties, because this degree promises wealth, power, preferment, and fame, along with a good marriage. One often keeps a youthful appearance for a long time.

Gemini 16th - JFK, Prince, Oprah, Liz Greene, Rembrandt, Audrey Hepburn, John Travolta, Anne Frank, Osama Bin Laden, Sean Penn, Jeffrey Dahmer, Eva Braun, Erik Jan Hanussen, Mila Kunis, Joseph Stalin, Yasser Arafat, Donald Rumsfeld, Vladimir Putin, Mark Twain, I also have this degree btw Personal prestige or occult powers may grant the native supremacy over others, who will then be the material tools to carry out what the native has conceived. Denotes one of a reverential and devotional disposition. Very secretive, a student of the occult, and one capable of mighty deeds as a magician. Outgoing, enterprising. Has rich taste and enjoys comfort. Good leadership qualities. May be overbearing and egotistical. This very soft, sensitive, loving degree - often well-born or well-bred, and seldom without work or challenges to keep those Gemini hands and manifold mind busy. Theres practical sense and manual skill most of the times, but there may be lapses and weaknesses.

Good imaginations, cordial but caustic - and often a changeable, childlike, dual nature, which also brings much romance. Gemini 21st - THEORIST These people are sometimes very firm about their theories and guesses. Taurus with Sagittarius gives a gentle, winning disposition - generally pleasant and harmonious enough - and fond of nature and also religion. Successful at variety of vocations, probably captured by common ones - secretary, clerk, intercessors - but apt to do very well later in life. Must guard health and avoid life-endangering habits. Math ability, music; inventiveness; sometimes very firm about theories and guesses; inclines one to avoid marriage or, if they do marry, they generally make a mess of it; often brings trouble through the opposite sex; culminating; said to confer martial or ecclesiastical honors and riches, attended by waste and dissipation; a public position of trust and eminent friends; careful, timorous, inquisitive, very fond of knowledge and of novelties; said to be fortunate; enteric; beneficial hopefulness, and good fortune; upper arm. It indicates a person of gentle, winning disposition, kind heart, and generous, ardent nature. One who will be happy and make others so. Domestic peace and prosperity. Rustic habits, a lover of the artistic and beautiful in nature, fond of poetry, music and singing. Some disposition to follow the fine arts. A lover of peace and concord. It is a degree of GENIALITY or FELLOWFEELING. One who obtains recognition through literature and to whom others cling for business advantages. He must use all who come in fulfilling his mission. A noble nature. This nature is stamped with a generous disposition. The natives early life is marked with promise; but fate and fortune conspire against him. The winds are too cold for that sensitive soul. He is born out of time and place. Outgoing and ingratiating. Successful in business and worldly pursuits. Progressive thoughts and actions. Likely to travel a great deal. Denotes one who clings to others for business and advantage, and who will be careful, saving, and given to the accumulation of the riches of the world. He will recognize those useful for his purpose, and recognizing them will secure them. The symbol is not without its danger and its threatening. It is a symbol of Clinging. Contemplative, refined, and generous character endowed with a strong fondness for nature and aesthetics. Success can be achieved in the arts, and particularly in poetry, singing and music, or painting. Marriage and family life are blessed with good luck. However, the body is sensitive to humidity, and one must try to live in dry locations. In solar revolution charts, this degree on the Midheaven heralds a big inheritance.

