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12:0014:00 / Gugadina T-Shirt Painting 14:0016:00 / Razigrani maak Jar Recycling Lantern Making 16:0018:00 / Majdan Ceramics Workshop 18:0020:00 / umatovaka Lutkici spavalici 18:0020:00 / Zolika workshop for kids and adults how to fix your shoes Sunday / 02.06. 12:0014:00 / Majdaonica Baby workshop 14:0016:00 / Little School of Electornics 14:0016:00 / Proces Architecture workshop 16:0018:00 / Sister & me Softies awls (sewing) 18:0020:00 / umatovaka costume workshop

15 / Extra Ordinary Design

Croatian Designers Society Exhibition features products created in the inclusive design workshops in Zagreb and Osijek, involving socially marginalised groups into a create process.

20:0020:45 / Presentation of the projects Kopa, School of Fine and Applied Arts, and Professional Studies, Belgrade Saturday / 01.06. 12:0014:45 / Workshop: Knitting course, May Vuekovi, Belgrade 15:0017:45 / Volker Albus, Workshop: Move your Shelf, Karlsruhe School of Design (Hochschule fr Gestaltung Karlsruhe) 18:0018:45 / Lecture by prof. Rambo Amadeus Contemporary Music, the New Academy of Arts 19:0019:45 / Youth for Understanding YFU Serbia 20:0020:45 / Lecture asis. Tatjana Mrenovi Integrated Urban Design in Savamala regeneration process, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture Sunday / 02.06. 12:0016:45 / Workshop: Poly 011, College of Professional Studies, Polytechnic of Belgrade, 17:0017:45 / Presentation: Small urban spaces, College of Professional Studies, Polytechnic Belgrade 18:0018:45 / Lecture: Tory Andrus Acting in English, New Academy of Arts, Belgrade 19:0020:45 / Presentation: hiCAD doo, Novi Sad

20 / Be the Transformation
By Samsung At the liberating festival atmosphere, we get visitors into the tunnel. With S4 before and after photo is taken. In between, the artists transform them by painting their body and then parteee!

25 / Mikser Bazar Travnika street

In reminiscence of legendary Savamalafarmers market, Mikser Bazar extends Mikser House creative markets to the neighbouring streets. 28.0502.06. / 17:0021:00 / Mikser Design Market

31 / Techcooltour Technology and Tourism

Urban Development Center and LiveViewStudio Augmented Reality for the promotion of the Roman and Byzantine Itineraries aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools and exploring new media potential in promotion of cultural heritage.

39 / Exhibition Ulises Urra-Hernandez

28.05. / 19:00 / Exhibition Opening NEA PANGEA EVENING PROGRAM: 28.05. / 21:00 / Celtic Rhythm Evening of Irish dance and Irish music 29.05. / 21:00h / Concert Nemanja Lili (keyboards), Natalia Uribecampos (cello), Borko Stefanovi (drums) with a dance performance by Julia Carolina Gorosito 30.05. / 21:00 / Band Concert Beach Alarm-surf 31.05. / 21:00 / World Freakout! DJ set. Funk and psychedelia from Africa, Asia and Latin America, with a belly dancing performance by Sneana Petrovi 01.06. / 21:00 / Angola Night Angolas Council of Culture and dance Kizomba

47 / Beogradski pobednik
by Beogradski pokret

48 / I love to cycle
By Ciklosvet Green area for entire family: bicycle repair workshop and a creative corner for children.

16 / Flamencoraneo
Saka ai La Sal i Mitja Obed Blend of classical, traditional and modern flamenco and contemporary dance. 31.05. / 19:45 / Spanish House, 2 Brae Krsmanovi Street 31.05. / 21:45 / Mikser House garden, 46 Karaoreva Street 01.06. / 17:00 / Belgrade Cooperative Building

21 / Elle & Levis Jeans Revolution

ELLE and Levis Jeans (R)evolution is an exhibition that brings together the personal and social evolution and revolution in relation of the individual, society, and one important fashion item.

