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A food storage locker requires a refrigeration capacity of 50 KW.

it works between a condenser temperature of 35 o c and an evaporator temperature of -10 o C .the refrigerant is ammonia. It is sub cooled by 5 o C before entering the expansion valve by the dry saturated vapour leaving the evaporation. Assuming a single cylinder, single acting compressor operating at 1000 rpm with stroke equal to 1.2 times of the bore, Determine (i) the power required (ii) the cylinder dimensions. Properties of ammonia are Saturati Pressure Enthalpy (KJ/Kg) on (bar) liquid vapour Temp o ( C) -10 35 2.9157 13.522 154.856 366.072 1450.22 1488.57 Entropy (KJ/KgK) liquid .82965 1.56605 vapor liquid 5.75550 5.2086 -1.7023 vapor 0.417477 .099562 liquid -4.556 vapor 2.492 2.903 Specific volume (m3/kg) Specific heat (KJ/KgK)

Explain briefly about ammonia water vapor absorption refrigeration system with neat schematic diagram. (8) Show the vapor compression cycle on T-S And p-h diagram for the following cases. (i)When the vapor is super heated before the compression (ii) When the vapor is dry and saturated at the end of compression (iii) When the vapor is dry and saturated at the before compression and super saturated at the end of compression (8) A two stage double acting air compressor operating at 220 rpm takes in air at 1 bar and 27 oC .the size of the L.P cylinder is 360x 400 mm .the storke of H.P cylinder is the same as that of the L.P cylinder and the clearance of both the cylinders is 4% .the air passes through the intercooler so that if enters the H.P cylinder at 27 o C and 3.8 bar,finally it is dischared from the compressor at 15.2 bar.the value of n in both the cylinder is 1.3. Cp=1.0035 KJ/KgK and R- .287 KJ/KgK. Calculate (i) the heat rejected in the intercooler (ii) Diameter of H.P cylinder (iii) The power required to drive H.P cylinder. (16) (or) A single stage double acting compressor has a free delivery (FAD) of 14 m3/min measured at 1.013 bar &15oC. The pressure and temperature in the cylinder during in suction are 0.95 bar 32 oC. The delivery pressure is 7 bar and index of compression and expansion n=1.3. The clearance volume is 5% of the swept volume. Calculate (1) indicated power required. (ii) Volumetric efficiency. (10) A 4 cylinder double acting compressor is required to compress 30 m3/min of air at 1 bar and 27o C to a pressure of 16 bar,determine the size of moter required and cylinder dimensions if the following data is given . Speed of the compressor N=320 rpm,clearance volume Vc= 4%,stroke to bore ratio (L/D)=1.2,

mech = 82% ,value of index n=1.32. Assume no pressure change in suction valves and the air gets heated by 12 o C during suction stroke. What is meant by refrigerant? Define co efficient of performance for refrigerator? What is slip factor & pressure co efficient? What do you mean by surging and choking?