Gemini 25th - Adele, Dwayne Johnson, Louis Vuitton, Hillary Clinton, Ernest Hemingway, DANCING May be inclined to jealousy, usually a quick thinker. This degree rules dancers and I know a number of women with planets here who dance almost every day for recreation. Kinky, resolute Aquarius makes this degree habitually feel mentally superior - perhaps a little too superior for their own ego. May become a know-it-all who, without realizing it, finds life passing by. Vivid inner mental life-private. Works well with large organizations, but remains a distinct self - inventive and creative. Astrology writers, dancers, usually a quite thinker; This degrees influence is in open contrast with the one of the sign to which it belongs, as it muffles down its foremost feature-reason, and sharpens, on the other hand, its second main traitstrife. The native seems to be born to argue and quarrel, but not on the solid ground of logic as he does not want either to offer reasons or to listen to reason and simply sticks to conventional ideas and popular fads current at his time in order to support his arguments. Works patiently and persistently. Trustworthy and reliable. Kind, honest, and responsible. Jealous, irascible, and aggressive character reveling in fault-finding. Violence, brawls, and stubbornness are at the root of many a misfortune. One would be well-advised to keep one's passions under control so that the generosity and loyalty promised by this degree can be fully expressed.

Cancer 13th - EMOTION A critical degree. Gives great energy. This has been called a degree of severity, cruelty or punishment. A person of great emotions. Religion or lack of lack of it, sometimes plays a part. May work with publicity. Busy, emotional, artistic, apt to rise quickly in status, and attracts a great many love interests. Success in general and good, usually stable marriage. Drawn to arts, opinionated, and with double air influence of Gemini/Libra puts ideas to use, and creates superior works of art. Business ability, music; singleness of purpose; may work with publicity or insurance, math ability; can work in solitude; religion, or lack of it, sometimes plays a part; a person of great emotions; gives great energy; severity, cruelty, or punishment; honor, renown, custodians, guardians, curator; high offices in the government; abdominal walls. An inborn nobility, such as to raise a peasants son to a higher status on account of his native superiority; a natural sway over others, high feelings, kind manners. The natives judgment will be right and will be listened to. He will be fond of art and, in art, of the sublime. Though usually

smooth mannered, he might become boisterous at times owing to an excessive emotion. His minds adaptable manifoldness is, so to speak, boundless, and will balk at no practical problem. His favorite sciences are natural history (especially botany) and mathematics (above all, astronomy); among arts, poetry and painting and among crafts, goldsmithy. Whether practicing them or not, the native will become a protector of arts as soon as he can. The natives marriage partner should come of a noble family; famous through its old lineage or through artistic achievements or otherwise. Usually there is plenty of luck, but the other components must be recognized. It indicates a person of poetical and gentle disposition, fond of sublime subjects and the study of nature in its gentler phases; may be a botanist or astronomer, or one with a strong taste for such associations. In early life this individual will rise to a good position, and if not born into at illustrious family will marry a person of high rank or fame. In all cases the native attains a good position and generally marries early into a family devoted to the fine arts. It is a degree of SUCCESS. Undaunted by obstacles he rises to a position of prominence in middle life, but is considered willful and stubborn. This denotes one having all-round accomplishments. He is never at a loss through lack of resources. He is capable of turning his hand or his wits to anything. Unusual creative power. Strives to enhance the quality of his work or service Denotes one who, never daunted by obstacles, opposition, and hardship, will rise by his own effort to a position of dignity and importance in his special sphere. Uniting an iron will to stubbornness of purpose, the native proves his worth, and triumphs. It is a symbol of Irrefragability. Intelligent, serious, and determined character. One has a keen interest in plants, precious gems and metal, and in all matters related to astronomy and space, including rockets and spaceships. If the family belongs to a high social layer, one perpetuates the tradition and increases the inherited wealth. If of modest origins, one distinguishes oneself through one's work and earns a brilliant reputation. In both cases, one achieves wealth and success, probably owing to a precocious marriage. Travels and education are very favoured. If in the natal chart, the Midheaven is in conjunction with this degree, all the good omens are strengthened. With the Imum Coeli, it heralds dangers linked to water.

