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LESSON PLAN Unit of Education Subject Class / Semester Topic Sub-Topics : Senior High School : Physics : X / 1st : Force

and The Newtons Laws : Relation Force and The Newtons Laws Time Duration Approach Instructional Method Concept of force in physics The Newtons Laws

: 2 x 15 minutes : Problem Based Learning : Direct Instruction


Standard Competency Applying elementary principle about concept of force and the Newtons laws from an object


Basic Competency Can analyze the relationship between force and the Newtons laws in daily

III. Learning Activities No. Indicator 1. Student can mean of force concept Situation/Context Yogi gives an argument about the definition of Content/Material Explain The concept of forces that affect an Learning Experience Informing the achievement want to Learning Scenario Pre-activities (5minutes) 1. Greeting



Situation/Context force

Content/Material object so that the experience of displacement. So in Mathematically, Force is multiplications of acceleration and mass caused it. And than, can resolve issues related to the concept of force in their daily life.

Learning Experience reach in the learning process

Learning Scenario 2. Checking present list While activities 1. Preparation Telling the basic competency and the indicators Informing the fundamental concept of Newtons law simply 2. Discussing problem Giving some open ended questions related to their daily lives to discuss Every question must be discussed by each student


Student can mean about The Newtons Laws and kinds of The Newtons Laws

Yanto push the table for implemnted concept of energy in physics and to know relation between work and energy

Understanding the Newtons first Laws using formula

Informing the fear mess and the difficulties commonly faced in the learning process Telling the comment and discussing about the

Understanding the Newtons second Laws

other person conclusion.

using formula Understanding the

Allowing the other person to give their




Content/Material Newtons third Laws using formula F action = -F


Learning Experience

Learning Scenario comment 3. Giving conclusions Evaluating the student activity Re-informing what have been learned by the discussion Post activities Informing the student what they will study on the next meeting, so they can study before Giving a task about what they have been studied Saying good bye


Media 1. 2. 3. White Board Marker Student Worksheet


References 1. 2. 3. Physics by Douglas C. Giancoli Bilingual Physics Classical Mechanics by David Morin

III. Evaluation 1. 2. 3. Questions for discussion: 1. 2. How much the force when pulling the load as the box at a 60 to the vertical, if mass of the object is 10 kg and acceleration is 3 m/s2? An object with mass 10 kg be in the inclined plane with declivity 30o and smooth is connect to suspension joist that have mass 20 kg with the string that mass can be ignore the mass and the pulley is not have mass and not have rotation. a) How much the tension of the string if the system have a constant velocity? b) How much the tension of the string if the system have an acceleration? Comprehension test Psychomotor observation sheet Attitude questionnaire