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To understand Shiism we need to make sure our brain is constantly functioning and critically analyzing every step of theirs.

The following briefs on the game being played by Iran and America in Syria. In Syria, the Shia minority (which is in power) has murdered around hundred thousand Sunnis up till now. But the Mujahideen are constantly striving against them making sure that the forces of the Shia leader Bashar al Assad do not gain an upper hand. And to aid the Sunnis of Syria, Mujahideen from Afghanistan and other neighboring Arab countries are arriving in great numbers. Now on the request of Iran, the USA has publicly announced the support of the Mujahideen in Syria despite the media labeling the Mujahideen as a bunch of deluded people. Have we ever wondered that despite being against all the terrorists (Mujahideen), why is the US showing its support for them and defending them against the Syrian political regime? This is nothing but a gimmick being played by the likes of US, UK, and Iran. Whoever the US announces to support is proof enough for the Muslims world over that that group/party/nation is an enemy to Muslims and Islam. The US only plans to capitalize on this mentality of the Muslims as when it openly supports the Mujahideen, the Muslims would not pay heed to the situation of the Mujahideen and instead would be drawn away from them and would refrain themselves from aiding and supporting the Mujahideen. America has helped to give Iran (Shias) some countries by transferring the power of Sunni in those countries and handing them over to Shias. There are various examples in the likes of Afghanistan which was snatched from Talibans and handed over to Hamid Karzai (Shia) now it has Shiite Army and Police, Iraq was gifted to Shias, and the Shiite power was strengthened in Libya as well. Whereas on the otherhand Iran and US can be seen playing with each other on media, pretending to be rivals and staunch enemies. Now these carefully planned and executed tactics are not understood by the common man who only looks at them superficially. He thinks they are enemies to one another whereas the example of Iran and US is like that of 2 beds within the same room! Now what would happen is that the US would announce that it will be extending its support to the Mujahideen and will be landing its troops there to fight against the Shiite regime; whereas the opposite will happen and the US will help the Shias fight the Mujahideen. And a few days later it would come up with a statement that we were unable to win against Hizbollah (the Shia party) and that would instill respect for Hizbollah in the people world over. The example of this is just like that of Iran. The US says that it cannot take a fight against Iran, indirectly praising Iran for its power. This creates reverence in the hearts of the people for the Iranian leader and they then consider him to be a brave leader who doesnt fear the US. This is why we need to have 4 and not just 1 brain to understand the tactics of these Shias, and that we have! US constantly used to advice Pakistan publicly on not to take the supply of gas from Iran, however when Pakistan did so it remained silent. Therefore this is exactly what the US wanted.

Muslim brothers and sisters please do not just listen to speeches but try to understand the tactics and strategies of the Shias. Do not wait for the day when the Shias would be standing right outside your house in order to kill you.