Cancer 16th It indicates a person of extreme nervous energy and force of character, who, by reason of his executive abil1ty and great fund of energy, will take a leading part in the affairs of his community. The native of this sign will, among other things, be a great reformer. He will

clear doubts as lightning rends the clouds, and will, while overturning much of existing belief, become a source of Illumination to many. It is a degree of PIONEERING. A person of great energy and a student of humanity. Sometimes a touch of melancholy. The intelligence is deep, lively, original, though discontinuous; there is great executive ability and a high education. If favorably aspected, the native might become an explorer, a pioneer, a political or religious reformer, never an impassive or a phlegmatic being. A traveler who should introduce nation to nation through its industries. He is self-possessed, versatile and a student of human nature. This denotes one who will travel; a student; and one who may make many discoveries. Good in business or politics. Aptitude for science also. Has ideas on the social distribution and organization of resources, money, and goods. Will work hard to bring his ideas into fruition. Denotes a lover of traveling whose leanings are towards a nomadic life. He is, however, keenly alive to the necessity of material work, and he traffics in stuffs the sale of which is not confined to any one district or country. He will accumulate by or through merchandise, exporting and importing, or through things of universal demand. Sometimes indiscreet, sometimes hasty, the native is always self-possessed. It is a symbol of Exchanging. There is inexhaustible courage and strength with the backing of tremendous capacities. The intelligence is far beyond normal. The native squares his facts as he goes along checking everything out almost automatically, as though he had the mind of a computer. Perhaps this is the key to his success. If our minds were cleared of the misinformation we hold for emotional reasons we would all think more logically. This native does not suffer from lack of those emotional qualities -soften the hard logic of science. Most of the natives of this degree attract problems in keeping with their abilities and find that they must make use of all the ability they have to hold their own in what they find to be a hostile world. They seem to hold to a moral standard of chivalry and seldom if ever yield to the unfair treachery with which they meet. You can be sure that these natives will win out over the battles of life. There may be a softness about them to cause their opponents to misjudge their overall strength. But in true Scorpio fashion this native is not to be cut down. If and when he goes he is sure to take his opponent with him. He is vulnerable only when he slips from his infallible plumb line of conscience by which he judges right from wrong within himself. If he slips from his own moral code he, like Samson, will go down with his opponent; still, he does not go down alone. Nervous, sensual, and passionate character. One is endowed with excellent pioneering and leadership skills. One achieves outstanding success in one's country and abroad. Careers in science, the arts, or religion are very favoured, as well as efforts to carry out reforms. Excessive compassion may prompt to show generosity towards people who do not deserve it.

Cancer 17th - This denotes a willful person, one who will be always on the defensive, and too often on the aggressive. Personal property will have but little sacredness with him, his motto being, What I can get is my own. Intuitive, philosophical view of life. High spiritual ideals. Responsible and loyal.

Denotes one who is disposed to place too much value on material things, esteeming them as philosophy and learning, one who will make his days pay him, and who seeks to gain the wealth of the world by all legitimate means. His nature is somewhat hard; he regards his best friends, the friends of his pocket, hence does not know his truest friends at all. He will continue thus to the end of his earth days, when, as the Talmud has it, all that he has gained slips through his fingers. It is a symbol of Materialism.

Cancer 28th - It indicates a nature of extreme susceptibility to the influence of the natural forces; a kind, harmonious and devotional nature; extremely attractive, gentle and thoughtful. It shows one capable of sustained sympathies, of patient and peaceful mood, pure instincts and elevated mind. The native will be fond of the open country and the beauties of Nature in every one of its many and changeful aspects. It may induce a taste for horticulture or farming. It is a degree of HARMONY. An interesting person, but sometimes unreliable and uncertain. Noble, mental Sagittarius here is talented, versatile, well-liked, a good worker and usually sporty - and a parent. Respected. Perhaps less noble possibilities exist here: lying cheating etc, or a victim of these. Good teacher; may be shy. Where there are pointers of honesty and decency, this degree bestows a superior intelligence and a sense for business. Unfavorably aspected, it will produce a low cunning leading to unscrupulous doings, cheating, and even theft. Strange as it may seem, the native tends by nature to be shy, yielding, self-conscious, and close. Original and unusual ideas. May lack the determination necessary to bring plans to completion. Interested in economics. Instinctive, passionate but easy-going character endowed with sharp intellectual faculties, a subtle mind, and numerous gifts. Fateful events, or plots engineered by jealous people may seriously limit one's freedom and even threaten one's life, should the natal chart concur. It is indispensable to be on one's guard.

