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1 2 Spell fails, but residual magic energy lingers in the area, causing the next spell cast in the area to have an increased effect. The next spell will function at X (level equal to the failed spell) level(s) higher than normal. Target is teleported (no chance of error) to a position 6' directly behind caster. If the space is already occupied the material or person at the destination of the teleportation is teleported to the position of the target of the spell. Thus, when the caster stands with his back to a mountain wall and casts a spell on a creature, it will appear that the creature will turn into a rock statue - while the poor creature really is encased in rock within the mountain. Caster's eyes permanently turn all black (pupil and iris). Caster is affected by a random priest spell. Caster is affected by a random wizard spell. Spell effect rebound on caster Caster becomes the target of a Sunfire spell (Wiz 4 Al-Quadim, functions as a Fireball spell except that caster is unaffected). Spell functions normally. Additionally, for 1d6 weeks, whenever the caster comes within 10' of vegetation, it will wither and die in the span of a few seconds. A randomly rolled magical ring appears on the casters index finger. This ring cannot removed in any way short of cutting off the finger. A chaos imp (Planes of Chaos) infests one of the casters items. Spell functions normally as if cast by a wizard of twice the level of the caster, but a portion of the casters lifeforce is used to power the spell. The caster must save versus death magic or lose 1d6 hp permanently. The next person the caster touches must fortitude save (dc=same as the spell just cast) or die. In the of death, the caster gains one level. However, the caster cannot help grinning uncontrollably for one afterwards. The caster's nose turn deep red and grows to a length of 6 inches. One randomly selected spell from the caster's spellbook is centered on the caster. The spell then disappears from the caster's spellbook and cannot be relearned until the caster gains a level. A kobold wielding a wand of fireballs (CL10), 1d4+1 charges remaining) appears in a hidden location within 100' of the caster. The kobold will unerringly seek out the caster and start blasting away at him with the wand, taking no heed of collateral damage. When no charges remain, the spell causing the surge is cast, centered on the kobold. If slain or the caster dies, the kobold mutters "I'll be back" and disappears in a puff of smoke. Stream of butterflies pour out of caster mouth Target and all creatures within 10' of target is affected by Heal (CL15). A shining golden apple appears at the feet of the target. The apple bestows upon the consumer a +1 to Wisdom. If held by a paladin the apple turns green. If held by a rogue the apple turns black and a poisonous snake crawls out in 1d4 rounds to attack the nearest creature. A glowing green pear appears at the feet of the target. If eaten, the pear causes the consumer to gain 1 point of Intelligence. However, the consumer must roll a system shock or lose 1 point of Strength. Spell functions normally. In addition a 30' deep pit opens under the caster's feet, causing the caster

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all creatures in a 10' radius to fall into the pit for 3d6 points of damage. In 1d4 rounds after the pit opens, a faint rumbling will be heard coming from the ground in the bottom of the pit. The noise heralds the arrival of a hungry umber hulk in 2d4 rounds. 21 Target is hit as per ring of the ram (3d6 damage, struck to ground). 22 One of the target's items turn permanently magical. 23 Flies buzz out of the casters ears for 1d4 rounds, forcing the spellcaster to take a concentration check to cast spells. 24 The target switches location with one of the caster's family members. 25 A temporary portal to the Negative Energy plane opens at target's location. The target must take a fortitude save to avoid being sucked through. Each round there is 75 % chance of 2d4 undead (zombies, skeletons, ghouls, ghasts, shadows or mummies) arriving. In addition, if at night, there is a 10 % chance per round of a vampire (only one will arrive) coming through the portal. The portal will close in 1d10+2 rounds. 26 If outdoors, a lightning bolt strikes the caster causing 8d8 points of damage. The caster may save for half damage. 27 The target gains a random psionic ability and 2d10 power points. 28 One of the caster's magical items become intelligent and gains a random alignment. The item speaks in a loud whining voice. 29 Spell works normally, but the caster's right hand turns green until he touches a creature or 1d4 months

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pass. The first creature touched by the caster gains 1d4 points of a randomly determined attribute, the caster loses 1d4 points of that attribute. Caster leaves monster shaped footprints instead of his own The oldest creature within 60' is affected by a Haste spell. Spell functions normally. Additionally, an image forms in the air before the caster. The image is of the caster's family or friends being slaughtered by baatezu fiends. One of the fiends (a pit fiend) will grin manically at the caster. A black medallion decorated with tiny skulls appears around the neck of the caster. The magic medallion can cast animate dead 1/day. Each use of the medallion will cause the wearer to slip towards the alignment of CE unless he makes a will save dc 16. The medallion can only be removed with the help of a Remove Curse spell. The caster develops an extreme interest in halflings. He will seek to gain as much information as possible on the little critters. This knowledge is clear to the caster and he must pursue this goal at all times. He must make a will save dc 15+1/2 character level to be able to harm any halfling. One of the casters magic items detach and fly towards the target accompanied by sweet music The target must make a fortitude save dc 20 or turn to stone. 2d10 pigeons will appear after 1d4 have passed. The creature nearest to the caster becomes the target of the next spell cast by the caster. A random wizard spell is cast, centered on one of the caster's friends. Spell functions normally, but a cloud of acrid smoke surrounds the caster making visual perception impossible for 1d4 rounds. The air shimmers slightly and a quiet whirring can be heard from the caster. A chest smelling of rotten flesh appears in front of the target. The unlocked chest contains another chest, which is locked and trapped (poison gas 4d6/1d8). The trapped chest contains a dead goblin with a huge belly. The goblin has eaten a random magic item. The item is in his belly. If the item is taken, the chest and the goblin disappears. The caster's clothes disappear unless magical. Magical clothing are reduced 25 % in size. A small jewelled statue of a red dragon appears in front of the caster. If touched the statue will start growing 10 % each round. The statue is invulnerable to anything except +5 weapons. After 15 rounds have passed the statue turns into an adult red dragon with normal immunities. The dragon will be satisfied with having the caster for lunch, thereby departing. The caster starts breathing heavily and sweating profusely. The condition passes after 1d10 turns. A smelly dog appears behind the caster. It will follow the casters around wherever he goes. If harmed the dog will give the caster a pleading look. Spell functions normally, but is centered on the nearest paladin in addition to the original target of the spell. A stench of dead fish will haunt the paladin for 1d10 days regardless of any cleaning attempts. A black +1 lance appears 4' above the ground. Each round it will attempt to impale a random character, striking with a +6 melee hit. The lance will continue attacking until no moving creatures remain within 30'. It will then hover in the air until movement is detected within 30'. After 1d4 days the caster will find the lance lying next to him when he awakens. From that moment on the lance functions as a normal lance +1. The caster's spellbook grows wings and starts to fly away from the caster at a speed of 60'. A Dispel Magic spell will cause the spellbook to revert to normal, but carries a 25% chance of deleting 1d20 spells from the book. 3d4 skeletons rise from the ground around the caster. They will not defend themselves against attacks from the caster, but will take commands from him as if under total control. There is a cumulative 1 % chance per day of the skeletons going rogue and attacking everything in sight. Target is the center of a Fireball spell. However, the target has a 25 % chance of being totally unaffected by the spell. The caster becomes permanently immune to the spell he just cast 1d4 gnomes riding giant space hamsters come riding into sight. If unaccosted they will pass by screaming inventive abuses to everyone. A Spectral Force (Wiz 3) illusion of the target changing into a baatezu pit fiend occurs. A Wall of Ice (Wiz 4) separates the caster and the target. Spell functions normally, but all magical items and spells already cast cease to function for 1d4 rounds within an area of 60'. The target is cursed to burp incessantly until a Remove Curse is cast. Spell casting has a 50 % chance of failure and wild surge. A beautiful person of the opposite sex and same race of the caster appears in front of the caster. The person is a polymorphed mind flayer that seeks to get the caster for himself for a quick snack. A randomly determined spell memorized by the caster is cast immediately at the same target. The

