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1' Findthe roots of the equation 5x2 - 6x - 2 = 0 bv the methodof completingthe sguare.

2' Findthe roots of the following quadratic equationqiifft"v exist, using the quadraticformula: a. 3x2-S x+2=O b. x2+4x+5=0 c . 2x2-2",12x+1=0 3' Findthe discriminantof the equation 3x2 - 2x + 1/3 = 0 and hencefind the nature of its roots. Findthem,if they are real. 4' Find the values of k for each of the following quadratic equations, so.that they have two equal roots;
a.2X2+kx+3=0 b. kx(x-2)+6=g 5. Find the positive value of k, for which the equation x2+ kx + 64 = 0 and k = 0 willboth have real roots.



6. u:rlg guadraticformula, solve the followingquadratic equationfor x: p'xt +(pt - q2)x- g2= 0. 7. Solvefor x: 16x2 + (ao- bo)= 0. - Ba2x 8. So lveforx:1/a + b+x =1la+ 1/b + 1 x ; a * 0 , b + 0 , x * 0 . 9. Solvefor x: abx2 + (b. - ac)x- bc = 0. 10. Solvefor x: a2b2x2 + b2x- azx- 1 = 0 11. lf the rootsof the equation: (a2+ br)xt- 2(ac+bd)x+ (cz+ dr) = Oare equal,provethat a/b = c/d. 12 'lf x= 2andx=3aretherootsof t h e e q u a t io n 3 x 2 . 2 k x + 2 m= 0 , f in f andm. ' d t h e v a lu e s ok 13. lf the roots of the.equation: (c2- ab)x2 = O. - 2(a, -Ocyxi 16._ 14. Findthe rootsof the followingequations: ""1 a. x+1/x=3,x*0 b. 1lx-1lx-2=3,x+e,2 15. Findthe roots of 4x2 + gx + s = 0 by the methodof completingthe sguare. 16. The product of two^c_onsecutive positiveintegersis gdo.wJneed to find the integers. 17' Rohan's motheris 26 years ofder than him.T-he productof their ages (in years)3 yearsfrom now will be 360.We would like to find Rohan.s piesentage. 18'-The sum of the reciprocals of Rehman's ages,iin years;s yearsago and five yearsfrom now is 1/3.Findhis presentage. 19' Anita is x years old while her motherMrs.veena is x2years old. 5 years henceMrs.Veena will be three timesas ord as Anita.Findtheir piesentages. 20. Findtwo numberswhosesum is 27 andproductis 1g2. 21. Findtwo consecutive odd positiveintegers, sum of whosesquires is 290. 22' Find the three consecutive positive inlegers wtrose pioouci is equal to sixteen times their sum. 23' The altitudeof a righttriangle is 7cm less than its base.lf the hypotenuse is 13cm,1nd the othertwo sides. 24. rectangular park is to be designedwhosebreadthis 3m lessthan its length. lts area is to be 4 squaremetresmore than the area of a park that has alreadybeen madl i" il;;h"p; ;;;; isosceles trianglewith its base as the breadthof the rectangularpark and of altitude 12m. Findits lengthand breadth. 25' A train covereda certain distanceat a uniformspeed. lf the train would have been 6km/hr. faster, it would have taken 4 hours less than the scheduledtime. And if the traln were "io*",