Leo 10th - OUTSPOKEN Broad views and wide sympathies along with some eccentric tendencies. Strong, refined, artistic Libra temperament - social, entertaining, paternal, and attractive to all beautiful, particularly the hair. Good-natured, bright, but lenient and wayward, more fond of fun and frolic and extravagance - a wonder child. Instinctive and often eccentric, self-reliant, not a good listener which may contribute to limiting its growth. Complacency and resignation are handicaps, often a poor planner. Romance is too easy, work often too simple and repetitious. Generous. Freshness of spontaneous response to life and emotions; usually a pleasant personality; relies on his instinct rather than any code of morals; broad views and wide sympathies along with some eccentric tendencies. As the native is good-natured, very sociable and endowed with precocious gifts and attractive brightness, one is likely to be lenient toward his excesses, which are apt to be labeled as the wayward youth extravagance peculiar to budding genius. A bright promise which is hardly ever kept; in spite of current opinion no-one will achieve artistic creation who does not submit himself to a hard, unrelenting rule, in possible contradiction to the accepted middle-class morality, but still to be observed with an inflexibility unknown to the nameless mediocrity. Many wonder children will be born under this sign. A devoted friend, Inclined to jealousy until he realizes the weakness of seeking to hold by force. Such one may give some promise of developing into a genius, as there will be much in early life calculated to inspire such hopes or anticipations. Expressive, forward-looking, uninhibited personality. Successful in organizations and group endeavors. Enjoys sports. Denotes one over whom the wild senses strive for mastery, whose philosophy of force crumbles before what is truly real. The time may come when he will be forced to pause, when he will be made to see the uselessness of it all, and how strangely things are mirrored in the world of illusion. He must strive lest he become the slave of his lower self and the inducer of his own dangers. It is a symbol of Indulgence. A righteous, calm, and rather shy person who is endowed with the qualities required for fulfilling high-ranking positions.

Virgo 24th - MISUNDERSTOOD This degree denotes a hard worker who has many ups and downs. Sometimes hard to understand because he is not a good mixer and at other times he

does not understand himself. The benefics are favorable here, but other planets may denote a lack of chastity in the female chart.

Daring, passionate, inquisitive degree - combination of Sagittarius and Taurus - keenly perceptive, magnetic, trendy, social and fond of romantic interactions, parties and horses. Ready to leap into intrigues, social causes and love affairs. Indomitable and prefers to help and associate with the non-aggressive type it feels need leadership; this will be the cause of many misunderstandings and strife. Good memory and organizer, but often loses poise, composer or direction. Painting; people who can assemble facts or images and weave them into an interesting pattern; keen perception of beauty; their mystery makes them charming. It is a degree of daring. This may come to light in any of its forms: heroism and aggression, selfeffacement and recklessness, high-handedness and quarrelsomeness, military gifts fitting a partisan or a sabreur rather than a real leader, more a pirate than an admiral, sooner a commando chief than a commander-in-chief. Whatever his profession, the native is farsighted, can plunge headlong into the scuffle and grab winged victory by the forelock. His character, or the deepest of his heart, may harbor something secret or mysterious. In spite of this, a charming personality. If he is a warrior the native will be able to carry his followers off their feet to do or die. In any case the natives friends will be as plentiful and as powerful as his foes. Victory is likelier than happiness. Public rather than private luck will crown the native. There may be a taste for art, perhaps on the macabre side.