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caster does not lose the spell. The wild surge tears open the very fabric of reality, creating an interdimen sional rift in the area of effect. Everything within 100' is pulled towards the rift at the speed of 10' per round unless they make a fortitude save DC20. A character saving by more than 3 can move 10' feet, a character saving by more than 6 can move 20' feet. A character saving by less than 3 is unable to move away. Entering the rift causes a character to be hurled to a random outer plane. The caster's front teeth turn to platinum. Color spray from casters fingertips The target turns into a gold statue unless he makes a fortitude save. The caster loses control of his magic flow, causing an uncontrolled barrage of spells from him. 2d6 spells are cast randomly determined from those memorized. The spells are assigned random targets (including the caster). The spells are cast one per initiative segment, regardless of casting times, starting the next segment in the same round as the wild surge occurred. While the spells are flying the caster shakes uncontrollably and bays like a mad dog. Spell functions normally. The caster faints (no save). A quill appears in the hands of the target. The first sentence written by the quill will become true. The target is polymorphed into a frost giant unless he makes a fortitude save. A random ioun stone starts circling around the caster. A poisonous spider appears inside the caster's boots. The caster is drenched in blood. An old man appears in front of the caster, says "A gift for a worthy person" and gives the caster a shining gold coin. The coin is imprinted with the image of a grinning young man and the word Embrazul. If this word is uttered by the coin's owner, a Tanar'ri Glabrezu appears in 1d4 rounds. The glabrezu offers his services to the caster with a grin, but always seeks to perform his "service" in the most chaotic and evil manner possible. Anyone touching the caster will be affected by Cure Light Wounds. This condition lasts for 1d6 hours and works only once per character. The caster becomes allergic to trees and druids. A Prismatic Wall (Wiz 8) appears in front of the target. Music fills the air. Spelljamming neogi become aware of the target. In 1d10 rounds they will come swooping down in their Deathspider spelljamming ship complete with umber hulk servants. They will try to capture the target of the spell for food and slavery. Naturally, should any other food sources be evident, they will try to acquire them as well. A giant rolling stone lumbers into view, heading for the target of the spell. It will try to roll over the target for 3d10 points of damage. After 1d4 turns the stone shatters into tiny fragments of rock, including a valuable lump of mithril worth 2000 gp. The caster is affected by Chaos Shield (Wiz 2). Spell functions as if cast at half the level of the caster, additionally any corpses within 100 yards of the caster animates as zombies, bent on destroying the caster. Any damage to the caster in the next 2d10 rounds is applied to one of his friends and not to the caster (roll randomly). The target's boots turn to lead, making it impossible for the target to move. The target is affected by a Minor Globe of Invulnerability (Wiz 4). A Wildzone (Wiz 8) is centered on the caster. A book floats in the air before the target. The pages start turning faster and faster until the last page is reached in 2d6 rounds. The book then explodes in a Fireball (Wiz 3) at the level of the caster. If the book is touched before the last page is reached, a gnarled wizard appears (W20), shouts "Thief!", grabs the book and teleports away. The target is affected by Invisibility (Wiz 2). Spell functions normally, but is accompanied by a booming voice stating that "The end is near!". Spell functions normally, but is centered on the caster, who gets a +4 to his save if applicable. Grass grows wherever the caster places his feet. This condition disappears in 1d4 days. All creatures within 60' of the caster is affected by Haste (Wiz 3). The area between the caster and the target (10 yards width and depth) is turned to quicksand, causing any creatures to start sinking. Create food and water A bleary-eyed human male (F7) comes riding up to the caster dressed in an outlandish uniform. The man sighs and asks the caster for his orders. He goes on to state that "the men are hungry". Behind the nearest hill 100 cavalry and 200 infantry are waiting for orders. After 1d4 days of service the officer and his army starts to fade away. The last words of the officer is "payment will be exacted soon". 2d20 mad kobolds come storming into view bellowing on the top of their lungs. Their leader is