7 / Sound Map of Savamala

Taka komunikacije; USE IT project; students of Faculty of Drama Arts Project takes you for a walk of personal histories and city experiences and map places, stories and events that will become a part of the Sound map of Savamala.

26 / Converse Get Dirty Stage

Mikser festival and Converse present 20 promissing young bands from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Bulgaria and Macedonia, selected in the Soundtruck Call competition.

32 / Dolce Vita
Creators of the successful Weekend Media Festival join Mikser to announce a new project in Rovinj taking place from 2123.06.2013. Dolce Vita is a new heritage festival that celebrates vintage culture in all creative forms: music, film, design, fashion, dance and food.

49 / Beograd Velograd
Bike-limousine service: Festival visitors are invited to take place on the back-seat of the Beograd Velograd tandem bike and make a tour around the Mikser festival. Pic & win: Visitors will have the possibility to win a Dutch design bike vanMoof ( Value: 600) by posing on a picture with the bike.

8 / itam ti, ita mi

Tijana Zebi, Tanja orevi, Krisitna Grebenar, Mirjana Jemovi The workshop allows book lovers to be surrounded by forgotten books. The visitors have a chance to read books to each other over a cup of tea, retell parts from their favorite books, discuss and evoke again impressions that books have made on them.

III Galerija G12 HUB

59 Karaoreva Street / 12:0001:00

V Outdoor Street
Travnika street, Brae Krsmanovi street, Karaoreva street / 17:0004:00

Tuesday / 28.05. 18:00 / Ego, Ni / SRB 20:00 / Pop Star, Beograd / SRB 22:00 / Quarterbuzz, Beograd / SRB Wednesday / 29.05. 18:00 / Enormna Blajsna, Beograd / SRB 20:00 / Itch, Beograd / SRB 22:00 / Dot The Eye, Beograd / SRB Thursday / 30.05. 18:00 / Foreplay, Ni / SRB 20:00 / Freaky Fight For Freadom, BeogradGroningen / SRB/NL 22:00 / Haskii, Beograd, SRB Friday / 31.05. 18:00 / Mangora, Zagreb / HR 20:00 / Demolition Group, Ljubljana / SLO 22:00 / Gnjile, Beograd / SRB Saturday / 01.06. 16:00 / Supersunset, Doslove / SLO 18:00 / The Immigrants, Peuj, HU 20:00 / Pliani Malian, Gornji Milanovac / SRB 22:00 / Eke Buba, Zagreb / HR Sunday / 02.06. 16:00 / Masterblastersi, Beograd / SRB 18:00 / Saspekti, Beograd / SRB 20:00 / Wops, Sofija / BG 22:00 / ikine bombone, Beograd / SRB

33 / Parobrod Film Street

Enjoy the rare moment in Savamala when the only truck you hear roaring in Karaoreva street is tha one from the silver screen. 29.05. / 21.00 / Film screening: Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved our Collective Body, Marta Popivoda Mikser House Garden, 46 Karaoreva Street

VIII Outdoor River

ACTIVITIES: 31.05. / 17:0001:00 01.0602.06. / 12:0001:00

50 / Gorenje Juice Bar

Soul Food for Everyday

18 / RED BULL Curates

Red Bull Curates 10 renowned artists of the younger generation who transfer their artistic signature to Red Bull refrigerators: Ivana Aranelovi, olt Kova, Isidora Krsti, Marina Markovi, Ksenija Panteli, Uro Pavlovi, Bojana Petkovi, Mane Radmanovi, Boris Stani i Nikola Velicki.

