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Volume 6

THE MESSENGER Colo & Collins United Methodist Churches Pastor Lewis Flanigan
Church Phone: 641-377-2534 Email: Visit us on Facebook: Colo UMC or Collins IA UMC

June 2013

Messenger Deadlines/Assembly
All articles to go in the Messenger are due in the church office by NOON the 20* of each month. That may be done by sending to: PO Box 266, or emailing to: coloumc(g) Please don't forget to mark your article, in some way, that it is for the Messenger! Thanks! The next Messenger will be assembled/mailed Tuesday, June 25th, at 9:30 A.M. Volunteers are appreciated!

Baby Shower
Please join us for a Baby Shower in honor of momto-be Janelle Wright Mason. Open House to honor their twin boys. Saturday, June 8, 2013, 10:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Collins United Methodist Church 225 3rd Ave., Collins, Iowa.

Bridal Shower
You are cordially invited to a Bridal Shower in honor of Kelly Winsco, bride-elect of Joel Walter, on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 1:30 P.M. The shower will be held at the Colo United Methodist Church. Joel is the son of Rick and Vicki Walter. The couple has registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Amazon.

Thank You!
A big thank you to my family and friends for the wonderful "29th" birthday surprise! The cards and birthday blessings were really appreciated! -Sandy Clatt Thank you to all my friends and family for making my 90l birthday special. Whether you came to the open house hosted by my family, sent cards, flowers, or called, all were greatly appreciated. ~Lucy Geisler

90th Birthday Open House

Please join our family as we honor Dad and Grandpa on his 90th birthday on Sunday, June 30, 2013 from 2:00-4:00 P.M. at Windsor Manor in Nevada. -Susan and Keith McKinney & family -Cindy and Ron Willemsen & family Cards may be sent to: Ray Granger, Windsor Manor 1642 South G. Ave. #203 Nevada, Iowa 50201

Thank You from the Youth Group

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Youth Group's Heifer International project throughout the year. We were able to exceed our fundraising goal and raise $1,300. The youth chose to use the money to purchase 1 Heifer, 1 Water Buffalo, 1 Llama, 1 Goat, 1 Pig, 1 Flock of Chicks, and 2 Flocks of Ducks/Geese. Thanks again! -Amy Lennie & Kim Heidemann, Youth Leaders For Fred Yuska whose birthday is June 11th. Please send your card to: South Ridge Nursing Home #207 Marshalltown, Iowa 50158.

UMW Reading Program

Reading time is speeding by with less than 4 weeks until time to hand your reports to me, so they can be sent to the District. Let me know if you are planning to participate in this program. If you need a suggestion for a good book to read, let me know. Some books are easier than others to be read quickly. Reminder - Report needs to be handed to me by June 15, 2013. Call Dorothy Dadisman, 377-2552. Or ( Thank YOU, to those who so faithfully decorate the east entryway of the church! We appreciate it always looking so nice. Thanks!

95th Card Shower

Thank You!
God and I have had quite a rodeo, so far we have won. Thank you for all the support & prayers from friends, family, and for the visits, concerns and many calls from each one of you. "I am grateful for mystery of the God I don't fully understand." -Ester Handsaker

Save the Date

Colo Crossroads Festival is July 12 - 14th this year. Save the date Friday, July 12th. The UMW will be serving the evening meal in the downstairs Fellowship Hall of pulled pork sandwich, baked beans, creamy coleslaw, chips and a drink. There will be hot dogs for the kids. Serving starts at 5:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. We will also be serving homemade ice cream, pies and bars from 5:15 - 7:00 P.M. in the upstairs Fellowship Hall. After dusk there will be a movie outside, or rain, the movie will be held in the upstairs Fellowship Hall. We will have popcorn and a drink. Please say YES when asked to help by the chairpersons doing the evening meal. (Ginny Heintz and Jan Robinson) and Elaine Stucky for the Ice Cream Dessert. On Sunday, July 14, 2013 the Worship Service will be in Central Park with Journey Bound performing. Freewill donation will go to the Benevolence Fund. There will be numerous activities during the weekend to enjoy 100 Reasons to Celebrate Colo. -Elaine Stucky

United Methodist Women News

June Bible Verse: Philippians 2:3 Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility regard others as better than yourselves. NRSV. The Kitchen Committee reported to our May 2 Unit Meeting and a motion to "Completely renovate the downstairs kitchen" was passed. The recommendation was also passed in the Church Council and now goes to a all Church vote. We are very excited about the possibilities! Our cookbook was proof read on May 13 at the church. Thank you to everyone who responded to Vicki's email asking for help. A huge thank you to Vicki Walter and Joyce French for working on this project. Fourteen members of Unit attended guest night at Collins on May 14th. We enjoyed a dessert buffet and wonderful Acoustic Gospel and Country Music program by Julie Kay Moss. Thank you to the Collins ladies for a great evening. Please see Elaine's newsletter article about our part of the Colo Crossroads Festival. Dates to remember: July 14-17 Mission u in Marshalltown. October 12: Chicken Biscuit Dinner at the Church -Susan McKinney, UMW President