It indicates a person of a military, aggressive character, and who will take things by force and cut his way through life by dint of energy and executive ability. He will have many and powerful enemies, but will overcome them. One who has faith that moral suasion will conquer where chastisement fails. He relies on guidance from the unseen in all important ventures. This is very mystical; there is something about this person that life never makes known. At the same time it is that which lends a charm to his life; it endows him with a power to fascinate those who may be favored with his company. Denotes one of an affectionate, hopeful, and sincere nature who endeavors to do by love alone what others are attempting to do by force. Gifted with a will of strength, he is able to resist and subdue all the demons which rise against him; thus is his spiritual nature uplifted, and he is inspired and helped from occult sources. He will have struggles in life and difficulties which

seem insurmountable, but he knows he will overcome them, and he overcomes them all, for they are but sent to teach him what world-life is and what it may be. It is a symbol of Overcoming. Sociable, pleasant, and warm character. One is at the head of a united and happy family and attracts many sincere friends of both genders who are always willing to provide financial help and wise advice. This degree often indicates a special fraternal link such as for instance two friends married to two siblings.

Libra - You have no degrees in Libra

Scorpio 1st - MAGNANIMOUS Executive, enterprising and ambitious. A good mixer, sometimes interested in mystical things. Helped by its magnaminity and fore-thought; practical, useful, and mentally determined. Has many ideas and is a fast talker. Short-tempered, idealistic, but often for unpopular causes. Good memory, medical or surgical skills; gifted in the mind sciences. Should concentrate on promoting higher causes and not stooping to quarreling and embarrassing sexual notions.

A strong soul, gifted with sharp and deep judgment. The native has not only a mentally great head, much humanity and plenty of power, but is cautious, reserved, unprejudiced, either evenly melancholic or fearlessly confident in the future. Though he is normally easy and self-controlled, his wrath will know no bounds if he is roused. His memory is exceptionally retentive of both good and evil; his grudges can hardly be smoothed over. Sturdiness may lead sometimes to stubbornness, the huge strength may stray into highhandedness; in particularly ill-aspected charts, greatness may induce a swelled head. Less seldom, the nativebasically sober as he ismay develop an unnatural taste for the macabre and may be obsessed with the idea of death. This in its turn may be sublimated into a surgical talent or into mystical contemplation of the next world. It Indicates one who is great and magnificent, imbued with feelings of magnanimity and reposeful strength. His opinions are lofty and elevated, his views wide as the seas, and his stability of purpose in all respects equal to his strength of mind. He looks forward to the future with confidence, and his hopes will not be frustrated. It is a degree of MAGNITUDE. Containing with himself the power to transmute the baseness within himself into nobler qualities. A keen, penetrating and occult mentality. Mystical. fond of the occult; great depth of penetration.

Intense, quiet, charismatic, magnetic. Healing power. Instinctively understands how electrical and mechanical things work. Denotes one of excellent and discriminative brain who is capable of firm and continued concentration. The mind is intensely mercurial and penetrative, mastering difficult problems with comparative ease. It is a symbol of Comprehension. Generous, ambitious, and tolerant character endowed with intelligence and self-confidence. Long travels, international politics, and a strong taste for exoticism bring about success and prosperity. This degree sometimes indicates artistic gifts and great fulfilment in quiet occupations such as the cultivation of flowers or the distillation of perfumes.

Scorpio 11th - DOMINATING May be either mystical or unreeling. Sometimes secretive. Has a good memory, usually well liked. Inclined to ask for advice and then do as he pleases. Critical and sarcastic when aroused. Busy Gemini effect with already structured Capricorn specifies a degree of commerce, communication, or expedition, particularly in difficult or undesirable vocations. Learning is a key factor - often learns early in life the value of prudence and is careful in all activities. The exception is love, where Gemini is often unfaithful and Scorpio lustful, promising plenty of trouble once the truth leaks out. Astrology; black (coal miners, charcoal, carbon, dark rooms, sits in darkness); occult writers; ceremonial, benevolent, mystic; may meet some reverses in fortune; often found in charts of astrologers; sometimes secretive; has a good memory; electricians; magnetic healing; usually well liked; often asks for advice and then does what he pleases; can be sarcastic and critical when aroused. One virtue is outstanding here: prudence. The word is to be taken in its widest range of meanings: wariness, ponderation,, wisdom, foresight and, above all, the highest ability to ward off ones despicable but sly and numerous foes. A resourceful mind, an individually marked character, reserved manners. Such virtues, however, border on the corresponding defects: cunning, selfishness and, perhaps, devious ways. The sexual urge is strong and could induce lustfulness. An intense nature, occult, mediumistic and kind, but not easy to understand. Denotes a person who will have his own way; his anger is lasting. Considerate, tactful, precise, perhaps dainty. Refined and imaginative. May be too critical of others.