22 / Thrill in Movement
28.0502.06. / 18:0004:00 Curators: Andrej Bereta, Sran Tuni, Kustosiranje Six teams consisting of a young artist, curator and a docummentarist have been selected through a public competition to create a work of art dealing with the Mikser festival main topic TRANSIT. What connects them is mobility and changeability, as art installations are mounted on trucks that change positions in every day. Daily guided tours. Meeting place in front of Mikser House, 46 Karaoreva Street 28.0502.06 / 19:0020:00 E=>1/2/3 Maja Obradovi, visual artist Nemanja Popovi, visual artist and curator Milica Bobi, anthropology student PANIC BOX Nemanja Nikoli, visual artist Amalija Stojsavljevi, art historian, freelance curator Tanja orevi, art history student CAN YOU SEE BEHIND THE CORNER? Bojana Andri, director of photography, Kristina Grebenar, art history student, Anela Milinkovi, art history student PHANTOMS OF SAVAMALA Vuk uk, applied arts student, Vladimir Bjelii, art historian, Gordana Tati, art historian IT IS DANGEROUS TO THINK ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS Luka Tripkovi, fine arts student, Viktorija Kamili, art historian, curator, MA history of architecture, Tijana Zebi, art history student SILK ROAD Nemanja ao, visual artist, Sran Tuni, art historian, freelance curator, Anela Milinkovi, art history student FLOATING WORLDS Marika Troili, visual artist, Andrej Bereta, art historian freelance curator, Milica Bobi, anthropology student

17 / Education in Transition
Curator: Jelena Mati The program aims to reflect the transition of classic forms of education towards more active relationship between educational institutions and culture organizations, galleries, exhibition spaces, and other independent institutions. EXHIBITIONS Alu i Bauci; Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade Interactive Performance; Nova Academy of Arts Re-E-Lekcija; Lekcija, Belgrade Design playground 2013; Drvo art, Belgrade Serial original; Graduate School of Professional Studies Belgrade Polytechnic Interactive Media Design; Faculty of Information Technology, Belgrade Make a wooden fabric; Faculty of Forestry LECTURES AND WORKSHOPS

41 / Mikser 5th Anniversary Celebration

Line-up: Mikser Friends & Mikser Stars 01.06. / 22:00

51 / Plazma Park 52 / Transform the Future

By Samsung On the river bank people interact with huge soap balloons, get their picture taken with NX300 camera and send their earth message with helium balloons to the sky.

34 / Voices of Transition
Film Screening Voices of Transition is a fully independent, 65 documentary feature film directed and produced by Nils Aguilar. It is the fruit of four years passionate work and has hugely benefited from the work of volunteers scattered all over the world. 30.05 / 21.00 / Film screening: Voices of Transition, Nils Aguilar Mikser House Garden, 46 Karaoreva Street

9 / 92 minutes at Mikser Festival

Spend 92 minutes on air with B92 in the Mikser House. Luna Lu, Brakus, Nemanja and Dejana mix the best music with the most entertaining guests and topics during weekend. 0102.06. / 15:0017:00

IV Depo Magacin
3 Travnika Street / 17:0004:00

42 / Kids Green Corner

Friday / 31.05. 17:00 / Na vrh jele, na dnu bora Environmental play by Eco Musketeers and Ecoist Organization Saturday / 01.06. 12:00 / Multikultivator / Plink Plonk: From Sound To Music 14:00 / Master Blaster First School For Rock And Pop Music / Childrens Rock Choir Workshop 16:00 / Mikser / Little Froggies - Face Painting 18:00 / DKC Majdan Ahen Ataljanc / Hip Hop Dance Workshop Sunday / 02.06.