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Kurtulmak's avatar (F15, P7, hp 120, AC 21, 3 attacks with +15 to hit, MR 35 %, Dmg 2d12+4 (spear), 1d6 (tail, poison fort dc 20)). If any gnomes are present the kobolds will immediately attack. If not, they will wait for any offensive moves against them. If left alone for 10 rounds they will storm off, searching for gnomes. The caster's hands start to glow brightly. Spell functions normally, but the reverse of the spell if (applicable) is centered on the caster. A bottle appear in each of the caster's hands. One is labeled "sun" and the other "night" in ancient elvish. If the "sun" bottle is drunk the imbiber gains 1d4-1 to a randomly determined attribute. If the "night" bottle is drunk the imbiber loses 1d4-1 to a randomly determined attribute. If any of the bottles is drunk by an elf, he gains/loses 1d4 points. The elf also gains a portion of ancient elvish might. This manifests itself in that the elf gains enough xp to put him at the next level The target is stripped of all spellcasting ability for 2d4 rounds. One of the target's allies must save versus spell or manically attack the target for 2d4 rounds. A hat appears on the head on the caster. The blue hat has "wizzard" written upon it in big yellow letters. Any headgear previously worn disappear. The hat is unable to remove by any means, except a Remove Curse or Dispel Magic cast by a person of 16th level or higher. Additionally Limited Wish or Wish will also remove the hat, but it will then appear on the head of one the caster's friends. Spell functions normally, but the target is stunned for 1d4 rounds unless he saves spell at -4. Spell effectiveness (range, area of effect, damage, etc.) increases 200 %. Caster is pulled into the Astral plane, where he is forced to relive the happiest (50 % chance) or worst event of his life. The duration could be anything from a round to several hours. Afterwards he appears in the exact spot he was when he cast the spell, except that time has passed by. Grolantor, the god of hill giants, develops a severe dislike for the caster. Shamans are told to watch out for the "unholy one" and capture him for a ritual sacrifice. 65 % of 1d4-1 hill giant appearing within 200 yards of the caster. Spell works normally. Additionally, a holy symbol of the spiderqueen Lloth (or other nasty god of the DM's choosing) appears around the caster's neck. Can not be removed unless remove curse is cast. Spell functions, but the next 1d4 spells cast by the caster automatically result in wild surges. The next spell cast has its effect split between the caster and the target. Duration and effect is halved. For instance, an invisibility only lasts 12 hours. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "Listen, you judges! There is another madness as well; and it comes before the deed. Ah, you have not crept deep enough into this soul!". All creatures hearing this must make a will save dc 18 or develop a random insanity (See S&M). Target starts jumping higher and higher, gaining heights of 20-30 feet. After 1d4 turns the effect ends. If indoors, the target takes 1d6 points of damage each time he hits the roof. The spell energy forms into a small shield in front of the caster. This shield has a 5 + caster level % chance of deflecting any spell attacks back upon their casters. The shield is red-coloured and has an image of a grinning pit fiend. The shield lasts 1d6 days, after which it explodes into a wild surge, ac companied by manic laughter. A small bowl of 4d4+4 biscuits appears in front of caster. For each biscuit eaten, roll 1d12. On a 1, the biscuit heals 2d6 points of damage and gives the eater an extreme feeling of well-being. On a 12 the would-be gourmet must make a fortitude save dc14 or suffer 3d4 points of damage (onset time 1d4+1 rounds). The other biscuits are flavoured with fruity tastes. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "Flee, my friend, into your solitude! I see you deafened by the uproar of the great men and pricked by the stings of the small ones." Caster flees at double movement rate for 2d4+2 rounds. The caster seeks solitude and will avoid all creatures. If in side a large gathering of people like a city, he will start screaming wildly. A piece of dirty paper appears on the ground 1 foot ahead of the target. The paper contains an obnoxius kobold drinking song (written in kobold, of course). Caster's nose becomes that of an half-orc. Lasts until dispelled. Spell functions normally. All humanoids within 100 yards fall in love with the caster. An atlas appears in the caster's hand. The atlas is totally useless, containing several false treasure maps, some of which leads to monster lairs. The atlas is authored by one Dwibble Rightpath. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "They want blood from you in all innocence, their bloodless souls thirst for blood - and therefore they sting in all innocence." 2d6 stirges appears to attack everyone in sight. The air between the caster and the target starts to shimmer and warp. A portal opens in 1d4 rounds to the bedroom of a random notable character, which has a 50 % of waking up. After 2d4 turns the portal vanishes. Frogs rain from the sky in an area of 50 yards around the caster. 1d6 of these frogs spit poison (10/none). One of the poisonous frogs is a polymorphed princess from a neighbouring evil kingdom. A gate opens in front of the target. A unruly jungle can be seen, and after 2d4 rounds a earth-shatterng

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roar erupts. The gate leads to a pre-historic world, and the gate is big enough to let through a T-Rex. This portal stays open until dispelled by a caster of at least 12th level. A snivelling street urchin starts following the caster around the next time he visits a city. The urchin insists upon accompanying the caster everywhere, claiming to be a disowned son. His mother, a former "dancing girl", died in a working accident. If killed, the boy curses the caster with his dying belch. A non-descript human appears between the caster and the target. He/she immediately starts to inflate, gaining 20 % each round. After 1d4+3 rounds he/she explodes, sending 1d4 surges towards random targets within 30 yards. If hit before total inflation, the human flies away at movement 48. Caster develops an addiction to sneezing powder. He will try to obtain the powder at all costs. Normal costs are 1 gp for each dosage. The caster will need an increasing dosage each week. He starts off with only needing one dose for satisfaction, this increases by one each week thereafter. Dispel magic/remove curse/cure disease has a 50 % chance of curing this affliction (otherwise the addiction sets in again after 1d4 weeks), however the caster will not want to be cured, he enjoys his daily fix(es). A halfling wearing fancy clothing approaches the caster, bearing a jeweled box (500 gp worth) upon a velvet pillow. He offers this to the caster, whom he refers to as the chosen one. The box con tains a random potion, ring or scroll. If the box is taken, the halfling smiles contentedly, waves to the target and disappears in a puff of perfumed smoke. A halfling wearing fancy clothing approaches the target, bearing a bejeweled box (500 gp worth) upon velvet pillow. He offers this to the target, whom he refers to as the chosen one. The box contains a random potion, ring or scroll. If the box is taken, the halfling smiles contentedly, waves to the caster and disappears in a puff of perfumed smoke. The caster can no longer speak the truth. Everything he says turns out to be a lie. Spell functions normally. Additionally, the target is covered by an illusion of a pompous paladin, waving a shining sword about. The target is unaware of the illusion, which ends when the caster next casts a spell. One random magical item within 10 m of the caster is drained and rendered permanently nonmagical. A bemused kobold appears 10 yards from the caster and asks him: "Do you feel lucky?". If caster answers no, the kobold says "allrighty then", and leaves. If the caster answers yes, the kobold whistles for 2d4 fellow kobolds and restates his original question. If at any time the caster does not answer, the kobold attack en masse. All kobolds carry strange purple spears, which strike for 1d6 damage and a wild surge. The caster can no longer tell lies. Everything he says must be true. Five stinking human gamblers ask the target if he wants to join their game of cards. They are all outrageous cheaters. Caster's mouth fills with blood, which turns into a healing potion after 1d4 rounds. A jar labeled "Grandma Poppins' Sensational Snake Jam" appears in the target's hand. The jam tastes terrible, and anyone who consumes some of it will develop a forked tongue. The consumee gains a +2 to any saves vs poison. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "Many die too late and some die too early. Still the doctrine sounds strange: 'Die at the right time'". A random creature within 40 yards is lifted 10 feet up into the air. The creature is racked by pain and have to make a fortitude save DC 25 (elves and halflings gain a +2) or die. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "Everyone treats death as an important matter: but as death is not a festival. As yet, men have not learned to consecrate the fairest festivals". The nearest newly-dead creature is buried in a most lavish manner, complete with illusionary mourners and wailing women. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "In the mountains the shortest route is from peak to peak, but for that you must have long legs". A random creature within 30 yards has its legs enlonged by 100 %. Lasts until remove curse/cosmetic surgery can be applied. A book on a marble table appears 10 feet in front of the caster. The book radiates evil for those who care to check. "The Eleven Baneful Gates" describes the process of becoming a lich. The nearest corpse is animates as a 5HD zombie intensely loyal to the target. The zombie is clad in bright pink clothing and reeks of cheap dandelion perfume. The outfit is topped by a yellow top-hat which has the letters "I am bad" written on it. The target gains a random spell as spell like ability once per day. The caster's socks become sentinent and demand to be washed instantly. If treated badly, they can once a day launch a magic missile at the offender for 1d4+1 of damage. The caster starts hating druids and other tree-huggers intensely. He will delight in destroying trees and plants just to annoy the blighters. Spell functions normally, but the spell energy is partly drawn from one of the caster's spellcasting