by 6km/hr,it would havetaken6 hoursmorethan the scheduled time. Findthe lengthof the journey. 26. A train travels a distance of 4g0 km at a uniform speed.lf the speed had been 8km/h less, then it would have taken 3 hours more to cover the same distance. We need to find the speedof the train 27. An expresstrain takes t hour less than a passengertrain to travel 132 km between Mysore and Banglore(without tgking into considerationthe time they stop at inteimediatestations). lf the.average speed of the express train is 11km/hmore than that of the passengertrain, find the averagespeed of the two trains. __ 28. A motorboat whosespeedis 18km/hin still water takes t hour more to go 24kmupstream than to return downstreamto the samespot. Findthe speed of the stream. 29' A speedof a boat in still water is 11km/hr. it can go 12 km upstreamand returndownstream point the original in 2 hours 2s minutes. Find thb speedof the stream. !q 30. Ritucan row downstream 20 km in 2 hoursand upstieam4 km in 2 hours.Findher speedof rowing in still water and the speed of the current. 31. Aero planeleft 30 minuteslater than its scheduled time and in order to reachdestination 1500km away in time, it hasto increase its speedby 250km/h from its usualspeed. Determine its usualspeed. 32. A train travels360kmat a uniformspeed.lf the speedhad beenS km/hmore,it wouldhave takent hour lessfor the samejourney.Findthe speedof the train. 33. Thetime takenby a personto cover 150 km was 2.5 hrs. Morethan the time takenin the returnjourney.lf he returnedat a speedof 1Okm/hr morethan the speedof going,what was the speedper hour in each direction? 34. In a class test, the sum of Shefali's marks in Mathematics and Englishis 30. Had she got 2 marks more in Mathematics and 3 marks less in English,the prodlct of their markswould havebeen210.Findher marksin the two subjects. 35. Theareaof rectanglegets reducedby 9 squareunits,if its lengthis reducedby 5 unitsand the breadthis increasedby 3 units.lf we increasethe lengthby 3 unitsand breadthby 2 units,then the area is increased by 67 squareunits.Findine lengthand the breadthof the rectangle. 36. The studentof a class are made to stand in rows. lf 3 studentsare extra in a row, there wouldbe 1 row less.lf 3 studentsare less in a row, there wouldbe 2 rows more.Findthe numberof studentin the class. 37. A two digit numberis such that the productof its digit is 35.When18 is addedto the number,the digits interchange their place.Findthe number 38. A two-digit4umberis seventimesthe sum of its digitsand is equalto 12 lessthan three timesthe productof its digit. Findthe number. 39. Johnand Jivantitogetherhave45 marbles. Both of them lost S malbleseach,and the productoJthe numberof marblesthey now haveis 124.Wewouldlike to find out.howmany marblesthey had to start with. 40. A cottage industry producesa certain numberof toys in a day. The cost of productionof eachtoy (in rupees)was foundto be 55 minusthe numberof toys producedin a day.On a particularday,the total cost of production was Rs.750. We would tile to find out the number oftoyg producedon thatday. 41. 300applesare distributedequallyamonga certainnumberof students.Had there been10 morestudents; each would havereceivedone appleless.Findthe numberof students.

42. Alarmer wishesto start a 100 sq.m 'rectangular' vegetable garden.Sincehe hasonly 30 m barbedwire, he fences three sides of the reitangula-rgardei letting his housecompound wall act as the fourth sidefence.Findthe dimensions of his garden. 43. A book-shelfcontains100 books of 5 different languages.lf lhere are x Latins books,y Greekbooks andz Englishbooks.How manyboois aie there of other language? 44.Thesum of the squarei of two consecutive naturalnumbers is 318.Findthey numbers. 45. Two pipesrunningtogethercan fill a cisternin 2 8111 minutes.lf one pipe takes 1 minute morethan the other to fill cistern,find the time in which each pipe wouldfill the cistern. 46. Thesum of the squaresof two naturafnumbersis 34. lf the first numberis lessthantwice the secondnumber,find the numbers. 47. The denominatorof a fraction exceedsits numeratorby 3. lf one is added to both numerator and denominator, the differencebetweenthe new and the originalfraction. is 1124. Findthe originalfraction. 48. Thesides(in cm) of a right trianglecontaining the right angleare 5x and 3x - 1. lf the areaof the triangleis 60cm2, find the sidesof the triangle. 49. The lengthof the hypotenuse of a right triangleis one unit more than twice the lengthof the shortestside and the other side is one unit lessthantwice the lengthof the shorteit side. Findthe lengthsof the other two sides. 50. The perimeterof right-angledtriangle is five times the lengthof its shortest side.The valueof the area of the triangleis 15 timesthe numerical . numerical valueof the lengthof the shortestside.Findthe lengthsof the three sidesof the triangle. park is to be designed 51. A rdctangular whosebreadthis 3m lessthan its length.lts area is to be 4 squaremetresmore than the area of a park that hasalreadybeenmadein the shapeof an isosceles trianglewith its baseas the breadthof rectangular park and of altitude12m. find its lengthand breadth 52. In a classtest, the sum of Shefali's marksin Mathematics and Englishis 30. Hadshe got 2 marksmore in Mathematics and 3 markslessin English, thb productof their markswould havebeen210.Findher marksin the two subjects. 53. A polehas to be erectedat a pointon the boundary of a circularpark of diameter13min such a way that the differencesof its distancefrom two diametricallyoppositefixed gates A and B on the boundaryin 7m. ls it possible to do so? lf yes,at what distances from the two gatesshouldthe pole be erected? 54. the diagonal of a rectangular field is 60 metresmorethan the shorterside.lf the longer side is 30 metresmore than the shorterside,find the sidesof the field. 55. The differepceof squares of two numbersis 180. The square of the smaller number is I timesthe fargernumber.Findthe two numbers 56. Two water taps together can fill a tank in g 3/8 hours. The tap of larger diameter takes 10 hours less than the smallerone to fill the tank separately. Find the time in which each tap can separately fill the tank. 57. Sum of the areas of two squares is 468 m2.lf the difference of their perimeters is 24m,find the sides of the two squares. 58. ls it possibleto designa rectangular mangogrovewhoselengthis twice its breadth,and the areais 800m2? lf so, find its lengthand breadth.