19 / Mikser Music / Tuborg Depo Stage

Exciting journey through music landscapes of garage and alternative rock, hip hop, clubbing and electronic sounds. Tuesday / 28.05. STRAIGHT, GENTLE AND COLORED 20:00 / Intro / DJ Nikola S 21:30 / Straight Mickey & The Boys 22:30 / Neni Dalibor 00:00 / Obojeni program 01:30 / Mikser DJs: Marko Radovanac, Petar Radonji Wednesday / 29.05. IDEMO NA MARS 20:00 / Intro / DJ Nikola S 22:00 / Teleport 23:00 / TI 00:00 / MKDSL & Flip 01:00 / Noise Destruction Band Thursday / 30.05. 4 ELEMENTS 20:00 / Break Dance: Recognize Crew Skejt takmienje: Kobazz Skate Klub Graffiti: Lortek 23:00 / BYP, MC Lou Benny, Ike, Prema, Vatra DJs Inspektor, 50Grass Friday / 31.05. TRANSVERZALA SA/VA/BG 20:00 / DJ Nikola S 21:00 / Billy Andol / Sarajevo 22:00 / Deca Loih Muziara 00:00 / Manual 52, Valjevo 02:00 / Alex Mark / B2B / Johnny Big Ood feat. Nekovi i neko poznat Saturday / 01.06. CITY COSTUME BALL 20:00 / Muziari 21:00 / DJ Nikola S 22:00 / Gradski maskenbal: Pleme iz dungle / Funkun blue Groovyman! Sunday / 02.06. CLOSING PARTY 21:00 / Kanda, Koda i Neboja 22:30 / Monosaccharide 23:30 / Marko Milosavljevi 01:00 / Dexon (Amsterdam) 02:00 / Marko Nasti 03:00 / Vladica Draga

53 / Coca Cola Zone 40 / School of Urban Practices, Crnogorska 5

Mentor: Ivan Kucina Project C5 by the School of Urban Practices for Urban Incubator transforms ruined basement and courtyard of the building at the street Crnogorska 5 into a common space for the residents, balancing interests by numerous neighbourhood stakeholders.

10 / Gorenje IQook Lab

Ingenious laboratory of good taste.

35 / Beograd Velograd
Ride & like Visitors will have the opportunity to borrow a bike at the Beograd Velograd stand and use it to drive around the Mikser-area.


11 / Tools of Transformation
By Samsung People learn about themselves through playing roles out of routine. We offer just that. With tablet Note 8.0 visitors can create FB profile photo editing it with predesigned transformation elements.

Tuesday / 28.05. 17:0017:45 / Lecture: Learning visual effects through an open system of education, Crater Studio, Belgrade 18:0018:45 / Lecture of prof. Vlatko Ili Contemporary Theatre, New Academy of Arts, Belgrade 19:0020:45 / Presentation of the Good afternoon, Banjica, Bazaart, Belgrade Wednesday / 29.05. 17:0017:45 / Presentation of the workshop Cell2013, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Banja Luka 18:0018:45 / Lecture by prof. Milan Aleksi Photography, New Academy of Arts, Belgrade 19:0019:45 / Lecture by prof. Dr. Aleksandra uki and Dr. Milena Vukmirovi - Visions of Urban Design of Sava Amphitheatre, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture Thursaday / 30.05. 12:0014:45 / Presentation of educational programs - Kulturimpuls, Kulturforum ODKR, Belgrade 15:00 17:45 / Lecture: Contemporary Art photography; Workshop - Practical implementation of an Art Project, the Academy of Arts, Belgrade, Department of Photography 18:0018:45 / Lecture by prof. Slavimir Stojanovi Design, New Academy of Arts, Belgrade 19:0019:45 / Lecture doc. Jelena Zivkovi Think Environmentally, Act Incrementally: Savamala, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture 20:0020:45 / Lecture doc. mr. Ksenija Lalovi and ass. mr. Danijela Milovanovi Architects and Civil Initiatives, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture Friday / 31.05. 12:0015:45 / Workshop: Emoticons / emo-icons, School of Fine and Applied Arts and Professional Studies, Belgrade 16:0016:45 / Lecture by prof. Mia Savi Music and Production, New Academy of Arts, Belgrade 17:0019:45 / Workshop: Scenic Sights of Savamala, Center for Stage Design, Architecture and Technology, Novi Sad

27 / Urban Incubator Belgrade: Spanish House, Goethe Institute Belgrade

This seemingly useless investors ruin will be transformed into a temporary culture pavillion a central space for events organized within the Urban Incubator: Belgrade. The Spanish House will serve as a symbol for the metamorphosis of Savamala.

36 / Get Street Smart

Faculty of Media and Communications University Singidunum

12 / Time Machine
Powered by Imlek 3D mapping by Miko Neak projected on a sculpture by Biljana Belada.

