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May 29, 2013 Councillor Doug Ford Toronto City Hall 100 Queen Street West, Suite C40

Toronto, ON M5H 2N2 Re: Woodbine Casino Dear Councillor Ford: Apparently you insist on telling anyone who will listen that I did not support an expanded casino at Woodbine when in fact you lobbied Councillors for a downtown casino while forgetting Woodbine and the constituents in Etobicoke you were elected to represent. At a time when people are looking for you to tell the truth on a number of serious matters, you cannot simply tell the truth about a matter of public record: At the special City Council meeting the Mayor moved a motion to: City Council request the Provincial Government to: a. move forward with expansion of gaming in Zone C2, which includes Woodbine; This was much different than the Executive Committee report that supported Woodbine fully. Woodbine did not support the Mayor's motion as it put them in competition with potential sites in Zone C2, including outside of Toronto. Perhaps if you had talked to Woodbine you would have also not supported the Mayor's motion and actively supported my motion to adopt the Executive Committee report that gave Woodbine the full rights to go ahead in Zone C2. Before the vote, I did my best to get consensus from all sides of Council to endorse the Woodbine site. I did not get help from you or the Mayor on this because you were too focused trying to sell a casino downtown that had little support. Never in this process did you make Woodbine a number one priority despite what it meant to working people in Etobicoke. To stop the possibility of the Vaughan casino, why did you not ask OLG to designate Woodbine into Zone C1 as I suggested? It was clear by that time the downtown casino was dead. Instead you pushed Woodbine into supporting a downtown casino no one wanted by continuing to use the threat of a possible Vaughan casino as a wedge. During Sunday's radio show, the Mayor read off a list of Councillors who did not support Woodbine by supporting Councillor Layton's motion 2b to essentially kill Woodbine. That list did not include my name, but you maliciously insisted that it 2.

did to the listening audience. You also told this to Sue-Ann Levy in an interview on May 22nd. I have included the recorded vote for your records. I would appreciate your most sincere apology. Yours truly,

Gloria Lindsay Luby, Toronto City Councillor, Etobicoke Centre Ward 4.