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companions, who loses one random spell of the same level from their memory. If no spellcasters are within 40 yards, the spell has no effect. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "I should like to see them naked, for beauty alone should preach penitence. But whom could this disguised afflcition persuade!". All creatures within 70 yards lose their clothing, which form into a huge pile in front of the caster. When the target next kills a creature, he will be struck by an irresistible urge to write down the reasons for the foul deed and declare them to all willing to listen. A random spell appears in the caster's spellbook. The spell is taken from the spellbook of random wizard within 1 mile, who lose the spell. The target's left arm/appendage/tentacle starts to converse about the weather to anyone willing to All magical items within 10 m of the caster are increased by +2 for 1 turn. The target gains a random ioun stone. The ground opens between the caster and the target into a 20' by 20' by 20' pit. The pit is filled to the brim with sweet-smelling water, which heals 1d4 hp upon anyone bathing in it, in addition to curing any diseases. Spell works normally, but affects a random target within range. Nothing appear to happen, but 1d4 minutes later a thick mist is forming. If the caster stays, the mist bring him to Ravenloft Tree grows up between the caster and the target in 2 rounds. Two golden apples can be seen shimmering among the leaves. Eating an apple has a 50 % chance of adding 1 to Int, Wis or Con. If not, roll 1d10, a roll of 1 indicates that a system shock must be made or the consumer loses 1d4 to a randomly deternined attribute. Otherwise the caster becomes sick and vomits for 1d6 turns (curable by cure disease). The caster is teleported to a spot 5 feet behind the target. If this spot is taken by a substance, the caster forcibly ejected for 3d6 hp of damage. He also gains a quality of the substance, to be determined by the DM. The next liquid drunk by the caster becomes a randomly determined potion. The target starts believing himself to be a great king or prophet of legend. The caster's hair is infected by lice. In 1d4 days the lice start to talk to themselves in common, causing the caster to hear faint voices. The lice mainly discuss the lousy quality of the hair, and future prospects in the hair business. Spell functions normally, but is cast at the creature nearest to the original target. When the caster next casts a spell, he pauses to consider why he should cast this spell. He feels the need to converse with his companions for reassurance on his course of action. An elven Man-o-War spelljammer ship does a fly-by, peppering the target with catapults and ballistae. 50 % chance of collateral damage to buildings and bystanders. A small piccolo flute appears in target's mouth. The flute makes spellcasting by the target impossible for 1d8 rounds. If played, the flute produces a haunting melody that causes all creatures listening to save vs spell or be enraptured by the tune. The flute dissolves after 1d8+5 rounds. All creatures within 10 m of the caster begin to hickup (-1 initiativ, -1 to hit) A keg of fine ale appears 20 feet above the target, and then hits him for 2d6 hp of damage. The keg must save vs crushing blow (thin wood) or break open, drenching the target. The caster's little toes fall off. After 1 week they regenerate into small (2' high) duplicates of the caster. However, the only spell they can cast is Nahal's Reckless Dweomer (twice a day). The duplicates are free-willed, but are protective of the caster, which they will seek out at first opportunity. The caster is hit in the head by an envelope dropped by albatross. The envelope contains a letter to the caster from a noble in a far-away land. The letter is an invitation to a wild party which is due to be held 3 years from this date. The caster is promised a castle of his own if he shows up. The noble's intentions and motives are up to the DM, likewise the truth of the castle (haunted, illusion, or both). All secret doors, locked normal doors and portcullises etc within 20 m of the caster swing open Spell affects random target within 20 m of the caster Dandelions grow in area of 20 yards radius around the target. In 1d4 rounds 2d4 children appear to dance among the flowers, singing merrily of peace and love. Caster gains a random monstrous trait (see Humanoids Handbook). Spell functions normally, and is automatically cast again the following round, in addition to any other actions by the caster. However, the target is now the creature closest to the target. The target ages 2d4X4 years, and starts grumbling about the good old days and the terrible youth of today. Naked female half-orcs run past the target. 40 % chance of one of them being a polymorphed succubus.

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181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190

The target must save vs spell or be reduced as per spell. However, his equipment is not affected. The creature closest to caster permanently gains 1d4 hp. However, the creature must consume six mugs of ale each day or fall catatonic (he can do nothing but mumble for ale) for the following day. The affliction (including the extra hp) can be removed by a remove curse cast at 12th level or higher. The caster and the target start dancing wildy, moving energetically in perfect unison to a song which only they can hear. The condition lasts 2d6 rounds, in which no other action is possible apart from talking. The target is polymorphed (no chance of death or loss of identity) into a perfect duplicate of the caster as a young teenager. A lucious banquet appears in front of the caster. The banquet is sufficient to feed twelve people. Spell functions normally, except that another wild surge occurs. Caster has torn up the magic fabric in 200 yards radius. This area is now a permanent wild magic zone, causing all spells or magical effects to explode into wild surges. The caster is aware of this. Wild mages have a 10% + level chance of being able to control any spell they cast in the zone, making it function normally. The caster gains 1000 xp. The caster is pelted with 2d10 magic mushrooms which appear in thin air. Eating one results in 65 % of severe hallucinations for 1d4 turns, and a 10 % chance of a random potion effect as a permanent ability. Eating more than half his constitution score of mushrooms will result in nausea. Caster feels extremely happy, and will go around embracing and kissing all creatures within 20 yards for 1d4 turns. During the period that he is doing this he is impervious to all damage save from avatars or dragon breath. Target's potions explode. If the target does not carry any, the potion closest to the target explodes instead. There is a 25 % of the effects being applied to the creature carrying the potion. An old general of the nearest town approaches the caster. He is bedecked in a splendid, if slightly foppish, uniform and a multitude of medals and commemorations. The general whose name is "Waerringh" boasts of all his medals and talks of long-forgotten campaigns. If the caster is not too obnoxious, he pulls out a small box from within his ornate jacket. He gives the box to the caster with a short sermon, praising the caster for his bravery (the general got the wrong chap) in driving out the foul demons/orcs/dragons/prostitutes from his town. The silver medallion is magical, and shaped in the form of a star. If worn, the medallion gives the caster a +1 to saves vs fear. It can be presented to the beings which the caster is supposed to have defeated, to turn them as if undead (D results are treated like Ts). The target is drenched in holy water, causing 3d4 of damage if he is suspectible to holy water damage. Spell functions normally, but 1d4 rounds later the spell is cast again, affecting a random creature within 30 yards of the target, possibly including the caster. An quasit decides that the caster might make a nice master, and will start following him around invisible at all times. He will whisper suggestions into the caster's ears at night, and might aid in a small way during combat. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "If magic does not get you, God will!". After 1d3 rounds the target is hit by a 6d6 lightning bolt from the heavens. No effect if indoors, but the voice speaks again when the target moves outdoors, with lightning following shortly afterwards. A nearby clan of dwarves develops a liking of the caster, seeking him out to give him gifts, and inviting him to visit their festhall (the Hall of Great Grog). If the caster treats them discorteously, they will be very mad. Caster receives a heal spell. The target is hit by a random spell from the caster's spellbook. The target falls over, disappearing when he hits the ground. He is teleported to a location 1d100 yards away. The caster grows albatross wings, enabling him to fly if he can find 50 yards of running space. The wings remain until dispel magic is cast. The target forgets everything that occured during the last 24 hours. In addition, he finds that he holds in his hand a Short Sword of Surging, +2. The first of these remarkable swords are rumoured to have been created by the great Hornung himself, forged on the plane of Limbo (functions as normal on all planes except Limbo (rises to +4) and Mechanus (drops to +0)). The multicoloured sword is inscribed with magical runes of chaos, telling of doom, destruction and fluffy bunnies. If the sword strikes a creature there is a base chance that a wild surge occurs, with the wielder as caster and the creature struck as target. The chance for a surge is 50%, this increases to 75% if the target is magic-using creature. If a surge occurs, roll on the table for wild magic effects. If the wielder is a wild mage or a Limbo creature, add his level to the roll, making if more likely to affect the target. Conversley, if the target is a wild mage or a creature native to Limbo, the level is deducted from the roll. A roll of 100+ indicates that two more rolls be made, choosing the most beneficial result. A roll of less than 0 results in the least beneficial effect. The wielder can invoke a Chaos Ward (Pr 2 from S&M) 1/day, using his