37 / Jungle Tribe
Jungle Tribe joins the caravan of trucks in Savamala. Prepare for adventurous journey to distant destinations!

12:00 / Motiv Art / U podne za decu Music Play From Children For Children 14:00 / Multikultivator / Plink Plonk: From Sound To Music 16:00 / umatovaka / DJ Workshop 16:00 / Master Blaster First School For Rock And Pop Music / Djembe workshop 18:00 / DKC Majdan Ahen Ataljanc / Hip Hop Dance Workshop

54 / Nova Iskra: Presentation Skills Workshop

Mentor: Duan Vulovi Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA organizes a workshop aimed at improvement of presentation skills of young designers, participants in the Ghost Project 2013 exhibition. 43 Gavrila Principa Street 30.05. / 17:0019:00

28 / Draunara
By Federica Cellini Draunara is a double narrative art installation. The first narrative level engages in the visual depiction of the day of arrival of African migrants to the island of Lampedusa, represented in a series of ten photographs, made with a mobile phone on the spot. A second narrative level is the atmosphere created by sound that follows each photograph, and in parallel, tells a story of the migrants life-altering journey from the middle of Africa to the small Mediterranean island.

43 / Tourist Organization Serbia

Outdoor Exhibition of images of 52 tourist destinations showing Serbias cultural, natural and urban heritage.

II Belgrade Cooperative Building

48 Karaoreva Street / 17:0000:00

VI Galerija IBM
10 Crnogorska Street / 13:0018:00

38 / Urban Incubator Belgrade: A Model for Savamala

Mentors: Maja Stefanovi, Boba Stani The ambition of the workshop is to make a model that represents the current condition of Savamala: to visualise and make comprehensible what we are dealing with when talking about this area. To target the public awareness of it and together with citizens, visitors, developers, politicians and investors try to illustrate the potential this area has.

44 / Ecotopia Exhibition
Outdoor exhibition Ize naviku is a part of an educational project, a photo competition aimed at raising environmental awareness of the citizens of Belgrade and Serbia on the necessity of changing bad habits which contribute to the pollution of the environment in which we live.

55 / Nova Iskra Open Day

Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA opens its doors to all interested visitors and guests of the Mikser Festival. 43 Gavrila Principa Street 31.05. / 15:0019:00

13 / Ghost Project: Design in Transition

Curators: Maja Lali, Jelena Mati The largest regional platform for design talents presents 100 project from 16 countries. Focusing on the topic of transit, Ghost Project 2013 calls for a transition of the designers role in contemporary society.

23 / Waiting for the Sun

53 Karaoreva Street Mural by Aleksandar Maaev Instead of casting a nostalgic look into the past, Macasevs mural brings anticipation of a better future for Savamala. Sun is back to Savamala! Powered by Ceresit Visage

29 / Shopping Cart Art

Author: Igor Simi A short film, video, arcade game and photographs question the values of a global system based on capital, packaging, profit, exploitation of nature, and alienation.

45 / International Day of the Sava river 1 June

Celebration of The Sava Day Every Day will include participation of representatives of civic associations, institutions, schools, businesses, cultural societies, embassies, tourist organizations and other stakeholders. Sava riverbank, from Brankos bridge to restaurant 6 Topola. 01.06. / 11:0016:00

56 / Art & Tours Beograd 57 / Spy Maps 58 / Limenka po limenka

By Recan

30 / Nature and Art

Curator: ore Stanojevi The topic of Transit determined the group of artists gathered around the Nature & Art Project to attempt to confront the issues of movement, transportation, industrial production, and profit with the flaming issues of exploitation of nature.

14 / Ministry of Pleasure
Public Room Skopje The most recent, exciting and challenging designs from Macedonia.