Colo June Birthdays


5th 6 8th 10th 12th

14th 16th 17th 21st 22 nd 23rd 24"

25 th

26li 27t: 28t]

Ezra Hackenmiller, Ryan Wilson Daniel Hosteller, Abby Maher Nicholas Upchurch Daniel Wilson Boyd Durr, Denise Weltz, Gabriel Starling Clare Wilson, Celeste Goerner Lucille Meimann Mary Presnall, Larry Clatt, Sr. Michael Hall, Donna Webster Ardee Whitaker Brad Webster Andrew Short Cherie Miller, Shelbey Fritz Brent Robinson Donna Henry, Jacob Clatt Pastor Lewis Flanigan Peg McCollom, Ardis Wilson, Hannah Starling, Madison Starling Ray Granger Jon Cutler Jenna Hindman Travis Guy

Collins June Birthdays

10 11 14 24 25 29

Michael Cross Merrily Atwood, Ross Atwood Karen Kingman Cochran, Brian Cochran Marilyn Marrs Alvis Shaw John Henry Crabb Norene Hale, Mark Carver Shirley Klemme, Dan Shipton, Jana Titus

Collins June Anniversaries


10 16 20,th

Guy & Mary Beth Elliot Dick & Pauline Thomas Tony & Barb Moses Mark & Merrily Atwood Martin & Laurie Coughenour John & Janelva Patterson

Deputies, Ranch Hands and Wranglers Wanted on the SonWest Round Up!
DEPUTIES {Lead one of the activity areas): Bible Story (PK/K) Music Bible Story (Grades 1-2) Supper Bible Story (Grades S-4) Snacks (Sun-Wed)

Outdoor Games (Sun-Wed)

RANCH HANDS (Assist the Deputy in one of the above activity areas) WRANGLERS (Walk with group of children as they rotate to each 25-minute activity center each evening. Take care of children's needs and support activity center leaders. Helps children make their projects in Crafts activity center.


Youth helpers must have completed 7* Grade and must sign up to help before the first night of Bible School. Youth who have not completed 7th grade, should register to attend the Grades 5-6 group. Any group that is sponsoring youth helpers, must have an adult present each evening.

YES, I WANT TO HELP! J would like to be a WRANGLER with the following age group on these evenings: PreK/K Grades 1-2 Grades 3-4 (Circle any or all): (Circle any or all): {Circle any or all): Sun Sun Sun Rfion Mon Won Tues Tues Tues Wed Thurs Wed Thurs Wed Thurs

J would like to be a DEPUTY and lead a center: (Circle one) Bible Story (PK/K) Music Bible Story (Grades 1 -2) Outdoor Games Supper Bible Story (Grades 3-4) Snacks

J would like to be a RANCH HAND and assist the Deputy in: (Circle one) Bible Story (PK/K) Crafts Bible Story (Grades 1 -2) Music Outdoor Games Bible Story (Grades 3-4) Supper Snacks

Colo OnlEed Me&kodisfc Ckwrck fekri*

Llgkt supper served eack evewlw^ afe :3oe.

Please return this registration form to Colo United Methodist Church before June 14,2013. 2013VBS REGISTRATION CHILD'S NAME AGE 12-13 GRADE ALLERGY/MEDICAL COND?



YES! I would like to help! I've indicated my preferences on the reverse side of this form.

JAre 'We 3fere?"