192 193 194



197 198 199

200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226

own level to determine duration. The sword can also be used as a gate key for a portal to Limbo, if one is discovered. The caster gains the breath weapon of a random dragon (mature age). The breath can be used once a day, but the caster must roll a system shock or pass out for 1d4 rounds. Additonally, he has a 25 % of mispronouncing the verbal components of any spell cast the following turn, causing the spell to explode in a wild surge. The target gazes in great terror at something behind the caster's shoulder and then runs away at top speed, screaming in a shrill voice. 25 % of a hungry yeti actually standing behind the caster, other wise nothing is there when the caster checks. A exquisite black cat starts following the caster around, purring incessantly.The cat is a storm gi ant that was polymorphed into this form. The cat believes itself to be just a cat, but on occasion it will emit a lighting bolt for 8d6 hp of damage upon creatures that mistreat it. 2d4 images of the caster appear besides the caster. "This will be your undoing", they say in unison before they each blast the target with one 3d4+3 magic missile each (if the caster is the target of the missile he gains a Charisma check to avoid each missile). They then vanish in a cloud of multico loured smoke, and varying noises (thunderclaps, animal growls, musical instruments, waves lapping etc). A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "For one person, solitude is the escape of an in valid; for another, solitude is escape from the invalids". The target is teleported to the nearest mountain top. Where there is plenty of opportunity to think things over. The caster has a 25 % chance of also being teleported to the mountain, but will appear in a cave close to the summit. A momentous voice from the heavens declares: "Many too many live and they hang on their branches much too long. I wish a storm would come and shake all this rottenness and worm-eatenness from the tree!". All corrupt, decadent and/or old people (DM's call) within 100 yards of the caster are swept away by a sudden wind. If any survive they land d100X100 yards away. The next spell cast at the caster is automatically turned back upon its caster. The caster feels the need to spend a week in continued meditation. If he is able to do this within a month, he gains one point of Wisdom or Intelligence, 50 % chance of either. The target starts to snicker. He will giggle madly for 2d4 rounds. He will scream insane sentences like "I am a dragon", "I will rule you all", "A great evil will soon pound you all into little bits" and "Next week the righteous one will come to punish the weak and the meek!". There is a 2 % chance of any of the comments becoming true. Spell functions at 200 % effectiveness, affecting damage, range, duration etc. A great disembodied smile appears in the air above the target, the image will fade after 1d4 rounds. Wall of force appears in front of caster Caster smells like skunk for spell duration Caster shoots forth eight nonpoisonous snakes from fingertips. Snakes do not attack. Casters clothes itch (+2 to initiativ) Spell effect has 60 radius sentered on target Caster glows as per light spell Next phrase spoken by the caster becomes true lasting for one turn Casters hair grows one foot in lenght Caster pivots 180 degrees Target slowed for one turn Caster deluded into beliving that the spell functioned as indicated Nothing appears to happen, but a Spellturning spell is centered on target Casters face is blackened by a small explosion Caster polymorphs into a random creature Casters head enlarges for 1d6 turns Reverse og tongues affects everyone in 60 radius Grass begins to grow on target, 1 cm per round, lasts for duration of spell. If spellduration is instantaneous, the spell appears to work, but when it hits it target, the target is covered by a thick hide of grass, 1cm thick per damage point delivered. Half strenght fireball centered on caster 10d4 gems of 1 sp value shoot forth in a 10 m long stream casing 1 point of damage to any creature in path - roll 5d4 for number of hits. Wall of fire encircles caster Caster suffers same spell effect as target. Cause fear 20 m radius. All within radius must make a saving throw. Caster speaks in a squeaky voice for 1d6 days Caster gains X-ray vision for 1d6 rounds Silence 5 m radius centered on caster Flesh to stone or reverse if target is stone. Range 20 m