24 / Open Urbanism
Jug Cerovi and Imamo Plan Street Workshop For Open Urbanism

VII KC Nea Pangea

8 Crnogorska Street

46 / Somersby Chill

59 / pOKRENI SE Pavillion
Faculty of Forestry, University of Belgrade











Main Festival Locations

Mikser Festival Neighbourhood Partners

A Udrenje graana Drutvo Savamala Beogradski pokret B Mladost Ludost Karaoreva 44 C Krug Brae Krsmanovi 68 D Gnezdo Karaoreva 43 E Bata Karadjordjeva 43 F Brankow Crnogorska 10 G Dvoritance Brae Krsmanovi 14 H orba Kafe Brae Krsmanovi 3 I Promaja Karaoreva 8a J ica Kraljevia Marka 5 K Baraka Karaoreva 13

Local Businesses
a Fish Shop Karaoreva 15 b Vinarija Karaoreva 31 c Moj Kiosk Ugao Karaoreve i Crnogorske d Rope Clothing Karaoreva 36 e Prohibicija Karaoreva 36 f Pizza Pizza Brae Krsmanovi 3 g Prodavnica Karaoreva 45 h Crown Karaoreva 49 i Euro Una Karaoreva 49 j Sava stolar Karaoreva 42 k Nenex Trade Kararoreva 51 l Milenijum trgovina Karaoreva 53 m Senses Karaoreva 55 n Moto Shop Karaoreva 57 o Poslastiarnica Pop Lukina 15 p Obuar Pop Lukina 17 q Sendviara Crnogorska 3 r Morso Karaoreva 59 s Glosarijum Knjiara Kraljevia Marka 1 t Xylon Karaoreva 61 u Savski Express Hercegovaka 4 v As Burger Hercegovaka 4 w Akademija za diplomatiju i bezbednost Travnika 2 x Autoperionica Fresh&Clear Brae Krsmanovi 10 y Vulkanizer Flash Brae Krsmanovi 10 z Wurst platz Karaoreva 36

I Mikser House
46 Karaoreva Street / 10:0002:00

1 / Mikser Talks
Tuesday / 28.05. 17:00 / THE NEW URBANISM: HOW TO DEVELOP SAVAMALA? Thrill in Movement Andrej Bereta, Sran Tuni Kustosiranje Model for Savamala Maja Popovi, Boba Stani Urban Incubator Belgrade Mikser Urban Lab Ivan Kucina, Architect Discussion moderator: Ivan Kucina 19:00 / GREAT PUBLIC LECTURE: Urban incubator Belgrade Matthias Mller-Wieferig, Goethe Institute Belgrade 20:00 / Video projection: Conversation with Nika Zupanc Female Design in the Balkans; Milica i Jana Stojakovi

Gojko Damjani Assistant Director of Admissions, Berklee College of Music Ivan Vlatkovi Vice President, Pink International Company Relja Milankovi Head od A&R Mascom Records, CEO Bassivity digital Moderator: Vladimir orevi, Mikser Festival 18:00 / Manager, it is me Raka Mari Producer Don Gorder chair of Music Bussines and Management, Berklee College of Music Saa Dragi Music Manager Moderator: Slobodan Neovi 19:00 / GREAT PUBLIC LECTURE: New Wave: Fight Against The Establishment In Global Music Industry Seymour Stein, Music Producer, Sire Records, USA 20:00 / Elle & Levis: Jeans Revollution A Fashion Travel Through Time Cultural and Social Role of Jeans Ksenija Markovi, Faculty of Applied Art Jeans and Feminism Borka Pavievi, Center for Cultural Decontamination Style and Jeans Sonja Kovacs, Editor in Chief, Elle Magazine

EVENTS & COCKTAILS 28.05. / 20:00 / Vino Budimir tasting 29.05. / 20:00 / Rakia Bar & Adore 30.05. / 14:00 / Innovation That Moves You Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 public presentation 30.05. / 20:00 / Cocktails: Remake / All Nuts / Velux (Gallery) / Rex Chair 31.05. / 20:00 / Press event: Portable perfection Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 presentation 01.06. / 13:00 / Ceresit Press event: Sun is Back to Savamala, powered by Ceresit Visage 01.06. / 20:00 / Elle & Levis Jeans Revolution discussion 02.06. / 20:00 / Elan Cocktail 02.06. / 20:30 / Mikser Design Awards / Closing ceremony