Denotes one of a strange and sensitive temperament occult, thoughtful, and original. One who, like the battery in the symbol, will give shocks to many. He will have peculiarities and eccentricities, and will not be altogether easy to pull with, not that his temper is unkind, but that his vibrations are so fervent and his emotions so powerful. He is disposed to austerities and rigid rules of living which greatly influence others. It is a symbol of Immolation. Reserved, obsessive, and resourceful character. One is surrounded by enemies who claim compensation for an injustice which one is responsible for. This degree sometimes indicates that one is haunted by the remorse for an old mistake or by some secret tragedy.

Scorpio 15th - 15 An ancient Christian legend tells how, when Lucifer was flung down from Heaven, a jewel fell from his crown. From this jewel a cup was carved in which, on the day of our Lords passion, Joseph of Arimathea gathered the blood flowing from crucified Christs five wounds. This chalice, luciferic by origin, divine by destination, is named Grail. Its wardens are knights enlisted into a military order having its headquarters in a mysterious and impervious place by the name of Monsalvat. Hence the knights set out to bring mankind the medicines it needs, to defend the oppressed, and to redress downtrodden rights. But not all the knights have stayed faithful; evil forces try to win over as many of them as possible, and the ranks of deserters form the army of Monsalvats bitterest foes. This legends secret meaning does not concern us here, but only such hints as are necessary to explain the symbol, whose essence ought to be clear by now, consisting in a spirit of Christian charity and mercy served by an enlightened mind and a chivalrous and enthusiastic heart. A knight errant may not tell a lie; formidable as the foes may be, a righteous one cannot be conquered in an ordeal, down a merciful one cannot but be human and kind, a Christian hero cannot but be lovable. Whatever the moral height of the native, foreign is the country where he is called to act, his outward appearance is nimble and attractive, his wedding princely. Should other components allow, he would belong either to a secret sect or to the militant Church. It is the index of a kind and benevolent nature; a generous and humane disposition; ever eager to befriend and comfort those who may be in distress of body or mind. The grandeur and spiritual loftiness of this soul will attract many friends, and the work of charity and benevolence will increase continually, gathering volume as it goes, till it reaches the ocean of human life, and enfolds all mankind. It is a degree of HUMANENESS.

Great endurance and fidelity, having the faith to continue in spite of obstacles. A militant crusader, a faithful friend, dedicated to service or the cause, often changing old and useless things by secretive but usually peaceful means, employing ancient wisdom and occult methods in some cases. Fear and superstition, prejudicial and illogical. Attracted to chemicals, research,

inventing the curative medicines of the future, or may be a public transportation worker helping to speed the masses on their way. If overly ambitious or a gambler, trouble lies ahead. Romantically attracted to ides or causes, often due to underlying selfish sexual motives. Reflective, contemplative. Mature outlook. Capable of deep thought and concentration. Loves simple beauties. Pleasant and kind. Denotes one who is mixed up in lifes battles and fights for every advantage. Gifted with endurance and a penetrative mind, he wins his way through obstacles only to meet more obstacles later on. But he knows, for all this, that the Power sustaining him is faithful, and he prays for peace in the midst of war. It is a symbol of Contrition.

Scorpio 28th