227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273

The surroundings disappears in a bright light, and every living creature within 100 m is transported into Avernus, the first layer of Baator. reverse gravity affects the target and everyone within 10 m Spell works normally, but the caster turns permanently grey and loses 1 point of appearence Spell works normally, but the caster turns permantly paranoid, beliving they are after him. The target, if able to cast spells, casts them all (targeted randomly). Target must save versus breath weapon or find his/her lungs filled with water. If the saving throw is failed, the target can do nothing but cough and sputter for 1d4 rounds. Caster chained to the ground (tensile strength of chains 3000 pounds). Caster's next spell is cast at 1d4 levels lower. Some part of the caster becomes permanently invisible (hand, ear, toes, etc.) Dispel Magic to reverse. The target's weapons flee from him/her as per the Frisky Chest spell. All creatures in a 20 yard sphere centered on caster become Invisible. Target sprouts wings and can fly at 60. The ground beneath the target becomes slippery as if Greased. The wild surge triggers the casting of another memorized spell (chosen randomly). 1d100 pieces of gold rain down in an area 60' in diameter centered on caster. Creatures within the area make a dexterity check to escape, or take 1d6 points in damage from the falling coins. All water within 60' of the caster turns to wine. Drink up. A free willed Simulacrum of the caster appears 3' in front of the caster; the simulacrum has 65% of the caster's knowledge and abilities, and 50% of the caster's level. All creatures within 120 yards of the caster are randomly teleported without error to a position not more than 120 yards form the caster. Caster gains a familiar if he/she doesn't already have one. It will appear within 1d4 hours. Continual Cold spell. (Let the caster name the area of effect). A geyser erupts midway between caster and target. Anyone within 10 feet take 2d6 in damage from boiling water. Continual Darkness spell. (Let the caster name the area of effect). A hemisphere 120 yards in diameter centered between target and caster is filled with dense fog, cutting visibility to 1 foot within the region. Caster and target exchanges places Monster summoning II Target is affected by the Statue Spell. The caster's eyes become vertically slitted like a cat's. The caster gains 120' infravision, but loses 1 point of charisma. If the caster has cat-eyes already, they revert to normal, and all infravision is permanently lost (Toggle). Caster grows fangs like a vampire. The fangs enable him to bite to attack for 1d3, but reduce the caster's charisma by 1. The fangs can be removed by a cure curse spell. If the caster has fangs already, rolling this surge again will remove them (Toggle). Target is affected by the Wraithform Spell. Caster and friends teleported without error to the next place named (No weight limit). Caster is affected by the Statue Spell. The caster's finger-nails grow to 12 inches in length. The next time that the caster utters the word "Blind," "Kill," or "Stun" it acts as a Power Word spell. (Let the caster name the area of effect). Advanced Illusion of a Wall of Fire surrounding caster. Caster must save versus spell or suffer lycanthropy (type of lycanthropy is chosen to match caster's alignment as closely as possible). If the caster is already a lycanthrope, this surge removes the disease (Toggle). The caster's teeth turn into a white, unbreakable stone. He/she can chew through just about anything (including soft metals), can bite to attack for 1d3, and never gets a cavity again. Sudden change in weather (temperature rise, snow, rain, etc.) lasting for 1d6 turns Caster permanently gains infravision 60'. If the caster already has infravision, it is permanently lost (Toggle). All creatures in a 15' radius receive a Heal spell. (Let the caster name the area of effect). A gate from the Abyss opens and a Balor enters through it. Target's nose grows 10 times its normal size for 2-6 rounds. Target is affected as per potion of gaseous form. Caster levitates uncontrollably, always heading upward until the spell duration is reached, then falls. Evard's black tentacles take effect around the target. Caster is affected by stoneskin. Caster summons a leprechaun. A randomly chosen item on the target's person sprouts wings and attacks another enemy target for 2-3

274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 299 300 301 302

rounds. Only small hand-held objects are so affected. See animate object. Caster jerks uncontrollably for 2-4 rounds, then a hypnotic pattern appears, affecting all within range who gaze upon it. A cone of cold affects the target area at double damage. All magical weapons within 30' of caster loose their magic powers for 2 rounds. The first four notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony echo through the air. All creatures within hearing range hostile to the caster must make a morale check. Firefinger shoots from each of the caster's fingers. All moving creatures within 60' of the caster must make a reflex save dc 15 or trip and fall. All glass or crystal within 30' of the caster shatters. Magic items or glass containers holding magic items get a saving throw. No one (except the caster) can hear the caster for 1d6 rounds. Spells with verbal components may still be cast. Caster can hear normally. Sudden, drastic change in local weather conditions for 1d10 hours. Can include snow falling in the desert, etc. Spell works normally but is not wiped from the caster's mind. Material components are consumed. Monster Summoning III. Blinding light emanates from the caster. All creatures looking in that direction are blinded for 1d6 rounds. A watermelon appears in the caster's hands. Personal Magnetism centered on caster. All creatures in a 60' radius hostile to the caster are duplicated, including possessions, etc. All creatures in a 60' radius hostile to the caster are paralyzed for 1d8 rounds (saving throw negates). Spell works as normal, but area of effect is doubled. Caster may choose to retarget the spell before it goes off. 1d6 chickens appear at the caster's feet and run away at top speed. Caster can automatically Identify one item in the next 24 hours with a 100% chance of success. The spell need not be memorized, and does not count against the caster's spells for that day. All weapons within 60' of the caster sing a shrill note for one round. Spell functions; all saves made at +2. Spell appears to fail when cast, but will go off when the caster uses another spell. All magic items within 60' of the caster wiggle when touched for 1d8 days. Caster forgets all memorized spells. After 1d6 rounds, the spells returns Feign Death centered on target. All weapons within 60' of the caster receive Enchant Weapon. Target slowed for 1 turn. Caster deluded (as per potion of delusion) for 1 round into believing the spell functions as indicated by a second die roll.

--------------------------------------------end------------------------------------303 Caster is base of a double-force Gust of Wind. 304 Stinking Cloud at 18' range. 305 Heavy rain falls for 1 round in 36' range of the caster. 306 Caster summons a rhino, elephant, or large mouse. 307 Lightning Bolt as per wand of lightning 308 A stream of 600 large butterflies pour forth and flutter around for 2 rounds, blinding everyone; they disappear. 309 The target, if within 10 m of the caster, is enlarged. 310 Darkness is cast in a 6 m diameter hemisphere at 6 m distance from the caster. 311 Grass grows in an area of 96' square before the caster, or grass existing there grows to 10 times its normal size. 312 Vanish any non-living object of up to 1,000 lbs. mass and up to 30 cubic feet in size (the object becomes ethereal). 313 Caster diminished to 1/10 normal size, as per potion of diminution. 314 Fireball as per wand of fireballs. 315 Invisibility covers the caster. 316 Leaves grow from target if within 12 m of the caster. 317 10-40 gems of 1-gp base value shoot forth in an 18'-long stream, causing 1 hp damage each to any creature in their path. Roll 5d4 for the number of hits on the target. Gems that miss go on to strike the being immediately behind the target, with hits determined as above, until all gems hit or the spell's range is reached.