4 / Design Marathon
Young designers gathered around Ghost Project talent platform publicly present their work and share their design philosophy with colleagues from the region. 2930.05, 01.06. / 16:0017:00

Sunday / 02.06. MUSIC INDUSTRY CONFERENCE: NEW DEAL VOL.2 17:00 / Publishing, Royalties and Digital Distribution of Music Vladimir Mari The Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Kovaevi Director of Serbian Music Authors Organization Slobodan Neovi Loka Mascom Nikola Viloti OFPS Moderator: Vladimir orevi 18:00 / Media: Power & Responsibility Elad Sonego Head of MTV Networks Israel Ana Milievi RTS Digital Ana Martinoli Program Director at Radio B92 Moderator: Slobodan Neovi 19:00 / Public Interview with Bojan Kriaj by Milan Nardin; Luka Grilc CEO Elan 20:00 / MIKSER AWARDS CEREMONY: Ghost Project, Soundtruck, Little Wooden Things, Savamala Stories, Good Design.

Wednesday / 29.05. NEW TOURISM: THE ROLE OF INNOVATION, CULTURE AND CREATIVE INDUSTRY IN TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT 17:00 / Undergrad: Industrial Heritage of Belgrade Rifat Kulenovi Museum of Science and Technology Zorica Kuzmanovi Faculty of Phylosophy Haris Dajc Faculty of Phylosophy Eva Vanita Lazarevi Faculty of Architecture Moderator: Rade Mili Multikutivator, Urban Development Center 18:00 / Eventful Cities: Culture Initiatives As Instruments For Urban Revitalization Gordana Plamenac Tourist Organization of Serbia Dejan Veselinov Tourist Organization of Belgrade Sinia Zari Faculty of Economics, Place Marketing Duan Kovaevi Exit, Music festival Sran Stankovi Supernatural Vanja Maslov Belgrade Beer Fest Discussion moderator: Ivan Lali Mikser Festival 19:00 / GREAT PUBLIC LECTURE: Synergy: Industrial and Culture Heritage Petra Hedorfer, CEO, German National Tourist Board / Germany

5 / Mikser Music: Mad Hatter Sessions

Music Editor: Vladimir orevi Malia Jazz, world music and reage with a twist of contemporary electro sound

Tuesday / 28.05. 21:00 / Kar e Bras Band / SLO 22:30 / Jazzveze / SRB 00:00 / DJ Jazzmate / SRB Wednesday / 29.05. 21:00 / Auf Wiedersehen / SRB 22:30 / No Lands Man / SRB / MK 00:00 / DJ Mad Hatter / SRB Thursday / 30.05. 21:00 / Majamisty Trio / SRB 22:30 / Nikola Staji Quintet / SRB / USA 00:00 / DJ Drummer / SRB Friday / 31.05. 21:00 / Greenfingers / SRB 22:30 / Irie FM / SRB 00:00 / Mikser & Weekend Media Festival: Best Friends Party DJs: Boris Kovai, Tomo Ricov / SRB, CRO Saturday / 01.06. 14:00 / Harp Class, M.S. Stankovic / SRB 21:00 / Sinestezija / SRB 22:30 / Naked / SRB 00:00 / DJ Branko Petkovi / SRB Sunday / 02.06. 14:00 / Iva Ikon Gospel / SRB 20:30 / Plink Plonk Band / SRB 21:00 / Big Band Jazz Omladine Vojvodine /SRB 22:30 / Elektro romansa / SRB 00:00 / DJ Spacewalker / SRB

2 / Mikser Urban Lab

Coordinators: Ivan Kucina, Maja Lali, Maja Popovi, Boba Stani Morning meetings with architects, urbanists, local authorities, private investors, local entrepreneurs, cultural activists and residents of Savamala around one big table, in search for a concensus on participatory model for future development of Savamala. 2731.05. / 10:0012:00