As most of you know, Pam and I went on vacation in early May. Two weeks of traveling, visiting family, traveling, seeing old places we haven't been in years, traveling, visiting new places, traveling, getting in touch with family history, and more traveling. Yes, it was a lot of traveling (over 3,000 miles by car, but I enjoyed it. No pressure, except to stay between the lines. No expectations. Little advance planning, except Pam making reservations from the car or hotel room for the next night. Just deciding as we went along what we were going to do. Drove Pam nuts, I think, but she tolerated it! Not a bad way to spend a vacation, once in a while, but I wouldn't want to live that way. Life needs purpose. Yesterday, Sunday May 19th, someone said to me, "Most pastors your age are already retiring, even in their current churches," (Not an exact quote.) This person went on to explain that most pastors my age, that they knew, had 'run out of steam', initiative, and were just 'passing the years left' until retirement. It was meant as a compliment, in case you are wondering. While that option sometimes seems appealing, it is no way to serve God. God has placed us together, at this time, in this place, for a reason. Over the past six years, we have visited and re-visited our vision together. In Colo, our vision is "In Christ, we gather, grow, and serve"! in Collins, our vision is "we are a part of the family of God, brothers and sisters, growing in Christ, and inviting others to be adopted by the power of the Holy Spirit." (Maybe, Collins should shorten theirs to be: "Growing as followers of Christ and inviting others into God's family." But, that's a discussion for a different time.) As churches, we say we have found God's vision, or purpose, for us. Now, it is up to us to make sure that we aren't just drifting along, aimlessly hoping that we might fulfill that vision. Elsewhere, in this "Messenger", you will read about the Healthy Church Initiative. It is designed to help us find purpose and meaning in our following Jesus. It will help us shape our ministry, style, and church culture for the future; or it will mean we decide to be stuck in the past. The Colo Church Council has been working on this (unofficially) for the past two years. That means we have implemented some things, and talked over others. We have worked on re-organizing, and we continue to do that. We are in process of becoming our vision of who we are called to be! These are challenging times for the Body of Christ in the world, but we believe we are here to gather as the family of God, grow disciples, and serve God by serving others in this time and place! Can there be any great challenge? Will you join us in praying for the future that God has for us? Let us live God's purpose for our lives!

Pastor Lewis

The Collins UMC Church Council has approved the project of replacing the floor in the Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and Sunday School Classrooms. The existing floor will be sealed or removed and new tile will be laid. The estimate approved calls for either/or, depending upon state codes and approval. This project will cost approximately $15,000. Please prayerfully consider what you can give to this project for the safety and beautification of our church. It has to be done now, so it has been scheduled for July or early August, depending upon the contractor's schedule.


Representatives, from the Colo church, participating in this process have been asked to write a short summary of where they perceive we are in this process, and their hopes for the future. "By definition, the Healthy Church Initiative is a leadership training program provided by the NorthCentral District of the Iowa Conference. By explanation of its purpose, it is a "blood transfusion" to prevent the death of struggling congregations who don't know exactly what to do about declining membership, aging membership, a changing demographic in their neighborhood, and a habit of "doing church" like we've always done it in the past. If we understand the purpose of the church is to make disciples, then we need to heed our present vision of "In Christ, we gather, grow, and serve." We need to discover strategies to make systemic change that brings health and growth." "There is great hope for the Colo United Methodist Church with current structural changes that are creating a cultural atmosphere of renewal. We are just beginning. We have the leadership potential, the spirit, the opportunity with a dynamic pastor who has a handle on our future. Let's all be diligent in prayer!" -Wayne Hanson "To be a viable church in the 21st century, we must recognize the changes needed to make disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world. We need to have a vision and a mission to do God's work here on earth. To accomplish this goal we need to go beyond the walls of the church building and meet the needs of those who are searching to have a relationship with God. This mission requires a

There will be an All-Church Meeting in Colo, Sunday, June 2nd, after the worship service! All who call this their church home are invited, and encouraged, to attend, discuss, and vote!! The purpose of this church meeting is singular. We will discuss and vote on the proposed remodeling of the downstairs kitchen. It will be a secret ballot vote. If you would like to know more about the plans, members of the design team will be available on March 26, before and after church in the kitchen, and on June 2nd (before church). The projected cost of this project will be approximately $80,000. If approved, we will form a Capitol Campaign Committee to quickly put together an effort to raise the funds. Work would not commence until we had 1/3 of the funds raised, with commitments (pledges) for the other 2/3. ********************************

great deal of prayer, good leadership, great communication skills, and a reliance on the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and God. "This transformation to change is a risky path to follow. The pastor cannot and should not attempt to initiate this new direction alone. It requires a great leader with passion to lead the laity willing to be a part of this change. This process is a five year endeavor. Elements of those working together with God and the pastor are a team of people to pray for guidance; a team to develop ideas, a vision, or a dream; and a team of leaders to help implement change. There needs to be outside coaches and mentors to guide the process. All healthy congregations are missional, joining in God's mission to bring his chosen people into a relationship with him." Elaine Stucky "Direct Hit, Simple Church, Recreating The Church" "The above are books that we are reading and trying to absorb these past few months. HCI has opened my eyes to several things. First, many churches are in the same boat as we are. Declining membership because of older members passing away and younger members not thinking CUMC is relevant to their wants and desires for a faithbased center. Secondly, members of different ages approach decision making in different ways. Getting everyone on the same page as to the vision of the church can be a challenge. "What are the needs of our community and our church? Where will Colo UMC be in ten or fifteen years? These are important questions to be addressed now. There has been a strong heritage at CUMC. I feel we are on the right track with the leadership of Pastor Lewis. This past year, we have been reaching out to our Colo/Nesco School district. This was a success story with the establishing of the fund for children who need school supplies and other needs. Other churches in our area have now joined in these same efforts. Now what is