1 0

318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364

Shimmering colors dance and play over a 12'x9' area in front of the caster; creatures therein are blinded for 1-6 rounds. Flesh to stone (or the reverse, if the target is stone) is cast on the target, if within 18' of the caster. Caster shoots forth a web and acts as one anchor point. Caster shocked as per shocking grasp. Reverse gravity affects the target and all within an 18' radius (including the caster, if close enough) for 2-5 rounds. Tasha's uncontrollable hideous laughter affects the target. 800 small rubber balls (each 1 inch in diameter) rain down for 1-4 rounds within an 18' radius of the caster, causing all in the area to make a dexterity check or trip and fall. The balls remain in the area, causing further checks at the start of each round of combat, until they are carried or swept away. Caster summons a large dove, a large rabbit, or a large iguana. Chain lightening centered on target. Target and caster are covered in liquid chocolate. Target hasted. Hold monster centered on target. Suds flow from the ground in a 54' radius around the wielder for 2-5 rounds, at 3 cubic feet per round. The suds are either from soap (25%) or beer (75%). The target is polymorphed as per wand of polymorphing into a random creature (01-75: DM select any random-monster table and rolls thereon) or non living item (76-00: DM selects any table from DMG) The caster spins for 1-4 rounds and must make a dexterity check in order to move or act each round thereafter for 1-4 rounds. Caster healed for 1-8 hp if wounded. Caster fires magic missiles as per wand of magic missiles. Target inflates like a balloon for 1-4 rounds and deflates for another 1-4 rounds. Only living material of up to 500 kg. is affected (the object will not float in the air). Caster's arm stretches out as a snake and bites the target for 2-12 hp damage (treat as 6+4 HD monster; maximum range 54'). Caster breaths fire as per a randomly determined potion of fire breathing (only one breath is allowed). Target is disintegrated as per the spell. Scare cast on target. Caster affected by an irritating rash for 1-4 rounds, reducing his dexterity to 3. Darkness affects the target every other round for 3-10 rounds. Fumble affects the target at twice normal duration. A randomly-chosen possession of the caster's begins to gripe about the caster's treatment of it, loudly complaining about the bad working conditions, the lousy pay, the long working hours, etc. Caster summons a buzzard, giraffe, or large kitten. A delayed blast fireball takes effect from the point of casting with a delay time of 5-50 counts. Caster and target exchange places, clothing, possessions, etc. Target confused. Mirror Image affects the target. The target begins to recite very bad poetry for 2-8 rounds, taking no other action unless attacked, as if requested to do so under a charm spell. A dust devil is summoned and attacks the target. Caster jumps in a random direction 1d3x60'. The caster can only jump 20 m backwards. A force cage affects the target. The caster is affected by a strength spell. Target's weapon or other possession becomes a teddy bear, leg of mutton, padle, or herring. If the target has no possessions, roll again. Caster's hands spew colorless slime in a cone 6 m wide and 12 m long, affecting the area as a grease spell. Fear or faerie fire affects the target. An incendiary cloud affects the target area. A chromatic orb affects the target. Caster is affected as if by a philter of stammering & stuttering. A ray of enfeeblement affects the target. A pillow (25%), small table (50%), or anvil (25%) appear over the target's head. The pillow causes no damage; the table causes 1-6 hp damage; and the anvil causes 3-30 hp damage, plus the target must make a constitution check at -4 or be knocked unconscious for 2-12 turns. The caster summons an ugly painting (25%), bellows (25%), or storm giant's boot (50%). Target affected as per ring of the ram. 2-6 cream puffs fly from caster's hands toward target.

1 1

365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414

Target imbued with improved invisibility. Gate opens to randomly chosen outer plane. 50% chance for extra-planar creature to appear Target sprout wings for 1d6 turns Target smells like horse dung A 1 m banana appears and dances for 1d8 rounds Mushroom grows out of the targets ears. The caster magic jars the target All gold within 10 m turns to lead The caster is covered by a thick layer of honey The target is covered by a thick layer of honey Target is polymorphed into a giant rabbit as per polymorph other spell (Check for mental change) Target grows a large moustache within one round, possibly with a goatee Stream of acid shoots out in 3m range inflicting 3d8 points of damage (save vs breath weapon for half) Tree grows under the caster lifting to the ceiling or 8 m height, wichever is less The sound of ringing bells peals from the caster, drowning out all speech and noise for 1d4+1 rounds Dispel magic affects everything within 6 m radius with level effect Target's skin turns to steel, giving him/her a base armor class of 0 (cumulative with other armor) for 1d6 rounds. Caster's eyes continuously change color, acting as a Hypnotic Pattern to all those within 5' who can see the caster's face. The caster retains the color shifting eyes for 1 day. An stream of beer shoots forth from the caster's finger-tips for 1d3 rounds. Caster gains 1000 experience points, and generates another wild surge. Roll again. Caster summons a griffon, unicorn, pegasus, or other fantastical animal to serve as a steed. The steed will appear in 1d8 days. Roll again. Target's hit points are raised to maximum for his/her hit dice. Roll again. The caster's clothes are changed into the uniform of a star fleet captain. None of the characters understand, but the caster's charisma is increased 1point while in the uniform. (The uniform may not be duplicated, as the material is unknown). Roll again. All weapons within 10 m is transformed into flowers The caster is polymorphed into a donkey Caster's next attack results in a crit. The next living creature touched by the caster permanently loses 1d6 hit points. The caster permanently gains the same number of hit points. Roll again. Hostile creatures within 60' of caster must save versus death or explode violently. Target is protected by Spell Turning for the next turn. All of the caster's stats raised to 18 for 1 hour. Caster's next spell cast at 30th level. All slain creatures within 60 feet of the caster receive a Raise Dead spell. Roll again. Nearest dead body within 60 yards of caster rises as a juju zombie under caster's control. Caster is protected by Spell Turning for the next turn. Caster permanently gains an additional one spell (choose level randomly). Roll again. Caster casts a magic user spell of his choice from the 8th level or less, no components necessary, casting time 1. (Give the player 10 seconds to decide on the spell.) Caster permanently loses one spell chosen randomly (Can relearn at next level). The caster's tongue grows long enough to touch the tip of his/her nose. If the caster's tongue is already that long, the surge affects some other part of his/her body. An enormous cyclone picks up the target and his/her/its friends and takes them to Kansas (or some other boring, flat, wheat-filled spot in the Prime material plane). Caster and target must re-roll their highest stat that is not a prime requisite (roll 4d6 taking the highest 3 dice) Caster and target must re-roll their hit points. Green Slime rains over the target for 1d4 rounds (creatures within 5' of target save versus breath weapon or be hit). Advanced Illusion of a Fireball centered on caster. Caster's next spell cast at 0th level. Caster bursts into flames, taking 2d6 in damage. Hostile creatures within 60' of the caster are restore to full hit points. Caster is automatically memorizes his next wild surge, but forgets all others so memorized. The caster's weapons flee from him/her running MV 6 in several directions while screaming for mercy Caster gains Bat Sense as per the spell (Great Net Prayer book level 1), but loses all forms of visual perception for 1 day. The next living creature touched by the caster permanently gains 1d6 hit points. The caster permanently loses the same number of hit points (to a minimum of 10 hit points).

1 2

415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 strip 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461