Thursday / 30.05. DESIGN INTERRUPTED: BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN YUGOSLAV INDUSTRIAL AND CONTEMPORARY BALKAN DESIGN 17:00 / Nonaligned Design, Iskra 19461990 Cvetka Poar Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana 17:30 / Good Design, Design Center 19721986 Ivan Manojlovi Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade 18:00 / Design for All, All for Design: The King of Yugoslav Design Niko Kralj Jasna Hrovatin & pela ubic Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubljana 18:45 / Discussion: Toma elar Impakta les, producer of the Rex collection Moderator Ivan Manojlovi Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade 19:15 / GREAT PUBLIC LECTURE: Kkaarrlls: Next challenges in product design Volker Albus, architect and design publicist


The Biggest Regional Festival of Creativity.

2a / Mapping of Savamala
Students of Faculty of Media and Communications Mentor: Ivan Kucina

6 / Mikser Kids
Coordinator: Milena Markovi Creative workshops for the youngest ones: music, dance, design, books, comics, painting, sculpting, acting, sewing, recycling, and many more.

3 / Balkan Design Expo

EXHIBITIONS Good Design, Serbia Digitalia, Slovenia Elan, Slovenia Kvadra: Revolve, Segment, Croatia Little WoodenThings, Balkan Mikser Design, Balkan Nika Zupanc: Female Design, Slovenia Niko Kralj: Rex Collection, Slovenia Tomos, Slovenia Velux Sun Tunnel by Ross Lovegrove, Denmark WORKSHOPS 29.05. / 15:0017:00 / Naa posla Design your own shoes 29.05. / 20:0021:00 / Sand Project Sand Painting Projections 31.05. / 02.06. / 14:0016:00 / Oloop Design Knitting with hands 01.06. / 14:0016:00 / Uno Fujisawa Make your own Belgrade SUSHI roll 01.06. / 14:0016:00 / Zora Mojsilovi Kiobranica 02.06. / 12:0014:00 / Balkan Creative Network meeting 02.06. / 14:0016:00 / Na putu zdravlja Cookery workshop 02.06. / 15:0017:00 / Nikola Radeljkovi, For Use / Numen, Design Workshop

Friday / 31. 05. THE FUTURE OF CITIES AND CITIES OF THE FUTURE 16:00 / Contemporary Food Design: Your normal is special for others Uno Fujisawa, designer and Unobento restaurant owner, Japan 16:30 / Do we fit on one planet? Duka Dimovi WWF 17:00 / BLUE GREEN DREAM FOR SAVAMALA! CAN WE DO IT?! Ranko Boovi, Enplus, Belgrade Sran Stankovi, Imperial College London 19:00 / GREAT PUBLIC LECTURE: A Vision of the Future City and the Artists Role as Mediator: Learning from Projects in Caracas and Amsterdam Marjetica Potr, Artist and Architect, Ljubljana

Tuesday / 28.05. 16:0018:00 / umatovaka areni taban, Art 16:0018:00 / umatovaka Bauumova, Painting and Sounds 18:0020:00 / Apsart, Acting Workshop Wednesday / 29.05. 16:0018:00 / Plazmaonica Little Chefs 17:0019:00 / Sand Project Sand Painting 19:0020:00 / Nova Akademija Irena Popovi: Confessions, Play Thursday / 30.05. 16:00-17:00 / My Little Cow Painting 17:0019:00 / Irena Popovi Composers studio, Music workshop 19:0020:00 / Tamara Laketi Little Prince: My Planet, Storytelling & Drawing Friday / 31.05. 16:0018:00 / Zolika Leather Creative Workshop 17:0020:00 / Vlada Vesovi Little School of Comics 17:0020:00 / KOKO Paper World of Koko Bunny Saturday / 01.06. 12:0014:00 / Majdan Art Workshop


Mikser Festival 2013 28.0502.06. Savamala, Beograd

17:00 / Scouting for talent