our next step? We need a vision, yes, but most of all God wants us to succeed and we can pray that we love one another and others that we have not even met yet." -Joan Hanson The books studied thus far, and mentioned above, are: 1. Recreating the Church: Leadership for the Postmodern Age by Dr. Richard Hamm 2. Direct Hit: Aiming Real Leaders at the Mission Field by Paul D. Borden, and, 3. Simple Church by Thorn Rainer & Eric Geiger Our district has made the commitment to purchase a set for each participant in this process, so we have copies that you may borrow if you would like to read them. Just let one of the participants know, or give us your name in the church office, and we will get a copy to you as quickly as possible. We also meet together to discuss what we are learning. If you would like to be a part of those short discussions, let Pastor Lewis know. "In my opinion, Who Stole My Church? by Gordon MacDonald was more to the point than Recreating the Church. They both cover about the same concepts and ideas." "Direct Hit covers the why and how of the process of the Healthy Church Initiative. If you want a step by step on the process, this is your book." "Simple Church will be assigned reading later, but it is about focusdefining and organizing around purpose, vision, and mission." "Since we have been utilizing materials from HCI over the past two years, but only formally involved in the process for two months, we are 'ahead of the curve'. Wayne, Joan, and Elaine keep asking me where we are in this entire process. My honest answer is that I don't know. We are just trying to follow Jesus as best we can, and to work toward the future he has planned for us." Pastor Lewis

Cookbook orders: The 2013 edition of the Colo United Methodist cookbook is at the printers. We would like to encourage the church family to pre-order and pre-pay. The 2013 book is a full reprint of the 2005 edition PLUS a new section of approx 250 recipes. The book is $15. If we HAVE to ship your book(s) to you, there is an additional $4.00 shipping fee per book. You can also purchase JUST the 2013 section of recipes for $5. If we HAVE to mail that to you, there is an additional $2.00 shipping fee per packet. Please send your order and payment to: (Make the check payable to Colo UM Women) Vicki Walter 937 12th St Nevada, IA 50201 You may call me at 515-231-4617 if you have questions. The books will be for sale to the general public at the Colo Crossroads Festival July 1214 and we hope to sell out then, so please order now!!! Thanks, Vicki

Colo United Methodist Cookbook 2013 order form Reserve/Order cookbook copies for me at $15.00 each. I have added an additional $4.00 per book so that you can ship them to me because I don't have anyone local that you can give them to. Reserve/Order packet copies for me at $5.00 each. I have added an additional $2.00 per packet so that you can ship them to me because I don't have anyone local that you can give them to. Payment of $ enclosed.

Please make checks payable to Colo UM Women and mail this order blank and payment to Vicki Walter, 937 12th St, Nevada, 1A 50201 by July 10th. All inventory not spoken for by July 10th will be available for sale at the Colo Crossroads Festival July 12-141 and we hope to sell out. Name Address City I will pick up my order in Colo: YES



. I will collect it myself or you can give it


I have included shipping dollars as outlined above.

Please schedule ALL meetings/activities through the church office. Thank you! Office Hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:00 amNoon.

June 2013
Tue Wed

So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith. ~Galatians6:10(NRSV)








11:30 am Colo UMW Tea

3 4 5:30-6:30 pm Colo Food Pantry 5 Collins Bricks With Kids 6 Collins Bricks With Kids 7 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry 8 10:30 am- 1pm Collins Baby Shower
1:30 pm Colo Bridal Shower (Joel Walter)

2 9:00 am Collins Worship 10:30 am Colo Worship 11:30 Colo Fellowship

9 9:00 am Collins Worship 10:30 am Colo Worship 11:30 Colo Fellowship


11 5:30-6:30pmColoFood Pantry



14 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry


16 Happy Father's Day! 9:00 am Collins Worship 10:30 am Colo Worship


18 5:30-6:30 pm Colo Food Pantry 6 pm Maxwell Food Pantry 25 9:30am Assemble Messenger 5:30-6:30 pm Colo Food Pantry


20 Messenger articles due!

21 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry

22 Collins UMC Wedding

23 9:00 am Collins Worship 10:30 am Colo Worship 1 1 :30 Colo Fellowship




28 9:30-10:30 am Colo Food Pantry



30 9:00 am Collins Worship 10:30 am Colo Worship 11:30 Colo Fellowship