Caster must save versus breath weapon or find his/her lungs filled with water. If the saving throw is failed, the caster can do nothing but cough and sputter for 1d4 rounds. Caster bursts into flames for 1d4 rounds. Any creature within 10' of caster take 2d6 in fire damage, creatures touching the caster take 3d6 fire damage. The caster is unharmed, but his belongings must save versus magical fire or burn. Caster encased in a block of lime jello 10' on a side. Creatures so encased must make a dexterity check to escape (keep rolling every round until the check is made, or pass out in 3 rounds for lack of oxygen) Target bursts into flames, taking 2d6 in damage. All creatures slain by the caster during the last day rise up as free willed undead and attempt to destroy him/her. The undead have all their original abilities and skills, and need no food or sleep. If the caster is slain, the undead created by the surge turn to ash. Caster and target must re-roll their constitution (roll 4d6 taking the highest 3 dice). Confusion centered on caster. Target chained to the ground (tensile strength of the chains 1500 kg). The ground between the caster and target becomes molten lava. All creatures touching the 5' wide of lava must make a dexterity check to get away (keep rolling until you make the check and take 3d6 in fire damage every round the check is failed). Caster develops hickups, no action next round Target encased in a block of cherry jello 10' on a side. Creatures soencased must make a dexterity check to escape (keep rolling every round until the check is made, or pass out in 3 rounds for lack of oxygen). The ground opens up and swallows the caster to the neck. All creatures within 60' of caster save versus spell or Forget. The ground opens up and swallows the target to the neck. All gold in the caster's possession turns to water. The caster's feet are changed to two left feet, or two right feet for 1 day. The caster's movement rate is cut in half for the duration. Gust of wind 20 m long from caster to target Spell functions but shrieks like a shrieker Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc) decreases 50 % Spell reversed if possible Spell functions; any applicable saving throw not allowed Spell appears to fail when cast, but occurs 1d4 rounds later Caster and target switches personality for 2d10 rounds Target enlarged Plant growth centered on target Fireball centers on target Spell is cast, material components and memory of spell is retained Everyone within 3 m of the caster receives the benefit of a Heal spell Target becomes dizzy, -4 to AC and Thac0, cannot cast spells for 2d4 rounds Wall of fire encircles target Target levitates 6 m for 1d3 turns Target is charmed as per Charm monster Target forgets Targets feets enlarges reducing movement to half normal and a +4 to all initiativ rolls for 1d3 turns Rust monster appears in front of target Fireworks; everyone within 25 m of target is blinded and disorientated for two rounds (-4 to attack rolls and saving throws) Miniature snowstorm appears over target creature Paralysis ray at target creature (save vs parlysis or be paralyzed for 20 rounds - constitution score) Target starts farting stinking cloud spells for 1d4 hours (target is not immune) Caster starts farting stinking cloud spells for 1d4 hours (caster is not immune) Heavy anvil appears over casters head and falls down for 2d20 points of damage. 1d10 insane wild mages makes a pass by riding flying cows and starts hurling Nahals reckless dweomer while shouting insults to everyone. Theyll disappear after hurling a spell each. If the cows or the wild mages are attacked theyll explode an fill the area with red jelly in vanilla sauce Popcorn sprays from caster towards target Phantasmal force of hideous monster, poorly executed, doesnt fool anybody Ten fake gems shoot from caster at target Attack chicken (hp 2 AC 6 dmg nil Thac0 19 SA :Target is -4 on attack rolls and saving throws as long as chicken attack Magic missile on target, one missile 1d6 points of damage

1 3

462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 target 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509

Attack skunk hp 1 SA: stinking cloud. Flees after delivering cloud All of casters equipment teleported back home (save vs spell to avoid) Spell effect has 20 m radius, all within radius are affected Caster race changes until cancelles by dispel magic Target sealed in an extra dimensional pocket (as per Rope Trick) for the duration of the spell (to a minimum of 2d4 rounds). All spells cast by the caster during the next 24 hours will generate a wild surge. Target is replicated if possible (artifacts, relics, and unique creatures are not replicated). Caster gains a +1 to all saving throws for the next 24 hours Target's next attack results in a crit. Caster and target must re-roll their lowest stat (roll 4d6 taking the highest 3 dice). Caster's clothes change color to match their surroundings for the next turn, making him/her harder to hit. Melee attacks are at -2, missile attacks at -4. All gold in the caster's possession turns to platinum. Caster and target must re-roll a stat of their choice (roll 4d6 taking the highest 3 dice). An autognome in terribly awful repair runs towards caster (mv 6). When he hits someone or something, hell explode causing as a fireball All lead in the caster's possession turns to gold. Caster is affected by the Wraithform Spell. Caster's next spell is cast at 1d4 levels higher. The target gains an aura which causes Fear in all opponents (save versus paralyzation applicable) which lasts for 1 turn. (If the target is an object, all those gazing at the object are so affected). Caster's skin turns to steel, giving him/her a base armor class of 0 (cumulative with other armor) for 1d6 rounds. Burning hands (2 points damage) Attack shark (HD 6 hp 12 Thaco 13 dmg 3d8 SA: swallows human sized whole on a roll of 20) Not much good out of water Target creatures feets covered by chewing gum; successful strenght check to move, slowed if check fails. Target creatures mouth filled with chewing gum. Must spend one round taking it out prior to using verbal spells, breath weapons, biting Shadow monster fighter appears. (hp 1, Thac0 20 dmg 1/1 AC10 SA: looks very dangerous) Wet Ice covers the ground in 20m radius of the caster. Everybody must make a balance check to avoid falling. If fighting on the ice, a -4 penalty is applied to the balance check. Caster is polymorphed into a mule centaur Wall of peanut appears between caster and target Reverse gravity on a random creature within 10 m of the caster Dig spell under target creature Neon signs misrepresenting alignments of creatures within 10 m of the caster. Roll for random alignment In each of the next five rounds, 2d4 sp shoots out of casters ears One hundred dead fish rain down on the caster for the next tree rounds. 1d2 points of damage and losing initiative for those tree rounds. Casters nose grows 10cm longer Target hastened Spell functions, but affects a random target within 10 m Spell functions but looks total alien, a fireball might for instance look like a pig running towards Target is imbued with improved invisibility Death magic Directed at target (20 m maximum) All of casters companions are turned upside down for 1d4 turns ( -4 to attack) Caster becomes an orc for 1d8 hours Nothing appear to happen, but the next phrase spoken by the caster turns out to be true as with the power of a wish spell. The casters front teeth quadruples in size. The casters ears polymorphs into that of a donkey All metal armor within 60 m is transformed into paper armor. Magical armor has a 10% per plus of not beeing affected. spell takes effect 1d4 rounds later. The caster loses the ability to speak the truth. From now on he can only LIE!! The caster disappears from the spot where he cast the spell and is teleported 150 m away. Beneath him is a huge elephant. All creatures, including the casters thoughts are broadcasted loudly around for 1d4 hours. Area of

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510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 599 600

effect is 100 meters. All papers within 50 m radius must save vs magical fire or burn (Spellbooks too!!) A Vogon from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy appears and starts to quote terrible poems. Everybody must make a saving throw vs petrification or be confused as per Confusion spell. The ground opens up and swallows the caster to the neck. The wild Surge causes another of the casters memorized spells to go off instead. One random creature within range is hit by a lightning bolt A sickly green haze surrounds the caster. Caster radiates Stinking cloud for 1d4 days. A chaos imp is summoned and attacks one random creature within spell range. Range 0 always results in the chaos imp attacking the caster and tries to transform one of his possessions to some worthless shit. The target shoots to the air like a rocket (Save vs spell to avoid) up to a height of 300 meter before he starts falling. If he is allowed to hit the ground, he will suffer 20d6 points of damage Everyone in 100 meter radius including the caster, must save vs death magic or explode to death with a thundering flash. Meteor swarms (wiz 9) starts falling from the sky within 1km radius of the caster if outdoors. 10% chance each round that the caster is hit by a direct impact if within area.

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